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Thursday, November 20, 2014


I'm sure I have written here many times how my husband and I would usually just sleep till noon on Saturdays because that's how we roll on weekends. So just imagine the expression on our faces when little Andrei runs up while waving this pamphlet about basketball clinic in his school. Of course we were all supportive and enthusiastic but when we saw the time, 7:00am every Saturdays and Sundays....


You guys have seen the prosthetics on Jack Nicholson as Batman right? Think of the same smile but more sinister looking while having constipation... Ding! Ding! Ding! That was us!!!

Oh well! So that put an end to our late night Fridays and Saturdays (usually watching dibidis) since we have to wake up early the next day. At times when the Chinese Adonis is feeling so lazy to get up, I would tell him to be thankful that we have a son who is very interested in the sport that my husband used to play. As for me, for the days when it's just SO HARD to even open one eye, I just motivate myself to get up by telling myself that we will have a family breakfast after Andrei's work out. Before you judge me, yeah, yeah, I am there for my son's sport blah blah blah. But of course, that wouldn't register yet when you have a growling tummy. Tee hee....

And believe me. That happens to me almost EVERY TIME.

Seriously though, we are actually very happy that at the age of 7, my little Andrei has shown real passion and eagerness to play basketball. Because he loves Michael Jordan so much, he said he wants to be an NBA player when he grows up. I know it may be difficult but we'll do what we can to make his dream come true. Besides, anything is possible and whatever he puts his heart on we will be there for him.... bench parents forever! 

So with that my husband and I decided that after every game of Andrei, we will always have a family breakfast date. We want to instill in him that every time he sweats it at the court, we are prepared to push him on over a hot breakfast with some laughs on the side. Hopefully he'll feel that he may battle it out during a game but his YAPPY BUNCH will still add fun to it afterwards.

And that is how KANTO FREESTYLE BREAKFAST gained a fan in a future NBA player! :)

Andrei is out and about for his basketball clinic! Now isn't that a very eager and excited smile?

Also! Isn't my boy toy so sexy? GROOOOWLLLL!!!!!

While waiting for his new coach, the Chinese Adonis and Andrei warmed up by shooting some hoops.

When the coach came, he had the boys do some basketball drills.

We have attended many basketball clinics for Andrei and my husband said he liked this coach's drills the best.

Plus, since there were only 6 students on training, he was very focused on Andrei!

Bench parents!!!!!!!!!

Go Andrei!

The coach was impressed with Andrei's shooting and dribbling. Yey!

I loved his form here!

After his first day of basketball clinic, we were all hungry. So we all decided to troop over KANTO FREESTYLE BREAKFAST!!!

KANTO FREESTYLE BREAKFAST is this popular hub in Mandaluyong that's open to serve 24 hours.

Andrei was a bit surprised and was looking around for the tables. I told him that snobbies were not allowed in KANTO FREESTYLE BREAKFAST. You are there to enjoy the cheap but delicious food served gourmet style and experience the simplicity of the place. 

Yub looking over the KANTO FREESTYLE BREAKFAST menu!


KANTO drinks menu.... 

KANTO menu 1... 

KANTO menu 2... 

and KANTO menu 3... 

It was a particularly hot morning that's why KANTO FREESTYLE BREAKFAST had these wooden curtains. At night time most of the tables were on the streets.

Yubhub ordering up at KANTO!

A preggy lady took our orders at KANTO. She may seem to be unfriendly at first but was really nice to us later on. She even took our extra orders from our table!

KANTO was featured before in Manila Standard and other nationwide broadsheets.

After paying for our order (Yub said our bill was P400!!!!) we sat at the other dining area of KANTO FREESTYLE BREAKFAST.

There were a lot of vehicles passing by and we didn't want our little lord to inhale the fumes so we just went inside KANTO'S in door dining room.

The KANTO dining room may be limited in space but it had good ventilation (the air con is open at night time) and was still cool on that hot morning.


The Chinese Adonis aka Kenneth Duremdes!

Andrei aka the Next Padawan of Michael Jordan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Andrei Jordan's" stage mommy!

He asked me to shoot some hoops because it was his favorite scene in Michael Jordan's documentary COME FLY WITH ME. He he he he he he!

Yub and I actually ate in KANTO FREESTYLE BREAKFAST the night before and we noticed that their servers are very efficient and always on hand for our needs. 


I ordered some KANTO coffee (P30.00) and forgot to specify that it should be served with the food. It's okay. I love having hot coffee any time of the meal. 

However in KANTO FREESTYLE BREAKFAST, their instant coffee is usually served with dashes of cinnamon. I'm not really a fan of the spice so I had it removed.

Yub ordered the KANTO FREESTYLE BREAKFAST Fried Chicken with Garlic Rice (P95.00).

I'm such a tocino girl so I got KANTO'S Pampanga Tocino (P95.00) which came with two fried eggs, garlic rice, and fresh tomatoes with pesto.

Yub was not a fan of mayonnaise so I zoinked that from him to eat with my KANTO tocino!

Since Andrei always has this for breakfast, we got him some KANTO fluffy pancakes (P70.00) which was served with melted butter and sticky syrup!

The Chinese Adonis!

Meh with my KANTO tocilog!

Andrei with his pancakes..... er..... 

He loved KANTO'S Crispy Fried Chicken that he zoinked it from the Chinese Adonis. My husband just swapped plates with him. H aha ha ha ha!


Now it's time for me to EAT!

I love garlic rice with EVERYTHING!

It may look weird but I enjoyed eating my KANTO tocilog with the fresh tomatoes with pesto. It added an extra layer of flavor and texture per every spoonful of my breakfast!

Yub always eats his pancakes this way. He he he he!

I guess my Andrei got so hungry after basketball that he immediately finished his KANTO Fried Chicken!

At this point, he asked my husband for one more of the delicious "Crispy" (that's what he calls Fried Chicken)!

Andre got the KANTO fried chicken and picked out more of the flavorful meat!

He loved it with the KANTO mayonnaise!!!!

I got a bit sungit that my husband did not leave me even just a bite of the KANTO pancake reasoning that he was so hungry. MEN!!!! ALWAYS forgetting to offer! So he ordered one more slice for me.

Andrei also requested one more serving of the KANTO fried chicken!

Yey! Andrei is not just eating... He's eating A LOT!

FINALLY! My husband left me some pancakes!

Andrei was so full from his KANTO chicken breakfast!!! He said we should go back here tomorrow!


Yes Andrei! We will definitely be back at KANTO FREESTYLE BREAKFAST!! Not only is the food very affordable and delicious but your Daddy and I were so happy that you ate a LOT of chicken!!!! We could always eat here after your basketball clinic!!!!

I'm looking forward too to trying out MORE of their gourmet style dishes!


KANTO FREESTYLE contact numbers and branches!!!!!!!!

549 San Joaquin St. brgy Plainview,


  1. - aha! dibidis ulit! pirata ka talaga! hahaha
    - hahaha... sexy nga ni CA! ang puti! =)
    - awwwww... katuwa naman ang passion ni andrei for the sport
    - ah you went to the original store pala, akala ko sa kapitolyo branch nila
    - baka type ni preggy lady si yub kaya biglang bumait sa inyo hehehe
    - OMG! P400!!! ang mahal! di ko afford yan. =)
    - ang weird naman - bakit sa gabi bukas ang aircon nila? eh dun nga malamig! mas mahal ba singil nila pag gabi? weird!
    - pareho nga kayo ni the partner, ayaw din niya ng cinnamon
    - yahoo! so glad andrei ate a lot!

    enjoy your thursday Jaz!

    1. Haaaay kainis!!!!!! I already had a very long comment nawalan ng internet so nabura!!! Here I go again! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      Heya Mr. Snuff I'm glad you're up and about... Pagaling ka ha! The food bloggers need you!!! He he he he he he!!!

      1) Oist!!! I have alot of original dibidis kaya PLUS we also download! O ha?? He he he he he he!!!!

      2) Oo nga ako din napatingin e. Ha ha ha ha ha! Sexy growwwwl!

      3) Yes kami din Eric natutuwa how he really loves basketball. Biro mo before di siya natuloy sa enrollment because we had a lot of thing going for us for the weekends kaya sayang that he cannot attend (reunion, my mom's bday, uwi sa Lucena) but then when there was a new schedule, he really went up to Yub and asked that he go! Naku! Love na love talaga niya basketball! After school he always plays in our garage... Then, when he goes to malls, you'll see him sa arcade playing basketball and a crowd usually gathers up behind to watch. He really loves it! We are so proud that he is THAT passionate over something. Bilib kami!

      3) Yes! Yung Mandaluyong branch kasi is near to where we live... sa Mental Hospital! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      4) Ha ha ha ha! Pwede! Pogi kasi ng umorder! OR pinaglihihan!!! But seriously, I thought she was masungit at first pero later on while we were eating at the other dining area (e medyo malayo yun sa orderan), she passed by. I asked if okay lang umorder ng chicken without the rice (kasi Andrei wanted more) she said it was okay and offered to order it for us. I told her ay no na it's okay si Eric na lang oorder nakakahiya kasi I don't want to hassle her since preggers siya... but she insisted with a sweet smile. Awww natouch ako. Really goes to show that KANTO servers would go the extra "s-mile" to make diners happy! Galing!

      5) ASUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUS! Kayang kaya mo! Appetizers molang yun e! But seriously, tocilog, fried chicken, pancakes, coffee, and 2 pineapple juice ALL for P400?? Sulit na sulit!!!!

      6) Ha ha ha ah its okay medyo cool naman nung umaga sa room nila and malakas yung fan. I think kaya siya bukas sa gabi kasi malamok kaya sarado mga bintana :)

      7) Di ba? Pero I love cinnamon rolls. But if I get a taste of the powder in other meals/drinks parang BLECH for me!!!!!

      8) Super natuwa din kami. Kasi biro mo si Andrei ang hirrrraaaaap pakainin talaga. He would even say "Force feed me na lang Mommy". Ha ha ha ha ah! Tamad na tamad kumain! But in KANTO, he really loved the chicken! He ate 2 orders plus all of the rice!!! Super happy kami ni Yub kaya definitely babalik kami! Pag parent ka talaga, super joyous occasion kapag busog na busog ang mga anak!!!

      Thanks so muchos Mr. Snuff!!! Please rest and get well soon!!! Mmmmwah!!!!!!


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