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Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I recently treated my family for my BOITHDAY in POWER PLANT MALL and their request was to eat at the second wing of Sandy Daza's popular Filipino restaurant first introduced in Quezon City!


The interiors of WOODEN SPOON would remind you of your friendly neighborhood steak house where you are assured of a very full meal ahead. Except that theirs is brightly lit!

Such a shame that Chef Daza, who would usually go around WOODEN SPOON, was not around that time. I would love to have his signature in my Del Monte Kitchenomics book! He he he he!


Me and little Mati!

Yub and a very happy Andrei!

My Kuya Jon, Dad, and Mom.... 

My Kuya Jay, his wife Karen, and little no more, Rocio!

If you're looking for my other sister, we purposely did not tell her that we have a family getogether at Powerplant Mall. She could just get so irritating sometimes!

Naaah! Just kidding! She's in Cambodia. You know, the country?

Oh I suddenly felt all Joey Tribbianni on you.

I don't believe that your Crispy Pata is bigger than my "biceps"!

Time to order!


Prices are pretty reasonable right?

My officemates and I used to eat in WOODEN SPOON in Katipunan (a lot see THAT HERE) and one of our "usuals" is an order of their Crab Pancit (P175.00). 

We had two orders of this and I asked the WOODEN SPOON server to mix it up for us. Look how cute Andrei concentrating on his meal later. He just loves pancit!

He also asked his Daddy to take a picture of his white hair. Too much stress I guess... he he he he! Could you even see it?

Another "usual order" that I got in WOODEN SPOON was their big bowl of Kare Kare (P272.00). Yup! All their food has servings that are fit to share!

One taste and you would understand why this is a crowd favorite. The Kare Kare sauce is very rich in peanut flavor without that cloying factor. The dish is furthermore complemented with the tender meat and fresh vegetables! Truly a winner over a plate of steaming hot rice!!!

I also ordered WOODEN SPOON's Dinuguan sa Bagnet (P220.00) and my family loved the very thick black gravy matched with the crunchy pork.

Come to think of it, I don't really need a further description of this other than DINUGUAN and BAGNET. PERIOD.

Another favorite for me and my officemates would be WOODEN SPOON'S Stuffed Pechay (P175.00)! You get 7 green rolls filled with soft tinapa then smothered spicy and creamy coconut milk! Believe me that one piece is enough for one person! 

You may want to request for more of that coconut milk sauce. VERY lick worthy.

At least that's what I did before. Ha ha ha ha!

Along with the favorites, we also ordered something new to try!

Mati asked for the WOODEN SPOON Squid Chili and Mushrooms (P249.00) which he finished by himself without offering anyone a taste. I was able to sneack away one tentacle though and yes, it was worthy for this meal.

My brother requested for the WOODEN SPOON Bicol Express (P207.00) which was just MEH for me. Nothing really special except that it tasted more like Pork Stew (Caldereta) than the Bicol Express that we were used to.

My husband and I fell in love with WOODEN SPOON'S Dinakdakan (P229.00) which was sisig flavored pork strips with vinegar used for Kilawin. So good! I think we ate most of this with our rice! YUM!

When we go back to WOODEN SPOON I will also order their Baked Chicken (P197.00) because it was everything I like in my poultry --- soft, ultra tasty, then LOADED with cream and potatoes!!! I could imagine just having THIS with a cup of garlic rice then Coke! Oooh lala!!! 

We don't usually order a lot of fried rice but I wanted my family to try 2 of their specialties. WOODEN SPOON'S Fiesta Rice (P170.00) was packed with chorizos, salty egg, plus many more. This is already a meal in itself!

Andrei requested to photobomb on this one!

We also got a plate of WOODEN SPOON's Tinapa Fried Rice (P155.00) which had that salty but savory flavor. I think my family liked this more since we were able to scrape the plate clean on this one.


Uh oh... Andrei's getting fussy again!

Yub was making all the cute "ngasab ngasab" sounds while wolfing down his food!

Mati left out the vegetables for little ol' Mommy!


Hmmm... the guys at the far end were enjoying their food TOO much! He he he he!


"Can't smile. Eating."

My plate! My WOODEN SPOON plate!!!



We shared desserts because we were so full from all the food!

One of WOODEN SPOON'S specialties is their Pandan Crepe (P135.00) and we cannot just leave without having a taste of it!

 When my office mates and I eat at WOODEN SPOON, we would always reserve an order of this crepe with a delectable ube ice cream filling because they always get sold out!

If you love Coconut milk and gelatin then WOODEN SPOON's Reyna Blanca is for you (P75.00)!

Such a perfect ending to a scrumptious meal with my family! BURP!

Le WOODEN SPOON bill! Affordable right? I think their dishes are very priced reasonably especially if you consider the servings and how good it all was!

ERICJAZ FOODIES will definitely be back here very soon to pig out on our new favorites!


Wooden Spoon
Ground Floor, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City

Wooden Spoon
Loyola Heights
329 Katipunan Ave
Loyola Heights, Quezon City
(02) 426-0044

Check this out:

Can't resist NOT taking a picture of our 3 kiddies (no more!). These little ones practically grew up in Power Plant Mall!!! Ha ha ha ha!


  1. Ang saya saya ng birthday! May you have many more love-filled & joy-filled birthdays, Jaz!! :-*

    1. Thank sooo muchos Jane!!! Ang saya ng mga weeklong birthdays natin right??? Especially that we are surrounded with the people we love! NAKS!


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