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Monday, November 3, 2014


I love the ring of September because not only do "bers" signify the start of the Christmas season but it is also the beginning of our "birthday months". Yep! For my family, every month from September, somebody is celebrating his, her, or ITS, birthdays! Yep! Tis the season to get fat(ter) until  we officially end it on April -- the "birth" of ERICJAZ FOODIES aka our anniversary (blech).

So since it's the birthday of my Mom, the family got together for a dinner of her choice. Usually, we have our birthdays at KIMPURA, but my mom, being the loving lady that she is, remembered that my eldest brother was not with us during our impromptu dinner at MAMOU TOO so it became her birthday venue for the night.

As much as I wanted to eat at our usual teppanyaki favorite, I did not fret TOO much. Remembering the delicious grilled steaks the last time we had dinner at MAMOU TOO, was enough to give me a temporary bout of amnesia. He he he he he!

Of course, I did not lose my memory TOO much to remember  to get a generous helping for myself before anyone realizes I almost got their share! He he he he he he!


MAMOU in Powerplant Mall is located near Via Mare and beside the new restaurant CDP. 

We always choose to eat al fresco in MAMOU since we go for more space.

MAMOU indoors are not that cramped but we just find our usual table outside more comfortable.

And because of that we're happy!


My dad and birthday celebrant Mommy!

Mommy and her lookalike ate Jojit!

Mommy and Daddy were happy to see their first grandkid, Rocio.

Me, Mati, and Rocio at MAMOU!

Yub and little Andrei!

My eldest brother Kuya Jay and wife Karen.

I wasn't able to take a picture of Kuya Jon for the roll call, so here's his back.


Our MAMOU server for the night was Felix who always made "beautiful eyes". He he he he he!

My family just tasked me to order the same grub we had the last time.

And I did it with so much passion and emotion that I could be nominated for an Oscar!

"I want some steak because as God as my witness, I will never go hungry AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Mati was choosing what soup he wanted to try in MAMOU.

While waiting for our food, MAMOU served us some complimentary bread and butter. 

We ordered the MAMOU Healdsburg Harvest which had dried cranberries with strawberry vinaigrette. 

Delicious! I liked this more than the last salad we ordered.

Mati ordered the MAMOU Hearty Lentil Soup. 

He wanted to try something new because the last time he ate at MAMOU he ordered the pumpkin soup.

Unfortunately he did not fancy this too much since he was not fond of beans. He thought it would be all pureed and not served ala "ginisang monggo". He he he he! My parents "saved" Mati from his order and finished it for him. 

My brother ordered a MAMOU martini while waiting for the steak.

I asked if I could have an itty bitty sip from his martini because I wanted to feel like a "Bond girl".

Haaay... As much as I wanted to be all fashionable by having cocktails, I really don't like the taste of alcohol!! :(

Everyone's favorite MAMOU Truffle Pasta is here!

This MAMOU favorite is the best truffle pasta for me because the flavors of the truffle, cream, and cheese were juuuust right for this wonderful dish.

If I wasn't trying to diet, I'd zoink this MAMOU truffle pasta for myself.

But my brother blocked me even if I was just thinking about it. 


I'll just help myself to it nice and slow until everyone gets tired of waiting. Ha ha ha ha!

Unfortunately, I have to give some of my zoinked MAMOU truffle pasta to Andrei. It's okay though because he devoured his spaghetti like crazy!!!! He said it's his new favorite!

Go Andrei! I don't mind losing food to you!

Yes! That's how much I love you! He he he he!

MAMOU'S Angus Rib Eye USDA Prime Steak!!!!

We had 3 orders of this MAMOU best seller... 2 are medium well (boo) and 1 is medium rare (YOWZAAAAA!!!!)

Oh this is just too beautiful... it brings tears to my eyes.

Like what brother did the last time, I sprinked our MAMOU steak with some crushed sea salt. This really makes a whole lot of difference!!! 

Our MAMOU steak sides were 2 cups of mashed potatoes.... 

MAMOU's 2 servings of creamed corn...

MAMOU's fried steak red rice and white rice!


While my husband was about to finish his MAMOU steak and rice.... 

I was only about to start! Ha ha ha ha ha!

My plate! My very awesome and mouth watering MAMOU plate!

Wait... I needed to load MORE carbs on my plate. Ha aha ha ha!

Could you spot the difference?

Can't talk. Eating.

Little Andrei ordered for himself a can of coke zero.

And requested for some more cheese for his MAMOU Truffle Pasta!


Except for the MAMOU sides. It was too much for us!

Mati was eating the little fried beefy bits that were so crunchy and tasty!!

Ahhh... My last strip of MAMOU'S Angus steak!

Oops... I'm the last one eating!!!!

Of course, we're never going to end the night without some talking.

And a surprise birthday song for my mommy!!!!

Check out my mom's face. She was really surprised!

2 cakes for you Mommy that are loaded with candles!

Take a deep breath mommy and blow!!!!

Plus another one!!!

MAMOU also gave my Mommy this moist red velvet cupcake!

Thanks MAMOU!

Gift opening time!

A card from somebody I forgot who.

My Kuya Jay gave my mom a rosary that was blessed by Pope Francis himself. 

My sibs and I chipped in to buy Mommy something special to remind her of this day.

A watch!!!

We're so happy that she loved it! 

My mom is so simple and finds expensive brands impractical. But we feel that this 70th birthday should be an exception!

She was really happy to see the watch she always wanted.

Andrei gave his gift to lola!!!

Remember his letter during my mom's birthday breakfast in GLORIA MARIS? He wrote that he will give my mommy a lipstick. And he did! Using Ate Jojit's money though. Ha ha ha ha ha!

The MAMOU bill!

Happy birthday dear Mommy!


Ground Floor, Power Plant Mall, 
Rockwell, Makati City
02 8226218
+63 9178062668


  1. -Isa lang masasabi ko: ANG MAHAL NG BILL NIYO! *faints* hehehehe...
    -Kailan kaya ako makakakain sa mga masasarap na resto na pinupuntahan niyo? sigh...
    -so malapit na din birthday mo? When???
    -The Partner likes eating al fresco, pero siguro papayag lang ako na sa labas kami kung malamig ang panahon
    -uy! you're wearing that mexican patterned top again!
    -Intense pala ang mukha mo pag-umo-order, hehehe
    -that salad looks amazing! The Partner and I are starting to eat more salads nowadays, since we're not getting any younger
    -awwww... sad naman na hindi nagustuhan ni Mati yung soup, although I must admire him for thinking it should've been pureed... most kids wouldn't have thought of that kse
    -ako din hindi mahilig sa alcoholic drinks *hik* hehehe
    -the best truffle pasta for me is the one from Breakfast at Antonio's, followed very, very closely by that from La Nuova Pasteleria, and this comes third. But they're all really good!
    -STEAK!!! EEEEKKKK... dalawa ang well done??? Kawawa naman yung baka, walang saysay ang pagkamatay, hahaha...
    -I agree, the sea salt makes a world of difference
    -wow! nice gift for your mom! so if your mom's a doctor, what's her specialty? does she still practice? I'm assuming your dad's a lawyer?
    -can't wait for the next installment of your mom's bday celebrations.


    1. Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Ayan nagbalik Mr. Snuffleupagus ka na!!!

      1) Asuuuus! Our bill is the equivalent of your usual dinner or lunch with THE PARTNER! Umamin ka! At least kami mga 11 pax!!!!

      2) Kayang kaya mo kaya sa MAMOU! Go na pa reserve ka na for breakfast, lunch, merienda, and dinner! Ha ha ha ha ha!

      3) Yes! In February!!! Sunod sunod kami... he he he he he!

      4) I prefer dining indoors din. Kaso the kids could be kulit and noisy so sa Mamou, better for us sa labas. He he he he he!

      5) He he he he! YES! This blouse is one of my favorites!!! Lagi ko suot! He he he he!

      6) Oo nga I just noticed while reviewing the pictures. Kaya siguro nagbebeautiful eyes na lang the waiter para huminahon ako. Ha ha ha ha ha!

      7) Yes! Do try the Headslwehatchamacallit... sarap!!!!!!!!!

      8) Yes Mati did not like the soup because he could see the vegetables. :( Sina Mommy na lang umubos for him. He he he he....

      9) Ha ha ha ha! Toast tayo niyan!

      10) Really? I haven't tried it. Hopefully will try the truffle pasta in Antonios and La Nuova soon! Teka baka ang presyo e pang Mr. NIEL lang at di pwede sa mga yagit na tulad namin ni yub!

      11) No it's not well done... it's medium well! He he he he he! We really have our steaks medium rare kaso we have kids with us kaya it was decided to have the majority cooked mw... He he he h eh! Una ngang naubos si Medium Rare e.

      12) The seasalt on the steak reminded me of the House of Wagyu stone grill steaks!

      13) My mom is a general physician. After passing the boards, she prioritized taking care of us :) Galing no?

      Yey! Thank you so much for reading always dear Niel! Believe me, your comments are what I look for first thing in the morning!!! Mmmwah!!! Have a great tuesday too!

  2. Hay naku! Imbiyerna ako ngayong lunch. Been wanting to try TuanTuan, so after ko magpasukat ng isusuot ko sa debut ng inaanak ko next week, I headed there. That was around 11am. Pagdating dun, may pila. Eh wala namang tao sa loob. Di pa daw sila bukas, 11am na. Eh 11:05 naq sa relo ko at sa cellphone ko. naku, 5 mins. pa daw. Eh di hintay ako.

    Finally they let me in around 11:10am kanina. Order agad ako nung pork buns nila (mas gusto ko pa din sa Tim Ho Wan, iba yung texture ng bread nila sa THW, mas crumbly) dumating naman agad. I also ordered their beef curry. Hintay ako. Hintay ng hintay. At around 11:30 punta yung head waitress nila to say na 15 minutes pa daw bago dumating. O sige kako. Hintay na naman ako. At 11:48 nag-follow up ako. Wala pa. 11:50 lumapit si head waitress, nag-apologize. Medyo nagalit na ako. Kukunin na daw niya. So hintay pa din ako. Bumalik after 5 mins si head waitress, 8 mins pa daw!!! Juzko! Walk out na ako!!!

    Very inconsiderate! Sana man lang nung simula pa lang sinabi na nila agad na di pa handa yung beef curry at baka gusto ko mag-order ng iba. Pero HINDI! Pinaghintay at pina-asa lang nila ako sa wala. Hay.

    BTW nakita ko dun sa Boss Albert Santillana, uber japorms! Naka-suit pa! Kasama wife niya. Weakness ko pa naman ang mga guys na naka suit, hahaha... Yummy siya! hahaha...

    Hope your day is better than mine. At sana wala ka nang headache. Mwah!

    1. Hiya Snuffenduffers!!!!!!!

      1) That's sad naman. To think, their neighbor IPPUDO is very considerate and nice to their customers waiting sa long lines. Sila parang super strict!

      2) Grabe! 50 minutes for a dish???? Bakit ang tagal?? To think ang bait bait mo na ah napawalk out ka tuloy. Yes ako din I'll be irritated din sa ganyang antay.Pero usually kapag mga 30 minutes ang wait ko, I usually have it cancelled na. Aba pag ganon, biglang dadating! Ha ha ha ha ha h ah!!!

      3) Korek! They should've told you how long your order will take to prepare and stick to it kung 30 minutes sinabi nila. That's such a long wait ah!

      4) Oo nga lagi nakasuit si Albert.... YUN ang talagang bossing ng kumpanya. Kaya siya lagi nakasuit kasi he always attends meetings daw. Isa ding super foodie yun! Sana we could all getogether. It would be fun!

      I'm sure your day will turn out better later. Ang pogi kaya ni THE PARTNER! Ha ha ha ha ha! My head ache went away na come lunch time. YEY!!!!

      Mwahness too!

  3. Sana nga nag-ippudo na lang kami, walang pila, nakapasok sana agad kami, tapos yung lalaking mabait na nag-alaga sa inyo habang nakapila kayo (baka manager or head waiter yun) andun din, sobrang nakangiti! Kaya ko naalala dahil sa description mo sa post mo na lagi siyang nakangiti, hihihi...

    Lakas nga ng dating ni Boss Albert, pero mukha namang mabait.

    Ah si The Partner? Pag naka-suit yun, JUZKO! Wala na! hahahaha...

    Buti naman nawala na ang sakit ng ulo mo.

    BTW was reading an old copy of Yes! Magazine kanina tapos may pic dun si Susan Roces, KAMUKHA TALAGA NG MOM MO! Hahahaha... Ganda niyo talaga. =)

    1. Hiya Mr. Snuffkies!!! Oo nga pero I do want to try TUAN TUAN soon. Kaso because of what you said, medyo matatagalan muna kami. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Yes that guy from IPPUDO should really be given an EMPLOYEE of the year award kasi even if ang haaaaaba ng pila he was still very nice and would answer all questions from hungry customers with a smile. At least, it made the wait for us a bit comfortable.

      1) Oo SOBRANG BAIT NI ALBERT GRABE ANG GWAPO PA NON!!!!!!!!!!! (birthday ko malapit na)

      2) Ha ha ha ha! Picture! Post ka!!!!!

      3) Yes finally nawala na sakit ng ulo ko. Sakit talaga :( I took in a lot of paracetamol.

      4) Yihiii! I'll tell my Mom.... That'll make her smile.

      Thanks dear Mr. Snuffkies!

    2. Ah uu, try niyo pa din. Kahit ako babalikan ko yung beef curry nila. Maganda naman service nila, bad trip lang nga dun sa delayed order.

      Eeeeeppp!!! Nakita ni Boss ang post ko, hahaha... Kahiya naman! Magtago muna ako sa batcave, hahaha...

    3. Ha ha ha ha! Sorry Mr. Snuffedffelung... I told him!!! Alam mo naman ako. Basta praise at ikakatuwa ng isang tao, I always share para happy sila. He he he he he he he! Sorry!!!!! Hayaan mo na minsan lang masabihan ng gwapo yun.


      hA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

    4. Ikaw pala ang salarin! hahaha...

      Pero, seriously, they came in waaaay after us pero nauna pang dumating order nila kesa sa beef curry namin. Haaaay...

    5. Baka talagang super tagal sa pagsimmer nung beef curry kaya malinamnam! He he he he he!

  4. Anong kaguluhn ito. Ilang beses ko na nakagat dila ko ah...hahaha!

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha! Talaga tong si Albert, tagal ka na namin pinaguusapan, nasabihan lang ng POGI nakagat na ang dila! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Joke!


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