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Saturday, March 15, 2014


Since it is the birthday week of the other half of this silly little foodie blog, let me share one of the celebrations that we did for master Mati's 2-week birthday bash (yep that's how we do it in our zone... he he he he).

On that particular weekend, we decided to celebrate in BALDUCCI RISTORANTE because not only do we want to use up our GC's from our last visit (see HERE) but we also wanted the kids to taste delicious Italian Food. It was a good thing too that little birthday boy Mati was in the mood for a big platter of pasta!


The GC's we have from BALDUCCI RISTORANTE were for 2 stubs of their Executive Lunch!

The maitre' d initially sat us in the other room but I requested to just have a table that is in a more "family friendly" area, meaning, noise proof. Ha ha ha ha!

When we got settled to our tables, BALDUCCI RISTORANTE served my favorite liver pate, and salsa!

This went VERY well with their warm focaccia bread! Wow! We must've had 2 of these!

Or should I change that to "I"? :)

While waiting for our orders, we kept ourselves busy with OUR own kind of entertainment...


Like.... attempting to "eat" our babies...

And trying to get Mati's attention while he's reading... 

I start off by giving him THE STARE.... 

THEN... a wet smooch... 

OR... my CATWOMAN or ZOMBIE impersonation!

Then if nothing else happens, I just resort to a selfie... Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Hmmm... I think I'm getting through him... He he he he!


Included in the BALDUCCI RISTORANTE Executive Meal is a cold plate of crisp Caesar Salad!

Plus a bowl of BALDUCCI RISTORANTE's Minestrone Soup! I would have preferred this appetizer to be more rich with tomato goodness but Mati said it was already fine by him. 

Yes he got it for himself without leaving anything for his Mommy!

His MOMMY! Who carried him for 9 months! 9 months of suffering and hardship!

Kidding. I got so fat I think nobody noticed that I was pregnant. H aha ha ha ha!

Little Master Mati ordered the BALDUCCI RISTORANTE Spaghetti Piscatora (P390.00) for himself since he was craving for seafood and pasta!

Mati can't stop raving about his BALDUCCI RISTORANTE order as he kept on repeating "This pasta is SO GOOD!"

And yes, I have to agree with him! When I was able to try a forkful, the pasta was perfectly al dente while the marinara sauce was wonderfully savory and super seasoned! I would definitely want to order another one of this next time we're here.

I would have to decide though if I am willing to share. Tee hee!

For our BALDUCCI RISTORANTE Executive Lunch, we got the Involtini Manzo, aka, Beef Roulade!

The gravy was delicious but our beef was sort of tough to the bite. We enjoyed that aglio olio pasta and grilled vegetables more to be honest.

The same goes for this BALDUCCI RISTORANTE Polleto Al Mattone, aka, Oven Baked Chicken!

We really wanted to enjoy the dish because the "herby" flavors were there but the chicken was somehow rubbery. It seemed to me that it was just reheated  rather than served fresh from the grill (or oven). Again, we enjoyed the side dishes more than the actual main event! Oh well... Hopefully next time there is an improvement on this. 

As usual, regardless of the food served, TEAM YAP always finds fun in everything!

Master Mati was happy with his pasta!

While I just tried to look for the "inner beauty" of my order.

Ha ha ha ha! 

And as usual, we are DONE!

AND as usual, except for Andrei, the slowest eater there is!

I would just like to share with you that when it's the birthday season of our silly little family (we each celebrate at consecutive months), I would always have candles ready in my bag for that instant birthday song. Usually what we do is we order dessert then request the waiters to put in our candles. 

In BALDUCCI RISTORANTE, I ordered a chocolate cake and when I requested that they light up the candles I got from my bag, they said that the birthday dessert will be "on them" as their gift for little Mati. 

AWWW! That was such a delightful treat for my little man! Thank you so much!!

And without really me asking them to, the nice servers of BALDUCCI RISTORANTE went out and sang to Mati!

Look at him all shocked up! It was unexpected! Ha ha ha ha!

Thanks so muchos BALDUCCI RISTORANTE! Now THAT'S a different kind of wonderful service!!!

(Belated) Happy Birthday Master Mati!!!

And yes, that cake was as nummy and fudgy as it looked! WOW!

My compliments to our BALDUCCI RISTORANTE server, who was very warm and accommodating even if my 2 boys were so noisy at that time. You also gave my Mati a very sweet smile for his (belated) birthday brunch!


And YES, we will be back again!


Balducci Ristorante
Serendra, McKinley Parkway
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(02) 856-0676

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