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Thursday, November 6, 2014


I'm sure it may be obvious by now (if you are one of the two regular readers of my silly little foodie blog) that I am such a nostalgic person.  Yep that's me. The overly sentimental schmuck who will never throw away used slippers by the little lords because there is a memory connected to it.

So it was no wonder that when the Chinese Adonis and I attended a dinner featuring the delicious PREMIUM GIFTS/ FOOD TO GO by THE PLAZA, a flood of memories caused pandemonium in my big forehead as the famous catering service was present to 2 of my life's milestones!

Yes you gotta believe it! Even I was astounded myself.

For your information, THE PLAZA may be the longest catering service in existence in the Philippines as it was established by husband and wife tandem of Jose Cruz Reyes and Imelda Albano, in 1965.

And guess who the little cutesie poo who was born and baptized at 1985??? 

Yup! That white cotton ball is me!

Yep. The 80's still had that 70's vibe to it!

As THE PLAZA was one of the popular caterers at the time, it was also the venue for my baptismal reception! Isn't that such a coincidence? That's why every time I hear the name THE PLAZA, I get this warm and fuzzy feeling inside that I am within the depths of the familiar. 

Too bad I cannot find a clear picture with me in it but that's my brother and sister standing on the chairs.

THAT'S WHAT YOU GET Kuya Jon and Ate Jit for not reading my blog. HA! :P

For the ERICJAZ FOODIES union (blech) I made a scrapbook of everything that went on after the Chinese Adonis said in tagalog "Yub, it's okay. We could get married soon."

What the.......?????????????????

It sounded like the hostage was giving up to his captors!

Anyway I remember that THE PLAZA was our top choice to be our wedding caterer. What you see on the picture above is a page from my scrapbook about my meeting with THE PLAZA banquet head (sorry I forgot her name) and we were scheduled for a food tasting. 

We were expecting really just some little saucers of food. Imagine our surprise when THE PLAZA presented a full spread for us. OHMYGULAY! Our diets are in trouble now!

Yup! A decade ago I was already a master of making faces. Tsk tsk tsk... And wrong grammar. I won't tell where. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Unfortunately, our plans to get THE PLAZA did not push through :( . One of our principal sponsors, who owned a popular restaurant franchise today, offered to cater the wedding and help us in securing a venue. As much as I wanted to push through with THE PLAZA because I already got a taste of their delicious food and impeccable service (twice!), we had to go for our very helpful "Ninong". I was slightly disappointed, if I may say so, but then, we were a couple just starting up and we needed all the help we could get. 

Drats! That would've made me part of THE PLAZA newsletter if I had them as caterers for my baptismal and wedding reception! The banquet lady said so! He he he he!


So anyway, that's my short history with THE PLAZA. I'm sure it may not be as significant to other people but for me they have made quite a mark in MY history.  Well, for being there in my baptismal and wedding preparations, THE PLAZA will always have a special space in my heart AND in my tummy. 

The great thing is I don't really need to concoct a special event in my life and get them as caterers in order to have a taste of their PREMIUM offerings! Yup! Do you know that you could actually order THE PLAZA'S bestsellers as GIFTS and FOOD TO GO for your next party? Yes you can! And believe me, THE PLAZA would not be around for about 50 years if they offer just run off the mill grub. 

And Yub and I were able to savor what I am talking about!!!

Most recently we were invited to feast on the DELICIOUS PREMIUM GIFTS / FOOD TO GO of THE PLAZA!

Karla and Ms. Millie Reyes, 4th and 3rd generation owners of  THE PLAZA were such gracious hosts. They stuffed us with all their delectable items and shared wonderful stories about their foodie family.  

And when I say foodie family, believe me they are THE foodie family.  They are closely related to most of the generations long family restaurants that are still popular in the country. 

The Chinese Adonis, the ever punctual guy that he is, arrived ahead of me and immediately dove into THE PLAZA's bestsellers!

THE PLAZA'S Imported Whole Roast Turkey!!! 

This fat and juicy roasted to perfection THE PLAZA turkey is P1,200 per kilo. With available sizes of 5 to 6 kilograms, this tender bird could feed about 30 people. 

This American Thanksgiving staple could be the star of your next party or Christmas feast! I bet not a lot of people could boast that they served THE PLAZA turkey in their last event! Just call 3 days in advance!!

My husband LOVED THE PLAZA's turkey because each slice was tender, flavorful, and very moist! He said he cannot stop eating it!

With THE PLAZA's Whole Roast Turkey, eat it the traditional way with stuffings to go!

Pork and Bread stuffing - 600/kg
Chestnut Stuffing - 750 / kg
Apple, prune & chestnut stuffing - php1,200 per kg
Apple & walnut stuffing - php 1,800
Cranberry - php275

THE PLAZA Roast Angus Corned Beef!!!

If you are expecting the commercialized canned corned beef, trust me, I will give you such a big bonk on the head.

What you get from THE PLAZA is perfectly cured beef that glistens with juicy goodness at each slice!

For a healthier option you could go for THE PLAZA Boiled Corned Beef  which comes with steamed vegetables and horseradish sauce!

Both THE PLAZA Corned Beef viands may be ordered and purchased at whatever amount you like at P250 per 100 grams. Take note that a slab (pictured way above) is about 5 to 6 kilograms. For this big a serving, place your orders 3 days before your party!

Of course, when you hear THE PLAZA, it is synonymous to their PREMIUM BAKED HAM!!!

This perfect master for your Noche Buena is a secret family recipe by the geniuses at THE PLAZA

This divine piece of meat is lightly wood smoked infused with only the quality herbs and spices. 

Wouldn't this be such a perfect piece de resistance for Noche Buena or any party this holiday season?

This would also make for a perfect gift if you want to impress someone... Say like a future boss or mother in law?

That could be the same person you know. Har de har har! 

You may enjoy this oven baked goodness like a steak but it is also highly recommended you try it with THE PLAZA'S Homemade Pan de sal with these sauces: Premium Glaze, Wasabe Mayo, Sweet Mustard, Gutsy Garlic, or Horsey Radish.

THE PLAZA'S Premium Baked Ham is definitely a must try! You'll never look at another ordinary glazed ham again!!!

Unless it's John Hamm.... Get it?

Tee hee!!!

THE PLAZA'S Premium Baked Ham is readily available at their stores. No need to advance order!!

I got out of work late and was only able to catch up to my husband already licking his meatless plate clean. As he was a very finicky eater, I was the one who tried the other DELICIOUS FOOD TO GO by THE PLAZA!

THE PLAZA's Caviar Pie with soft Melba Toasts!

Ermigad! I TOTALLY love caviar pie!!! I guess the heavens saw how good I was this Monday that they let me have a taste of my favorite at the start of the week!

Caviar Pie may be an acquired taste but believe me it is DEFINITELY something that you should try. 

The cream cheese marries so well the mild sea saltiness of the caviar plus the finely chopped onions add a pleasant crunch and layer of flavor!

Oh me oh my that heavenly caviar pie from THE PLAZA! I will DEFINITELY add THIS to my Noche Buena list!

Of course, it's no secret that my Chinese Adonis screams at the sight of vegetables in his plate. So I was pleasantly tasked to take over these appetizers from THE PLAZA!

Instead of just having salmon for your holiday spread, why not up the ante and get some of THE PLAZA'S Smoked Prime Tanguingue (Php270 / 100grams)? This appetizer favorite was cured in secret spices and lightly smoked for that mild soft flavors with a hint of saltiness. It is perfect with the dill mustard sauce. I must have helped myself to this seafood baby many times than I could count!

I even added the smoked tanguingue to my garden salad and it worked oh so deliciously well!!!

THE PLAZA chef assigned that night to serve their PREMIUM ITEMS was quiet, reserved, but had that air of somebody who really knows his food. 

Of course I coaxed a smile from him.... 

"Tatawa na yan....!" (He's going to smile now)

There's that smile!!! He he he he!

Well it actually goes to show how dedicated he was in serving up THE PLAZA premium food items rather than acting pacutesy tootsy with his diners. 

I was watching him carve up that turkey and he did so like a Japanese Iron Chef slicing up a fat belly of tuna!

Same goes with THE PLAZA Roasted Corned Beef!

Like I did say before, when you order from THE PLAZA, you do not only get delicious food, but you are assured of the quality control of their very efficient gourmet chefs and staff members!

Like these 2 servers who didn't need coaxing for a smile when I asked for water, wine, a hug... este coffee! 

In this picture, they because shy though. 

Now don't these look so purty?

I added these perfectly roasted and cured meats to another helping of salad! MWA HA HA HA HA HA!

If you think that THE PLAZA Food to go items stop there, you're getting waaay ahead of yourself pal. Of course, if you're like me who likes everything WITH SIDES, THE PLAZA has got you covered!

Their Baked Potato Au Gratin was definitely cheesy and a delightful match for their roasted meats!

I'm not really a fan of creamed spinach but somebody from our table liked how THE PLAZA whipped it up!

I forgot to get the name but these Smoked Salmon Pinwheels were such an appetizing chomp for me.

You would too if you get a bite of the smoked salmon encased with flavored bread rolled in fresh herbs!!!

 I asked my husband to get me an extra piece or two from the table since I kept on popping these exquisite bites into my mouth. 

He came back and got me the whole plate!

Awwww... the Chinese Adonis really loves me! But I still had an LQ with him later in the night. Secret why. Ha ha ha ha ha!

All this food just makes me so happy!

Do you see Mr. Sandy Daza at my back? I had such a crush on him when he did Del Monte Kitchenomics before. He he he he he! I think I told him so when I had lunch with EAT BULAGA peeps in Wooden Spoon. Tee hee!

My plate! My awesome-everything-is-there THE PLAZA plate!!!!

ERICJAZ FOODIES meets THE PLAZA once more!!!!

After finishing more than what is good for me, it was time for dessert. 

These creamy and buttery THE PLAZA dulce de leche cheesecake bars were the perfect ending!

Of course with coffee.... 

And another helping of that caviar pie! 

(Evil laugh... Mwa ha ha ha ha!)

I could totally do a very good evil laugh. I'll demonstrate to those who are interested. He he he he!

The night was more enjoyable with wonderful and fun stories from Ms. Mille! I could never get tired of listening to somebody who is so full of life and vigor!

Now even if that bouquet of flowers were in my way, I was really all ears!!!

Such a fun night of great company and delicious food from THE PLAZA!

It was so great to jam up with these fine ladies! Hope we'll have another getogether soon! The "drivers sweet lovers" could stay at another table. Tee hee!

Thank you so much dear Karla and Ms. Millie for having ERICJAZ FOODIES!!!

Of course, thank you to Kathi of MUCKING AROUND MANILA  for inviting us!!

By the way, let me just say 3 words: VA VA VOOM!

Before I go, let me share a ERICJAZ FOODIES selfie that also had something to do with our adoration (aka "bano") of that lovely silver coffeepot! Tee hee!


So for this Holiday season or for ANY special season for that matter, show your family and friends something more delicious with a side of exqiusite -- THE PLAZA'S PREMIUM GIFTS and FOOD TO GO! Be it for a gastronomic spread or as a mouth watering giveaway,  the country's premier 50 year old catering service will take care of you with their delectable selections!

Order up!!!

For more of their selection on PREMIUM FOOD TO GO and Catering services... Check these out

GF, BJS Compound, 1869 P. Domingo Street, 1207 Makati
For catering Inquiries and Food to Go
Tel No : 890-8446 / 729 0001

G/F SM Mega Mall Bldg A, Mandaluyong City
Petron Square Dasmarinas Edsa Cor. Arnaiz Ave., Makati
4/f Rustans Makati Home Department
Rockwell Powerplant Cinema Snackbar (for sandwiches)


  1. -Wow! Kasing tanda mo pala yung 2nd eldest pamangkin ko... 1985 din siya pinanganak... pero ibang iba ang photos niyo! Siguro sobrang sosyal ng camera na ginamit ng parents mo, may "bring me to the 70s" filter na agad! hahaha
    -awwwww... cutie! sino yung may karga sa iyo sa binyag mo? Mga ninang mo?
    -nakup! delikado pala kung hindi binabasa blog mo... talagang binenta mo na ang mga kapatid mo, hahahaha
    -cute naman ng scrapbook mo!
    -bwahahaha... kitang-kita ko ang wrong grammar, di mo na kailangang sabihin kung saan, hahahaha...
    -OH WOW! Your wedding picture is BEAUTIFUL!
    -oh so they're related to THOSE Reyeses pala...
    -ah di kayo sabay ni CA?
    -hmmmm... not really a big fan of turkey. Greece pa siguro, bwahahaha... (joke!). I really find that particular poultry dry and tasteless. But... wait! Nagustuhan ni Eric? Hmmmm... baka nga masarap ang version ng The Plaza
    -YIKEZ!!! Ang mahal pala ng turkey! Kahit 1/4 kilo lang iiyak na ang wallet ko
    -Now, that CORNED BEEF, on the other hand, I can really sink my teeth into - literally and figuratively! That looks soooo goood! Perfect for a Reuben sandwich. Pero P250 PER GRAM??? So P250,000 ang isang kilo??? Ang mahal naman!!!
    -I'm very familiar with The Plaza's Premium Ham! Muy delicioso!
    -Tama ka Jaz, that ham is the perfect gift... for me! Salamat! hahahaha
    -Jon Hamm! I can eat him every day and night, hahaha
    -kamukha mo si Ate Jit in that pic of you beside the buffet table
    -Caviar Pie! So sosyal talaga! Ako nakakain ko lang yung itlog ng hito e, hahaha
    -your tangigue salad looks sooo delicious!
    -grabe, pati yun meat carver hinarass! pinilit talagang tumawa, hahaha
    -smoked salmon pinwheel... very interesting!
    -LQ?? Ano yan! Sabihin na!
    -Yeah, cute nga ni Sandy Daza! Sana siya na lang yung nag-out, not his brother, hahaha...
    -I see Jericho! And Kathi! And the Camposes!
    -sige, ipamasid mo sa akin ang evil laugh mo kapag nilibre mo na ako sa SPIRAL!!! hahahha


    1. Good morning dear Mr. Snuff!!! Yes! It's a Thursday! Lapit na weekend! Yohoooo!!!!!

      1) Ha ha ha ha ha! Wow pwede mo na pala ako maging pamangkin!!!! Ang galing nga nung camera na nabili namin noong 1985 kasi yung pictures may filter na agad na parang 1975!!!! Tee heee!!!!

      2) Yes! Those are my 2 ninangs sa binyag. Sisters of my Mom and Dad. They were also my ninangs sa wedding. :) I told you sentimental ako.

      3) I would only know kapag binasa nila blog ko kapag napagalitan ako. E so far hindi pa so FIRE AT WILL! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!

      4) Yes I love talaga making a record of special days in my life... I used to have a diary, a gratitude journal, a scrapbook for my engagement, a scrapbook for Mati and Andrei while I was pregnant with them (wrote letters to them which I would give to the boys when they turn 18), tapos I wrote a lot pa of short stories and comic books. Ha ha ha ha! Lahat yun nakatago sa volt ko. Will show the boys when they grow up! Kaya its no wonder I have a silly little foodie blog now. Talagang I just want to record everything kasi.

      5) Sana meron pa ding makamiss ng wrong grammar ko... He he he he he he!!!!

      6) Thanks! He he he he! That's Ariel Javelosa. We loved their service then! Iba na mga weddig pics ngayon e. Minsan I find it too set up!

      7) I might be late from work kasi so he went ahead. The driver picked me up from the office and dropped me at the venue. He he he he he!

      8) Ay ang corny pero natawa ako HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! Me naman I LOVE turkey! Pero the dark meat part lang kasi the breast could get stringy. Yes nagustuhan ni Eric yung Turkey ng THE PLAZA. Apparently he finds OUR New Year's Turkey at home dry (take note first name basis na lang tawag ko sa kaniya). E HELLO! Yung WELL DONE NG WHITE MEAT lagi kinukuha niya tapos konti lang! Sarap kutusin e!

      Pero yes, MASARAP yung sa THE PLAZA also! At least you get the perfect turkey in an instant order!!! He he he he he!

      9) ASUUUUUUUUUUUUS! Tigilan! Isang kampay mo lang yan kay THE PARTNER!

      10) Yes super kaduper tender their corned beef ang sarap!!! Perfect to be eaten with garlic rice AND as a sandwich! Bwa ha ha ha ha! Typo yan! P250 per 100 grams! I'll correct it. Pano ba naman labor of love at nagblog ako ng 12:30am!!!!

      10) Yes!!! Nobody could do it better than THE PLAZA PREMIUM HAM!!!

      11) Sige,,,, i'll give you promise after you treat me, ERIC, Mati, and ANDREI sa Spiral H aha ha ha ha ha ha!

      12) Gwapo niya no? He's suave but funny!

      13) Yes some say I do look like Ate Jit! He he he he eh!

      14) OH my! My new favorites... caviar pie and smoked tanguigue... sarap!!!

      15) Ha ha ha ha! He was very nice. Shy nga lang.

      16) LQ? Refer up there. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

      17) Crushes ko siya since Del Monte Kitchenomics days. he never ages!!!!

      18) SUUUUURE!!! After you pay the bill at spiral!


      You too dear Niel!!! MWAAAAAH!

  2. Nakita mo na ito? hehehe...

    1. Yes! A number of friends have been sending me PM and one tagged me sa post... HOW COULD HE????? AFTER WE TALKED ABOUT OUR FUTURE?????? Ha ha ha ha ha!


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