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Saturday, November 1, 2014


Besides Christmas and New Years Day, another favorite "yearly event" for me would be Halloween. I remember when I was a teenager about 10 years ago (you better believe it), I would always have a blast with my family in my lola's house in the province. I remember that we would go to the cemetery then roam around exploring the weirdest or most extravagant tomb there is. Let us not forget forming many artistic creations via the melted candle wax and sharing haunting stories that would keep us wide awake at night. Those times were such wonderful childhood memories that add to the sentimental value for my November 1.

Halloween is also the season when frightening movies such as "The Shining", "The Exorcist", and "Miley Cyrus goes to Vegas" would be on repeat in our vcr player (wait... scrap the last one).  I may not watch local television programs a lot (except for EAT BULAGA yohoo!) but I would always be on the look out for my favorite scary specials on "Magandang Gabi Bayan" and "MAD". Up to now, I get the willies remembering some of their scariest episodes.

He he he he! Halloween. It could be the most haunting time of the year and I LOVE it!

When I got married and had kids, a lot has changed on how I celebrated Halloween. Well for one, I don't go to my lola's province anymore since we would visit the the grave of Yub's father who passed away before Andrei was born.  Another is that as much as the Chinese Adonis and I would love to spend the whole day watching scary movies and shows, we cannot do so when the little lords are still awake. When they're asleep naman, we do something else. 

BWA HA HA HA HA! Yeah right. Like cutting our toenails.

Well another development to our Halloween celebration is that now, we have 2 little lords to dress up the costume of their wishes and take them TRICK OR TREATING! Before, I would usually just take them to malls or hotels having special gimmicks for the event. But the old school in me really wanted the boys to do it the traditional way where they knock up on houses and scream the proverbial phrase "TRICK OR TREAAAT!!!".

That is why I'm so grateful that my High School and College bud Mareng Heidi would always invite the boys and treat them to their subdivision activities for Halloween. Yes! She is so generous and would never fail to make us part in their village activities. It is thru her that I got my wish for the little lords were able to walk around and get candies from different houses.

So now, there will be new memories for me for the Halloween season. And wow. You could say that with THE YAPPY BUNCH, it is a different kind of TREAT.


Wow! Look at Andrei and Coco already checking out each other!

The first time that mareng Heidi invited us was the year 2010. Mati was already into Marvel that time while my bunsoy was veering more for the darker side. 

Me and Mareng Heidi!

Tsk tsk.... The era when I was so thin! Haaaay!

After our TRICK OR TREAT, Andrei was still checking out Coco! Ha ha ha ha!

For the year 2011 TRICK OR TREAT, Mareng Heidi invited us again along with another HS bud, Chef Tricia and daughter Andy!

Awww! Ain't my little Edward Cullen awfully cute???

The awesome ninja and the cutest vampire there is!!!

For our 2012 TRICK OR TREAT, dear Mareng Heidi invited us again to her subdivision along with Mati's best friends from school, Josh and Dominic! 

The little lords had a lot of fun going around with their friends that TRICK OR TREAT and bonded over taho from Manong. 

Hmmm.... Something tells me Andrei and Coco had TOO much fun as they shared their first kiss.


I remember that when we got home, Andrei was so kilig and told his grandparents that he was able to kiss a girl!

Thank you once again Mareng Heidi for such a great and unforgettable day (huhuhu!)

For 2013, Mareng Heidi was out of town but even though she still extended her usual invitation to us, we felt it was not going to be as fun without her. So we just had our TRICK OR TREAT in Eastwood. 

My little guy went as a vampire again for that year's TRICK OR TREAT. Of course, even if it was not our usual gimmick for the scary holiday, we still had a lot of fun being together.

Now for 2014, Mareng Heidi generously invited and paid for the boys again to have TRICK OR TREAT in her subdivision.

Yohoooooo!!!! I'm so excited for them!!!!!

Mati dressed up as Snake Eyes from GI Joe. We ordered this costume really for last year's TRICK OR TREAT but it arrived 2 weeks after Halloween (bummer even if we placed our orders as early as September). Good thing his most wanted TRICK OR TREAT costume still fit him to a T and he was still excited about being a mute ninja.

Mati actually had cough that day and he felt that he could portray the role of Snake Eyes perfectly by resting his throat. Of course, that didn't happen since he still laughed and joked his heart out.  

I vant to suck your vlood!!!!!!
As for Andrei, even if he had 2 new costumes to wear (given by my officemate Ate Yojie!), he still insisted on going TRICK OR TREATING as a vampire!! To think, the costumes given by dear Ate Yoj were body suits of Pixar's Cars and Transformer's Ironhide, he still chose to wear his old vampire costume which I kept in their special box. 

Oh yeah. It still fits too! I have a habit of buying clothes bigger than the boys' real size. He he he he he!!!!

It's the battle of the Ninja and the Vampire!!!!

Off to Valle Verde 6 we go for some TRICK OR TREATIN!


Eeep! We were late! We arrived around 3:30pm!!!! Sorry Mareng Heidi!!!!

After we parked in the Valle Verde clubhouse, the boys took out their TRICK OR TREAT pumpkin bags which they have been using for the past 3 years. There may be more fashionable or creative bags out there but this is still our favorite because it's light and could pack in a lot of candy!!! 

Count Andrei and Snake Eyes ready for some TRICK OR TREAT!

Unfortunately, we arrived late and Mareng Heidi went ahead. We just agreed to meet up later on after we finished. 

And it's time to do some walking!!!

 It was pretty sunny because we went TRICK OR TREATING at about 3:30pm. Good thing there was a cool breeze during our "village voyage".

Now tell me, what is wrong with this picture? You gotta forgive him. He's using retin A.  KIDDING!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

Mati and Andrei excitedly ran towards the first house they saw offering some candy!!!!


The next TRICK OR TREAT house had these 3 ladies "manning" the candies. I told the little lords to have a picture with them but they seem to be creeped out by the "Witches of Sixwick!" He he he he he!

I decided to join in on the fun and let out my inner witch for the "team". Ha ha ha ha ha!


One of the popular stops during our TRICK OR TREAT was the free cotton candy for all!

At first the little lords did not feel like getting this for their TRICK OR TREAT stop.

But the mouth watering scent of melting sugar with berry essence made Count Andrei and Snake Eyes stay and get some cotton candy TREAT!

 Thank you Mr. Cotton Candy Man! Thank you too for covering Count Andrei's cute face. Ha ha ha ha ha! Swak na swak ah!!!

Soft and sugary fluffy!!!! This was such a sweet TREAT for Snake Eyes (who removed his visual impairing mask... He he he he).

Even if the little lords were chomping on their cotton candies, they still wanted more sweets for their pumpkin bags. 

TRICK OR TREAT us lady!!!!

We passed by our favorite house when we go TRICK OR TREATING in Valle Verde 6.

I'm sure you would understand why.

We go to this house every year and they never fail to have the most adorned home for TRICK OR TREAT. It was a coincidence too that 3 years ago, little Anrei was wearing the exact Vampire costume he's wearing now while Mati was a different kind of ninja!


Walking dead!!!! Handsome Terminus guy... Is that you?

Later on the clouds darkened up. Hopefully we get our TRICK OR TREAT done before it pours. 

This house was REALLY disposing their TREATS and filled up the pumpkin baskets of the little lords.

Happy Halloween little white house!


You don't have TREATS anymore?

Later on, there was a slight shower while we were doing our TRICK OR TREAT. Sorry Count Andrei and Snake Eyes, your Mcdonald's hats are in order.

Of course, that didn't stop the little lords from knocking on more houses to TRICK OR TREAT!

Do you see my yellow butterfly head band? That has been with me for about 8 years!!! Yup! It's my usual costume which I hide in my "Halloween box". Yes I'm such a hoarder who could be stingy as well!!!

Good thing the rain cleared up after a few minutes.  

We went to the Valle Verde 6 clubhouse to rest and cool down for a while after all that TRICK OR TREATING

 Mareng Heidi paid for the little lords lootbags and snacks for the Valle Verde 6 TRICK OR TREAT. Even if we were not able to get what was registered for the boys, there were a lot of leftovers which the Valle Verde 6 organizers happily gave out. 

The little lords checked out the TRICK OR TREAT stage which had fake witches that reminded me of some of my former teachers.

Or is it boyfriends? I forgot. Har de har har!!!

After our quick rest, we started walking again. We then saw a familiar line for our usual TRICK OR TREAT route. 

It's Mr. Taho guy!!! He's always in Valle Verde 6 TRICK OR TREAT every year!

The boys lined up because they just LOOOOOVE taho!!!! 


There was a bit of a wait but the little lords did not mind since they were craving for that warm and sweet taste of taho this TRICK OR TREAT!!!!

He is the same Mr. Taho Guy from our picture above. I liked Manong because he was fair in asking everyone to line up. At the same time, he was very considerate because as I took cover under his big umbrella he offered to give a cup of taho even if it wasn't my turn yet. Of course, I declined and waited until the little lords reached the front. 

TRICK OR TREAT Mr. Taho guy!!!!!

Or maybe the reason he offered was to shut me up because I kept on doing THIS face while he scooped out that creamy soy custard. Ha ha ha ha ha!

And finally!!!! 

Oh yeah.... That's just so good this drizzling day!!


I'm sure Count Andrei agreed.

Yeah right Mati. I don't believe you after you were the first one to do the "bottoms up" on that soy TREAT!

Yub almost choked on his soy TREAT after Mati joked that he will kick his Daddy's car. You should've seen the Chinese Adonis' face!!!

Yup! He's such an "auto guy!!!"

 Since we cannot tease Yub anymore, Mati and I just swung our butts at Andrei to annoy him. Ha ha ha ha ha!

That's our TRICK that day!!!! 

While going around, here are some of the cutest costumes for TRICK OR TREAT in Valle Verde 6 that day..

A Cabbage Patch baby!

A Stay Puft Marshmallow Baby!

Princess Anna!!

Fairy dogs for TRICK OR TREAT!!!!

 This may not count as cute but it was worth a picture. While walking, Mati told me totake a pic of this house that had electric high fences. This was our first time to see an actual electric fence other than the usual movie stereotype.  


After a lot of walking, it was time to officially end our TRICK OR TREAT time and drop by Mareng Heid's house. 

So funny because we thought we were already at Mareng Heidi's townhouse. Imagine our surprise when she texted looking for us at their doorstep. 

Oooops! Wrong house! Ha ha ha ha ha!

When we got there, my dear friend had a delicious spread waiting for us!!!!


Wow! This is too much! Thank you to the maximum level dear kumare!!! I can't begin to tell you how awesome this is!!! My yellow butterfly was fluttering in excitement! Ha ha ha ha!

The little lords proceeded to play with cutie Coco! Look how big she is already!!! The 2 didn't want to eat too since they were so full from all the sweets, cotton candy, and taho!!!

That's okay. There's MORE lasagna for us then!

Wow! This has got to be one of the cheesiest lasagnas we have ever laid our fork on. Mareng Heidi was so proud of this specialty by her yaya!! And she has all the right to be so proud!!!! It was just jampacked with cream cheese and all other melted goo that we savored. Pretty please Mareng Heidi! Please tell us this is for sale because we would definitely order this holiday season!

My husband loved it so much that he inhaled 2 fat slices of this delicious lasagna while mareng Heidi and I were chatting. Me suspected he wanted one more piece but got a bit shy.

Yaya also fried up some chicken lollipops.... 


... and gave us some "sinukmani"!

 While Mareng Heidi and I were catching up, Count Andrei and Coco were bonding over One Direction as well.

 No kisses muna Andrei and Coco ha? Mommy cannot might have a heart attack!

Thank you soooo much again Mareng Heidi! Truly, you are one of the most generous buds there is!!!! We love you!!! Let's have an Indian dinner VERY soon!!! How about this coming Friday????

After our stop at Mareng Heidi's, we went to the Valle Verde 6 clubhouse as we promised the kids we will let them play there if they behaved. 

The little lords shed off their costumes so they could play and get dirty with all their might!

I wonder if that swing could handle my weight?

Ugh... This other swing certainly didn't. Now I know how boys suffered when their crotches get hit because that swing REALLY cut the blood flow of my fat butt. 

Still, it was a precious (albeit painful) moment as Yub and I played the swing with the little lords. 

Andrei wanted to swing as high as me. 

I stopped though because I didn't want to break that blasted swing from my "destructive" weight. He he he he!

Mati wanted to try the monkeybars afterwards.

Yub showed Matster how to do it.

HELLO Chinese Adonis "abs".


We hope you all have spooky but SPECTACULAR time this scare season!!!!

Thanks muchos again Mareng Heidi!!! We love you!!!



  1. -OOoohhhh, after a million years, a new post! Huzzah!
    -sige na nga, I'm a believer na... 29 ka pa lang... amen!
    -ay ganyan din kami nung bata pa, nangunguha kami ng wax sa mga kandila sa sementeryo para ihugis sa iba't ibang wangis at anyo
    -hahahahaha... sinama talaga yung miley cyrus sa list ng horror film... dapat sinama mo din yung "it takes gutz..." sa list mo! hahaha
    -sosyal naman! Shining at The Exorcist ang pinapanood mo... nung panahon namin wala pang betamax tapos ang palabas sa TV taon-taon yung film ni Nora as Super Gee
    -ah cutting toenails pala ginagawa niyo pag-tulog na mga anak niyo. Akala ko you'll be praying and interceding, hahaha...
    -sosyal talaga! Valle VErde! Diyan nakatira nanay ko e, pinuntahan ko nga nung isang araw... kumatok ako, tapos sabi ko "Nay, tapos ka na ba maglaba?" hahaha...
    -grabe! ang payat mo nga noon ano? At ang cute nga ni little edward cullen!!!
    -mukhang may nabuo na talagang bond kay Andrei at Coco! Lagot ka! Di ka na makakasakay sa lamborghini EVER! hahaha
    -bwahahaha... nabigla din ako na si CA lang ang naka-payong, hahaha
    -hahahaha... character na character ka sa "inner witch" photo ha =)
    -Feel na feel ni Mr. Cotton Candy ang photo! Siya talaga bida, hahaha
    -WOW!!! Galing naman ng decor niyang bahay na yan. Kaya pala peborit niyo
    -Stingy ka? Di naman! Since you offered to treat us to Allium, Blackbird, Black Sheep at sa Vask! hahaha
    -boyfriendS talaga! Plural talaga! Playgirl ka pala noon, hahaha
    -I LOVE TAHO, too! When I go to the market around 3am, I would make it a point to buy taho since the vendors would've just arrived and the taho would still be piping hot. Sobrang sarap mas lalo na pag december-feb, when the weather is really cold.
    -ganda naman ng auto niyo! sobrang alta talaga!
    -baka politiko nakatira diyan sa bahay na may electric fence
    -wow! that lasagna looks really good!!!
    -hahaha... naka-quotes talaga yung "abs"


    1. Hiya dear Mr. Snuff! Sorry super naging busy talaga :( I miss writing nga in my blog... Hanggang gabi... pinapagmop ako sa office... I think next week everything will be back to normal... Don't leave me ha... Sorry :(

      !) Di ba hindi ako mukhang 29??? I use OLAY kasi... Put OLAY in the fighter... ha ha ha ha!

      2)Ha ha ha ha! di ba?? Kids nowadays don't do that kasi puro PSP or Ipad when they get to the cemetery. Buti kanina the little lords tried making wax ball... kaso the quality ata of the candles today are different from what we have before. Masyadong firm!!!

      3) Ha ha ha ha! I love that we have the same wavelength... Isama na din ang mga lintek na Kardashians!!!!!!!!!!! KAIRITA!

      4) Hindi... Yun lang nilagay ko para mukha akong smart... H aha ha ha ha! Pero really, SHAKE RATTLE AND ROLL lang pinapanood ko! Joke!!! Pero my fave episode of SRO is the one with Herbert Bautista with the manananggal!! Scary!!!

      5) Ha ha ha ha!!! Or FB in the dark... BASTUS!!!! Or madumi lang isip ko?

      6) Asuuuus! Ikaw nga san ka? Corinthians??? Forbes?? Alam ko naglinis na ako sa house mo noon nung nagresign ang isang daang maid mo!

      7) Yes!!! huhu! Bakit ba dumating ang blogging at Ramen??? Kaya tumaba ako e... Huhuhu!!!! Sana yung taba ko mapunta na lang kay little Andrei.... thanks!!! Cute cute niya no?

      8) Pinagtatawanan ko din siya nun why siya nakapayong. Sabi ko ANO KA BA YUB daig ka pa ng anak mo!!! Naiinitan daw siya!

      9) Bruhito nga tong si mr. Cotton Candy guy pero he was very nice ha ha ha ha! Dami niya customers thats why i didn't ask for a repicture na.

      10) Oo naubos na ang pinakipunipunan ko MATAPOS KITANG ILIBRE SA BLACKBIRD BLACK SHEEP AT VASK!!! BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

      11) Dalawa lang! Plural na yun! Teee hee!!!

      12) Ang sarap ng taho! I love the cheapipay too and not the ones from the grocery. Super sarap kapag mainit and bagong luto!

      13) Magmumukang kalesa ang auto namin katabi ang lamborghini mo!

      14) Funny di ba? My first time to see an electric fence dito sa Phil.

      15) It was AWESOME!!! I hope Mareng Heidi's yaya would selll it soon.

      16) HE HE HE HE HE HE HE!!! Baka mamiss kasi ang ABS kasi di talaga kita e!

      Miss you dear Niel!!! I'll be more regular with my posts next week. don't leave me ha??? Thank you soooo much... MWAAAAAH!!!!

    2. -Aba! Sumagot agad! Inaasahan ko sa lunes ng hapon ka pa magre-reply e, hehehe...
      -anokavah! oks lang ano! you can blog as often or as seldom as you want, alam ko naman na marami kang pinapatakbong kumpanya kaya busy ka talaga =)
      -nasa Lucena pa ba kayo? Yung lucban longganiza at rodillas yema cake ko ha! hahaha...


    3. Ha ha ha ha! Ngayon Mr. Snuff lunes na nga ako nakapagreply. Nagdilang anghel ka!!

      1) Ha ha ha ha ha! Yes, ideally talaga everyday BUT ang dami ko pang pinapakinang na vases at mesa dito sa office namin e. Don't forget, I mop the floors pa! Tee heee!!!

      2) AY hindi ko nabasa. BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Joke mare next time promise!



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