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Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Last weekend, we went out for Sunday lunch to celebrate Yub's birthday. While there were a lot of restaurants sprouting out and about in the Greenhills shopping area, we decided to celebrate my husband's special day where we have been enjoying Chinese food for the past 30 years.... 


MR. SUNMOON used to be SUN MOON GARDEN and it was located for many years in Shoppesville area. 

Presently it is located near Club Filipino and became more casual for its hungry diners. 

Hmmm.... a little boy was playing with my camera and my Mom caught him in the act!

Or is it the other way around with him "catching" my Mom with that pose. He he he he!

We called Boyet, one of the long time waiters in MR. SUNMOON to order. This cool guy has actually seen us all grow up that I wonder if he still remembers us siblings fighting over our food like there's no tomorrow. My mom said she and my Dad would get very embarrassed when we did that. Ha ha ha ha!

MR. SUNMOON meynuh 1!

MR. SUNMOON meynuh 2!

MR. SUNMOON meynuh 3!

MR. SUNMOON meynuh 4!!!!

My Kuya Jon and Ate Jit!!! (Both are still single and ready to mingle)

Now if they get mad at me, it just means that they REALLY do read my blog! HA! Let's see then!

My Mom and Dad who hates it when I take a lot of pictures... HA HA HA HA HA!

Cutesie Mati!

The birthday guy with a very busy Andrei. The little bunsoy insisted on making our dipping sauce!

But he would put too much of the chili oil that my husband won't be able to use it. Of course Yub does not want to break little Andrei's heart that he would just suck it up and dip away. Ha ha ha ha!

My sister ordered MR. SUNMOON's Crab and Corn Soup (P320.00) to start off everything!

We also had one of my favorites, MR. SUNMOON's Breaded Squid with Chili!

This MR. SUNMOON seafood is so addicting! I especially love putting the fried chilis on my fried rice!

My brother loves MR. SUNMOON lomi (P210.00) and would always order it. 

We all loved it because this MR. SUNMOON noodle soup was thick, hearty, and filled with vegetables and seafood! I could just put this on top of my rice!!!

Mom asked for the MR. SUNMOON's Fish Fillet with Beancurd (P340.00) and we loved how the fish was perfectly fried and was still juicy, flaky when cut. 

I ordered MR. SUNMOON's Shrimp Tempura for Andrei since he loved munching on the crunchy prawns.

We always get the MR. SUNMOON's Sizzling Beef Tenderloin (P350.00) because the meat was just so juicy and swimming in this savory sweet sauce! 

So perfect with my rice.... again! HA HA HA!

One of my family's favorites is MR. SUNMOON Crab Foo Yong (P320.00) so it's no wonder that this was present in our meal once more! I loved that their foo yong does not only have an abundance of crab meat and thick delicious sauce, but they also put in a lot of shiitake mushrooms which added an extra layer of flavor to this wonderful egg dish!

Finally! Our MR. SUNMOON Shanghai Fried Rice (P560.00)! Now this may not be as tasty as what other Chinese restaurant offers but it was still the perfect accompaniment from all the other rich dishes we ordered!

My plate! My MR. SUNMOON plate!


Sayang my other brother was not able to make it!

Oh well! That means, more for us! BWA HA HA HA HA!


Mati finally rejoiced because his MR. SUNMOON Clams with Spicy Sauce (P230.00) was here. He loves seafood so much!

As for Andrei, we were so amused that he REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY loved MR. SUNMOON's tempura and grabbed everything that was on the basket till it was empty.

That was fine with us because it was SO rare to see Andrei chomping away with gusto! Finally I was able to eat without having to "help" him finish his meal. He he he he!

Almost done!

Mati in the meantime owned his MR. SUNMOON Chili clams plate. Actually when he had his first taste of the clams with sauce, he shouted excitedly "OH MY GOSH! THIS IS SOOO GOOD!" I'm not kidding! Like me, food puts Mati in a tasty state of euphoria!


Same goes for Mati and his clams! Ha ha ha ha!

Thanks once more MR. SUNMOON for giving us another delicious birthday celebration! Till next time!


See here!

Mr. Sun Moon
G/F 1 Kennedy Place, Club Filipino Ave. cor Ortigas
Greenhills, San Juan
(02) 470-1257

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