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Thursday, September 10, 2009


Who doesn't love Chinese food? Certainly not TEAM YAP. We consider this tasty cuisine as one of our comfort grub that when we want something delicious to warm our tummies, without batting a short eyelash, we would march to the nearest one in our perimeter. 

And since our hideout is usually the Powerplant Mall then we also frequent MONGKOK!

But just to be clear, we do not go to Mongkok just because it is conveniently situated in Powerplant Mall or it is very affordable for the servings. But just because plainly...



Could anyone tell me where this is in the resto? he he he! Because I THINK it is supposed to be me and the boys!

I love supposed-to-be candid shots when really they aren't!

Let's start the ball rolling now shall we? We ordered first one of my favorites... the SALAD SHRIMP PUFFS (P80). Crispy fried wantons with steamed shrimp in creamy dressing! This is truly addicting!

You could even add this to your plain congee! I just discovered it!

Or you could enjoy it plain and dip chunks of it in this creamy mayonnaise dressing. VERY lipsmacking!

In the meantime while waiting for our dimsums, we asked for some calamansi...

So we could make our special dipping sauce of calamansi, toyo, and their chili garlic oil!

It is the perfect dipping sauce for their meaty PORK SIOMAI (P80)!

Some people may hate it, but I just love sucking all the juices and biting the white bones off these babies! Gimme my CHICKEN FEET (P80) in that savory sauce!

That's enough for me with a plain cup of steamed white rice!

But suddenly I realized, I can't have my favorites without my perfect side dish. So bring on the CENTURY EGG!

And just because we cannot have enough carbs, we also ordered a plate of their heaping CANTONESE CHOW MEIN (P260). We loved how this was extra saucy and greasy that we are sure it's going to be a slurping kind of dinner!

... and now we shall eat!

But before we go into battle, I shall consult with my trusty friend... the BOTTOMLESS ICED TEA (P70)

Oh I could down 6 refills of these!! 

My husband always fakes his candid shots...

Probably because if I ask him to pose, he cannot help but make THIS face :)

Helping meself to some noodles!

It had lots of sesame oil and sauce... We truly enjoyed stuffing our mouths with overloaded chopstick-fuls of these!

Before my now favorite Mr. Pogi pose, this is what I was busy before with... ha ha ha!

I took a bite of their juicy siomai and loved how you could identify the pork, the shrimp, etc etc. unlike other restaurants where you could not tell whether your biting into extenders or artificial meats!

This is me doing my rant about THAT.

Finished! Whew! We can't believe we ate the whole thing!

Well not entirely as some of it is still in my mouth! Ha ha ha ha!


Power Plant Mall
Concourse/Lvl. Power Plant Mall, Amorsolo Drive
Poblacion, Makati
(02) 756-5112


  1. good noh? all mongkok branches are my client. dine in sometime at galleria branch, look for the owner Atty. Rose, bait yun, if they like your charm, may baka may discount ka or complimentary dish

  2. Hi! Mr. Dragonrower! Yes! Mongkok has been a longtime favorite. Although mga 2 years ago, they went healthy ata and everything tasted bland! Pero now, they're back to their usual delicious self! Sarap!

    Sige magbeabeautiful eyes ako!


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