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Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I am not sure if you have read my other blog post (in case you have not blocked me yet) but I have this "thing" with having girls' night outs. 

Don't get me wrong, it could be SO fun but I think I have already passed at the stage where I get thrills in letting hair loose with my "girlfriends" (say it in a high pitched tone please) with hard drinks (as if I could drink hard) in bars.

It is just that I respect the fact that I AM MARRIED. With kids.

So boring as it may seem, I never go out without my husband, and if we're lucky, with the 2 little lords (Game of Thrones baby... Game of Thrones). If gals say that I need time out from my stalker, I would answer that I don't need a time out -- I enjoy every waking moment with my "Mark Anthony Fernandez" I mean, we already work in separate fields so it is just right for us to spend every available time we have with each other.

Don't get me wrong, there are times (MANY times) I would like to wring his neck. Oh countless many... many times... (I need to stress that).

Actually I want to wring his neck NOW.

But I don't know. Something just feels "incomplete" without him. Maybe it's because of the vows we took. Egad knows that I have a personality who could talk to all kinds of people so I would never get lonely plus I have an imagination to keep me occupied. And I don't need to prove anything since I have my own identity if that is not obvious yet. So it is not really a matter of NEEDING him but more like CHOOSING to be with my Chinese stalker.

And I am sure he feels the same way because he wouldn't stalk me if it's not mutual.

I love Yub tirelessly and endlessly!

We then got an invite at August 13, 2013 to try out the new dishes at URBAN BAR and KITCHEN with fellow bloggers and it was surely another night filled with great company and delicious food. I was also curious with URBN BAR and KITCHEN because they were also famous for their steaks.

But then, Yub said he already had a previous commitment and would not be able to go.

So I guess that meant we would have to send our regrets and join the group next time....


It's URBN BAR AND KITCHEN for crying out loud. If you cannot cancel your meeting with, let's say, the President, then that is you're loss! Don't drag other people down with you.

So, sorry Yub! You're going to spend Tuesday ALONE. If you snooze you lose!

Wait... Eric who???

Kidding! Tee hee!


URBN BAR & KITCHEN is located in Bonifacio Global City in the area where Pier One used to be. If you were, as they say, a man of the town, you would definitely know where this place is even if you were blindfolded.

 It is at the 3rd floor and even if you did not take the stairs you'll find yourself gasping for breath upon entering the restaurant.

URBN BAR & KITCHEN is huge with space, extra space, and lots of space. I don't know about you but I don't usually frequent bars and pubs that if this was the norm in night out hubs, then my Chinese stalker and I got a lot of catching up to do! Kidding!

Wait... Chinese stalker who? Doesn't ring a friggin bell...

Tee hee!

The other part of URBN BAR & KITCHEN.... Quite spacious huh? I love that big table... Sort of makes me think I'm Alice with the Mad Hatter and Bunny Rabbit if I chose to sit on it!

I got to URBN BAR & KITCHEN just in the nick of time and everybody seems to be enjoying all of the food served!

To start off, I got for meself an URBN BAR & KITCHEN Strawberry Mojito that is just BURSTING WITH ALCOHOL! Oh yes! This has about 200% of that energizing element that I felt hiccups after my first sip!!!

Kidding... I don't think so. Give me a glass of Cali Shandy and I'd still feel woozy afterwards. So this non-alcoholic version of  one of their famous drinks was the perfect accompaniment of the grubs to come! It was refreshingly fruity and delicious!!! YUM!

And great grubs did land on the table!! URBN BAR & KITCHEN chef Benjo Tuason created these late night munchies to be available for the crowds who come in from 12:00mn to 2:30am. Call it your wee small hours of the morning happy hour! 

But believe me, there is nothing WEE about the taste... You'll definitely SWOON afterwards and make up reasons just to go to URBN BAR & KITCHEN at 12:00 midnight to feast on these savory dishes!

I have mine ready...

"Yub, I need to go to the ER because I have severe stomach ache... You need to stay at home and be strong for me.... Be brave... I will be too..."

Yeah be brave while I'm having platefuls of URBN BAR & KITCHEN food!!!

Wait a minute... I need a driver...

"So kids... Daddy and Mommy need to go to the ER......."

(tee hee)

The first taste I got was URBN BAR & KITCHEN's Caramelized Onion and Bacon Tartlets (P260.00)

"Tartlets?" As Jon Lovitz excitedly said out loud in the first season of "Friends".

Well that's what I almost felt upon first bite. You cannot just put the whole thing into your mouth. You got to save the 2nd or 3rd morsel because you'll truly relish the sweet caramelized onions with the salty bacon.

Would stuff myself silly with the "TARTLETS" if I was not excited for the other grub to come....

URBN BAR & KITCHEN's Blackbenny Fries (P250.00) is definitely NOT your ordinary potato wedges! They are hand cut then served with smoked bacon and cheese.

If that was not enough... this baby was SMOTHERED... yes SMOTHERED in gravy.

Oh wow! I think my puny dry heart just skipped a beat!

This one was my favorite among the pick me ups, the URBN BAR & KITCHEN's Country Fried Bacon (P250.00). Each fatty strip of bacon was dipped in spiced breading then deep fried to an awesome crisp!! You would almost hear the crunch when you bite into this exciting pork meat! Make the whole adventure better by dipping it into savory gravy.

Words won't fully describe the out of this world experience when I took a crunchy bite of this wonderfully fried bacon. So I'll just shut up and imagine it again....


Weirdly enough I imagine this bar munch to be perfect with garlic rice.... 

We were then treated to URBN BAR & KITCHEN's unique pizzas!

At this point I was like... Awww... My husband LOVES pizzas...

But then I imagined the time he did not offer me a bite from this packet of Boy Bawang so immediately that feeling of yearning turned into utmost hostility and glory! 

Ha! I would most certainly show him these pictures so he would be jealous and then be sorry. He would be so pitiable that afterwards he would NEVER part from my side again!!!!

Now aren't you glad you're not married to me? Tee hee! Kidding!


.... first laid down on the table was URBN BAR & KITCHEN's 4 cheese pizza (P370.00)...simple but loaded with mozzarella, manchego, cheddar, and parmesan!! 

Next up is URBAN BAR & KITCHEN's All Meat with Barbecue Sauce Pizza (P410.00).

One word. YUM!!!

Awww... the pizza and the tarlet are now friends!

I also got a taste of URBN BAR & KITCHEN's Vegetarian Pizza (P320.00).

Carnivores like me don't need to be hysterically afraid of this dish because it is healthy without sacrificing the taste! The URBN BAR & KITCHEN pizza was packed with cheese and sauce then topped with caramelized onions. I prefer my pizza to be more salty or spicy than sweet but this is a satisfying companion to my ULTRA LOADED WITH ALCOHOL strawberry mojito.

If you are yearning for some burgers without surrendering your appetite for the other goodies, you could have URBN BAR & KITCHEN's Mini Blackbenny Angus burgers  and Mini Curried Shrimp Burgers (3 pieces for P260.00)

Though I'm such a sucker for meat, I preferred the shrimp burgers more because it was something new for me. I could imagine wolfing down 2 or 3 of these in one sitting then washing it down with my ULTRA LOADED WITH ALCOHOL strawberry mojito!

Another winner for the night for me was the URBN BAR & KITCHEN's Sticky Bbq chicken pops (P350)! It was savory with a nice kick of spice!

I dunked it into the roquefort dip and the creamy tub gave my chicken wing a whole new level of luscious flavor!

Don't be weirded out if I suck chicken bones dry! I am addicted with white bones and cartilage! Sometimes I give the meat to the hub so I could proceed with munching on the bones. It's a habit I cannot and will not stop! He he he!

My plate! My wonderful URBN BAR & KITCHEN plate!!!!

One of the definite highlights of the night was this wonderful plate of URBN BAR & KITCHEN's Lamb Hash (P320.00). 

The wonderful chunks of lamb was perfectly cooked and seasoned that I can't stop suspecting if this was really a bar chow. 

If I was not watching my 34 inch waistline (yeah it grew), I would have ordered a plate of garlic rice and possibly have an ice cold beer with it.

Yes even if I don't drink!!! I could just imagine how this hearty man's dish would be deliciously paired with it.


You may think that the night is done with all the great  servings of bar chows humanely possible...


You were wrong...

(Phoebe of Friends) "Dan dan daannnn...."  

Because what comes next may give you another level of ectasy which you haven't felt since Phoebe Cates got out of that pool in the red bikini...

If you're a girl, insert THOR in that picture.

Yes.... THOR in a red bikini...


(Whew! Tee hee!) 

URBN BAR & KITCHEN's bacon cheesecake. Now don't shy away from it until you've tried it. 

With my first forkful I imagine eating a very creamy pancake with lots of maple syrup then having fried bacon with it. Fairly satisfying to my sweet tooth. My coffee had a great time accompanying me to this new dessert! He he he he!

URBN BAR & KITCHEN's Brownie Cheesecake.... 

Mucho delicioso...

But the star of desserts for me on that night would be this....

The URBN BAR & KITCHEN White Choclate Lava cake!!!

I am such a chocolate addict but I don't really go for the white chocolate kind because I felt these guys were fakes...

But wow... this one... right out of the baseball park....

I got a spoonful with the ice cream and I was swooning. It was freakishly good!!!

My tongue was rejoicing with the soft cake and the rich white chocolate....
So lips smackingly espialidocious!!!!

And if you have not passed out with this deeelightful treat, ignore your friends in the table and finish THE WHOLE thing. Truly sinful but truly YOU WON'T CARE! Har de har har!

I would trade my close friend for this. If there was one.

Har de har har!

Me want some more...... :P

Wiped out!

Always a great time with these creative people with abundant appetites!!! 

HA! Who needs my hub if I got these guys...

Even if they're not sexily resembling Mark Anthony Fernandez!!!

From l-r, Kathi Raneses and Jericho San Miguel (MUCKING AROUND MANILA), Meeeh!, Freelance writers Joko Magalong and Jeeves de Veyra, Eugene Constantino (THE HEFTY FOODIE), Len Altea and Hub (THE MOMMIST), Guia Obsum (FOOD REVIEWS MANILA), Gerry San Miguel (DUDE FOR FOOD), dear Spanky Enriquez (JUICE.PH), and Mr. Teddy Montelibano (Writer for Rogue Magazine and Editor Manila Bulletin).  

Sayang that my other fave bloggers were there but had to leave early...
 idol Richie Zamora (THE PICKIEST EATER) and the lovely missus Rina Zamora (RINA'S RAINBOW)
Ray and Love Lynn Reyes (EN ROUTE)
Richard Co and pretty Irene (TALES FROM THE TUMMY)

Special thanks to godfather and 24601 Spanky Enriquez for "conjuring" up this wonderful night and inviting ERICJAZ FOODIES!!!!

Special thanks URBN BAR & KITCHEN peeps, Ms. Nina de Leon Marketing Manager and her team, Yoko and Cola for having us :) 

PS.   With all my Yub jokes and trying to get back at him for deserting me on this special night, of course I missed him and sincerely wished that he was with me munching the other pizzas. 

But then I remembered about that Boy Bawang incident plus another one involving his tub of popcorn that I was glad I did not sneak in a take home pizza for him. 

So again I was back to Yub who???

Kidding! Most definitely the hub and I will come back to URBN BAR & KITCHEN so he could get a taste of all these wonderful bar chows.

Will just need to practice our expressions and "drama" when we ask permission from the kids at 12:00am... 
"Guys Mommy and Daddy have to go to the ER because we have tummy ache... in the Fort..." 
Tee hee!

I. Am. Just. Joking!


URBN Bar & Kitchen
Bonifacio Global City
3/F Fort Pointe II Bldg., 28th St
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(0917) 564-9333


  1. Lamb hash is where it's at :D !!!


    1. I so agree!!! That lamb hash was sooo good I would NOT share with my hub even if he was there. Ha ha ha ha! Such a happy birthday for you by the way!

  2. Wow... Look at those bacon slices!!! Would love to visit this place haha!

    -Steph of

    1. Hiya Steph! Yes the deep fried bacon are from another world! I loved it! Yes do try it soon too! Take care and thanks for dropping by!


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