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Sunday, November 2, 2014


I'm sure you guys may already be getting tired of me and my family's "traditions" since it has somewhat became a byword in my blogposts. But guess what? Here comes a new one! Every birthday, the family and I would ALWAYS eat at GLORIA MARIS after mass. I know it may be very trivial to some but I suggest you all to try it because nothing is more comforting than having a cupful of hot congee after thanking the Lord for all of our blessings.

Well... THAT and my hugs. I doubt though you'll get the latter UNLESS you give me and the Chinese Adonis GC's to SPIRAL buffet all year round. HA!

Our GLORIA MARIS birthday breakfast tradition was accidental really because it's not like we decided to eat there since it was somebody's birthday.  We just noticed though that every time after we attended a birthday mass (for somebody in the family) and my Dad would ask the celebrant where he/she wanted to eat, the choice would always be GLORIA MARIS probably because we always had dimsum and congee for Sunday breakfasts growing up, and it was so near our church.

And so it started. Without really expecting something else, the answer to the birthday question would now always be GLORIA MARIS. Great thing, we all wouldn't have it any other way.

Except with MY warm hugs though (tee hee... like Olaf!) So sorry you all won't get to experience that!


Even though our family's birthdays fall on a work week, we all take half day leaves so that we could all be together.

Except for my eldest brother though. He lives in the mountains. Joke! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I love GLORIA MARIS interiors because of its high ceilings with subtle touches of Asian elegance.

GLORIA MARIS is a Chinese restaurant that is fancy for special occasions but still had that casual vibe to have a fun dining experience. 

Here we are!

My mom, the special celebrant that day, and my Dad in GLORIA MARIS!

My older sister! She's the exact replica of my Mom!

My kuya Jon and Daddy's assistant Edwin!

Ate Jojit started ordering for everybody in GLORIA MARIS.

First on the table was a small plate of GLORIA MARIS Pork Buns (P175.00). These were actually quite good! Of course, what they served in TIM HO WAN was much better but this was still a worthy order in GLORIA MARIS.  Just remember to have it heated.

We ordered a big piping hot bowl of GLORIA MARIS fish congee (P195.00) to share. We also ordered an extra plain one (P90.00) since my Dad was not really into fillings. 

We cannot NOT eat in a Chinese restaurant and NOT order pork siomai (P170.00). Of course, in true  GLORIA MARIS style, this was plump, juicy, and so full of dimsum awesomeness!

My Mom's favorite is GLORIA MARIS' beancurd roll (P170.00). Now this was normally very delicious but for some reason, what we got that morning was a tad rubbery to the bite. Such a disappointment. 

We finished it anyway. HA HA HA HA HA HA!

I got an order of GLORIA MARIS Shrimp Hakaw (P175.00) since it was Mati's favorite. 

FYI though, he was not with with us that breakfast morning because he had school. I'm just ordering and eating this for him! Tee hee!

Another favorite of the celebrant is GLORIA MARIS Shrimp Vegetable Dumpling (P175.00) so we ordered it and gave her 1 piece. BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Kidding. 

GLORIA MARIS Chicken Feet (P175.00)!



Yes, I still included Yub in the name because again, I ATE FOR HIM!

The lookalikes digging in to all the dimsum in GLORIA MARIS!

My plate!!! My very simple but delicious GLORIA MARIS plate!


Here's how I always eat my GLORIA MARIS congee: I put in some chicken feet sauce plus chili garlic oil, and fried wanton chips!!!




Happy Birthday to a very special lady who is loved by all!!! Our breakfast at GLORIA MARIS marks the start of your many celebrations!

A picture of my mom with her most beautiful and favorite daughter. HA!

Good thing my sis doesn't read my blogs. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Me and my very anti-camera family. Ha ha ha ha ha! Unlike me and the Yub (he doesn't have a choice though), my family doesn't like to have their pictures taken. Good thing I had an excuse that morning since it was my Mom's birthday! He he he he!

After that traditional AND delicious birthday breakfast at GLORIA MARIS, my family had some coffee at Cinnabon.

I asked for another picture with my Mommy!!! Doesn't she look very pretty? She's also VERY beautiful inside and out. The epitome of a true lady she is!

 Let me share what happened when we got home!

We also had a mouth watering birthday lunch for my Mommy! We always cook pancit bihon for long life...

Plus, we kill a live chicken because we believe in "palit buhay". My mom has been doing it for us and everyone in the household who is celebrating his/her birthdays. Of course, we will be doing the same for her.

Usually the "sacrificial" chicken is cooked in 2 batches: 

The white meat of the chicken is whipped up into a very tasty tinola!

 While the dark meat is fried into crispy chicken!!! 

The little lords were early that day because it was their periodic exams. After he dressed up, Andrei excitedly took a pinch to taste the Fried Chicken's crunchy skin.

 I told him that the Fried Chicken in front of him is his 1 year old pet.


My little lord nervously ran to the garage and checked out his chicken!!!

Tee hee! Gotcha Andrei! Your white chicken still lives!!!

Remember how some children would ask their parents to buy colored birds that are sold on streets? With Andrei, if you buy him one, he'll really take care of it. I'm so thankful that my parents are supportive of his love for animals that they had a cage constructed for Andrei's birds. 

This white chicken here is a givaway from my mareng Perlie's birthday party. She's Chinese and would always have live "pet" tokens. Ha ha ha ha ha! 

Just to be clear though. We buy our "sacrificial" live chickens in our nearby wet market. Yup you could do that! We just have it "terminated" by our trusted assistants at home. He he he he he!

We NEVER cook Andrei or anyone's pets for that matter. We just love joking about it! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Before eating Mommy's birthday lunch, Andrei went up to his lola and showed the letter he made for her.


My mom read it out loud for all of us.

Could you understand his writing? Isn't Andrei sweet? Check out the stick drawings!

Could you understand Andrei's penmanship and spelling? What he wrote here is so funny if you could decipher it.  So cute!

My Mommy loved it! She was so touched with Andrei's thoughtfulness and appreciation of her caring. 

Time to dig in!!!

The little lords still get a "pingot" when they're naughty though. KIDDING! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Ha ha ha ha!


Check this out:

Missouri St., San Juan
Metro Manila
(020 570 0921


  1. -nah, I'll never get tired of traditions... these are milestones in our lives
    -pero di ko kinaya ang mga traditions niyo: Mamou at Gloriamaris!!! Kailan kaya ako makakatikim ng pagkain diyan? Kahit siguro pagpag lang galing sa basurahan nila masaya na ako... hahaha
    -huhuhu... di ko ma-experience ang warm hug mo??? waaaaahhhh... hehehe
    -ang ganda naman niyang gloriamaris! isang silya pa lang siguro diyan ka-presyo na ng buong bahay namin =)
    -your mom reminds me of Susan Roces! Happy birthday po, ma'am! God bless!
    -ooohhhh... those pork buns look good! Dapat matikman ko na din ang pork buns ng TuanTuan, mas masarap daw kesa kay Tim Ho Wan.
    -I LOVE CONGEE! Some people don't like it, since they associate it with being sick, but I really love its simplicity and versatility. Madali kasing i-customize, hehehe... it's my ultimate comfort food! (along with two dozen others, hahaha)
    -all the dimsum looked amazing! Chicken feet! Yum!
    -pareho kayo ni TP, he always asks for the wonton chips on the side, hehehe
    -HOMAYGULAY! Ang bill hindi ko kinaya! Kahit chinese tea lang hindi ko afford, *faints*
    -matangkad pala si Kuya Jon ano?
    -alam mo, sayang yun Cinnzeo dati, we liked it more than Cinnabon kse (mas masarap yung cinnamon rolls nila plus they have bottomless coffee). Sayang nalugi ata sila
    -tama ba yan? tinorture ang bata? hahaha... kawawa naman si Andrei, hahaha
    -awwww... ang sweet naman ni Andrei, talagang maalaga sa mga hayop. Ganyan din ako nung bata ako, I would raise chickens, ducks, dogs, etc. and really take care of them myself.
    -buti pa kayo may "trusted assistants" at home... sa bahay namin ako ang "trusted assistant" hahaha
    -awwwww... such a touching letter! halatang mahilig sa tsokolate ang bata, hahaha
    -can't wait for you to post the stuff you cooked! Tulo laway ako dun sa IG pic mo na yun, hehehe


    1. Hiya Mr. Snuff! How is your week starting for you? Hay naku I have a friggin headache. Kainis. I'm loading myself up with paracetamol! He he he he he!

      1) Me too! I love traditions!!! For me kasi it's to maintain something special that you have shared with loved ones before that hopefully will be practiced in many years to come.

      2) Magtigil ka diyan Niel at sa yo,merienda lang ang GLORIA MARIS at MAMOU sayo! Or pwede pa pang araw araw! Pag type mo lang, KAYANG KYA!

      3) Yes. No warm hugs. PWERA na lang kung may Spiral. Ha ha ha ha ha h!

      4) Ako nga feeling ko isang pirasong tissue paper lang, bahay na din namin.

      5) Yes! My Mom is so beautiful no? Tapos she's so mahinhin and lady like pa. She's a doctor too!! :) Some people say she looks like Boots Anson Roa naman. Everybody loves her. Suki as ninang sa mga kasal. He he he he!

      6) Oo nga daw! I heard that TUAN TUAN is better. Let's set a date there? TARA!

      7) Yes I love Congee too and I like it more than our lugaw. Mas gusto ko kasi yung durog na durog na rice and the toppings... sarap!!! I never knew that it was associated as diet food for the sick. Ha ha ha ha ha! Pero it's still one of our favorites (and like you, along with the 2 dozen others).

      8) He he he! Kasi if the wonton chips are mixed agad, it gets soggy e. I just add it when I'm about to eat it.

      9) ASUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUS! I thought mahal ang Tim HO Wan... Pareho lang pala with Gloriamaris ang price. Ha ha ha ha ha! Slightly higher lang ata.

      10) YES! I remember Cinnzeo and remember loving it more than Cinnabon. I don't know about the refillable coffee but I find their buns more nummy yummy. Sayang nga nalugi.

      11) HA HA HA HA HA AH! Ang sarap niya kasi asarin!

      12) Ang dami niyang pets! May rescued kittens, birds, fishes, pigeons, at manok. Dadagan pa sana ng brother ko ng turtle kaso medyo mahirap pala itouch yun ng mga kiddies.

      13) Ha ha ha ha ha!! Naku dapat lang ano. Kung hindi ako papatay ng manok???? NO WAY! ha ha ha ha ha!

      14) Super right? I just told him to write a letter to his lola as his birthday gift. What he wrote was so simple, innocent, and still very funny and touching. Nakakatuwa! My mom will get the note and keep it daw.

      15) Ha ha ha ha! Yey! Thanks! I"m touched you want to see it. Pero basta sometime this week. Ang haba kasi nung party album namin! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      You too Dear Niel! Mwah!

  2. Good morning Jaz! This week's starting great for me... I have tremendous energy coming from almost two weeks of being down with the flu

    -oh no! Bakit masakit ulo mo? Hope you'll feel better soon.
    -paano ako mabubuhay ng walang warm hug mo? huhuhu... (hehehe... arte ba?)
    -ilang hectares ba yang laki niyang tissue paper na yan para pumantay man lang sa servant's, este, trusted assistant's quarters niyo? =)
    -yes, she is very beautiful! Anak ka nga niya kse pareho kayong maganda. =)
    -ano kamo? manlilibre ka sa tuan-tuan? lezzzgoooo!!! hehehe... Actually, I tried to go there lunch last Saturday, kabubukas pa lang ng Gamol ng 12nn pero may pila na agad sa kanila at sa Ippudo.
    -Senyora Jaz talaga! Di kayang pumatay ng manok, hahaha

    HAVE A GREAT MONDAY JAZ! Feeling ko penpal kita, hahaha... Mwah!

    1. HIya Snuffeduffelung (bago na naman ang pangalan!)

      1) It's always the sinus e. Kainis na nga. Malamigan lang ng konti I would feel barado in my tenga then it's straight to a pounding head ache. I took a lot of paracetamol cos I want to do some work.

      2) Ha ha ha ha ha! Include mo siya sa bucket list mo!

      3) Isang kain mo lang ng appetizer sa Blackbird mo!

      4) Sa pareho kami ng mommy ko? Naksssssssssssssssss!!!!

      5) Inangku! Tapos na kita ilibre sa SPIRAL ah!!!!!! (bagong technik!)

      6) Ha ha ha ha! No to animal cruelty lang! Pero gusto ko kumain ng manok! BWA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

      Oo nga parang penpal na tayo sa pamamaraan ng blog!!! Tee hee! I love your reviews on ERICJAZ FOODIES posts!!! Mwahness!


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