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Friday, March 27, 2015


If you are looking for hip and cool people to be friends with, you may want to cross out ERICJAZ FOODIES in your "probable" list. Heck, you could even put our names waaaaay down below the page number of your notebook! Our workmates, friends, and yes even our family would agree that when the god of cool spread this gift on mankind, the Chinese Adonis and I where somewhere watching Meteor Garden. He he he he he!

So when we received an invite to have our Tuesday night at 71 GRAMERCY, we both felt a feeling of excitement and panic: Excitement because we haven't been to this "IT" place and we were RARING to see why it's so hot right now. And panic because well, we might be our usual silly and pathetic selves that diners might think of throwing us from the 71st floor.

Hey... 71 Gramercy has 71 floors??? Such a coincidence!!!

Now THAT'S how cool we are.

Kidding! He he he he he!

Anywho, we were relieved to learn that we were there not to be cool or to party with Manila's socialites. We were actually there to try out the newest dishes cooked up by celebrity chef Mr. Carlo Miguel. And looking at the mouth watering food that this handsome chef has created that caused the numerous raves online --  now wouldn't want to be a part of THAT?

Isn't it great how food brings all types of people together?

Oh and don't worry. Our "uncool-ness" have deeply penetrated itself in us that it won't rub off on you. He he he he he!


Photo from
71 GRAMERCY is located at the 71st floor (yes, 71st!) of GRAMERCY residences. As much as I was trying my best to compose myself, I almost did a double take of the actuality that I will be going up 71 stories high! 

Oh yes. The elevator never lies.


But of course once I got up, I was breathless with the view. 

Good thing James Cameron was not with me otherwise he would've shouted, that's right,


Psssh... Get a hold of yourself Cameron!


71 GRAMERCY was empty now but later on it will be jam-packed with ultra-hot party goers and drinkers. 

(For now they will be having the KTG -- the ultra-hot EATERS... HE HE HE HE!)

The popular "gimik" venue opened last January of 2014 and was voted as the best club in the country that same year. 

71 GRAMERCY is the answer to those who are looking for a different "level" of nightlife (pun sort of intended)!

Come to think of it, to be at the 71st floor? You are already at the top to begin with!

The award winning club boasts of a wide selection of drinks and cocktails. 

But of course, we were not really there to drink. We are on our knees thankful (being uncool again) that we will be getting a taste of 71 GRAMERCY's bestsellers plus new items on the menu. 

It is just the second day of the week and we are SO ready to party....

... with our tummies! 

He he he he!

The Chinese Adonis was already at 71 GRAMERCY and I just caught up after work. Good thing that with my foodie family, eating takes a LOOOOOONG time.

Like "Haba haba ballpen" long. He he he he he!

Bartender at the back: "What? Who? Me?"
The very handsome Chef Carlo Miguel was there to welcome the foodie group and to introduce each dish. He was also very gracious (may I mention pogi again) and would always check up on us. 


The first 71 GRAMERCY appetizer served had bright slivers of salmon cured in green tea and topped with arugula, feta, ginger, and shallots. 

Afterwards, 71 GRAMERCY gave us plates of French Fine de Claire Oysters!

The more popular choice would always be the creamy Rockefeller but I am more partial to the steamed or blanched oysters with lemon or hot sauce. The mignonette granita lemon served here was a very welcome tart change!

For the Salad course, Chef Miguel teased our palates with the Grilled Prawn served with mango salsa topped with vanilla dressing. 

One of my top (as in ultraelectromagnetictop) favorites that night was 71 GRAMERCY's Tagliatelle Truffle Linguini. 

I have always been crazy about truffle pasta ever since I had a taste of its creamy self in MAMOU. And one big forkful of the pasta loaded with truffle cream plus the sauce from the perfectly cooked yolk and I'm hooked! May I ESPECIALLY point out too the fried strips that give each mouthful a pleasant crunch while you're savoring this pasta of gloriousness.


I WILL definitely be returning to 71 GRAMERCY for more of THIS!

71 GRAMERCY Chilean Sea Bass drizzled with lemon oil and served with crushed potatoes and eggplant relish. 

So light but still oh so satisfying!

I think I have mentioned a gazillion of times how my husband is such a finicky eater. He doesn't go for complicated foods and would usually just eat the basics with no ketchup or anything that "tasted weird" (his words). 

The food at 71 GRAMERCY was not short of awesome and everyone was groaning from delicious ecstasy one dish after another. Unfortunately, my poor husband is not a fan of such extraordinary food and was in search of something that he could immediately get his teeth into. 

Imagine his face when he saw the GRAMERCY Burger -- 200 Grams of Ground Angus Beef Chuck, Rib-Eye, and Shortrib topped with gooey Brioche Cheese and a very rich Foie Gras!


As much as I wanted to try the GRAMERCY Burger, I let the Chinese Adonis have it since he had this irritating longing face already.

I WAS able to try some of the crunchy flavored fries but he zoinked all of it too in a flash.

In 71 GRAMERCY, there's a different kind of surf n' turf with their Pork and Lobster.

The Pork was slow roasted and served with green pea puree and marsala sauce.

So tender and fatty!

A favorite of the KTG boys around me was the 71 GRAMERCY Breakfast for Dinner which consisted of a thick slab of Home Cured and Smoked Berkshire Pork Belly. Served with a runny egg and a crunchy potato hash.

And why wouldn't they? Because somebody like James Bond would love this "breakfast" You know -- somebody so manly but have all the style and charm in the world. I won't be surprised if Mr. Bond would have THIS with a martini that is definitely shaken and not stirred. 

That is, after spending the night with some hussy he has seduced in a minute. Tee Hee!

But his charm won't work on me for sure!

Mr. Bond: "Are you trying to seduce me with this Breakfast for Dinner?"

Me (laughs): "No Mr. Bond. I expect you to DIE!"

Tee Hee!

Oh I'm kidding!

And later on, Chef Miguel brings out the night's piece de resistance!

71 GRAMERCY's US Angus Choice Grade Tommahawk!





Whenever I hear the word "tommahawk", my insides just grumble and my mouth gets ready to do a wolf-like howl. You would understand me too if you are presented with THIS at the table!

The perfectly grilled meat was so tender that it went out like butter under the knife. One bite of the first chunk of meat my Chinese Adonis plopped on my plate and I was... Yowza.... The beef was very juicy and was so flavorful from the melted butter and herbs. Even if I was already full I was so tempted to grab on to that big bone and just tear off the meat using my teeth. No knife and fork for this attila the hun! I'm going for the prize of the night!

Of course, I was able to snap back to my "trying to be cool" self and just said "Thank you" to Yub who was offering me another slice. Inside I was like "Gimme the bone you neanderthal! Don't you know me at all????". But of course, I might revive the restraining order my husband set out for me before.

Kidding! Tee hee!

This wonderful slab of US Grade Tommahawk was served with Fritas, Mac n' Cheese, and Creamed Spinach. Worthy side kicks for a very powerful "master".

And the night wears on with more eating and talking. 

AND "Yelfie-ing" (Yap and Selfie)!!!

Tee hee! Sorry! I'm sure using the word "selfie" is suffering enough!

For dessert we were once again led into a paradise of gluttony and faced with plates upon plates of luscious temptations.

Whaddaheck. I don't care! I'm getting fat tonight!

First down was 71 GRAMERCY's Almond Tart with strawberries, rhubarb, and burned butter ice cream.

Chef Miguel pointed out that they make their own ice cream so that means they would never, for the life of all things delicious, use the commercialized brand.

I'm a sucker for apple pie and 71 GRAMERCY's version truly satisfied my craving self. The sweet and hot pie went very well with the rich vanilla bean ice cream. YUM!

One of the desserts that I'm sorry I was not able to get a lot of was the 71 GRAMERCY #LEGIT chocolate cake. Yup! Use that hashtag!

I could be such a chocoholic whenever I allow myself to be. And with #LEGIT, it will surely shut up all cravings for the rich and decadent dessert! What's not to love about the five textures from three kinds of chocolates? This is soooo good you might find yourself licking the plate just to get all of it!

And last but not the least we hahaveit71 GRAMERCY'S Chocolate and Banana Souffle! This was like my favorite lava cake but made more special with the salty peanut ice cream and sweet banana with a light crust of sugar. 

The perfect ending to a very delicious dinner! I am still daydreaming of everything up to now!

And would you believe it? I don't drink but I had glasses of white and red wine for the pasta and the steak. Wooow! It completed the fun! I am finally learning how to appreciate wine with my food.

That's DOWNTON ABBEY influence to you!  

And were done!

It's always great meeting up with my favorite foodies and bloggers. We always have a lot to talk and eat about! He he he he he!

Yub... Please stop "harassing" Stoni of The Food Alphabet. He he he he he! Just put your arms around Chef Cecille on the other side! Yihiii!

And like I said, we would always have something to talk about!

 Pauwi na lang magkekwentuhan pa.

Yub, please control yourself. He he he he he!
Thank you so much to Chef Carlo Miguel and Chef Cecille for having ERICJAZ FOODIES! FINALLY our uncool selves were able to step in at 71 GRAMERCY and have blast with all the delicious food!

Of course superkalifragalisticclimbeverymountain thank you to dear Spanky for inviting us!

Stop! Don't waste good wine!

Use beer instead!


So. There. :)

The Gramercy, Kalayaan Ave.,
 Cor. Salamanca St.,
 Century City, Makati
(0917) 847 7535
(0917) 809 4093

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  1. Mr. SnuffleupagusMarch 28, 2015 at 6:39 AM

    Huwaaaat!!! Imposible!!! You're the hippest and coolest person I know! hahaha... Food blogs are a dime a dozen (kaya ayaw ko na mag-blog, hahaha...) But the reason why I love your blog soooo much is because you're YOU! You're funny and definitely unique! And it really shows on your blog. Or siguro pareho lang tayong jologs, hahaha...
    -GRABE!!! UBER SHALA AND SOSY TALAGA IDOL KO!!! 71 GRAMERCY!!! Walang sinabi Antonio's diyan! hehehe...
    -bwahahaha... "titanic" mode ka naman ngayon, kahit wala ka sa barko, hahaha...
    -was wondering how you fared being so high up... musta naman? di ka naman nahilo? did you look down from the balcony?
    -I really love the interiors and furniture of 71-G!
    -HABA-HABA BALLPEN!!! hahahaha... (mukhang konti lang makaka-gets nito, hahaha... #thunders #thundercats)
    -cute nga ni Chef Carlo, ano? He used to be so fat! But look at him now. May pag-asa pa kami ni The Partner, hahaha
    -have you tried raw freshly caught oysters? ayayay!!! #orgasmic
    -mukhang peborit mo talaga ang truffle pasta. =)
    -ketchup tastes weird??? picky eater pala talaga si CA, hahaha
    -I have discovered that, no matter how big the foie gras on a burger is, its taste still gets lost in the flavor of the beef. So kinakain ko na lang siya separately rather than eat it with the barjer. =)
    -naku, palagay ko kami din ni TP magugustuhan yang breakfast for dinner na yan
    -may double-O-seven script pa talaga! hahaha... sa iyo pala nagmana si Mati! =)
    -ang sarap naman niyang tomahawk na yan! caveman din ang peg ko pag nilibre mo na ako niyan, bwahahaha
    -kaloka ang pic niyo ni spanky! hahahaha...
    -ayaw naming pumunta diyan sa 71G dati kasi isa sa may ari ay si Raymond G. (ugh!), pero kung manlilibre ka, baka i-consider namin na pumunta diyan, hahaha... kidding! The food really looks good, and we're big fans of Chef Carlo's other resto, Beso Cucina Vinoteka, so we might schedule a trip there in the future.

    Have a great weekend USASI (uber sosi and shala idol, hahaha)!

    1. HIya Mr. Snuff!!!!

      1) HUUUUWAW thank you sooooo much Mr. Snuff! You always make me feel good about our blog. I know it gets weirder as time goes on pero wala e. It's how we really do when talking to friends and family. Tee heee! Thank you again kaya we really really really really love you mmmwah!


      3) Tee hee! Ang taas e!

      4) I did not look as much kas nakakahilo but the view was absolutely breath taking and romantic. Nakakatuwa talaga to be really that high!

      5) I agree! Love the modern but cozy look as well!


      7) I know! I saw some of Chef Carlo's pics before. Ang galing niya in trimming down. And yes! Superkaduper pugi in person! He he he he he!

      8) I think I have in Cavite! OMG soooo good!

      9) Super! I love the creaminess and pungent flavors of truffle pasta! Nakakaaddict!

      10) Mas weird kamo si Yub! Ha ha ha ha ha!

      11) I think I'll agree with you on that. But I would still want to try the foie gras burger in Lusso... Have you tried that?

      12) He he he he he! Sa history at geography I always forget pero kapag script of my fave tv and movies, alam na alam ko!

      13) SPIRAL muna treat mo ko!

      14) SOBRA! We have a lot of pictures like that!

      15) Why???? Why ayaw mo si Raymond... he he he he he he!!!!!


    2. -saan ang lusso??? mga uber sosi and shala lang yata nakaka-alam kung saan yan... di yata pinapapasok diyan ang mga hampas lupang gaya namin, hehehe
      -juice colored! kailangan pa bang i-memorize kung bakit ayaw namin kay raymond g??? isama mo nan din si tim yap!!! eeekkk... hehehe...


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