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Monday, March 2, 2015


For Mati's 2 week birthday celebration last January, I asked him to make a list of where he wanted to go and he generously included one of THE YAPPY BUNCH's favorites --- KENNY ROGER'S ROASTERS!   We always go there when we are in the mood for some American comfort food at a very affordable price!!!

Since my Dad zoinked the bill in HEALTHY SHABU SHABU during Mati's birthday dinner (or I chose not to pay attention when the waiter handed it to us...he he he he he!), I invited the family to treat them for this impromptu celebration. And as expected, we had a delicious Roast Chicken dinner with the price that I almost threw a chair for --- it was so cheap!

Of course, cheap or not, what's important for the night was that we were able to make our birthday boy happy and full. And I'm glad that with KENNY ROGER'S ROASTERS in Power Plant Mall, the whole family was VERY happy and full too!


KENNY ROGERS in POWER PLANT MALL normally gets very jam-packed on weekends. It's a good thing that for that Saturday night, they were able to take my reservations for a group of 10!

KENNY ROGERS always have the vibrant and casual look that contributes in drawing hungry diners in.


THE YAPPY BUNCH with my parents and aunts!

That's me ordering!

Yep! It's my usual chore and what I'm only good for. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Hmmm... What are you doing there little Andrei? Kanina ka pa ah.

Turns out, Andrei exchanged his Power Station tickets for these capsule mini-lights that they often use in magic shows!

The birthday boy was ready to eat!

My Mom and aunts asked for some veggies so I ordered a KENNY ROGER'S Caesar Salad... 

Plus a simple garden salad with balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

The birthday boy also asked for some Carbonara -- his favorite type of sauce over spaghetti!

He also ordered a cup of clam chowder to share with his Lolo. 

Of course we've had better clam chowders in other restaurants. (I tried what they had in Boston, Massachusetts... Yabang ko no?). BUT KENNY ROGERS soup was creamy and had ample serving of the clams so Mati and my Dad were okay with it.

The birthday boy eating his FIRST course. Ha ha ha ha!

Here comes our KENNY ROGERS roasted chicken!

It's not as dry as it appears to be and we were all quite happy with the crispy skin plus flavorful, juicy meat. 

My parents and aunts were not really heavy eaters so this was enough for all of us along with the sides!

That's why I LOOOOVE treating them!



Mati and Andrei's favorite is KENNY ROGER'S Macaroni and Cheese! I would have to go along with them here because it's as good as how it was when I was still in College!

Buttered vegetables.

Corn and carrots.

Of course, I would ALWAYS get some garlic rice!

Don't forget the muffin!

(Sorry for resorting to put an over-used line! He he he he)

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and family!

Yub and the birthday boy onto his "second course"!

Yup! Growing little lad he is! Don't joke about his love for eating though. Everytime we tease Mati about it, he would have a diet and stay away from rice. REALLY I'm not kidding!

My hungry little Andrei who requested for some java rice! 

He also asked for an extra order of macaroni and cheese! How could we not love it here? My little finicky eater would always leave with a full tummy!

My Mom and Tita Meldy concentrating. He he he he!

Time for me to finally eat!

Mati was already sucking on his chicken bones dry at that time.

Of course, my Mati couldn't have a birthday dinner (wherever we are) without a birthday song!

He fretted a bit because Andrei blew on the candle before he could do so.


There's nothing more alluring for me than warm brownie topped with ice cream and chocolate fudge....

Oh and the "Happy Birthday Mati" sign to. He he he he!

Now there's my smile!!!

I only found out later that the real reason why he fretted a bit was because he really wanted to order some yogurt. He thought that since I already got him dessert, he cannot order his usual favorite. 

Awww... You should have told me Mati. You know when it comes to food, it's sky's the limit for Mommy!

That is, the sky should be below P200.00!



Kenny Rogers Roasters
Concourse Lvl. Power Plant Mall, 
Estrella St cor Rockwell Dr
Poblacion, Makati
(02) 555-900


  1. -kahit walang bill, sasabihin ko pa din ito: ANG MAHAL NG BILL!!! IBANG LEVEL TALAGA ANG EJF!!! hahaha...
    -cheap lang ang Kenny Rogers para sa mga katulad niyo, para sa aming mga dukha, nagdidildil na lang kami ng asin kasabay ng nabubuklok na nfa rice, hahaha...
    -Seriously, mahilig din kami ni TP sa Kenny Rogers, madalas nga pag Sundays we get their delivery for lunch sa bahay
    -nakakatuwa naman na madaming nakain si Andrei! Mukhang masyado na akong invested na patabain siya, hahaha
    -oh no! Don't let Mati diet! Bata pa siya, baka ma-stunt ang development niya. Dapat pakainin ng pakainin! hehehe...
    -Grabe, kasya na pala sa inyong lahat ang isang manok... sa amin lang ni TP ubos na yang isang buo, hahaha
    -I also love their muffins!!! I usually dip it in their gravy (which you can ask free refills of! Winner!)
    -Can't wait for YOUR birthday posts!

    Have a great Tuesday tomorrow Jaz!

    1. Hiya Mr. Snuff!!! Ang aga natin ngayon no? HA HA HA HA HA!!! This was supposed to be for Friday e kaso naging busy! He he he he he he!

      1) NAKU! Biro mo mga P1,500 lang binayaran namin in KENNY ROGERS...tapos may SENIOR CITIZEN pang 4 h ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Yub and I were like... tama ba to ang mura!!!!

      2) ASUSUSUUUUUUUUUUUUUS!!!! I bet thousands upon thousands ang binayaran mo sa curry restaurant na kinainan mo ngayon!!!!!

      3) Di ba masarap pa din siya and maganda kasi it's very inexpensive. Still a favorite ever since I was in college!

      4) Ha ha ha ha!!! Puro carbs nga lang. I'm always game in KENNYS kasi Andrei eats a lot there!

      5) Naku... sya ang nagdidiet on his own! Kaya when we're with relatives or friends and they comment on how lusog (healthy) he is, he would skip rice bigla. I always whisper to them not to tell him anymore kasi ang bilis niya maconscious! Binata na nga!

      6) BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA! i know! Nashock din ako! Mahina na din kasi kami kumain we're watching our diets. Tapos kasama pa namin mga seniors, mas mahihina kumain. He he he he he he he!

      7) I DO THAT TOOO! I DIP IT IN GRAVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      8) Me too I'm excited for my birthday posts kaso OC me, uunahin ko muna yung vacation ni Chuckie here. Ha ha ha ha ha! Para chronological!!! Tee hee! But I"m happy you're waiting for it. Thanks talaga ah!

      MMMMMWAAAH! Have an awesome week ahead dear Mr. Snuff!

  2. Yeah, medyo mahal nga dun sa Coco Ichibanya, around P1,300 just for the two of us, pero it's not something you should miss! Kaya kung inimbita ka dun for a blogger, go na agad! Para maka-libre kayo ni Chinese Adonis, hehehe...

    1. Hiya Mr Snuffkies!!! Naku kayang kaya mo ang P1,300 don't worry! Ha ha ha ha ha!!! As for us, we won't wait for an invite. Sa sarap ng food pics mo, pupuntahan namin talaga yan!

    2. Naubos na nga pera ko dun kaya Jollibee na lang ako kanina, hahaha


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