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Friday, March 21, 2014


My husband may not be a romantic (NOT by a long shot believe me) but I could say that he would do what he can to make me happy. During his birthday weekend, even if the celebrant was supposed to get his way in EVERYTHING, he heard that I was craving for mashed potatoes and insisted that we eat somewhere that served it. 

Awwww... considering that he did not touch the stuff, isn't my guy the best? 

I did not tell him though that my mashed potatoes should have a side of steak... Ha ha ha ha ha!

And THAT was why we ended up at CHILI'S!

CHILI'S! One of our favorite restaurants because it is where we first met on a blind date!


We ate in CHILI'S at Powerplant Mall where it was always full. Good thing the food gods were smiling at me that night that they gave us an instant booth for our STEAKATION! Ha ha ha ha!

My birthday boy choosing what to eat... He was actually still full from his birthday lunch with my family... he he he he!

(blog post to follow on THAT!)

I love CHILI'S service because it's like ask and I shall receive. Whatever I request, no matter how weird it may seem for them, they would eagerly give it to me. 

This juicy new item in their menu caught my eye and I knew instantly that it was steak serendipity for me at CHILI'S!

Waiting for our order!

Like I said, my Chinese Adonis was still full from lunch that's why he only ordered CHILI'S Skillet Queso Nachos (P390.00)!!

You are given this cast iron skillet filled with creamy and gooey cheese with ground pork.... 

Plus thin and crunchy Tortilla Chips!!!!

Even if I didn't order this CHILI'S appetizer, the look of it just made me oh so happy!

This is MORE than your usual cheese dip!

Ala Tarzan -- Birthday boy. HAPPY. 

I'm not really fond of Nachos but these CHILI'S chips are very appetizing! I cannot stop at just one! I should get more... and more....

I only asked our server if the CHILI'S nachos came with salsa and even if it did not, he gave us a bowl without charge!

Noiiiice one CHILI'S!!! I love salsa and salsa loves me!

And finally..... 

My overloaded CHILI'S Mashed Potatoes came with a side of Beef Sirloin with Chipotle Butter (P795.00)!!!

I specified CHILI'S that I wanted my steak "side dish" to be medium rare... that's how I take my meat! YUM!

Before enjoying my steak, I got my last mouthful of CHILI'S nachos with salsa and cheese!!!

Oh yeah! I loved my CHILI'S mashed potatoes with all the "trimmings"!

Happy Birthday Yub! I wanted the waiters to sing him a birthday song but he did not want to that night. Kill joy! :) He he he he!


Oh wow... will you look at that melted butter.... 

I loved my CHILI'S steak because it was perfectly pink in the middle!!

My creamy and buttery CHILI'S mashed potatoes were topped with bacon and cheese! I added some white gravy because I like everything with meat sauce! He he he he!


Our CHILI'S bill!

This was my face when Yub asked if I was going to treat him... H aha ha ha ha ha!

Next night maybe? Tee hee!



Chili's Bar and Grill
Power Plant Mall, Amorsolo Drive
Poblacion, Makati
(02) 659-6527

Check this out!

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