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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Last Saturday, the Chinese Adonis and I were invited to try out the newest resto bar in Bonifacio Global City. It may mean moving our usual Saturday movie date night to Friday, but it's always fun meeting up with my foodie family so we were excited to go. Plus, it has been almost a month going on for my exercise program so I guess it's high time to reward myself with delicious food! 


NEST MODERN TABLE and BAR is the newest restaurant from the chef who gave us URBN BAR and KITCHEN and is located at the roofdeck of W fifth Avenue building besides F1 Hotel.

NEST is really more of a bar than a restaurant as it is open from 5:00pm to 2:00am from Mondays to Saturdays. It has a capacity of 150pax and is a great venue for your upcoming parties!

NEST MODERN TABLE AND BAR easily gets filled up with bar hoppers and party goers. To amp up the fun, on Wednesdays they have an acoustic act while on Fridays a DJ takes over. Saturdays is R and B so you could expect some soul rocking music then.

But of course, that doesn't mean that you should ignore NEST MODERN TABLE AND BAR's grub altogether. They serve mean dishes that will go oh so well with your cocktails that it is wise to order their delicious food up on the side.

One of the things I appreciate so well with my foodie family is that everyone is always on time. Punctuality is so important for me and I get slightly irritated with tardy people who think it's fashionable to be late. 

As I took my seat besides the Chinese Adonis, I got a bit starry eyed looking over the lights of the Metro. Nothing gets me more high (pun intended) than being on a top location with a view. 

Do take note that NEST MODERN TABLE AND BAR has no air conditioning and is al fresco at the roofdeck. It was still cool though especially with their wall fans. But I was sweating like crazy under my denim jacket.

Well it was a choice between exposing my biceps or perspiring like a pig with the thick jacket.

I chose the jacket. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

You just gotta love details that are in harmony with the theme of the restaurant's name -- NEST!

As I finish admiring the NEST surroundings... it's time to eat.

NEST MODERN TABLE and BAR menu 1.... 

NEST MODERN TABLE and BAR menu 2... 

NEST MODERN TABLE and BAR cocktails' menu.... 

Part two!

First on the table was this eye catching plate of NEST MODERN TABLE AND BAR Beetroot Carpaccio (P300.00)

To be honest, I'm not that fond of beets since it had that slight ginger taste. But since the bright red vegetable was sliced so thinly and topped with feta cheese, candied walnuts, and a sliver of orange, I did not detect any ginger taste that I hated with a vengeance. What I got were bites of something creamy but had that tinge of sourness. 

Up next we had the NEST MODERN TABLE AND BAR Foie Gras and Mushrooms (P550.00).

I loved foie gras and feel that it often takes up a notch an ordinary dish to another level. But the great thing about this appetizer was that the mushrooms and fried croutons were already so flavorful to begin with that it went so well with the creamy foie gras. 

Add to that the yolk from the poached egg and you'll get a gooey but heavenly mess!

Another appetizer served to us that night at NEST was their very different take on Ham and Eggs (P250.00). 

If you think these are your run of the mill ham and eggs, well excuuuuuuse me! You'll eat your words (and this dish) soon enough when you get a load of the salty prosciutto, crispy roasted asparagus, seasoned edamame beans and perfectly poached egg. If that was not awesome enough, it was also topped with parmesan shreds for extra flavor.


My plate! My very colorful-with-everything-scrumptious appetizer plate from NEST!

While I was having a blast with my food, poor Yub hasn't tried anything yet. Oh well... MORE FOR ME!

Serves you right for not eating vegetables!!!!

As we were finishing up with the NEST appetizers, we were served some of the restobar's colorful cocktails. I don't really drink but Yub said these were all delicious and were quite smooth going down his throat.

Here's the Sexy and I know it (P337.00) with absolute vanilla vodka, rose syrup, lemon, and maschino cherry liquer.

NEST's Smokin (P414.00) with laphroaig single malt scotch, coconut syrup, honey, and lime.

For some reason, this reminded me of Flamin' Moes famous drink! Tee hee!

NEST Green mojito (P414.00) with bacardi silver, green apple puree, Green Charteuses, Mint, and Ginger Beer.

To go with these specialty cocktails, NEST had these bar bites that are worth a chomp! Here's an assortment of Yakitori with sweet teriyaki sauce (P200.00).

You could actually order Chicken, Pork, Shrimp, and Salmon Yakitori but the assorted one is more worth it.

We were also served with NEST's Beef, Cheese, and Miso spring rolls (P250.00).

This was just okay for me as I cannot really distinguish the cheese and meat flavors inside the crunchy spring roll. I did like the creamy sriracha dip on the other side though.

Now for the MAIN attractions!

First one that caught my eye was NEST MODERN TABLE AND BAR's 5 spiced Roast Pork Belly (P250.00). Of course, the glistening slices of pork looked juicy but I was also craving for some rice that night AND the noodles were my savior!

But of course, the 5 spiced pork was such a delicious force to contend with. Each melt in your mouth chunk went so well with the soy flavored noodles. 

Would you believe I might STILL be craving for some rice after this?

For those craving for some serious meat that night, NEST MODERN TABLE and BAR did not disappoint especially with this fat rack of lamb (P950.00). 

The rack of lamb may be so politically incorrect but it was just so beautiful sitting there with roasted vegetables.

I know this picture is slightly blurry but I really wanted to share how that mashed eggplant the lamb was sitting on was absolutely divine. It made me forget to look for some potatoes with my meat. I could have another plate of that healthy siding anytime!

Don't laugh at our pictures! We stretch and stick our buns out for each one. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

And guess what happened after the waiter cut up the NEST rack of lamb to reveal its perfect doneness in pink?


That was my clear favorite down there.

The third main entree for our dinner in NEST was a platter of Barbecued Chicken (P325.00) with fried potatoes plus bacon and lemon slaw. This was good yes but fell ordinary compared to the other dishes. 

My plate! My fully uncoordinated-but-filled-with-all-things-awesome NEST plate!

Finally the Chinese Adonis is happy! Look o! Sarap to the bones!

Like I said I don't really like lamb because it usually had that aftertaste. At the same time, I'm not a fan of mint because it feels like I'm eating toothpaste.

But for the first time, I kid you not, I managed to mix the two and I loved it! Really! I thought I would be grossed out at this popular combination but I found myself licking the lamb bones afterwards. Yes! Mint jelly DOES go with lamb and I have another meat up my list!

Finished in a flash!

After that very heavy but savory meal, we still found a bit of space in our tummies for NEST desserts!

Chocolate Textures (P200.00) was a slice of fudgy mousse with raspberry coulis.

The Chinese Adonis loved this and kept on getting spoonfuls of the velvety marquis chocolate.

We were also served with NEST'S Reese Sansrival (P200.00).

This small slice with a lot of wonderful things "peanutty" inside also had a rich chocolate ganache!

The last one on the table was probably everyone's favorite, NEST MODERN TABLE and BAR'S Donuts and Dips (P200.00).

It was a winner for me because of the light donut nuggets dusted with sugar and the right amount of cinnamon.

What made this simple dessert so fun and palatable for everyone were the mini dips of caramel, strawberry, and peanut butter on the side. 

My mini dessert plate!

Of course, everything goes frikkin well with coffee.

I'm already drunk with gluttony I know.

Besides having an instant date night with the Chinese Adonis, it was such a fun dinner with these KTG ladies THE MOMMIST and INDULGE BY IRENE! I always have a great time sharing chika with them!!! Missed these gals so much!

Thank you so  much to Ms. Camille Modesto (Sales and Marketing Associate) of NEST MODERN TABLE and BAR for having ERICJAZ FOODIES!

Of course, thank you so muchos to Mr. TALES FROM THE TUMMY himself for the invite. Even if you don't want to have a picture with me (as most cool men do), you rock!

Had such an awesome night with these fun bloggers! Hope to see you guys and gals again!


The W Fifth Ave. Branch
Roofdeck, The W Fifth Avenue
32nd St. corner 5th Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Metro Manila, Philippines 
(+63 917) 874-9999

Let me just share how the Chinese Adonis and I were initially amused at how FOOD IN THE BAG secured his belongings to his chair. 

But then remembering how his stuff was ROBBED in broad daylight in very busy BGC is NO laughing matter!

Read up his experience HERE and please take care of your money and bags this holiday season!

Lab yu.


  1. Ow my!!!! That was a fast post .... ^_^ uhm yeah... Can't be too safe even in BGC ^^ thanks for the mention also ^_^ see you soon po ^_^

    1. Ha ha ha ha! Hi Mr. Jeng!!! Naku no bumabagal na nga ako. Before, I would do the post the day after the event now, ilang days na nakadaan. Ha ha ha ha ha! Yes! Also we can't be safe anywhere. Your experience is somehow a blessing to remind us all of that. Kayang kaya mo naman ang P500,000! He he he he! Kidding! Yes! See you and looking forward to meeting your lady soon!!! Ako bahala chumika sa kaniya :)

  2. - Oh my, walang aircon! Nakup, patay tayo diyan. Sobrang pawisin kse ako.
    - ayoko din ng nale-late, kaya pag nanlibre ka na sa Spiral, asahan mong on-time ako, hahaha
    - eeeeekkk, ang mahal pala dyan! Di ko kinaya, hahaha... serioously, the prices are okay considering its location... hindi OA
    - FOIE GRAS!!! Lafang galore ako niyan sa Spiral pag nilibre mo na kme dun =)
    - mukha ngang masarap ang ham and eggs... malaki ba servings nila?
    - wow, very artistic ang plate mo ngayon ha =)
    - the drinks also look very interesting; hindi lang nga ako familiar sa famous drink ni flamin' moes
    - I love yakitori, pero di ba medyo maputla yung binigay sa inyo? or properly charred naman siya, hindi lang halata, hehehe
    - wow! that pork belly looks really good!!!
    - bakit politically incorrect ang rack of lamb? sowee, nabawasan yata IQ ko nung bumagsak ako sa stairs ng gamol kaya di na ako makasabay masyado, hahaha
    - that lamb dish is soooo beautiful! I've always loved lamb, and I've always liked mint jelly with it. Buti nagustuhan mo na din. =)
    - I know what you mean about taking pictures, kahit ako ganyan din ginagawa ko sa IG pics ko (kahit wala akong prestigious blog gaya mo). Although I've found out the cast on my left hand makes for a very stable foundation when I take pics with my puny camera fone, hahaha
    - parang may dugo sa gitna yung Chocolate Textures, hahaha (sasabihin ko sana regla pero you might be grossed-out, hahaha)
    - those donuts look sooo cute
    - awwwww, wawa naman si Jeng! Buti na lang multi-billionaires sila, hehehe... seriously though, you can never be too careful nowadays. Kahit sa mga akala mong safe, secured restos pwde ka pa din manakawan, so I can't blame Jeng for playing it safe

    HAVE A WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY JAZ!!! from the land of painkillers and one-handed
    typing =)

    1. Hiya Mr. Snuff! Yey! Finally! A long comment! Namiss ko to!!! I was gonna ask na before why medyo maikli... Ay 1 hand ka lang pala kaya I'm soooo grateful to your words!

      1) yes! NO AIRCON!!! Although it was pretty cool there din naman but I made the mistake of wearing a double thick jacket kaya I was sweating buckets nun. Buti na lang I was fueling up with iced tea kaya it made some of the pawis go away. He he he he he!

      2) Mas on time ako sayo! On time din ako aalis sa Spiral kapag bayaran na! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      3) Correct! And promise! The food was so delicious! It tasted different from the usual restaurant menu! Unique and yum!

      4) Mismo! Kahit nga NIU masaya na ako pag treat mo ko dun.

      5) Servings are what you see in the pics. Some are good for 2. Yung ham and eggs will be only good for 2 if you order other dishes. But if you're on a diet and want this appetizer for your meal, ubos mo siya.

      6) Artistic ba my plate? Ha ha ha ha ha! No maganda lang talaga the grub! I just put everything there uncoordinated!

      7) Tee hee! With regards to Flamin Moes, if you watch the SIMPSON's you'd know about it. Famous drink siya sa show where the cocktail has cough syrup that tasted ordinary. Pero nung nilagyan ng flame, SUPER sarap. It became so famous in the Springfield community until they discovered the secret ingredient. Ha ha ha ha ha! He he he he he he he!

      8) Alam mo come to think of it, you're right. Dapat there should be grill marks. To be honest the Yakitori was just okay. I don't know if I was too full lang but it was not that memorable for me. Hindi siya hindi masarap. Just okay lang.

      9) Yes! Belly with the noodles!!! Sarap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      10) Ha ha ha ha! Ano ba! It's okay sometimes talaga I write including my own private jokes. I find lamb politically incorrect because we're practically eating babies for gosh sakes!!! Baby na slaughtered! Wawa naman sila! That's why I don't really like lamb, cochinillo or roasted calf. Poor babies.... I only liked it this once. He he he he he he he he!

      11) PRESTIGIOUS HELLER!!!!!!!!! Ha ha ha ha! Buti sana if all that stretching make for great pictures. The other bloggers talaga were able to get very good shots! Di kami marunong ng angling.

      12) GROSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!

      13) I agree!!! Before also nanakawan kami ni Yub. I told him it could still be a blessing at least we were warned to be more careful at baka mas mahal pa ang mawala. Think positive as I would always say.

      MWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!! Get well soon dear Mr. Snuff!


    2. - GRAVEH! generous mo talaga! bukod sa spiral manlibre ka din sa NIU??? TENCHU! TENCHU! hahaha...
      - ano yung secret ingredient sa flamin moes? =)
      - eh bakit itlog kumakain ka, eh batang manok yun, hahaha...
      - di ba mukhang regla sa napkin? hahaha...


    3. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Mr. Snuff basta sa oras ng bayaran, iiwan kita with the bill ha? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      1) Dun sa episode ng THE SIMPSONS the secret ingredient was cough syrup. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
      2) Naku e bakit fish roe at beluga caviar kumakain ka din??? Iba syempre yun no!
      3) EEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW! Mawawalan ako ng lalo ng readers! Ano beh!

      Tee hee!


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