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Monday, November 17, 2014


When we go to Lucena, we not only look forward to seeing Yub's family, but we are also excited to eat all the cheap and delicious food that keeps us craving when we're at Manila. We already have our usual favorites like PALAISDAAN, CAFE ANTIQUA, PEKING, and BUBBLES CRISPY PATA which we always go back to when we're in the Chinese Adonis' hometown. However we finally decided that enough is enough. We have been stuffing ourselves silly with food from those restaurants for the past 11 years... Maybe it's high time we try some place new.

And that's how we ended up in PLAZA GRILL!

Now please, thou shalt not mistake this for the very popular THE PLAZA catering in Manila. No offense meant to THE PLAZA GRILL but one step inside their simple restaurant and you'd know that they are not in any way affiliated with each other. But it's part of their appeal actually because this long time casual restaurant serves up Filipino food with a charm of old Lucena City.

Which made my husband wonder really out loud: Why haven't we eaten at PLAZA GRILL in the 11 years we've been going food tripping in Lucena?

Well then. Let's see!


PLAZA GRILL is located very near to CAFE ANTIQUA and we always pass by it when we're going to buy our favorite dibidis.

We had a very heavy breakfast and we came from the cemetery so it was a really late lunch for us. Good thing too because that meant we won't be eating with the regular lunch crowd of PLAZA GRILL because this restaurant could get so full during peak hours. 

When we arrived at PLAZA GRILL, the mood there was "siesta-rrific": the hot weather in the afternoon made everything seem slow and "sleepy" for me.

The lady at the cashier at PLAZA GRILL was very nice though and saw that since we had cutie pie kiddies with us, offered the second floor dining area since it had air conditioning.

Of course, we happily obliged.

But we did check out the menu at PLAZA GRILL first before going up.

The second floor dining area of PLAZA GRILL was very cool with the air conditioning. There were a lot of empty tables save for the ones where the waiters on break were resting.

I imagine that even if this area of PLAZA GRILL were full it would still be comfortable for us because they allotted ample spaces between tables.

This was just fine and dandy for us!

Yep! I did say we went to PLAZA GRILL during siesta time so I really don't mind the "resting" waiters. Egad! I'm getting sleepy myself while typing this entry! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Even if it was "siesta" time and he came from the first floor, the PLAZA GRILL waiter who served us attended to our every needs.


Wait... is it PLAZA GRILL or GREEN?

Okay so I take it that PLAZA GRILL is their casual restaurant in the first floor while this air conditioned room is the PLAZA GREEN

Hmmmm... Interesting...

Anyway, I'm sticking with the PLAZA GRILL because I'm lazy that way.

PLAZA GRILL menu 1.... 

PLAZA GRILL menu 2... 

PLAZA GRILL menu 3...

PLAZA GRILL menu 4... 

We originally wanted to order pork barbecue to go with the PLAZA GRILL chami but the waiter said it was out of stock.

So Yub changed our order to Pork Sisig....

Waiter : "Ay sorry sir... Out of stock din po yan"

The Chinese Adonis : "How about PLAZA GRILL Twin Siopao?"

Waiter : "Out of stock din po sir e!"

Mati and Andrei in unison : "Magsara na lang kaya kayo Kuya?"

Kidding! Of course we didn't say that out loud. Ha ha ha ha ha! But I'm sure my husband is thinking about it since it's his favorite expression when a restaurant would not have any stock of their specialties.

Oh well... Yub may not be able to get what he wanted to order in PLAZA GRILL, so I just gave him a picture of US. I'm sure he will be much happier with THAT.

I even added special glossy effects... Ha ha ha ha ha!

Naaah. I'm sure he will still choose a hot plate of PLAZA GRILL twin siopao over THIS. Tee Hee!

While waiting for our orders, we watched a bit of television with the PLAZA GRILL waiter who was also on his break.

I was counting on watching a bit of horror documentaries this Halloween weekend but what we got was this comedy horror movie starring Samo Hung. Ha ha ha ha ha!

It's okay. FOOD IS HERE!

PLAZA GRILL Fried Calamares (P230.00) was so tasty and crunchy to the bite! The boys loved this!

Of course, since we were in Lucena, my Chinese Adonis cannot NOT have enough of their noodles so he ordered some PLAZA GRILL Chami (P60.00)

This was more saucy than we were used to and had fried chopped garlic bits as topping.

We already had fried chicken the night before so we were really looking for something else to go with our PLAZA GRILL chami. But since they seem to have out of stock everything, we went back to our usual dish, Fried Chicken (half order P210.00).

My little Andrei can't wait to have a taste of "crispy balat" (as he would always call it) and immediately took a pinch.

Since we were still delirious from our dinner last night at CAFE ANTIQUA especially with their moriskita fried rice, the Yub ordered a cup of PLAZA GRILL's Fried Rice (P35.00).

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in PLAZA GRILL!

Time to eat!

Besides the PLAZA GRILL chicken, little Andrei also loved munching on the crispy breading of the calamares.

My husband focused all of his attention though to the PLAZA GRILL chami. It was saucy and perfect with a slice of tasty bread. 

Yup! Carbo loading is ALWAYS our game!

Now what should I get to eat first?

How about...

Naaah. I'd rather have the chicken or calamares!


My Chinese Adonis so happy to eat at PLAZA GRILL!!!

The kiddies spared me with a piece of PLAZA GRILL calamares and fried chicken.

As always, I asked for some chili to go with my chami. Yep! I love everything SPICY!!!

Like me! Tssssss.... Tee Hee!

Andrei forgot about his PLAZA GRILL fried chicken and moved on entirely to the calamares.

He even got the itty bitty crunchy bits from the plate!

Yup! They loved the PLAZA GRILL calamares all right!!!

As he did before, Yub washed down all the saucy PLAZA GRILL chami with a cold chugs from his Royal tru orange!

Hmmm... I'm tempted to forget about my "no-soda if it's not diet-soda" thing and have a drink too!


Well except for the PLAZA GRILL Fried Rice since we found it extra dry.

Oops... Mati was still feasting on the PLAZA GRILL chicken!


To be honest, we found PLAZA GRILL to be a bit expensive compared to our other favorite restaurants in Lucena City. But still, it is a tasty alternative just in case we want a change from our usual food trip routine when we're in Yub's hometown.

Will we go back again? Of course! We WILL have that Pork Sisig, Pork Barbecue, and Twin Siopao with a vengeance. If they still don't have it in stock, I'll tell John Wick that PLAZA GRILL cooked his puppy. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I haven't watched the movie yet though.


Profugo St. cor. Enriquez St. Lucena City, 
Lucena City
(042) 710 3967


  1. - nabigla ako at pumasok ka sa ganyang klaseng kainan, Dona Jaz. =)
    - aha! dibidi pala ha! pirata! PIRATA KA! hahahahha...
    - iba talaga pag alta, hindi pwedeng walang aircon! hahahaha...
    - uy! yan ang presyong kayang-kaya ko! Dalawang linggong ipon lang, pwede na ako kumain diyan! =)
    - nice and spacious nga ang second floor
    - hahahaha... kahit ako inantok! sarap ng tulog nung waiter... give na give, hahaha
    - baka typo lang yang sa pangalan nila na "green" instead of "grill" Para lang siguro yan yung ONE NIGHTS (with S) nung isang tao diyan, hahahaha
    - Juice colored! Lahat out of stock! Tama ang kids, magsara na lang sila! bwahahahaha
    - I like my chami saucy, hehehe
    - Nakakatuwa naman si Andrei, kumakain! hehehe
    - OMG! Ang laki ng bill!!! Di ko kinaya! *faints*

    I really like your Lucena food posts, it's so different from 99% of what you see in other blogs, na pare-parehong restaurants ang fini-feature. =)

    Enjoy the rest of the day, Jaz! Mwah

    1. Hiya Mr. Snuff!!! How was your niece's debut? Mayroon ka bang ipapadala sa akin? ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      1) GRABE KA NAMAN! Nilalagnat ka ba? Muntik na akong mahulug sa chair ko sa dona! Hindi bagay! Doctora na lang kahit hindi ako Doctor! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      2) DIBIDI?? Ha? Ah eh... ang ibig sabihin ko is I was going to SM Lucena... Doon may Odyssey!!! (o ha?) Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      3) Nako! The lady offered us to go to the airconditioned room kasi may kasama akong pogi kids. Siguro sabi niya, ay kawawa naman yung lola nila magkakaputok... ha ha ha ha ha!

      4) Yes! Kaya siguro ang sarap ng tulog ng mga waiter... Ha ha ha ha ha! O di ba? Ako din napahikab habang tinatype to. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      5) Ha ha ha ha ha! Hey may explanation naman kasi ako dun sa ONE NIGHTS no! Tamad nga magedit!!! He he e he he he he!!!

      6) Oh well... sabi ko na lang kay Yub baka kasi syesta time kaya out of stock lahat. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      7) Yes it was saucy and nakasarap yung garlic toppings.

      8) Me too! Pinagagawan nila yung calamares!!! I'm really happy when he eats!

      9) Ha ha ha ha ha! But seriously Yub and I noticed that it IS pricier nga compared to other local restaurants in the area. Pero malakas siya ha kasi ang tagal na nya dun.

      He he he he he! Thanks! I love that you're appreciating our different experiences!!! KELAN KAYA ANG SPIRAL??? YON ANG KAKAIBA OHMAYGASH!

    2. - ipapadala? sige, yung bill nung debut ipapadala ko diyan para mabayaran mo na, hahaha
      - ashush, pirata ka talaga! PIRATA! BWAHAHAHAHA...
      - magkakaputok talaga! Yuckadirs!!! hahaha
      - ililibre mo ako sa spiral??? thank you!!! di ko talaga afford dun! =)

    3. Excuse me! Alam ko na hindi ka paalisin sa 10 star hotel mo unless you've settled the bill... Kaya heller! Padala mo sa akin lahat ng beluga caviar na appetizers nyo!

      Huy hindi ah!!! Sabi ko nga sa yo... ODYSSEY!

      Mag 30th bday na ako. Lam mo na. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Thank you in advance sa treat ko sa spiral!


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