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Goodness knows that even though I am trying to eat healthy these days (because of my unwanted visitors from the land of the lard), I still CANNOT for the life of me choose fruits over desserts. Sorry I just can't. You gotta love me for what I am and that's a cake loving, chocolate addict, who goes for the gooey and the messy sweets kind of gal.

On the top of my dessert list lately are the HEAVENLY cheesecakes from INDULGENCE BY IRENE. I swear to you that this is the BEST cheesecake I've ever had and that will surely go on for the rest of my life. Sometimes when I'm out and get a taste of other cheesecakes, I would hide a snort while my thought bubble proudly shouts out that INDULGENCE BY IRENE was much better. I think one time I was eating at a restaurant with THE lady herself, Ms. Irene Co, and we were served some cheesecakes. I almost lost some shades of proper decorum as I winced at the lowly contender and still declared my loyalty to her creamy creations.  Yep. Food does that to me. It may be embarrassing I know. That's why the Chinese Adonis deserves that Noble Peace Prize. He he he he he!

Before you judge me and my obsession with INDULGENCE BY IRENE, take note that this soon to be cheesecake supreme has received recognition from SPOT.PH as one of the 10 best things they ate in October, while their ube cheesecake was named as YUMMY Magazine's 50 most favorite desserts!

Grabbed from INDULGENCE BY IRENE facebook page

Of course, we were all so excited to find out that INDULGENCE BY IRENE was included in Philippine Daily Inquirer's top desserts in 2014.  It seems that everyone is now jumping onto our INDULGENT bandwagon and we cannot be more happy for dear Ms. Co! Her cheesecakes truly deserve it!

My favorite has always been their QUEZO DE BOLA CHEESECAKE followed closely by the TABLEA CHEESECAKE. But there may be a new boss on the block inspired by the Philippines' very own type of the lime....



I loved the cheesecakes of INDULGENCE BY IRENE but honestly I was quite apprehensive of trying out something that had green rinds mixed into it. 

As much as I love calamansi as a souring agent for dips and juices, I was not used to having it mixed in my desserts. If this was similar to the tarty pucker-up taste of  the popular key lime pie, then I'm not sure if I was going to like it. 

I looked at the green rinds of calamansi with an itty bitty ting of concern because I have accidentally gotten a taste of it before and it was bitter and nasty! But then the bright luscious cream cheese that INDULGENCE OF IRENE is favored for was strongly whetting my taste buds that whaddaheck... I'm going to dive in!

That is, after I get some beauty shots. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Come on! This is really the first time I'm going to do this, so INDULGE ME. He he he he!

The Chinese Adonis and I actually came from dinner at NEST (blogpost coming soon) with some of our foodie friends. I could actually feel the buttons of my pants popping out because I ate more than I should.

But then, that INDULGENCE OF IRENE cheesecake seem to be so creamy and fluffy and light and delicate..... 

My mouth was already craving for a big bite by the time I took this shot. Don't worry, I did not drool on it.

Not that I know of. 

"Eat me...."


Never mind that I'm actually feeling some of my stretchmarks gaining a new friend, I cut myself a thick and generous piece.

I'm going to have some INDULGENCE BY IRENE calamansi cheesecake TONIGHT.

My husband poured me a glass of four seasons juice and plopped in many ice cubes. He knew that I had 3 cups of coffee in a span of 3 hours tonight so this would be the alternate refreshing accompaniment to my INDULGENCE BY IRENE Calamansi Cheesecake!

Wow will you look at that? This INDULGENCE BY IRENE cheesecake still had that same soft but firm consistency that assures we get high quality cream cheese and not just gelatinous extenders in every serving.  

The INDULGENCE BY IRENE graham crust was not cookie rock hard (as the other cheesecakes I've had) but was actually very buttery and more cake-like in consistency without being watered down. 

Getting me self a forkful of INDULGENCE BY IRENE's Calamansi Cheesecake!

Oh yum!!!! OMIGERRD.

I would have to say that I DID NOT EXPECT THAT. Really!

Each forkful of that delectable INDULGENCE BY IRENE Calamansi creation certainly had the friendly tartness of the citrus fruit but there were no bitter rind bites nor sour surprises. This IS the cheesecake that I have come to worship except with that refreshing new lime taste that certainly goes down easy and mildly sweet. I actually played around with some of the calamansi rind with my tongue and all I got from it were sweet citrusy fibers -- nothing acidic nor nasty about it!
Believe me when I say that after one bite, you would WANT to get another more. Just a warning though because once you go calamansi, it's what you'll ALWAYS fancy!

After I ravaged a full quarter slice, that's when I only let my Chinese Adonis have a taste. You see, I love him that way. 

Tee hee!



Quezo de Bola Cheesecake
Tablea Cheesecake 
Choc Nut Cheesecake
9 inch - P1000
4 inch - P220

Ube Cheesecake
9 inch - P1200
4 inch - P 250
For Orders: 0922-8303900/0917-6225800

At least 2 days advance order

Pick up in Ortigas everyday
Aseana - schooldays early morning and afternoon

Grabbed from INDULGENCE BY IRENE facebook page

This holiday season, why not give your friends and loved ones a box of INDULGENCE BY IRENE's luscious and creamy cheesecakes? Believe me I've been giving these savory cheesecakes as gifts and they always ask for more! It is definitely something that would make their tummies so happy in this season of giving.

You may give me some too if you want. He he he he he!

So. There.


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  1. oh my! I love, love, LOVE Indulgence by Irene cheesecakes! Buti na lang malapit sila sa amin kse almost every week ako bumibili ng cakes niya (3-4 at a time, hehehe)

    1. Wow Mr. Snuff! Talaga naman 3-4 at a time! Iba na talaga ang sosy WITH good taste! Naks!

    2. nyahaha... inuutusan lang po ako ng amo ko ma'am Jaz =D hahaha


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