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Saturday, March 1, 2014


I know I recently had a great birthday but let me be bitter again once more. 

I SO consider it unfair (or how about an abomination) that somebody was created to be AS HOT, AS FUNNY, AS SMART and AS HOT (again) as Chef Cecille Chang.

Oh myyyy....

REALLY! Like I said the first time I met her in RASTRO (SEE HERE), when goddess Aphrodite showered the earth with sexiness, this lady definitely BATHED the whole day in it (as for me, I was canoodling with Benedict Cumberbatch... bwa ha ha ha!). How is it even possible that all of those jaw dropping traits are jam packed into this lone hottie whose face could launch a thousand Ferraris? TELL ME.

What's more, you will not hate her. Once you meet dear Chef Cecille, you will immediately be under her spell because she's just so nice, fun, candid, and even childlike! And if she is not already perfect enough, yes, this lady CAN cook. Now THAT is what we deliciously discovered in her new restaurant SILK ROAD THAI BISTRO which served awesome Thai cuisine.

And suddenly, I was not so bitter anymore. She can be a HOT GODDESS all she wants, as long as she's there to head the helm of SILK ROAD and serve all those wonderful Thai food.

Then my birthday week became "happy" once again.

Tee heee......


SILK ROAD opened its doors in October of last year and is located at the first floor of the Net Quad Building near St. Lukes Hospital.

The interiors of SILK ROAD have that contemporary elegant feel that is equally romantic. It is certainly not your ordinary side street type of Thai restaurant.  

By the way, we would like to apologize for our hazy pictures. We were not able to bring our usual camera so we had to rely on Yub's camera phone. Too bad it didn't have flash, hence, the dim pics. Sowee! I guess, we have another excuse to eat here then!

SILK ROAD has an extensive selection wine for your dining pleasure. Ask their knowledgeable waiters and they will surely give you a recommendation that will complement their very flavorful dishes. 

SILK ROAD truly has gotten the attention of food and lifestyle columnists plus the raves of many bloggers online. You would understand all the fuss that's going on once you get a taste of Chef Cecille's personal recipes of Thai food that will not be found in any cookbook!

Most definitely SILK ROAD goes beyond the usual Thai favorites of Bagoong Rice or Chicken Pandan and travels onto another level of this famous Asian cuisine!

If you wish for something more cozy, you could always go to the second floor of SILK ROAD. Check out their contact numbers as they accept reservations even on weekends -- perfect if your looking for a venue to celebrate that something special with your family and friends!

SILK ROAD could be the venue of your wish: a romantic date place for you and your significant other OR the restaurant where you could celebrate your next "block-off worthy" occasion with family.

Add to that, SILK ROAD will be your definite party spot where you could enjoy their specialty cocktails while dancing along to the music of the DJ on duty!!! The great thing here, is that you could still munch on their delicious Thai food while partying!

That starts next week! So mark your calendars!

ENOUGH of the talk. LET'S EAT!

First off we were served some SILK ROAD Son-in-law eggs (P195.00) which was traditionally served by Thai mothers to their future son in laws. Your guess on how this tradition is connected to these tasty eggs is as good as mine. But, we could always make very naughty conclusions. 


Take a bite out of the perfectly cooked hard boiled egg and you would savor the mild flavors of reduced tamarind sauce and a piece of coriander. 

But this SILK ROAD appetizer takes a different route when eaten with these betel leaves which added a certain crunch then a delightful "herby" finish. Truly wonderful!  

Another musty try appetizer in SILK ROAD is the very refreshing Soft Shell Crab Roll (P360.00). 

Take a bite and munch on the juicy soft shell crab wrapped with betel leaves, rice noodles, and special herbs. Give it a quick dip into the sweet salty sauce for that extra added flavor!

If fried pick me ups are more your thing then try out the SILK ROAD Thai Spring Rolls (P260.00). 

Thai comfort food at its finest!

I love crispy shrimp balls so you could imagine just how much I was delighted with the SILK ROAD Prawn Cakes (P295.00)! Flavorful crunch on the outside then tasty prawns on the inside! Such a winner!

An unexpected surprise for me was the SILK ROAD Lamb Shank with Massaman Curry (P720.00). The meat, cooked for 8 hours, was crazy tender and served in this very delicious curry gravy. Definitely perfect with rice!! I could just imagine finishing a whole dish to myself with garlic or bagoong rice on the side! Oh zowzaaa!!

Another instant favorite was the fall of the bone sweet Siamesse Pork Ribs (P310.00).

Put down your spoon and fork then eat this with your fingers. You'll be thankful for the whole experience while licking the chops till the bones are dry!

If you loved the Generals Chicken and Fried Tilapia of Recipes, you'll definitely enjoy SILK ROAD's Crispy Tilapia with Tamarind Puree (P375.00). You get here the best of both succulent dishes! Truly savory and awesome to the bite!

Another unforgettable dish for me from SILK ROAD is the Siam Chicken Wrap (P345.00). Indulge in sauteed ground chicken and fried vermicelli noodles by putting a spoonfull or two on fresh lettuce leaves. I added a few dashes of the pepper flakes for more spice and fun! 

Bite into this delectable SILK ROAD dish and get a hearty crunch from the veggies then be charged with the robust flavors of the  chicken. Very addicting! You would not stop wrapping at just one!

One of Chef Cecille's piece de resistance is the popular SILK ROAD Pad Thai (P340.00) with the egg casing that is a conversation starter in itself. 

Give it a generous mix and put EVERYTHING in it. Believe me, you will get a mouthful of all that is truly Thai. Serving is good for 3 people but it will be perfectly normal if you could swipe their share at the same time. 

For something spicy, try out SILK ROAD Thai Chicken Basil (P295.00)! Ground chicken made more exciting with chilis and fried basil. You will definitely look for some rice after a taste of this. If you would wolf down all this chicken goodness afterwards, I don't blame you. I might consider doing the same thing myself. 

My husband loved the SILK ROAD Kha (P295.00) because it was breaded, wonderfully fried, then drizzled with a sweet sauce and topped with onions and chilis. 

He got about 3 pieces of these fish strips and (conveniently) forgot to offer me a bite!

Hmmmm.... I think somebody should serve him up some Son In Law Eggs... KIDDING!

My Chinese Adonis also raved about the SILK ROAD Black Pepper Noodles (P330.00) stir fried in a very tasty sweet sauce. 

He got especially giddy upon learning that this SILK ROAD noodle dish was also one of the Chef's favorites! Uuuuuy! Special connection then?

While my hubby was being all starstruck like a little schoolboy, I was staring at how Chef Cecille got down with the SILK ROAD noodles like there's no tomorrow. She claimed beforehand that she eats like a man and now I believe her.

Where do you put all of this Chef? WHERE??? See? Life is NOT fair!!!

Kidding! He he he he!

My plate! My beautiful SILK ROAD plate!!!

Tonight was the most perfect time to "forget" about my diet and just indulge. It was also a relief (to my dietician, if there is any) to discover that Chef Cecille uses natural flavorings for her food and does NOT use msg! 


I washed down all of that impressive SILK ROAD meal with a cool glass of their Thai Milk Tea. I'm not really a fan of this drink but it was worth a try.

Severely HOTTIE Chef Cecille brought out some bottles of wine and greeted me a Happy Birthday! Thanks so muchos Chef!!! Is there anything you can't do???

For dessert, we had the tapioca pearl pudding of SILK ROAD named Takho Thai P190.00). I really did not fancy the dish since I'm not a fan of water chestnuts in my dessert. Everybody else enjoyed this though so I guess, as usual, there is something wrong with me. He he he he!

Another one of a kind dessert offered at SILK ROAD is their Silk Nest (P240.00) -- lip smacking coconut ice cream served on a fried taro strips.

Give it a generous dollop or two of the Sweet Caramel sauce and make it instantly more delectable! YUM!

My favorite of the dessert served tonight!! 

If the "taste of home" is more your thing then try out the SILK ROAD Sticky Rice with Mango! I love Antipolo Rice cakes ("suman") and this tastes something very much like it! Eat a spoonful of the sticky rice with the sweet mango for that delightful contrast!

The food at SILK ROAD was just utterly glorious but the night was made more enjoyable with my favorite foodie family!

l-r  Kathy Raneses (MUCKING AROUND MANILA), Jane Go (SUGAR SPICE AND EVERYTHING NICE), Guia Bautista-Obsum (FOOD REVIEW MANILA), Len Altea-De Guzman (THE MOMMIST) and husband Jay, MR. AND MRS SPORTS ILLUSTRATED 2020, Jane's hub Jeff, and Jericho San Miguel (TASTY PIXEL PHOTOGRAPHY).

It was so fun to meet Jane Go of SUGAR SPICE AND EVERYTHING NICE)! I instantly added her zany blog into my blogroll! Such a fun read everytime! Hope we could have MORE food trips with our Chinese Adonis hubs!!!

Thank you to the ultimate HOTTIE Chef Cecille for having ERICJAZ FOODIES and making my hub smile his sweetest that night. 

Uuuuuy! Kilig to the ribs and sagad to the bones!!! Don't worry Yub, I get yah. Ha ha ha ha ha!

And thank you to my crazy sis, Kathi Raneses (MUCKING AROUND MANILA) for inviting us!

We will DEFINITELY be back in SILK ROAD to try out MORE of their exquisite Thai food and pig out on our new favorites! I strongly suggest you do the same too!!!!

Go for the one of a kind Thai cuisine in SILK ROAD then ogle at the HOTTIE chef. I betcha you'll be doing  that, like us, in no time!


Net Quad Corporate Center, Shop H 
4th Avenue corner 31st St., Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
+63 923 421-8294 / 02-824-1678

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  1. Uuuuuuyy Jaz, winner ka nga talaga sa bilis ha! ;)) And winner din itong post mo, in fairness naalala ko bigla ang mga pinag-kakain natin hahaha. Parang gusto ko tuloy pumunta ng Silk Road as in NOW NA! ;)) Yes, double date soon please? Mwah! :-* PS-Thank you for being so nice & friendly to me, hindi ako na-OP sa KTG ang babait!! <3

    1. Hiya dear Sugar and Spice!!! Ha ha ha ha! When I had such a good time kasi I want to "celebrate" by writing it down agad! I'm sure you know the feeling!!!! Yes let us schedule a double date REAL soon!!!! Super excited for that! Grabe I'm sure we will be the noisiest in the restaurant!!!

      PS... You are so lovable and nice!!! Thanks to being very friendly to little ol' us din!!!!! Yohoo!

  2. Replies
    1. Hiya Roger!!! Yes! The food in SILK ROAD is VERY good! Do try it when you have the chance!!! :) Thanks for stopping by :)


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