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Friday, November 7, 2014


The Chinese Adonis and I always have a great time when we're together but when we're with the little lords, we are assured of having something always memorable for our books.

Now as much as we love spending time together as a family, we also practiced having one on one date nights with the little lords. I got this idea actually from JON AND KATE PLUS 8 where they discovered that their kid usually acted different alone with them compared with the rowdy sibs. As for me and the hub we would usually split up and schedule another night with the other little lord.

And yes, I have to agree. There is something more personal and intimate when I went out one night with Mati then another one with Andrei. I saw the excitement in my son's eyes when I announced that it's going to be a date night with JUST him and Mommy. Every time we have a date night, the boys were both overwhelmed and felt so special that Mommy (or Daddy) really made time to spend with either one of them.

And I know we're doing the right thing because I asked Mati why he loved his Mommy, his answer was "It's because you took me on a date night and it was so fun". Yes! He never forgot about it. Sniff! Sniff!

As a result it became a regular thing (like once a month) for us and the rugrats. For me it would be no yaya, no Yub, just me and the driver for my date night with my little guy. Now we even added a new tradition where the little lords would each take me out for Valentimes and Mother's Day (Father's Day for the Yub).

Usually our date night consists of asking my little guy where he wanted to eat and what he wanted to do afterwards. If it's Andrei, his choices would usually be in Healthy Shabu Shabu then playing in an arcade or Active Fun afterwards.  As for Mati, his choices had more variety because he loved trying out new food.

One time, I was surfing through the net and I saw this article where award winning chef Danny Boulud treated some Grade schoolers to a fine dining seven course degustation menu. I thought, I have always treated Andre to his usual ordinary restaurants that it would definitely be a thrilling change if we dressed up and go to someplace fancy shmancy. I looked for a place to take my little lord within Ortigas, San Juan, or Quezon City (since we would be coming from my office).  But I couldn't find any fine dining restaurant that would suit both of us. I was looking for someplace that was quiet, not crowded, formal, but still had food that was kid friendly. Also if it was not too much to ask, I wanted the restaurant to have that look that would blow away my little guy.

With that I decided to take my little lord to 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT. I remember we had a lot of fun the last time we were there when we celebrated our Anniversary. I figured not only it was close to my office (just in case I get out late) but I remember Andrei often asking me when we were going back in the restaurant that "goes around".

So I told him that we were going to have a date night. Before he could open his mouth to say SHABU SHABU again, I told him that Mommy planned someplace special and we would be dressing up. At the thought of wearing a tie, my Andrei's face lit up and I already sensed his excitement. Yes! He liked getting formal and he instantly knew this DATE NIGHT was going to be something different.

As for me, I'm positive it's going to be something that I expect it to be -- a very memorable night with my son which I will never ever forget even if he has his OWN date night with other girls. He will always and forever be my baby Andrei.

And now I'm going to cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(

My handsome date picked me up at the office!

Yup! It was our dress up DATE NIGHT!

Even if it's just the start of our date, I already planted a wet one of my Andrei!

For a change, we had a different driver that DATE NIGHT!

Me and Andrei sat on the back because it's our DATE NIGHT!


I made reservations for our DATE NIGHT under Andrei's name!

Andrei flashed out a shy smile asking me why I reserved a table using Andrei Yap. I told him it's because he's MY date!

What I loved about 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT is that the place had a romantic atmosphere with a lot of space!

I also appreciated that even if it was  popular restaurant by Chef Jessie, 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT seldom gets full with diners. So it's a cozy and quiet night just for me and my DATE!

In 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT you have a choice to stay at the moving or stationary side. It's actually 2 hours to 1 complete revolution and you could barely feel it save for some jerks or jolts. If it gets dizzying for you, you may request to go to the "stable" side at the wooden floored area.

For this DATE NIGHT in 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT, I requested their most special and romantic table at the "going around" side. Just like what my DATE wanted.

Yup! Me and my DATE were on table 28 at the 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT!

Our server for the night at 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT was very attentive and helpful. Besides being always there when we called him, he was extra helpful when it came to taking pictures. There was even a time when I gave him the camera and told him to just shoot away. He he he he he!

Another thing I requested from the server was to always address Andrei as "SIR" and to fuss over my little guy (e.g. always offer water, ask if everything is fine with his food). I wanted Andrei to feel like a real grown up that night!

My little guy just felt a bit shy when our 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT server asked what his order was. 

Isn't this moment priceless?

My DATE cannot help but admire the view at the side of 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT.

Ain't that such a happy face from my cutie pie DATE?

As always, before the start of the meal we were served with 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT bread which were finely toasted and warm.

"Butter in a cup sir?"

One of my favorites in 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT has got to be this spread consisting of finely chopped green and red bell peppers with shredded parmesan cheese in olive oil. YUM!!!

My date is not much of "veggie spreader" and was already too happy with just his butter and bread.

I think he was even singing while doing so.

As for me, I smeared some butter on a chunk of bread then topped it with that amazing pepper mixture. This is heaven in a bite I tells ya! If I only drink wine, I imagine this would go so perfect with it!

Our 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT server asked "Sir Andrei" if he wanted anything to drink. My little DATE asked for some Coke zero.

He looked at me smiling and expecting my violent reaction.  Normally I would only let him drink when he's halfway through his meal but for our DATE NIGHT, he has a free rein on things. He IS the guy after all. He he he he he! 

I whispered to the waiter to serve the Coke Zero in a wine glass. I remembered before in our GLORIA MARIS dinner how he felt oh so posh with the goblets. 

I think the idea worked. Check out my DATE's smile!

Now DON'T look at my "biceps". The camera adds 10lbs you know.

While waiting for our order, my DATE and I talked about what he wanted to be when he grows up.

It changes from time to time. Now my DATE wants to be a doctor AND a basketball player! Wow! 

Dinner is about to be served in 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT. I reminded my DATE to put his napkin on his lap.

My consistent order in 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT is the Seared Tuna Salad (P395.00). I love the wasabi mayo dressing... the perfectly seared tuna... crisp greens... nori strips... JUST EVERYTHING!

I enjoyed my DATE MORE with Andrei because I was able to massacre my 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT salad without the need to offer him. He hates veggies like his predecessor. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Yihiii! That's my happy "I get to eat everything" face!

My dearest DATE ordered the 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT Pasta ala creme with mushrooms and truffle (P700.00).

It's his favorite! He calls it "cheesy spaghetti".

My DATE even requested for extra parmesan cheese!

My little picky DATE removed all of the mushrooms and fresh basil from his 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT pasta and replaced it with cheese!

It's Mommy and Andrei's special DATE NIGHT at 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT!

My DATE REALLY loved this pasta! He slurped on it with gusto!

It's so rare to see my DATE fill his cheeks up with food. I guess he was really into our Mommy - Andrei night!

Of course, it's typical that he did not offer me some. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I thought I would be hungry with just the 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT salad so I ordered the Wild Rice Risotto with Prawns (P450.00).

This tasted VERY good and similar to my favorite Japanese fried rice with the sesame flavors plus crunchy vegetables. BUT it was not what I expected a risotto to be!! He he he he he!

Of course I still finished it since it was DEEELICIOUS!

Later on my DATE was quiet and made "muni muni"!


Eric who?!

Our table! Our very full 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT TABLE!

Later on my date was too full to function.

I told him he could just finish the cheese and set the 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT pasta aside for take out. He he he he he!


Egad was I full! 

My little DATE was getting a bit antsy and wanted to look around 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT!

I told him he could do so after another picture with Mommy!

For dessert, I surprised my DATE with my message on a 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT chocolate souffle (P195.00 for regular)

My DATE was quite surprised that there was a message for him at his dessert!

That's for you dear Andrei! And I mean EVERY word of it...

No hussy could love you as much! SO THERE! :(

The 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT souffle smelled heavenly. He can't wait to try it.

Ha ha ha ha! Yeah. I did say he cannot wait!

Only a mommy could eat THAT.

Or somebody who couldn't tell that this souffle got licked because it still was fudgy all over!

Me and my favorite bunsoy! I love you dear Andrei!! I am so thankful that the Lord has blessed me with such a sweet, loving, smart, and yes naughty, boy like you. I guess my wish of having my little "Calvin" came true!

I served him some of the 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT souffle with cream sauce.

I love how the 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT souffle was light yet had all the luscious taste of chocolate. The hot dessert was further complemented by that thick vanilla cream. Delicious!

And he felt like licking it again.

I offered to give my DATE an actual taste of this Chef Jessie specialty via my spoon. 

He joked that it tasted "TERRIBLE"! I faked calling the waiter to tell on him. We laughed really hard afterwards.

Of course, all of my dinners ended with a hot cup of coffee. In this case... a capuccinno (P150.00). 

Finishing up on our dinner... 

But still finding something to laugh and joke about.

I told my DATE to just humor me and smile for more pictures so that we would have a remembrance for this night.

Of course, we still did our favorite Minecraft Herobrine pose. Ha ha ha ha ha!

While I was finishing up on my coffee my dear DATE scraped the chocolate message off the plate.

I don't blame him. The hardened chocolate was extra fudgy!

I told Andrei that when I was pregnant with him I craved a lot of chocolates. Maybe that was the reason he loved it as well. 

That made my DATE give me this extra sweet smile!!! I love him so much!



"My dear Andrei... If there's one thing I know. I will never, EVER stop loving you and fussing over you. I am so thankful everyday that you are here in my life reminding me what unconditional love truly is. You will always be my baby and I will never stop kissing you, hugging you, biting your chin, being your "Mama". "

"I will always do my best to help you up and support you in whatever endeavor in life you choose to go to."

"I will save my money in order to show you the beauty of the world... "

"And we will always find something to laugh about. Most definitely!"

"I may not be as smart as Stephen Hawking but I will teach you all that I know. I will also share with you all my learnings so that it will be less painful should you encounter the same mistakes I had while growing up."

""Don't forget Andrei that Mommy is always here to listen to everything you have to say. I will always be interested with your stories about cars even if I don't understand it...."

"And I will never laugh at your innocent and childlike thoughts and questions. I will always keep a straight face and be serious whenever you want me to."

"You're my dearest Andrei and Mommy will ALWAYS have your back.

Just choose a lady who will love you and take care of you okay? Otherwise, I will be what you may call, a monster mommy again.

I love you so much my Padawan!"

We had such a fun fine dining DATE NIGHT!!! I guess this is a fun change from our usual kiddie cuisine.

Of course, it doesn't really matter where we go as long as we're together. Sometimes, it's just nice to crank it up a notch. He he he he he!!!!

Thank you my dearest for coming with Mommy. Let's have another one real soon!

Now I wonder where I should take Mati for OUR special date night?


Check this out

33rd Floor, MDC 100 Building,
C5 corner Eastwood Drive, Quezon City
+632 962-1016



  1. Replies
    1. Hehehe dear Bap, driver just dropped us at 100 REVOLVING then went to Eastwood for dinner. I forgot what resto pero alam ko nanood sya ng tv showing PBA. He just returned to the resto to pick us up when we were done.

  2. Short lang ito kasi I'm crying right now... SOOOO SWEEEEET!!!

    We're seven kids in the family so I've never, NEVER been taken out on my own by either one of my parents before. Kailangan parating may kasamang kapatid, hehehe... Plus the fact that we were a poor family with NO DRIVER (sobrang sosyal!!!) and no vehicle for that matter, di talaga pwedeng isa-isa kaming ilabas.

    Andrei (and Mati) are so blessed to have these types of memories to reminisce when they grow up. And I'm sure, because of this, he'll grow up to be a gentleman and treat a lady the way she deserves.

    1. Hiya Mr.Snuff!!! Awwww... I missed your long comment!!!! Baka di mo binasa talaga? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Joke!

      I DON'T BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE A POOR! I'm sure pareho lang tayo no! Pero wow ang saya! 7 sibs??? Riot yun! But yes. Kami din non, my parents would always take us out all at the same time. If ever may "date" it was not a regular thing at minsan lang. Naalala ko pa nga ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

      Let me be clear though for the readers that of course, mas priority pa din namin ang outings together as a whole family. But sometimes, like once a month, it is great to have a bonding DATE NIGHT with one of the boys. I discover something that they won't tell when the other boy or daddy is there. AND this is on top pa of our usual convos everyday. Kaya nakakatuwa. Of course si Andrei, I got puro sumbong about his Kuya. It was funny though. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      Awww thank you so much dear Niel! We all try to give what we can to the kids. Siguro the reason why it is important that we instill these great memories sa boys is because my parents invested a lot of time for us as well. Hopefully, the little lords will do the same for their own family.

      Hay nako!!! Sinabi na nga sa akin ni Andrei he'll buy a lamborghini and I could only ride on it when his gf is not there. 2 seater lang daw kasi!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

      Thanks Mr. Snuff! Happy Friday!

    2. Anovey! Purlalu lang kami ano, broken family din, kaya you can just imagine my mom raising seven kids on her own. Pero it made us all stronger naman.

      Tsaka binasa ko lahat ano! Mas matindi nga ang pag-basa ko ngayon kse nakakatuwa ang post mo. =)

    3. Ang galing naman your Mom! My hat's off to her. She did a very good job raising you all.

      He he he he! Thank you so much dear Niel! I said it once and I'll say it again....You really added more "life" to this silly little foodie blog!

  3. hi, searching for burger only but i passed by with this... so sweet mom.. im crying ahahahha.. i will do this to my son also on his bday.. thanks for this idea hahaha...

    1. Sorry for the late reply dear Anonymous since I usually zone out from blogging during the weekends to spend time with the family... but AWWWWWW... thank you! I think this comment just made my week. I'm so happy that my post would also inspire you to have date with your son. I assure you, he wouldn't forget it. I promise. The same way too that it will be so memorable for you... Something to look back on when he grows up. Haaaay i always cry thinking about when my boys grow up to be men na and won't need us anymore. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh well... The perils of having a son... We're assured of getting our hearts broken anytime soon but of course we won't stop loving and fussing over them. That's why I'm doing all that I can to make these bonding memories with them and recording it as well.

      Thanks again so much for you comment! I hope you could tell me what happens when you go out on a date with your lucky son! :)


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