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Wednesday, March 18, 2015


For four years now, we have been going to Binondo Manila to celebrate the CHINESE NEW YEAR and this time, we will be welcoming the year of the SHEEP. It really started off as something we just wanted the kids to experience that one time last 2011 but then we had so much fun (the little lords excluded) that we thought of doing it a yearly tradition.

Our agenda for our YAPPY BUNCH CHINESE NEW YEAR is pretty simple: get a noble steed to take us to Chinatown, walk around and marvel at the sights, eat at a dingy but authentic Chinese restaurant, then troop on home again. Of course, I might have omitted the part wherein we will be squeezing in through sweaty crowds and the little lords whining to go home, but I don't want to risk the boys reading this and making up an excuse not to go next year. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Sorry! I know that the boys would rather stay home and just play video games or watch TV. But what will they really get from that? Good thing that the Chinese Adonis and I share the same sentiment that family bonding and memories are MADE and not PLAYED (with gadgets).

When they complain that they're tired or that their other classmates don't go to Binondo during the holidays, we would always quote the wise words of Calvin's Dad (y'know from CALVIN AND HOBBES?) that "these things build CHARACTER." So with that, the Chinese Adonis and I fully intend to bestow this very "challenging" and "strenuous" family activity upon them always.

Of course, with a side of dimsum. He he he he!

Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone!

I'm a Chinese Dragon with silver teeth fillings!
It's CHINESE NEW YEAR and we're going to welcome THE YEAR OF THE SHEEP!

Going to Manila that day was easy peasy and no traffic. I guess it has something to do with Ped Xing also celebrating something that day? I don't know who he is but most of the streets are named after him!!!!!!!!!!

Tee hee!

Like what we do every year, we park besides Manila Cathedral and look for a way to get to Binondo! Believe me, with CHINESE NEW YEAR going on, there won't be a place to park in Chinatown!

Of course before "trekking" onto the land of dimsum and noodles, we needed a little energizer first. And Mati suggested that we have some taho (P20.00) from a street vendor. 

Yummmm.... Hot and creamy!

Plus enough sugar to last them for the whole afternoon!

My little lords at Manila Cathedral! 

I wonder if someday one of them would ask to get married there? Hmmm... I hope not because somebody told me that most couples who marry in this popular church either get a divorce or just separate!

Is that true?

But still...

Sharon and Gabby forever!!!!!!!!

Before riding our horse, we asked the driver to take some pictures of us first. Sorry manong! Yub broke our tripod.

Yup. We have a tripod. Take THAT, selfie stick!

By the way, we're wearing green and red shirts not because we're still hung over from Christmas but it's the lucky colors for the YEAR OF THE SHEEP!

The Chinese Adonis went overboard and was wearing a pair of green and red bikini briefs too!

TEE HEE! Kidding!

Every year I ask my patient and pogi husband to have a picture by this fountain in order to recreate the picture we had 3 years ago.

And this is it! Haaay. Time really goes by so fast! I pray to be able to do this tradition and always have a picture by this spot always!

Wait. So it should be Mati who will sit beside me. Hmmm.

Like I said, we were able to get a deal on a horse ride going to Chinatown. If you're interested to take a "kalesa" ride, don't forget to haggle! I was able to get the price down to P250.00 (plus photo ops! He he he he he!). It's ironic though because on ordinary days, kalesa rides would only be about P50! 

OH well. That's the way it is.

It's our first time to ride this type of horse carriage where it was built similar to a mini-passenger jeepney! 

Let's go now "Linda"!

When you're in Manila Cathedral and in need of a kalesa ride, do look for this guy! He's very nice and wouldn't mind taking your pictures along the way. He he he he!

And away we go with "Linda"!

Manong Driver would point out some historical location trivias along the ride.


You mean to say Manong Driver that PED XING is actually.... a ... a...


Still beautiful right?

I know that we have been to many places already but my heart still warms up with loving sentiment seeing the ruins of Manila!

Like last year, our ride dropped us off at Jone's bridge. I don't really mind the walk since there is always something romantic about strolling atop on bridges.

There was a slight drizzle and it's a good thing that I packed extra hats while the Chinese Adonis brought along an umbrella... for the kids.

The Chinese Adonis, the very good dad that he is, let go of the hat he "borrowed" and let Mati wear it even if the boys already had an umbrella. Yep! That's how caring he is to the boys.

PLUS! His hair is so thick that it's like already wearing a helmet! He he he he!

At the foot of the bridge!

Going back to the caps, yup! I also brought my trusty and favorite gold hat. Would you believe that I've had this for about 18 years years already? It was a gift from my aunt from Las Vegas and I've always kept it.

Yep that's me. Such a hoarder! Everything has a special memory that I don't just dispose of it!

We're coming CHINATOWN!

As there was still a slight drizzle we walked in enclosed areas.

The sun is finally out! Time to brave busy CHINATOWN!

Hmmm... Should we or shouldn't we?

The line was insanely long at ENG BEE TIN! Good thing that I don't fancy hopia too much.

I love siomai more because I'm very expressive with my feelings.

Yes. You know I always want to SIOMAI love for you and I HOPIA feel it too!

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA... este... Ahem.

Somehow I sense that I'm the only one who laughed at that joke.

While walking, we saw some VERY interesting sights for the CHINESE NEW YEAR here in CHINATOWN!

A little cute lady in a bright red cheongsam!

Boxes and boxes of sticky rice cake or tikoy so that the year's blessing will "stick" with you. 

Round fruits and good luck ornaments!

I forgot what this is called but the man said that brushing it up on someone/something will give good luck!

I wonder if this will work for the "manananggal" in Shake Rattle and Roll 1? He he he he! That scene where Herbert slashes the monster with a "palaspas" really made an impact on me.

AND YES, I was able to watch Shake, Rattle, and Roll 1 on BETAMAX and not when it was released ha? :P

MORE good luck accessories!

Hmmm! Very affordable! Luck could be cheap!

The wavy cat! I think I should get one for our upcoming company Christmas party

I know I still have almost a year away but it doesn't hurt to be prepared.

Year of the sheep figures!

More hanging ornaments...

Plus legs. :P

Create your own bracelets!

Chicks and baby quails in bright colors! As expected, Andrei asked us to buy some but I reminded him that he still has grown chickens in our yard plus 2 fat cats in our yard!

NOT  a good combination right?

Everywhere you look there is something colorful that would catch your eye. The great thing too is that prices are very cheap! Of course, haggle when you can but still be considerate since these guys are not earning much.

Binondo church!

Look how happy I suddenly became upon seeing Yub's favorite... FISHBALLS!

Don't mind if I do! Part of the fun in doing a walk through in the streets of Binondo is trying out the food stalls. I'm glad the first one we were able to feast on is an old favorite!

My husband had many servings of the freshly fried fish balls and raved that the sauce was the best he had!

Kiddies didn't want any of it so it's just a snack for two!

While we were eating, Mati was curious with the CNN camera that was posted nearby. With his interest in behind the scenes of TV and movies, I swear Mati will be in broadcasting or films someday!

Hello Mr. Policemen!

In Binondo for the CHINESE NEW YEAR, the hustle and bustle of the crowds will often be interrupted by loud music! Yup! Instant street party!

Celebrating CHINESE NEW YEAR in Binondo could be very unpredictable. One minute there's space to dance the tango...

Then the next will make you feel more squished than an over packed marshmallow for barbecue night!


THE YAPPY BUNCH invades Chinatown!

We broke our tripod so we relied on kind souls to take our picture. He he he he! Yes. The selfie stick is just not enough!


Our first dragon sighting but it was covered by balloons! Could you see it?

Of course, what Andrei got attracted to are the golden balloons. We promised to buy him one after our walk and if he behaves for the whole trip.

Ongpin street baby!

I always ask Yub to have a picture at this store across the Ongpin street signage! This place has always been memorable for me because 2 years ago, the crowds got so unruly that the nice sales ladies came to our "rescue" and took us in. They said they did so because they found the boys cute! 

Ha ha ha ha! Now who wouldn't want to always remember THAT?

MORE and MORE "closeness" from the people! He he he he!

If you're the type who has the "Ayoko ng masikip, etc" mantra, CHINESE NEW YEAR in Binondo is not for you. Be boring and dull elsewhere!!!! The walk through may be very crowded and hot but it is actually a very enjoyable experience that you should try even just once in your lifetime.  

Believe me, there's always fun and adventure in everything as long as you have a positive outlook on it!

Yub and I saw these interesting toys at only P20 each. The contraption was pretty simple but it was very entertaining to play with. The little lords agreed to have these as their "treats" for the day!

After buying from the nice lady, we asked if she could take our picture at this famous bridge. He he he he! Sorry if we could be a bit "user-friendly". 

 I just forgot the name of this bridge so I'll just get back to you on this. :)

And we're walking... 

And smiling...

And walking again!

While strolling, we came upon ALIPIN -- the horse we hailed going back to our car last year! Too bad we still have a long walk ahead and lunch ahead of us that we cannot get him this time. Maybe next year!

We felt we had already reached our "walking" quota that it was time to go for lunch. While we made a detour, we saw some kiddies in dragon garb across the street.

Since the boys haven't seen a dragon up close, I called the dragon kiddies for a photo op!

They were more than happy to do it in exchange for a wee tip! Ha ha ha ha! It's okay. They were very game and even offered Andrei to wear the dragon costume. My guy didn't feel like it though.

A CHINESE NEW YEAR kiddie dragon!!!!

For lunch, the Chinese Adonis was so adamant in having our meal here. Even if we had to ask directions from many kindly strangers and walk a significant distance, we just HAVE to have our lunch at YING YING TEAHOUSE!

Egad! It's like TIM HO WAN all over again but this time, we're in Binondo!!! 

I guess a lot of people also read the article online that YING YING is the number one place in Binondo to have dimsum!

How was our lunch at YING YING TEAHOUSE? Read on it on our blogpost COMING UP SOON!

Egad I have a lot of backblog.... :(

After our delicious lunch at YING YING TEAHOUSE, it was time for us to go home!

The boys were actually very good this year and did not whine as much as I expected. Hopefully for CHINESE NEW YEAR 2016 they'll be able to truly enjoy themselves and appreciate the whole experience.  

Going back to our car, instead of a horse drawn carriage or side car like we'd do before, we hailed ourselves a tricycle!!!

It's Andrei's first time to ride to a tricycle and he was pretty excited too.

Yub rode behind manong driver. Hmmmm... Since there are no seat belts, I wonder if he needed to hold onto manong driver's chest for dear life?

Tee to the HEE!

We were all laughing all throughout that tricycle ride. Good thing too that manong driver was not that fast and took extra care in maneuvering his vehicle on the road.

Maybe he was enjoying the Chinese Adonis' soft clutches? KIDDING!!!!

Like I said, we always find joy in everything we do together!

EXCEPT baths. That would be eeewy. 

THE YAPPY BUNCH had another great time at Binondo Manila for our yearly CHINESE NEW YEAR celebration. Though I heard bits of complaints from the little lords, their smiles, laughs, and discoveries certainly made up for it. They are already treating our yearly trip to Chinatown for the event as a tradition and would sometimes bring it up in our conversations. For that the Chinese Adonis and I are happy that this is another activity that we will do as a family for many years to come!

(Belated) KUNG HEI FAT CHOI everyone!!



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  1. Sori for the late comment... alam mo naman nangyari kahapon, hehehe... punong abala talaga, hahaha...
    -ganyan naman yata talaga kapag bata ka pa, gusto mo lang maglaro nang maglaro, tapos pipilitin ka ng mga magulang mo na sumama sa mga "bonding" moments; but as we grow older, we look back at those times we shared with them and are thankful that they took the time to be with us before
    -HUWAW! Natutuwa naman ako at mahilig ka din pala sa Calvin and Hobbes! Parati kong binabasa sa Today Newspaper dati yun, tapos binili ko lahat ng libro niya... sadly naipamigay ko na ang mga libro #angtangatangakotalaga! hahaha
    -napaghahalataan ang edad natin, kasi may silver filling pa tayo, hahaha
    -PED XING joke --- JUSKO!!! ANG KURNEH HA!!! Love it!!! hahaha
    -ang mahal naman niyang taho na yan! Sampung piso lang dito sa amin yan e, hehehe
    -Sharon and Gabby vis-a-vis Manila Cathedral reference --- BENTA! hahaha
    -dapat pinakita mo din ang red and green bikini briefs ni CA... dapat habang suot niya ha! hahaha
    -Juice colored!!! P250 ang kalesa??? HARANG HA!!!
    -Ped Xing - babaeng intsik yan, hahaha...
    -siomai-hopia joke --- kasing tanda na natin yang joke na yan!! Kasabay ng kisspirin at yacapsule, hahaha...
    -wala din, alam na din nilang matanda ka because you said "betamax" instead of VHS, hahaha
    -baka kung may "waving cat" ka sa Christmas party niyo this year P1M na mapanalunan mo!!!
    -awwww... cute naman ni Andrei, animal lover talaga
    -hindi fishballs yan, masyadong malaki... hehehe... either squid balls or chicken balls yan, halatang alta ka talaga! hahaha
    -WOW! Galing naman ng hilig ni Mati! Sana nga mag film or broadcasting siya... dapat sa UP ha!
    -parang cute yung pulis na nasa left ha! hahaha...
    -ang bait naman ng mga tao diyan sa Chinese drug store na yan =)
    -ayoko ng masikip! ayoko ng madumi! ayoko ng walang tubig! ayoko ng wakang kuryente! gusto ko ERICJAZFOODIES ang levelz ko!!! hahaha...
    -magkano ang "wee tip" na yan? Kung kilala kita, maliit na sa iyo ang P10,000 pieces!!! hahaha
    -galing naman! mukhang naa-appreciate na ng little lords ang cultural trips niyo
    -SERIOUSLY??? Ngayon lang naka-sakay ng tricycle si Andrei??? SOBRANG ALTA LEVEL TALAGA ANG EJF!!! hehehe
    -kung nasa likod ka ng tricyle, may hawakan dun sa bubong yan. =)
    -isang buwan nang huli ang kung hei fat choi mo, hahaha...
    -dapat lang matutunan ng mga bata ang tungkol sa Chinese heritage and traditions nila.

    Have a great weekend staycation Jaz! Thanks for the prayers last Wednesday. Mwah!

    1. Hiya Mr. Snuff!!! Naku ako din sorry late comment. Alam mo na pag weekend... ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      1) Oo nga e. Honestly I'm tempted to give what they want and just play computer all day. Pero nasasayangan talaga ako sa opportunity for them to have experiences. Thanks for that first comment at least it I know all our efforts will do something good later on. He he he he! Sometimes kasi when they whine I forgot that they are just kids being kids who were drawn away from their TV and computers. Ha ha ha ha ha!

      2) AY SOBRA!!! I even have a HOBBES doll with me! I loved the comics since I was in College and my barkada even gave me books of it on my birthday. I still have em up to now. KULIT ni Calvin! I prayed before sana my kids will be like him. I think I got my wish!

      3) OO NGA!! Ha ha ha ha! Pero talaga, I love the silver more than the white. Parang mas matibay. Kadiri lang itsura.

      4) Would you believe somebody thought I was being serious in my old Chinese New Year entry? Ha ha ha ha ha!

      5) Actually, the taho man was charging pa nga P30 to the foreigners. When it was our turn, I gave him P30 and he said "AY HINDI MAM SA FOREIGNER PRICE LANG YUN". Ah okay. I appreciated that he became honest with me and gave us the real price. Although naawa ako sa foreigner. Ha ha ha ha ha! Oh well.. They have to live din.

      6) Tee hee! I was a true blue Sharon Gabby fan! Ay up to now pala!

      7) May butas daw brip niya e hindi pwede. Ha ha ha ha ha!

      8) Oo nga e. Oh well... Charge it to fun experience na lang. He he he he!

      9) We he he he he! Ayan benta na joke ko kay PED XING?

      10) Ay regarding the hopia joke, ngayon ko lang narinig yan ginamit ko lang kasi BAGO sa pandinig ko. JOKE!!!

      11) AY ha a e.... VHS pala!!!!

      12) Ay sana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P1m!!!

      13) Super! I would have loved to buy it kaso ibababa na naman namin yung kulungan na pra sa sisiw at bantay na naman sa gabi yan (kasi we have cats) ha ha ha ha!

      14) FISH BALLS siya promise!!! Sabi nung mama e!

      15) Sana nga I really see his interest sa movies and tv shows. Naku baka maging director!


      17) P20 lang tip namin. Ha ha ha ha! Kuripot ba? E picture lang naman!

      18) May spells sila e. Sometimes they would answer "IT WAS BORING WE DON'T WANT TO GO BACK" Pero when we're there naman, tumatawa sila at some sights. Oh well... Sana they won't forget it.

      19) CHE!

      20) Ay alam ni Yub yun... pero nakahug siya kay manong tricycle... JOKE!

      21) oo nga... ha ha ha ha! Dami ko nga backblog grabe.



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