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Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Even when there are several popular or celebrity chefs sprouting out and about and declaring that their desserts are the "next big thing", I always give them the benefit of the chuckle. Oh yeah sure! I will be trying their desserts soon but I will definitely not be in a hurry to do so. Maybe the reason why I have such a lazy ass when sampling other new desserts is because I already have what counts for my taste. Let's just say usual favorites are forever satisfying my sweet tooth and the taste is always so good that I don't need to go to the other side of that dessert fence.

Take INDULGENCE BY IRENE for instance. There may be other cheesecakes available but after one bite, these copycats don't even come close. Nothing gets me on a cheesecake high such as the rich, velvety, smooth, and very creamy top dessert in the Metro! And the best thing about INDULGENCE BY IRENE is that they always have new items in their heavenly cheesecake menu to keep the excitement going.

Yeah like in a marriage where you have to keep the fire burning. But this tastes more delicious! Tee Hee!

So with that let us present to you the newest INDULGENCE BY IRENE offerings that we got a taste of....

Corn Cheesecake!

Coffee with Baileys Cheesecake!

Now admit it. You got a slight thump of excitement after reading that right?

Well we certainly did! He he he he he!


Seriously, when you talk to me about cheesecake my imagination is only limited to cheese... chocolate... blueberry. Now who would've thought that there's also the possibility of whipping up CORN plus COFFEE WITH BAILEYS?

How is that even possible?!

One look at the INDULGENCE BY IRENE Coffee with Bailey's Cheesecake and you would immediately feel a commanding presence.

Yes. For foodies out there. You would know how food could do that!

This "gentleman" of all cheesecakes (for some weird reason, I think it is) has a tanned hue that is matched by the soothing yet invigorating aroma of coffee. 

What I love about INDULGENCE BY IRENE cheesecakes is that it has always maintained its firm creaminess that is neither mushy nor egg-white hard. When you run your fork onto your slice of cheesecake, you'll immediately feel the smoothness of the cream going to the soft crumbs that will be wolfed down by your hungry self later.

I got a forkful of the new Coffee with Bailey's Cheesecake and it truly was another level of experience for me. Once I got the beloved cheesecake into my mouth, I immediately savored the sharp toffee-like flavors that instantly rolled with the exciting creaminess of Bailey's liquor.

Definitely not your usual cheesecake but it IS something that would wow your guests in your next dinner/cocktail party!

As this may be a "grown-up" cheesecake, I would still pair this newbie from INDULGENCE BY IRENE with my favorite hot serving of Caramel Macchiato or Green Tea!

So there! He he he he he!

For those who will be faced with INDULGENCE BY IRENE'S Corn Cheesecake, please, don't immediately dismiss it as boring or MEH.

Believe me. THIS (doing the circle gestures with my finger) is soooo much, much, much, much more than that! 

This bright and jolly addition to the roster of INDULGENCE BY IRENE cheesecakes has an exciting yellow color that will definitely catch your eye.

You will also notice asap the many corn kernels all going about in one serving of the cheesecake. 

Seriously, after I shoved one into my craving mouth, I was floored! I was actually just expecting the ordinary sweetness of corn that I would usually get from a mix of buttered vegetables. But woah! Was I pleasantly wrong!

If you're familiar with the Filipino dessert Maja Blanca, this luscious INDULGENCE BY IRENE creation is like a very, very, very, very, very, very rich version of that.

It's not cloying believe me. But the new Corn Cheesecake certainly woke up my taste buds with the milky and natural sweetness that would remind you of the heart warming dessert table of your provincial town fiesta!

SOOOOOOO mortifyingly delicious!!!!!!!!!

We were supposed to have these creamy cheesecakes at home but the Chinese Adonis and I cannot wait! They looked so inviting, we wanted to dig in THE SOONEST!

And we are sooo right!

We now have MORE to add in our INDULGENCE BY IRENE favorites!

Now I ask you. If you already have a lot to choose from in INDULGENCE BY IRENE, why waste money and calories by trying other bleh cheesecakes? Believe me, every time I come across the famed dessert in other restaurants, it's always a pass for me. The taste just wouldn't be the same from my usual INDULGENCE! 

Try it NOW!


Corn Cheesecake
9 inch - P1000
6 inch - P 550
4 inch - P 220

Coffee with Bailey's
9 inch - P1400
6 inch - P 750
4 inch - P 300


Regular Flavors - Quezo de Bola, Tablea, Choc Nut, and Calamansi
9 inch - P1000
6 inch - P 550
4 inch - P 220

Premium - Ube, Earl Grey, Matcha
9 inch - P1200
6 inch - P 650
4 inch - P 250

Liquor - Orange Bourbon
9 inch - P1400
6 inch - P 750
4 inch - P 300

At least 2 days advance order
Pick up locations:
1. Astoria Plaza - Ortigas
2. Aseana - schooldays early morning and afternoon
3. Shell Buendia cor. EDSA. - Weekdays 3pm

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  1. I love Irene's cheesecakes!!! Tama ka, she really doesn't scrimp on quality ingredients, yet she still manages to sell them so cheaply! Yan nga ang pinamigay namin nung Pasko. Di ka mapapahiya.

    I also love her corn cheesecake, and you described it perfectly by saying it's a very, very rich and creamy maja blanca. Tsalap!

    I've tasted all her cheesecakes, and I love them all! I wouldn't pass up on eating any of them. But if we had to pick a favorite, The Partner and I probably prefer her Orange Bourbon just a bit more than the others. Siguro dahil lasengero kami, hahaha...

    Have a meaningful Holy Week idol!

    1. Hiya Mr. Snuff!!!! How is your week???

      1) Now who DOESN'T love INDULGENCE BY IRENE? For me talaga she makes the best cheesecakes ever! And yes, NEVER does she scrimp on ingredients. Talagang top notch but still affordable to buy! My officemate did the same too and everybody loved her cheesecakes!!!

      2) DI BA??? That corn cheesecake was so yum! A jampacked maja blanca!!!!!

      3) I'm not really partial to anything with alcohol because I don't drink but I'll take your word for it. Maganda ata taste nyo ni partner. YIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!

      same goes to you mr. snuff! mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


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