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Monday, March 3, 2014


Somebody made a comment to me today that I have been posting a lot of Ramen restaurants in this silly little foodie blog.

Really??? I didn't notice!!!

That is why, yet again, I dragged my little family to my new favorite RAMEN NAGI since I feel that I SHOULD feature this Japanese favorite in my blog more. I mean, my few readers might sense that I am ignoring the humble Ramen even if it has already been making strong waves within the hungry Filipino community.

And yes, with this dedication to be more "fair" and "unbiased" in this silly little foodie blog, we had lunch AGAIN in RAMEN NAGI, even if only a week has passed since our last meal.

What could I say? I will set aside all my personal desires just to be impartial with my posts for the good of mankind!

Yes. That is my excuse and I am sticking to it.

Tee to the Hee!


Mati : Mommy not again!!!!
Yes it has only been week since our last meal here (CHECK THIS OUT!) but the Black Ramen King is calling me once again (MY FIRST BLACK EXPERIENCE HERE!), and it was spiteful that I didn't order IT the last time!

So with my little cutesie family, we went again to RAMEN NAGI!!!! 

My little Andrei was curious with RAMEN NAGI though.

This ever smiling dude was our server for the day in RAMEN NAGI! He was so friendly and really offered to take a LOT of pictures for us!

Time to order!!!

Ramen Nagi Black King

And finally.... MY ever favorite BLACK KING RAMEN (P410.00)!

RAMEN NAGI Tamago egg

I cannot have an order of RAMEN NAGI without my favorite Tamago Egg!

Black King Tamago Egg

Check out how gooey and nummy the RAMEN NAGI Tamago Egg is! I would always scoop out the yolk and mix it in my soup! WOW!!!

My RAMEN NAGI black soup was really jampacked with squid ink flavor! Its richness just suited my taste and was really perfect!

Ramen Nagi Black King Ramen
Oooh yeah... Give me a slurp baby.... You  know you want me....

I specified my Ramen in RAMEN NAGI to be extra hard because I wanted my noodles to maintain its chewiness even with the hot soup!

My little Andrei got curious with the garlic crusher in RAMEN NAGI and asked if he could put some in my Black King!

Must... clench... with all my might...
Normally I don't want anyone touching my Ramen but this cutie IS the love of my life so I let him add a clove or two. PLUS, I want to add another ugly face to my collection. 

Good thing that a clove of crushed garlic did not spoil my BLACK KING RAMEN. In fact, it added an extra layer of slurp worthy flavor!

PLUS it gave me garlic breath which I could use on my husband later. HA!

My boys did not feel like eating Ramen this time so they ordered bowls of RAMEN NAGI Charshu Rice (P165.00). It is actually served with Green Onions and drizzles of Japanese mayonnaise but my little guys requested it to be put on the side.

I tried the RAMEN NAGI rice with the mayo and it was just SOOOO good! If I was not too heart-set on my Ramen, I would order this.

My little lord loved it! Mati raved that it almost tasted like the fried rice in KIMPURA (SEE HERE)!!!! 


My little lord asked for some of my BLACK KING Ramen.... (grumble grumble).

KIDDING! Tee hee!

My husband loved the RAMEN NAGI Chashu Rice as well and was willing to accompany me AGAIN to have it next week!

It may not be obvious here (since he could be VERY temperamental) but my little Andrei was raving about the RAMEN NAGI rice and ate all by himself! Yey!

I'm happy to be slurping my BLACK KING again!!!

However... I am now torn between the BLACK or RED KING. What should I order then the next time we're in RAMEN NAGI?

GREEN KING? He he he he!

Uh oh!!!

Yub has an Andrei on his back!!!

My little bunsoy made such a fuss when I asked him to go back to his chair. Wawa baby!

As much as I wanted to drain my soup, the broth could get a bit salty without the Ramen noodles, so I was not able to finish it. 


My little baby made such a face so we let him go back to his ever favorite Daddy!

It is heart warming moments like THIS that makes my husband happy to be a Daddy!

Yep. This went on until he paid the bill.

Our RAMEN NAGI "damage"!

Don't worry, it's a two way street though... He he he he!

It was so cool that I saw two of my office mates from TAPE Inc dining at RAMEN NAGI while we were there!!! Ms. Josie and pretty Jewel were enjoying bowls of Ramen too with their families! 

Maybe we should have our next company outing here? Kidding!

I know that this picture is not from RAMEN NAGI but our meal there was pretty much summed up with the battle cry of this recent Lego movie.


We will be back again RAMEN NAGI!


See here!

Ramen Nagi
5th Level. Sky Park, 
SM Aura Premier, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. 

Check this out


  1. Omg Jaz! Pareho tayo. Black King din ang ultimate favorite ko grabe! Kahit na inaalta-presyon na ako sa squid ink na yan GO pa rin ever!! <3 And your boys (all 3 of them hehe) are SO cute! Barkada lang sila. At ikaw ang snow white nila! Kaaliw kayong tignan!

    1. Hi dear Jane!!! DI BA? Me naman even if it gave me tummy ache (consistent in HK and in Phil... ha ha ha ha ha) I would still eat it OVER AND OVER AGAIN! Except I have mine now in level 3 spice! GRABE!!!! Now I want to go back again. As in!!!! He he he he he! Thanks so muchos!!! Tayo talaga we have a lot of fun with our kids! I hope my boys grow up to be as dashing and cool as your teenagers too!!! :) Thanks again :)

  2. Hey I think it's alright for you to post another Ramen Nagi experience. dont pay attention to those netizens.
    I didnt finish my bowl of black king also because my lips turned black already! And yes you can get thirsty from all the saltiness of the broth. :)

    1. Hiya Candid Cuisine! Sorry for late reply! Ha ha ha ha! Thanks! I really love Ramen! If I were to post everytime we eat these noodles, I wouldn't be sharing anything else!

      You know what I remember your comment last week when my family ate at Ramen Nagi again. At first sip of the black king broth, it was so good that you'd think it's not enough with the noodles. But later on when you've wiped out all of the Ramen, you would still have a healthy serving of the soup leftover. He he he he he!

      Thanks again for reading! :)


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