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Friday, March 20, 2015


When my nephew Chuckie flew in last month for a foodie trip vacation, I never expected him to crave for the foods that he did. He asked for grub that was "the weirder, the better". Yeah right. Coming from the kid who would only eat pizzas in a Las Vegas buffet, he seem to have developed the talent of exaggeration! I never would have believed him but when he started boasting that he had eaten dogs repeatedly in Korea, my mind immediately raced with the scare tactics they had in "Fear Factor".  After getting over the shock and berating him from eating man's best friend, I promised that we would go try places that isn't normally in the "balikbayan to-do-list".

Since the Chinese Adonis and I were working, our schedule was very hectic. With this, going out of town to look for exotic grub was out of the question (dear Chuckie was lazy to travel far anyways). So after picking on my big forehead on where else to take dear Chuckie in the Metro, I thought of UNCLE MOE'S SHAWARMA HUB! Of course, the venue may be ho-hum to some but when I mentioned "OX BRAINS" to my nephew, he let out a wide and happy smile similar to the "Rin Tin Tin" he had before (sorry can't move on).

It was settled then. We will be taking Chuckie to UNCLE MOE'S that night and the little lords will be tagging along. As I predicted, my nephew LOVED the ox brains and raved that it was nothing like he had before. And, besides that tasty find for my nephew, I was happy to discover that even the little lords loved the food at UNCLE MOE'S!! At least I could add another restaurant to THE YAPPY BUNCH list of resto favorites!

See? Everybody happy wohoo!

Well, except HACHIKO.

Sorry. I really can't move on.  


UNCLE MOES has been serving up delicious and cheap Mediterranean food in the stretch of  Kapitolyo Pasig City for quite some time now. In my opinion, it may have even pioneered the district to be the foodie haven that it is today.

The restaurant is full most of the time! We were lucky that our group was able to get a long table on a Sunday night! 


The Chinese Adonis, LADY MARY, and the master Mati! 

A very still Chuckie and an alerted Andrei!

I told Andrei that if he was behaved that night, Kuya Chuckie will give him a kiss. 

So my ever cool nephew did THIS to creep my bunsoy out!

That made Andrei laugh so hard!

UNCLE MOES condiments aka meal necessities! He he he he!

Their garlic mayo and creamy chili sauce are SOOOO good that you would put them on anything!!!

If you're a beer drinker like my nephew Chuck, get an ice-cold bottle to go with your exotic dinner! 

First on the table was UNCLE MOE'S All Beef Shawarma with Buttered Rice (P167.00) for Mati and Andrei. 

At first I was worried that they might not like the taste of the beef which did not have that barbecue taste they liked. But one whiff of the aromatic spices and flavorings made their mouths water!

For me and the Chinese Adonis, we shared a plate of UNCLE MOE'S Beef Kebab Platter with buttered rice (P188.00).

Now SUPPOSABLY (think Joey Tribbiani) this was served with salsa. But I prefer the fresh vegetables that they would use in their Shawarma rolls. You could get it too if you would just sweetly ask for it. Hi hi hi (tucks hair behind ear)!

As for Chuckie, he ordered the UNCLE MOE'S Beef Shawarma (P119.00)!

My dear nephew loved the Mediterranean roll along with squirts of the creamy garlic mayo and chili sauce! 

Now when you're in UNCLE MOE'S, please for the love of all things delicious even if it's jampacked with all things bad for you, ORDER THEIR OX BRAIN (P140.00)!!!!

Now I know there may be more expensive ox brain's out there available in more distinguished and popular restaurants but really, THIS. IS. THE. BEST. FOR. ME. 

Imagine gold nuggets that are like fried mayonnaise then sauteed in butter and cayenne. I hate imitating Janice from FRIENDS but really... 




SO DELICIOUS!!! If I have one spare wish from a genie, it is to be able to eat THIS with LOADS of buttered garlic rice, creamy garlic mayo and chili, and Coke Zero, without gaining a pound nor getting a clogged artery.

HAAAAY. When will that wish EVER come true?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH OX BRAIN? Why can't I quit you?!

Would you guys believe that I called ahead of time to reserve 3 orders of UNCLE MOE'S OX BRAIN? YES! I reserved for it! It's that in demand at UNCLE MOE'S!!!

My nephew took my cue and ordered extra buttered rice to eat with his UNCLE MOE'S Ox Brain!

It may not look like it but he IS excited to dig in!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and Chuckie at UNCLE MOES!

And yes, there's a glass wall separating Mati and the lady beside him. He can't date till his 25 anyway. :P

My master Mati saw me enjoying the Ox Brain a little too much that he asked for a taste.

One taste became a request to share the whole thing (grumble grumble). 

It is during these moments that I have to remind myself that he is my son and I should love him with all my heart. 

KIDDING! He he he he!

I'm actually quite proud that he took a liking to the UNCLE MOE'S Ox Brain! Such a foodie already!!! He wolfed down his bowl of Beef Shawarma rice with the Ox Brain in a matter of milliseconds!

My plate! My weird-looking-but-trust-me-it's-all-good PLATE!

I was so pleased too that Andrei loved the grub at UNCLE MOE'S! He was especially fond of the creamy garlic mayo that mixed onto his beef and rice!


Can't smile sweetly, EATING!

Chuckie was quietly enjoying his first taste of UNCLE MOE'S food!

Andrei in the meantime was taking his time (as usual). 

Since I got a few bites left of my Beef Kebab, I ordered an extra Pita Bread to finish it all off!



Our UNCLE MOE'S bill!

As usual Andrei was the last to finish his meal. I swear if the old wives tales are true, he's not going to get married at all since he's always "napagliligpitan"!

Then we'll be together always!


Kidding! :)

Check it out 

Uncle Moe's Shawarma Hub
16 United St
Kapitolyo, Pasig
(02) 634-7943

Julia Vargas
City Golf Arcade, Dona Julia Vargas Ave
Ugong, Pasig
(02) 468-4787


  1. -alam ko nakatikim na din ako ng kalderetang aso nung bata ako... batang kalye kasi ako, hahaha
    -isama mo na din si Lassie at scoobie doo sa listahan mo, hahaha...
    -ang nauna diyan sa Kapitolyo ay ang Three Sisters... nung 60s or 70s pa nandiyan yan... tapos ang sumunod na "big name" resto diyan ay ang Cafe Juanita (mid 90s)... pero nung dumagdag ang Charlie's, tsaka naging tanyag at pinuntahan ng mga tao sa iba't ibang sulok ng metro manila ang kapitolyo =)
    -suwerte niyo naman at naka-kuha kayo ng lamesa! parati nga yang puno =)
    -bwahahaha... cute ni Chuckie at Andrei
    -oooohhhh yeah! that garlic mayo rocks! At ang anghang talaga nung hot sauce nila! yum!!!
    -sarap naman niyang Red Horse na yan! Ang lamiiiiiig!!!
    -"You could get it too if you would just sweetly ask for it. Hi hi hi (tucks hair behind ear)!" --- parang di bagay sa iyo ang demure, hahaha
    -masarap ang beef nila, pero minsan SOBRANG TIGAS!!! I swear, gumalaw dati ang bagang ko dahil sa kunat ng beef nila! I hope that's not the case anymore?
    -dyaske!!! P140 na pala ox brain nila??? dati P70 lang yan! homaygash! di ko na afford!
    -bakit puro "friends" ang quotes mo ngayon? Nag marathon ka ulit ng all 10 seasons? hehehe
    -yeah, totoo yan, parating nauubusan ng ox brain ang uncle moe's... so pwede palang magpa-reserve! thanks for the tip!
    -asa ka pang hindi mag-date si Mati until he's 25! High school pa lang madami nang liligawan yan, hahaha
    -wow! I'm surprised Mati liked the ox brain! I know a lot of adults who can't appreciate that dish. Mature na talaga panlasa niya
    -YEY! Madaming kinain si Andrei! Yey!
    -OMG!!! ANG BILL!!! ANG MAHAL!!! HINDI KO KINAYA!!! IBANG LEVEL TALAGA ANG EJF!!! (never nang mapapalitan ang linyang ito, bwahahahaha)

    Enjoy your weekend Jaz! Pasalubong ko from Batangas ha? hehehe... mwah!

    1. Dear mr. Snuff!

      1) EEWWWWWWW! How could eat man's best friend??? Feeling ko sasakit tyan ko. He he he he he!

      2) Besides Rin Tin Tin, Hachiku, Lassie, Scoobie Doo, idagdag si Marley, Boomer, at KOJO!

      3) Aaaaah oo nga pala CAFE JUANITA has been there for some time!! Didn't know that. Thanks!!! Moes lang talaga knakainan ko diyan e. Ha ha ha ha ha!

      4) I KNOW!

      5) We miss Chuckie!

      6) SOBRA!! I love it more than Behrouz na, even if it may be yoghurt, I find a bit watery. Gusto ko yung thick and creamy!

      7) CHE!

      8) Ha ha ha ha! Nung time na yon it was slightly tender. Usually kasi we order Kebab. It's our first time to have Shawarma. The boys liked it naman.


      10) WAla naalala ko lang ang FRIENDS many times now. Ha ha ha ha ha!

      11) Yes! I guess as long as you assure that you'll really go there to get it.


      13) YES!!! I'm touched you look out for Andre's appetite too!!! ha ha ha ha ha!


      AY NGAYON KO LANG NAKITA! SAYANG inuuwian sana kita ng SANGKADERMANG hotel complimentary toiletries... JOKE!


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