Monday, November 10, 2014


I am so proud to say that my first born is fast becoming to be someone like me!

Now before you all get hysterical and claim "mass hysteria with dogs and cats living together", don't worry he's NOT becoming EXACTLY like me. But he IS following in my love for food and finding/making up reasons to have it. Yep! My dear Mati now has a variety of food favorites that would even surpass the taste of his picky Father's. At the same time he likes getting sentimental and would also create some new family "traditions" in order for us to have a reason to EAT!

This new family "tradition" that Mati whipped up has something to do with his deep love for school (tee hee). I'm not sure though if Don Bosco is the only school whose last day of quarterly exams would fall on a Saturday. But since it does, my Mati thought that every time it is the last day of his grueling periodicals, we would fetch him and celebrate afterwards. Yup! This has caught on fast for me and the Chinese Adonis because even if we're supposedly scheduled to meet up with friends for lunch on a Saturday, we cancelled it because of our "Mati Tradition".

Now there's no arguing about the importance of THAT.

At the end of Mati's exams, he asked if he could play basketball first before we head out for lunch. So we brought his basketball gear and he changed his school uniform.

We then proceeded to their school gym where the Chinese Adonis and Mati will be shooting some hoops.

Hold on. The last thing I want is SOMEBODY doing that favorite pose of Paris Hilton.

Now THAT'S better.

I'm happy for my husband that his sons shared with him the same love for basketball. 

I'm sure he would agree with me that playing against his friends is nothing compared to the joy he feels doing basketball with the little lords.

He's just torn between letting them win and doing his usual "varsity" game of course. He he he he he!

After playing basketball, Mati tore off his sweaty jersey and got ready for lunch. We remembered that for the end of Mati's 2nd quarterly exams, our little lord wished to eat at TONG YANG since he read my blog where we treated his Tita Gem and Tito Jun for dinner. 

TONG YANG rates!

Andrei wanted to join us at first, but when I told him we would be eating in a buffet, he immediately changed his mind. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

TONG YANG was full that day but good thing we were able to make a reservation for 11:30am!

My happy little Mati at TONG YANG!

When the waitress asked what TONG YANG broths we preferred for our pot, we chose the sate and vegetable soup since we remembered how tasty both were the last time. 

I told Mati he could go around and decide which ones he would put into his TONG YANG Shabu Shabu. He was a bit surprised to see the long rows of ingredients for his hot pot.

My poor baby is now confused at this point in TONG YANG. What should he choose???

When we got to the TONG YANG Sushi buffet, my guy was quite pleased to see that they had octopus!

Of course, don't expect the cold appetizers of TONG YANG to be as vast as the other popular buffets out there.  But what they offered were all tasty and acceptable.

I especially loved these TONG YANG Roasted Sushis!

Mati got a few pieces to eat of the TONG YANG octopus sushi while waiting for the other grub.

While the soup was heating up, I went with Mati to help him choose from the TONG YANG seafood.

One of my "Hiro's" favorite is crabsticks. So I got some of those for his TONG YANG Shabu Shabu.

Does Mati want some veggies?



Does Mati want some TONG YANG meat in skewers?

NOOOH again.

But the Chinese Adonis loved them so he got some.

We both loved udon noodles so I made sure to get an extra serving of THAT for our TONG YANG hot pot!

My plate! My very healthy and raw TONG YANG plate!

While we were "shopping" for more seafood, the Chinese Adonis ordered up some sliced meat.

My husband, the forever carnivore. 

Here's my husband's first plate. I don't know why he tried to camouflage his plateful of TONG YANG meat with 2 pieces of Pechay and Cabbage. Well... let's just say we could still totally see what he has hidden underneath.

As for me, I just discovered that I love vegetables more now than fruits. Weird right? So amidst all the fresh seafood and meats everywhere, I proceeded to help myself to these greens.

Me got some TONG YANG Spinach, Enoki Mushrooms, and corn!

It's not that I'm TRYING to be healthy but I just love these vegetables! I could never have enough of them!

Of course to be sure that we don't run out of noodles, I got some more TONG YANG udon and egg!

"Just add one egg... TOINK!" He he he he he he!

Another old Philippine commercial jingle there.

I saw some sorry looking crabs swimming in their own death scene in the TONG YANG buffet.

I still got some of them. HA! They will go so well with my TONG YANG sushi, kani salad, and fried rice!

Our dipping sauce of garlic and spring onions with sate sauce!

That goes for me and Mati!

While I was concentrating on the TONG YANG shabu shabu, my husband was dumping everything that he had on the grill.

Yep! He's our Iron Chef "Pogimoto"!


My little man was so excited to eat. In fact, he already finished with his TONG YANG Octopus sushi when I sat down with my first plate. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Mati said the food in TONG YANG were all delicious!

Hmmm.... I can't help but notice the amount of balls in our TONG YANG hot pot. Now either Mati has eaten everything at such warp speed or the Chinese Adonis got almost ALL of the balls at his side.


Oh well... I'll deal with THAT after I have at least tasted my cooked TONG YANG grub!

Mati and I took out the cooked TONG YANG noodles and shells so it won't get soggy and rubbery. We just dipped them in the boiling flavorful soup when we're about to eat it to heat them up!

While Mati and I were slurping on our hot TONG YANG shabu shabu, Yub was frying up these fatty strips of meat with butter. These were awesome! Yum!

I noticed from other TONG YANG diners that they would load up on these seafood and topped it off with some garlic, butter, and spices.

We did the same thing and flavored these TONG YANG scallop looking meat with more butter and garlic!

It took forever to cook and we were not really sure how to go about it. Great thing that the TONG YANG manager offered to finish it off for us and served it afterwards.

The TONG YANG manager turned it over when the flesh was already detaching itself from the shell. I forgot what kind of seafood this is. Could anyone tell me?

While you're all thinking about it, let me have a small helping of TONG YANG sushi and salad again. He he he he he! What could I say? Japanese Mayo is one of my weakness!!!

Along with.............. secret.

Dear Mati was so pleased to see that it was drink all you can too in TONG YANG

He loaded up on his favorite Sprite and Iced Tea when he was halfway through his meal.

And we're done!

Wait! There's still 2 pieces of corn on the cob left in the TONG YANG hot pot!

Well... There's nothing that melted butter couldn't do in this case.

If I could go back in time, I would give myself such a karate chop on my face for making THIS expression. 

NOW I know why Benedict Cumberbatch proposed to that hussy. He cannot bear to see more of THIS face that launched a thousand ships.... to the mortuary. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! 

TONG YANG desserts were pretty simple.

My husband went for the usual ice cream route.

As always, it's coffee and a pastry for me!

Our TONG YANG bill!

Dear Mati was too full to move to pay for our bill.

Oh well... This goes out of his College fund

KIDDING! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Promenade, Greenhills, San Juan City
02 4632625



  1. -awwwww... ang cute naman! Gumawa ng sariling tradisyon para lang magkaroon ng pagkakataong kumain. =)
    -pamangkin ko din madalas Saturday ang last day ng quarterly exams
    -ang tangkad na pala ni Mati! Pretty soon he'll be as tall, or even taller, than his dad
    -awwww... that's so sweet! Father and son bonding over a game of basketball.
    -ay nagmahal na pala ang tong yang... dati P395 lang yan...
    -takot pala si Andrei sa buffet! hahahaha...
    -ooooohhhh, that sate broth sounds interesting
    -di naman makunat yung octopus?
    -crabTICKS??? Eeeeek! May garapata pala ang alimasag? At yun ang kinakain niyo??? ewwww.... hehehe...
    -I can understand why Mati wouldn't want the veggies, pero bakit ayaw din niya nung meat skewers?
    -kasama naman yung sliced meat sa buffet price? or do you have to pay for that separately?
    -naku, kailangan na talagang healthy living tayo, di na bumabata, kaya I try my best to insert veggies and fruits in my diet nowadays
    -just add one egg... crab and corn soup ang peg, hahaha
    -seriously, di ako marunong maghimay ng crabs! Pero gustong-gusto ko siya. Parati kasing yung mga GF ko dati ang naghihimay para sa akin, hahaha... #spoiled
    -Iron Chef Pogimoto! Nice one! hahaha...
    -I've known those bivalves as Japanese Scallops (locally), but apparently they're called tairagi by the Japanese or pen shell in English
    -I love Japanese Mayo, too!
    -ano yang secret weakness mo? Si Benedict? Si Yub? Si Kris Aquino? hahaha
    -Wow! That face! Walang laban diyan si Sophie, hahaha
    -MORTUARY TALAGA! Uy beautiful ka naman ano!
    -Sa aming dalawa ni The Partner, ako ang mas mahilig sa ice cream, siya ang mahilig sa cakes.
    -EEEEKKK!!! Ang mahal ng bill! Ibang level talaga ang EricJazFoodies!!!
    -cute ni Mati! Busog na busog hahahaha


    1. Hiya Mr. Snuff!!!! Auuugh! We don't have internet at home!!! I hope I'll be able to post as much as I like to :(

      1) Ha ha ha ha ha! I know!!! Ginaya ako! It's okay I love it. We have a new tradition on our list.

      2) Huuhuhu! I hope Mati doesn't grow tall yet. I miss him as a baby :(

      3) Di ba??? When I reviewed it I said, WAIT. Isa pang picture. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      4) Yes. I know Yub is so happy. Though he did not grow up to be a PBA player, I'm sure he is still very accomplished that he gets to play with his 2 favorite guys for life!

      5) Really? It's my first time actually to eat in Tong Yang this year. Prices are very reasonable right?

      6) I don't know he likes pork barbecue naman at home. But when we're at buffets, he ignores them and just pigs out on seafood.

      7) Yes! He knows I'll make him eat more kasi at buffets (sayang ang bayad) ha ha ha ha ha! That's why he steers clear of them.

      8) It's included in the buffet price. Sulit right?

      9) Korek! Good thing I love eating vegetables now. Samahan lang ng Japanese mayo or oyster sauce, solve na!!!!

      10) NAKS NAMAN! Me I loooove crabs!!! I love getting my hands dirty with it. Sarap!

      11) He he he he he!!! Iron Chef fans would appreciate that joke more. He he he he he he!

      12) Yun!! I forgot to check out what its called. Either that or the manager told me what the shell fish is and I was not listening.


      14) Madami e... SPIRAL. Ikaw na bahala sa akin ah?

      15) Ha ha ha ha ha! I hate it when I make the freakiest of faces. Lagi pa ha, ako lang nakawacky. Haaaay! When will I grow up???

      16) Yihiiii! Thanks! That's why I luuuuurve you!!!!

      17) I know I love ice cream pero ewan ko ba. Parang I try to stay away from it now kasi I'm really trying to watch my weight.


      19) Mati was SO full! I was worried at first kasi baka he might throw up or something ha ha ha ha ha! But he was full AND happy! So yey!


  2. My favorite hotpot place. Hope you read my blog too.

    1. That's great to hear Marc! Thanks! Will check out your blog too. Have a great day! :)

  3. Always seen and heard about tong yang but haven't tried it yet. The family prefers cooking hot pot at home kasi >.<

    1. Ha ha ha! You're so lucky Stacy that you guys know how to cook up a mean hot pot! Could you invite us? Joke! Thanks for stopping by!! :)

  4. Is their exhaust OK na ba? I ask because every time we eat at Tong Yang you have no choice but to go home afterwards because by the time you're done grilling and eating even your underwear smells like butter already...hahaha!

    1. Hiya Bap2! Ha ha ha ha! I guess that is really the accepted "casualty" when in eating in an open grill restaurant. But I have to say that Tong Yang in Greenhills has better air conditioning and ventilation because we came out ONLY slightly smelling of the food we cooked. Buti naman our underwear did not smell like butter. Well, except for Yub because he was going commando.


    2. If I do that then hindi na butter amuy nun! Datu Puti na....nyaaaaaah! TMI

    3. Inangko. Yes dear Bap2!!! May I just say, that gross does not become you! NGA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Contagious pala ako??

  5. Wow Tong Yang! If am not mistaken hmmmm's about 10 years na ata na hindi kami nagkikita. Well, as I could see it' s still the same Tong Yang though. We used to go to their Glorietta and S.M. Southmall branches. Oh yes! That time P395.00 lang yakang yaka ng bulsa :)

    1. Hiya Nannette!! Me it's our first time this year to try the buffet. The Chinese Adonis and I used to eat in the Glorietta branch but since MAG-UN pa lang kami nun, tipid tipid muna at set meals lang inoorder. Ha a ha ha ha ha!!! Mahal for us ang P395.00 per person! Pero yes, we enjoyed the buffet. Sulit siya! Will probably go back when we're not dieting anymore. Ha ha ha ha ha! Thanks for stopping by and the comment!! :)


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