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Saturday, March 8, 2014


Sometime last year, I introduced my dearest kumare, Gail Campo to my new found foodie friend Albert Santillana with their significant others. It was actually like a blind date where you're hoping that the two people you hooked up would get along and not roll their eyes at each other. Except that for this one, I was meeting up 4 people! As I expected, yes, the Santillanas and Campos acted like old friends and we had a great night full of laughs.

You might ask why I am just posting this tonight when we had such a pig out and gab fest at SUMO SAM "sometime last year". Well maybe this is a reminder that it IS time for the Santillanas and the Campos to volt in again very soon...

... and YES, Japanese should still be in the menu. Right Albert? Ha ha ha!

Is that subtle enough for you? :)


Welcome to SUMO SAM!!

I just got out of the office so I was a bit late for this couples' date! He he he he!

SUMO SAM interiors are dark but with that very Zen feeling. You would think that you're entering a bar but really you are inside a hub that is serving modernized Japanese food. 

Albert and Suet Santillana!

Pareng Jun, Mareng Gail, and my cutesie poo god daughter Sasha!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with little lord Andrei!

MENU from
SUMO SAM meynuh!

SUMO SAM Salmon Sashimi (P238.00)! My ever favorite!

SUMO SAM California Roll (P228.00)! Somebody else's favorite!

Sorry I'm not sure what this is... I presume it's the SUMO SAM Dynamite Roll (P268.00) which is a Japanese roll topped with spicy tuna. 

For the life of me I don't know what this is. I think it's from my crazy kumare's side. Ha ha ha ha! Don't you think it looks purty though? :)

I love anything with mayonnaise so I definitely ordered SUMO SAM's Kani Salad. 

It was good but I would have wanted more mayo on this. He he he he!

SUMO SAM's Ebi Tempura (P398.00)! Now who would go to a Japanese restaurant WITHOUT ordering this?

SUMO SAM Chicken Teppan (P268.00) was a favorite. It was immediately wiped out leaving me with just a bite. VULTURES!

SUMO SAM Chicken Teriyaki (P238.00) was delightfully sweet and tender!

SUMO SAM Beef Teppan US tenderloin (P368.00). 

One word. YUM.

Oh let's add another more. JUICY.

Even the veggies were effin good!

Of course no Japanese meal is complete for me without fried rice and SUMO SAM's bowl (P98.00) had everything nummy in it!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the Santillanas and Campos at SUMO SAM!

Let's dig in!

While adults were chatting.... 

... little Sasha was eating.

... and Andrei was finishing his foo... WAIT A MINUTE!

Okay since he's been very behaved for the night, we let him play videogames with his friend Sasha.



SUMO SAM has VERY GOOD food. But somehow, to further celebrate my BOITHDAY (yup it's on an extended run...) I need something else. What could it be... Hmmm.... 

A HOME MADE SUSHI CAKE from Albert??? You don't say????

Okay if you all say so.


Kidding! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Hey Albert, I DID tell you that this was going to be subtle. Ha ha ha ha ha! 

By the way, I am NOT going to be 40 any time soon. Not by a decade! (tee hee)!

After our delicious dinner, we had coffee at Starbucks and chatted some more... 

Aren't we all purty?

... and since we loved our husbands TOO much, we made them look darker in the picture.

Ha ha ha ha!

See you guys VERY SOON!

Let's EAT!

 Level 6, Shangri-La Plaza, Ortigas Center, 
Mandaluyong City
02 9100388, 02 6375704


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