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Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Last weekend, Yub, Mati, and I went to BGP Marian's house in Paranaque to just CHILL. You could say that pun was really intended on that one because not only will be staying in, but we will also indulge ourselves in ice cream and milkshakes till we explode. 

Yes. There will be no dinner or dessert out in Greenbelt for us (our usual date), we are just going to stay at their cozy home and be ruled by THIS:

Their ice cream making machine!!

We ordered Japanese take out and just finished eating. With that, it was time to whip out some creamy dessert!

GO Manong Fred! 

Little Mati was curious and really waited on how his Tito Fred was going to make some home made ice cream!

They got this ice cream maker from CUISINART which produces soft served ice cream!


First off, mix some heavy cream with milk. 

Don't mind the grumpy ice cream manong...

BGP Marian said it was better to use the very thick cream in cans.

Give it a good whisk. If you wish the flavor to be chocolate, just add chocolate milk instead! And if you feel like having strawberry, then pour over some cappuccino.

Kidding. I thought it was fairly obvious what you need for strawberry. He he he he he!

As the Cuisinart Ice Cream maker has been on for some time, the mixer was already chilled. 

Be careful not to spill a drop Manong Fred!

I don't know about you but that's mouth watering already for me!

... and then it mixes....

... and mixes some more!

Remember this....

Manong Fred said it will be a good 20 to 30 minutes before the ice cream chills and sets! And so we will wait!

Paolo and his lolo!

BGP Marian's unico hijo Paolo, who is also my godson, "chilled" with us and played with his Kuya Mati!

While waiting for the ice cream, Manong Fred made us some nummy wummy MILKSHAKES!

Oh yes. He gets conscious so easily!

We brought some chocolate ice cream with us for some, you guessed it, chocolate milkshake!

Same rule applies. If you want strawberry milkshake, put in some cappuccino ice cream.

Duh. Kidding! H aha ha ha ha!

You just put everything in the canister and let the Milkshake machine work its magic!

Master Mati wanted to have some milkshake... pronto!

... and finally!!!


It was our second time to have milkshake at BGP Marian's house and it was still as nummy wummy as I remembered it. I think I was able to finish 3 cupfuls of this!

My cup!

The family that CHILLS together, STAYS together! He he he he!

Minion: Where's mine???

Check out Fred doing the "beautiful eyes"... Ha ha ha ha!
The ice cream was about to set so that means it was time for some Rootbear Floats!

Check out my perfect Vanilla Ice cream! It's actually softer than it looked!

The soft ice cream was just perfect with our cold root beer!

Burp! This really hit the spot! Now I'm suddenly craving for some burgers! He he he he!

And in tune with the "theme" for the night, we all watched...  


Of course, a movie cannot do without some freshly popped buttered popcorn! We also finished some cheese flavored popcorn before this!

To end this wonderful night, I requested for my usual coffee from BGP!

Such a perfect Saturday night CHILLIN with some friends!

(l-r) Mike and Donna, Manong Fred and BGP Marian, and TEAM YAP!

Thanks BGP for the icy and creamy treats!!! Till next time!!!

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