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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Last Saturday I was supposed to meet my KTG foodie family in Greenhills but then I was reminded that Mati and I were due for our ENT check up -- me for my massive head ache due to sinus while the little lord for his adenoids. We cannot go the next weekend because it was my son's 4th quarter exams (yup on a Saturday!) then the week after, we're scheduled to go to Timbuktu.  So I sent my regrets and hoped to meet my beloved KTG next time.

As much as I hated going to the hospital for ANY kind of check up (unless it's for boob implants... he he he he he he kidding...) I looked forward to having another lunch date with my first born. I was ready to spoil him of his cravings for the day so I gave Mati the "sky's the limit" choice. Instead though, he wished that we eat in his favorite of the month... PIZZA HUT!

Yup... sometimes the most uncomplicated choice is the best. I'm glad my son, who I have treated to a lot of restaurants, finds joy in the simplest of grub. I hope he feels that, like me, spending it with the people you love makes the meal overall special!

WHICH of course is the battle cry of this silly little foodie blog!



Oh yes! They serve pizzas AND MORE!

(Insert over acting smile).

PIZZA HUT BISTRO is more chic than its fast food counter part. 

I miss Angelinos! Anyone remember that? It was the affordable Italian restaurant that was also a perfect date place!

But like the guys I went out before, my date now was embarrassed to be seen with me at PIZZA HUT BISTRO! Ha ha ha ha!

Oh I'm lying.

I went out with NOBODY before. Tee hee!

My very "embarrassed" date was able to get a great pic of me though...

Egad I'm so fat! HA HA HA HA! Oh well... more of me to love!

Our PIZZA HUT BISTRO server for the day was a very chirpy Sara!

She immediately gave us some complimentary parmesan crusted bread sticks!

My Mati immediately munched on the PIZZA HUT BISTRO appetizers while waiting for his order. 

Mati ordered this PIZZA HUT BISTRO Clam Chowder (P75.00) and it was definitely not what I expected it to be. I did not see the description and sent it back because not only was it not cream based, I did not see any clams at all.

When we got it back, they put in about 10 clams and I was sorry to read that yes, what they were offering was a tomato based chowder. 

Oh well... My little guy loved it though and was able to drain it to the last drop! I got a sip of the soup and it was a very diluted for my taste!

I ordered my favorite in PIZZA HUT BISTRO, their Shrimp, Garlic, and Mushrooms Spaghetti (P179.00)! 

This savory spaghetti was soooo delicious and reminded me of my favorite Shrimps Picante from Angelino's. It had a lot of garlic swimming in a flavorful light sauce that made the spaghetti definitely slurp worthy!!!

Oh I want some more NOW!

My little Mati shared the same sentiment as I and immediately helped himself to half of my pasta!

DRATS... este... Oh that's my boy...

Tee hee!

What my little lord was actually craving for was PIZZA HUT BISTRO's Cheesy 7 Pizza. But since they did not offer it anymore (awww) he settled with a 3 Cheese Pan Pizza (regular P319.00) with an extra order of cheese (P55.00).

YUP! Mati specified it to be GOOEY and CHEESY! His words!

Hmmm.... it was a notch below of what he wanted but still, he was happy with his pizza!

Me and my awesome date!!!

My plate! My wonderful PIZZA HUT BISTRO plate!!!

Did I hear somebody say "carbo loading"?

My boy was so happy!

He ate without saying a word to Mommy...

HA HA HA HA! Oh well! 

Almost done.... 



Would like to go back here for another plate of that pasta... I'm not sure if I'll bring Mati though..

OH I'M KIDDING DUH. Ha ha ha ha!


Robinsons Galleria
4th Level, Robinsons Galleria
EDSA cor. Ortigas Ave., Quezon City
(+63 2) 632-9410

Check it out:


  1. While the French and English clam chowder is cream based, the Manhattan's version is just like that tomato based similar to a minestrone.

    1. Hey thanks for that info Stacy! I guess I'm much too in love with the french version to try out anything else. Ha ha ha ha!


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