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When I put the title "HEALTHY SHABU SHABU (AGAIN)" it doesn't mean that it's only our second time in this restaurant. Oh dear me that is so far from it! To say that HEALTHY SHABU SHABU is our favorite place to eat in as a family is surely an understatement. Inangkupo! We must have started eating here when Mati was still a baby and we have been ultra regular customers ever since. There was even a time when we would eat here twice in a week or even every Sunday. Yes! EVERY SUNDAY. In fact,  take me to any HEALTHY SHABU SHABU branch and surely I would know some of the servers there. We are actually regulars in the Podium and Powerplant Mall branch that when the waiters get transferred to another area, we would be "Hello! What are you doing here??" Yes we have somehow come to love them as family because some of them saw my boys growing up! REALLY!

So one Sunday family date, I asked the little lords where they wanted to eat and the instant answer was HEALTHY SHABU SHABU! As much as I wanted to go to another restaurant with them I relented because when we go to this long time favorite, we are assured that both of the boys will be eating with gusto (yup I really meant YOU, Andrei). Plus! We've been such regular customers in the Power Plant Mall branch that the boys feel like they're meeting up with old friends!!

Yes! We love it so much at HEALTHY SHABU SHABU! It's our ultimate favorite YAP family restaurant! We have actually used our discount card there more than we do our credit cards! Ha ha ha ha!


Could you see Andrei staring at the fountains?

Yup! There he is!  

I was focused too much on Andrei while taking this picture that I didn't notice kuya Mati about to throw something at his little brother!!! Tsk! Tsk!

Like I said, HEALTHY SHABU SHABU is our go to restaurant when we want to eat somewhere special that is enjoyed by everyone.

We have been such regular customers at the Powerplant Mall branch for almost 9 years now and there is no stopping us from going there again and again!

We are always welcomed by HEALTHY SHABU SHABU's long time manager Allan who we already treat as a very close friend. His friendliness and warmth to the diners are impeccable that's why I'm sure many customers became regulars because of him!

HEALTHY SHABU SHABU in Powerplant Mall just got renovated but it still maintained that casual zen design.

HEALTHY SHABU SHABU could accommodate quite a number of hungry families without feeling cramped or suffocating. Even with the hot steam piping out almost everywhere, the restaurant was still cool and comfortable!

It was a Sunday and we were going to watch BIG HERO 6 as per Mati's wish.

We had a lot of time to spare so we had groceries first before proceeding to HEALTHY SHABU SHABU.

Time to order!!!!









In HEALTHY SHABU SHABU, you will be doing the cooking yourself so you are given a bowl, a plate, and 2 types of ladles!

There is only one type of soup served in HEALTHY SHABU SHABU and it's fine by us since we use a lot of their dipping sauces. 

Usually it is the Chinese Adonis who does the cooking in HEALTHY SHABU SHABU as I will be feeding Andrei. When my bunsoy got older, he wanted to be the one to cook himself. I just put it in front of me since I don't want him to get boiling soup splatters.

You may find it hard to believe but we don't really have a big appetite so we would just usually share 1 set and have add ons. 

For our YAPPY BUNCH Saturdate we got the Beef Striploin set with seafood. Here's our vegetable plate loaded with noodles, balls, vegetables, and everything else that's good for our hungry tummies.

Usually, the HEALTHY SHABU SHABU vegetable plate would have taro chunks and vermicelli noodles. We always have ours converted to all crabsticks and udon noodles since it's what the kids (aka Mati) love more.

The HEALTHY SHABU SHABU special sauce!

You would get a much better dipping experience if you mix in the garlic, spring onions, chili, and a hefty dose of the sate!!

Some add the egg  yolks in the dipping sauce but I feel it's just safer to cook it in the soup.

My super HEALTHY SHABU SHABU dipping sauce! I could put anything here and it's already a perfect chomp with my rice!!! Sometimes I would even put spoonfuls of this in my soup!

In other restaurants they offer more ingredients for their dipping sauces (miso paste, peanut, etc, etc) but somehow this simple bowl from HEALTHY SHABU SHABU is already perfect for me!

The BUNSOY team!!!

(Yep!We're both the cutie bunsoys in the family!)

The "ELDEST" team!

I'm sure I don't need to explain why. He he he he he!

Our HEALTHY SHABU SHABU set comes with this plate of seafood consisting of mussels, oysters, squid, fish fillet, and prawns.

This all goes to Mati by the way... Except for the prawns. He he he he he!

HEALTHY SHABU SHABU beef striploin!! 

Our extra order of HEALTHY SHABU SHABU squidballs, corn, and udon noodles!

Time to Andrei to cook!

He basically just drops everything BUT with care... he he he he he!

Check out my bunsoy in full concentration mode.

We only have one "cook" when we eat at HEALTHY SHABU SHABU because not only will the soup be diluted if we split the ingredients into 2 pots, but there's also an extra charge for a separate cooker!  Of course! Anything to save right? He he he he he!


Andrei is waiting patiently for his HEALTHY SHABU SHABU food to cook.

Is it just me or do I have the same expression here as Kris Aquino? YAAAAAAK!

My Mati asked for an extra bowl to put in his cooked seafood!

YEAH! HEALTHY soup is bubbling!

I take out the noodles first because the boys are hungry!

Yep! The Chinese Adonis included!

We then add more seafood and condiments to it.

Serving my little lords...

At this point, Yub and I take over because we don't want the boys to accidentally hurt themselves from the very hot food.

I don't know what I was telling the family at this picture but I bet they were not listening.

Ha ha ha ha ha!

After I give out the HEALTHY SHABU SHABU udon noodles, I then dump the cobs of corn to cook while we eat!


Mati loved HEALTHY SHABU SHABU's oysters, squid, fish cake, shiitake mushrooms, and beef.

Don't worry. My husband and I are light eaters now. He he he he he! He could have our share.

Finally it's time for me and my husband to eat!!!


The tekka maki you see there is from Rustan's Marketplace. We were craving for some sushi and the one they have in the grocery is quite good!


Thanks again for always checking on us dear Allan! We had another fun and delicious lunch at HEALTHY SHABU SHABU!!! See you... next week? :)


Afterwards it's BIG HERO 6 time!!!!!

The movie made me cry so much by the way. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Check it out

Healthy Shabu Shabu
The Podium
2/F The Podium, 18 ADB Ave
Wack Wack, Mandaluyong
(02) 914-1028

Power Plant Mall
G/F Power Plant Mall, Amorsolo Drive
Poblacion, Makati
(02) 898-3979



  1. - mahilig din kami ni the partner sa healthy shabu shabu! although rob manila lang nga ang suking tindahan namin, hindi ang ultra sosyal na rockwell na pang-mayaman lang gaya ng mga yubsters, hahaha
    - it's always a happy occasion whenever I see andrei eating a lot! =)

    enjoy your day Jaz!!!

    1. Hiya Mr. Snuff!!!! Di ba? Before I don't like SHABU SHABU so much but after I learned how to properly eat it with the dipping sauce and it's not as salty as other noodles, I'm hooked!!!!!!

      1) Naku no ang layo naman sa amin ang Rob Manila. If I lived there dun kami malamang pupunta... Ha ha ha ha ha ha! It just so happens that we stay near Rockwell kaya dun kami napapadpad. Naku no ikaw nga kahit malayo dinadayo mo at nakakkain ka pa sa fine dining lagi! TSKTSKTSK!!!!!

      2) Yes sobra!!! When Andrei eats a lot in a restaurant, markado na sa amin yun that we'll be regular customers for sure.


      Thanks so much dear Mr. Snuff!!!! Have a fun weekend!


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