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Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Last weekend, the Yappy Bunch was invited to stay at THE BAUAN PLAZA HOTEL in Batangas for a staycation far away from home. Though we already know that we are going to a beach and have lunch there, the SOMBRERO ISLAND FULL LEISURE PACKAGE by the BAUAN PLAZA HOTEL really blew us away as we went snorkling and swimming on our very own secluded island. Then, come lunch time, an elegant table setting was made ready for us that served savory food made more delicious by the breath taking view of the ocean.

I know I have said it many times but I'm not ashamed to say it again.... The SOMBRERO ISLAND TOUR was TRULY an unforgettable experience! It was such an eye opener that the sea inhabited a different kind of beauty plus SO much more. I may be getting a bit dramatic but avid divers and snorklers would understand how going under the sea would take you to another level of enchantment you didn't know existed before. We all cannot wait to do it again with the boys!!!

Now if you think after such a exciting day that it was already downhill for our BAUAN HOTEL PLAZA staycation, you are so wrong. We were still able to enjoy our time together and saw something new that was worthy for our YAPPY book of records.

Like I would always say, THE YAPPY BUNCH finds fun in EVERYTHING. And with our BAUAN PLAZA HOTEL staycation, we found A LOT.


The newest and grandest hotel in the area recently opened August of last year and has already accommodated locals and tourists alike who wanted to experience luxurious living in the heart of Batangas City.

It is located just in front of the City church making BAUAN PLAZA HOTEL the ideal reception area for your next grand event. It was also very convenient for those who wanted to hear mass during a staycation. 

The BAUAN PLAZA HOTEL has a big ballroom and 3 function rooms that would definitely fit your next important event. 

I'm sure they have something that would suit your party requirements!

Lots and lots of space!

On the other side of the hotel is the town police station ensuring order and your safety in the area. 


If you feel like eating something else rather than hotel food, food centers such as MONGKOK, BO'S COFFEE, DENCIOS, and BAUAN FOOD PLAZA are just right outside the hotel. There's even a Mcdonald's on the other side!

If you want to have something different for the weekend, then check out THE BAUAN PLAZA HOTEL's Acoustic nights!

After our very long and relaxing nap, we dressed up for dinner and the acoustic show!

Show was already starting when we got there.

Guess who welcomed us again? Jannica from breakfast and lunch at SOMBRERO ISLAND TOUR! Wow! She never seems to get tired at all! 

They have acoustic bands different per night and they would even invite guests onstage to sing. Think of it as your live videoke opportunity! He he he he!

Andrei loved listening to music and he was really concentrating on the live band. Afterwards he asked again if he could get a tattoo. 

Yeeesh.... I hope he doesn't become a rocker. 

I mean Frank Sinatra -- good. Alice Cooper -- bad.


Anyway, the venue was simple but it was clean and cozy. 

PLUS! They have coffee on hand so that would suit us (me) just fine!

We're back with the Esguerras! We somehow bonded during our trip to Sombrero Island that it was so fun to spend the night with them!

Checking the menu!

Later on, it was a free for all onstage at Acoustic Nights in THE BAUAN PLAZA HOTEL! Some ladies did go onstage and sang their favorite muni-muni songs. He he he he he!

Now who wants to sing from our group?

Mati and Daddy?

The Esguerras - Ryan, Honey, and Tita Linda?

Me and Andrei?

NAAAAH. Everyone might run away in fear once I give my rendition of "What's Going On?" He he he he!

While waiting for our grub, Mati had a refreshing mango slush appetizer from BO'S COFFEE!

Later on out of nowhere some of THE BAUAN PLAZA HOTEL staff sang happy birthday!

My husband was clueless and was looking for the celebrant in the restaurant.

He was so surprised that they were singing to HIM!

He he he he he! Actually because my husband did not have enough celebrations last week on his birthday, I thought of asking THE BAUAN PLAZA HOTEL staff for a little something to make our stay more special. I was only expecting a slice of cake or a sign with greeting in our room (like what would other hotels do), I was surprised that they gave us a whole cake and a song!!! 


Now that's going the extra mile!

Thanks so much BAUAN PLAZA HOTEL!!! You just made our staycation more memorable!

Look at that happy smile!!! I love you Yub! Mati and Andrei are so blessed to have you as their Daddy! Instead of having a drinkathon with your friends, you chose to stay with us for their exams. We love you!

Later on Ray of EN ROUTE joined us. His devoted wife Lynne was still putting baby Ethan to sleep. Hope she could join us later. 

Our dinner for the night. YUM!

My plate! My very-messy-but-trust-me it's all good BAUAN PLAZA HOTEL plate!



With the very pretty Love Lynne! The wife of Ray and creator of EN ROUTE!

After dinner, we tried out the Gaming Room of BAUAN PLAZA HOTEL!

It's a simple room that covers the basics in gaming "requirements". Besides the pool table and darts, the little lords were so happy to see a ping pong table!

Let's play! Seeing as there's a wallet on the table, let's play for money!!!


Ryan Esguerra was VERY good in ping pong and he was so nice to tone down his talents a bit to play with the little lords. 

Andrei gave up easily though and chose to play with the Ipad. Ha ha ha ha ha!

GO Forest! Go like the wind!

Oops. Different Ping Pong expert.

Of course, as this was a family trip, we all tried to play ping pong!

Cannot tell you though how long I "tried". He he he he he! I'm not sportsy shmortsy anyway.  

When Ryan bid adieu, Andrei felt brave to try his hand at ping pong. Yub said after a few minutes, my little bunsoy got the hang of it and was pretty good!


Sorry. That's the expression I learned from Mati that night. 

We were still too excited for bed so we took pictures around the hotel. 

Not that I'm saying they could make us their models in their hotel brochures, but there's harm in "preparing" right? He he he he he!

Mati and the Chinese Adonis under the Bauan "lights". 

Mommy and her partner in crime, Andrei!

The hotel exit!

I especially love the paintings of Filipino customs mounted on the walls. Staring at it gives out a certain type of relaxation.

The little lords escaped and ran to the room leaving us by our lonesome. 

With that, it's time for a Yelfie!

Back in the room, we took MORE Yelfie's! He he he he!

Just in case you're wondering, that's Yap and selfie ridiculously combined!

Our favorite picture in the room however was this stolen shot done by Mati when he was playing with Yub's phone again. 

Of course, to be honest, ours is not an ideal relationship. We fight, we yell, and there are times when we are total opposites. BUT, it's nice that we have more quiet moments like this where we just talk, laugh, and do "kuyakoy" at each other. 

After much coaxing, since they were too energized to go to bed, the little lords finally snuggled up and went to sleep.

The next morning, we were up and early for breakfast!

The simple but very delicious spread that is included in the staycation package.

If you wish to just drop by at BAUAN PLAZA HOTEL for breakfast, it's P300.00 per person. Considering that it covers all of the basics of Filipino breakfast favorites, this is very affordable!

It may be a buffet set-up in the cafe, but BAUAN PLAZA HOTEL servers were always on hand to accommodate whatever you'll be needing during breakfast!

Andrei helped himself to some pancakes and made a little artwork on it using the syrup.

Hmmm.... I think I see a deeper meaning in this SAD and HAPPY pancake.

I didn't know he loved theater that much. He he he he he! 

My very handsome Yap boys!

My very beautiful breakfast plate!

(You don't know you're beautiful)

After finishing his pancakes, Andrei rushed back to get a hefty serving of his favorite from the buffet table.

Leche flan for breakfast? If it's this good, why not? He wiped this out in no time!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords at breakfast in THE BAUAN PLAZA HOTEL!

It did not take long for Andrei to get that sugar rush from the leche flan.

Here he is doing his "angry face".

No need for words. I know that's not an angry face. Ha ha h ha!

His "Herobrine" face.

Part one...

Part Two!

JEEZ stop that already!

We saw the Esguerras plus Love and Ray during breakfast.

Of course, the star of the show would be the VERY cute, adorable, gigil-worthy, and just over-all AWWW-master, baby Ethan!

After breakfast, the little lords asked for another round of ping pong.

Andrei did his "angry face" again to scare off his opponent.

My dear bunsoy. I cannot BEGIN to say how THAT doesn't look like an "angry face".


It was time to go and we were packing with a heavy heart. 

Even dear yellow Hampy was sad.

Thought I didn't bring him huh? Better to leave Hampy than my husband.  Kidding! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

What to do to cheer ourselves up?


Ahem. Brochure. Ahem. Ahem.

Wacky shot!

The Yappy Bunch!

Good bye room! I'm not kidding when I say that we really get sad at every check out. 


Good bye room 207. Thank you for taking care of us!

Our traditional hallway shot.

Check-out was quick and fast. The staff at BAUAN PLAZA HOTEL were still so helpful even up to "the end". 

After long, tearful and pathetic goodbyes (on my part), we left the doors of BAUAN PLAZA HOTEL!!!

We will be back! DEFINITELY!

Before heading out, we decided to pass by the church in front of BAUAN PLAZA HOTEL.


I love visiting old churches because there is always a different kind of magnificence and artistic grandeur per historical structure!

Well whaddayaknow? Somebody is getting married again. I wonder if the reception is at THE BAUAN PLAZA HOTEL?

As we were already in Batangas, Ray suggested that we check out the largest Basilica in Asia.... 

The Taal Basilica of St. Martin de Tours!

This was about 30 minutes from BAUAN PLAZA HOTEL!

The Chinese Adonis and I were so thrilled to take the boys somewhere that had historical significance to it.

We're not worthy!

We just told them that it is the BIGGEST of something and they were all wide eyed with astonishment.

We all can't believe too that the Taal Basilica was constructed on 1575! YOWZA! Like what Bear Brand would say, "The world was so young" then!

I wonder who I was at that time?

The baptismal area.

The boys all said a prayer.

They also lit candles as offering prayers to their special petitions. 

It may not look like it but Andrei is the MOST religious one in THE YAPPY BUNCH. Every morning he would always be the first to get ready so that we'd get to church early.

So really. He's not lighting candles here to play with it. He's really praying for his Lolo, Lolas, Mommy, Daddy, Titos, Titas, pets, and friends. 


As we were about to head outside, Yub pointed out to Mati the pulpit of the church. He explained that since there were no microphones before, the priests of yore would give mass here so that parishioners will be able to hear him even at the far back. 

An educational weekend this has become!

Going home we also passed by Tagaytay and the little lords were so amazed to see the roads enveloped in fog. It's their first time to see it and they were thrilled but scared at the same time! HA HA HA HA HA!


We may have had other hotel staycations but our weekend at BAUAN PLAZA HOTEL gave us many firsts and unforgettable experiences. I know that theirs is a simple place to stay in being a David compared to Manila's Goliath of hotels. But still, it would be VERY nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of Manila and try out a different bonding experience with your family. Some may say that spending thousands of pesos just for a hotel stay may be impractical but if you think about it, when and where will you be able to book at a hotel that lets you stay at your very own secluded island, try snorkeling under clear waters, having a luxurious meal on that private island with a wait staff that would make you feel like VIPS, and seeing various beaches and historical sights that only Batangas could offer?

NADA right? 

Make your plans with BAUAN PLAZA HOTEL this summer and get ready to cross out many items from your bucket list! 

I know I did!


Thank you SOOOO much to Love and Ray of EN ROUTE for inviting ERICJAZ FOODIES to this VERY unforgettable weekend. I think I have made their ears tired by raving so much but I don't care. We REALLY had a lot of fun! 

DEFINITELY for the Yappy books!

Thanks again!



Orense Suite
(Presidential Suite)

Bonifacio Suite
(Junior Suite)

Loft Rooms 

Premium Deluxe

Standard Deluxe



JP Rizal Cor. Kapitan Ponso st., Poblacion 2, Bauan Batangas
(043) 702 8414 / (043) 702 8710 / 0925 722 7004 to 06

Would you believe that even after that jampacked weekend, the Yubsker and I were still able to go out for date night? 

YUP! Such a perfect weekend it is!


He he he he! If you're a foodie, DO follow THE KTG on instagram!


  1. Mr. SnuffleupagusMarch 25, 2015 at 5:14 AM

    Good morning, my uber sosy and shala friend na hindi na ma-reach kasi ibang klase na talaga ang levelz (71 Gramercy levelz na! di na ma-reach talaga!) hahaha...

    -yey! part 2 na!
    -ang ganda talaga nung hotel!
    -eeeeekkk! katabi pala niya police station! scary! kidding! hahahaha
    -may Mongkok pala diyan! SHRIMP PUFF!!!!!
    -talagang parating nandun si Janica... hope you gave her a big, fat tip (10 thousand pieces!!!) hahaha
    -gusto talaga ni Andrei magpa-tattoo??? NOOOOOOOO!!!
    -support locally sourced coffee!!! down with st*rb**ks!!! hahaha
    -why didn't you sing????
    -awwwww... ang bait naman ng Bauan Plaza Hotel! Isang buong cake!
    -sorry, di ako maka-comment masyado sa sports room... di din kasi ako sporty, hehehe
    -kami din ni TP ganyan, we fight, we yell, we have "tampos" but we're not threatened by those... and the thing is, it helped shape us to the couple we are today. Nowadays, because of what we've gone through, we already know with just a glance what the other is thinking, and we're more forgiving of each other, and we celebrate our differences because it opens us up to new adventures we would have never tried if we were so alike.
    -ginutom naman ako sa breakfast buffet nila! Sa akin, kahit hindi sampung lamesa ang spread, basta masarap ang pagkain, solb na ako. Minsan nga mas ginaganahan akong kumain kung konti lang pagpipilian e. =)
    -hahaha.. cute naman ng pancake artwork ni Andrei!
    -bwahahaha... ang angry face ni Andrei... Eh di Wow! hahaha
    -di ba dapat better to leave my husband than Hampy? hehehe...
    -bullet day, we will also be able to visit Taal... para sosy and shala na din kami like my idol Jaz, hahaha
    -awwww... malay mo mag-pari si Andrei pag laki niya
    -considering everything they give you on your two day stay, super sulit talaga ang Sombrero Island packages nila!

    Enjoy your Wednesday Jaz! Sana makabisita kami ni TP diyan sa hotel na yan. Mwah!

    1. OMIGERRRRD Mr. Niel I'm not sosy!!! MARAMING tataas ang kilay diyan! I'm a cowboy all the way!!!!!!!!!!

      1) Yes gusto ni Andrei magpatatoo. Good thing that Ray convinced him that if he gets a tattoo his blood will be dirty and tainted. I think that got him a bit. Naku he will always write on himself or make drawings on his arms and face!

      2) I know! I was so thankful that they gave us a whole cake. I was just expecting a slice or a greeting like what other hotels do but we got a WHOLE cake and a song! Woah!

      3) Up to now we still fight pero really I cannot imagine beign with somebody else. MEANT FOR EACH OTHER YAAAAAAAAAAAAK!

      4) Yes! Happy and Tragedy Faces of Theater. Ha ha ha ha ha!

      5) Parang mukhasim face lang angry face niya e kaya tawa kami ng tawa.

      6) HA? Ah eh... oo better to leave Husband than Hampy!!!


      8) Wow! I would really like that na magpari si Andrei! As long as walang tattoo!

      SUPER! AND! If you have something else in mind, they will generously make a special package just for you depending on your plans and budget! NAKS di ba?


    2. My USASI (uber sosi and shala idol, hahaha...) - ANOVEY! Sabi mo mag-PM ka sa akin kung kailan kayo pupunta dun ni Mati? Just tell me when and I'll be there for you (tutal, "friends" fanatic ka naman, hahaha...)

  2. oh my freaking gulay nakakatakot the face!!!!!!!!!

    Creeepy with the eyes :D :D :D

    this would be a perfect place for a summer quick get away. to think it only took you an hour and change to get there from manila.. although.. it is a pretty early wake up at 4am.


    :D :D :D :D
    but still.. pretty cool!!!

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Hay naku Mr. Jeng he always does that! I hate it when Andrei flips pa his eyelids. Ako nasasaktan e!!!

      If not 4am, the travel is usually just 2 and a half hours. Still not bad right? PLUS it's not your usual beach and hotel offering. You get an ISLAND! WOAH!!!!!!!

      SOBRANG cool!

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience and helping put Bauan in the map! It was a pleasure reading this and hope this inspires more people to share their experiences on this side of Batangas. Have a nice day! :)

    Pascua's Freestyle Kitchen
    F. Mangobos St, Bauan, Batangas


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