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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


It's my birthday season once again and you know what that means: well besides me getting HOTTER and SEXIER even with a +1 on my age (yeah right)....

My family will be treating me to a KIMPURA DINNER!

Yipeee-ki-yay mother effers!

(Ooops sorry for the profanity. My favorite food just makes me so happy!)

photo grabbed from the net


My family has been regular customers of the Greenhills' branch for about 25 years and every birthday, the usual request has always been to have a Teppanyaki dinner at KIMPURA. I think my brothers and sister had gotten tired of this tradition but I still look forward to it when it's MY birthday! 

My Dad and Mom!!!

My sister and her VERY hungry date! 

I hope he could tell me what happened to my fried anchovies which mysteriously disappeared from my little plates. Yes! All 3 of them!

What's the best thing about birthdays? GIFTS from family! Because I am NOT guilty in receiving them! Ha ha ha ha! Besides getting a little "something" from my parents and sibs, my brother gave me this tablet case because mine was already cracked up!

Thanks Kuya Jon!

Yub also gave me this very stylish necklace (well at least I think so)! It may just be an accessory but I still love it!

Mommy and Kuya Jon! Since it was a weekday, my oldest brother was not able to join us but we'll see them for my birthday treat this Sunday!

Enough of the chatter... LET'S EAT!

KIMPURA's California Maki --- sweet and just soft to the bite! Mmmmm.... 

Mati ordered some KIMPURA Ebi Sushi. I'm not really fond of shrimp for my rolls but the sushi rice and nori was a fun eat!

Our favorite, KIMPURA tekka maki! The raw tuna was firm and very fresh! Mother and son fought over this! He he he he!

KIMPURA Salmon Sashimi!

So fat and buttery! I could finish 2 plates of this!!!

My sushi plate! (I ate most of it already... sorry! Ha ha ha!)

My Mom also ordered some KIMPURA Sukiyaki! The beef was so tender and almost melted in my mouth. I'm not really a fan of the dish but I found myself slurping happily their sweet broth!

My husband was not able to take a picture of the KIMPURA Yakiudon which was wiped out in minutes. DARN IT!

It's okay. The KIMPURA chef is now here!

He started off with our Fried Rice!

He did so with lightning speed!

Good thing because we were all drooling in anticipation....

... and voila! Our ever favorite KIMPURA fried rice!!!! 

Up next would be their KIMPURA Chicken!

The KIMPURA Chef was able to fry these chicken chunks so perfectly as it was all juicy and flavorful to the bite!!!

My favorite would be the KIMPURA Prawns in butter, garlic, onions, and green peppers!

Look how beautiful THAT is!

We also got some KIMPURA Oysters!!!

The smell was just amazing!!!

It was obvious that we were all hungry because my husband and I forgot to take pictures of our usual orders of Ebi Tempura, and Sauteed Vegetables.  

ERICJAZ FOODIES at KIMPURA! Sorry for the blurred pic! I guess the waiter was shaking due to my hotness!!!

Oh it's my birthday so gimme a break! HA HA HA HA!

Then, even if I'm already 29 (tee hee), I would  NEVER get too old for a birthday song!

Little Andrei helped me blow the cake!

Yey! Thank you KIMPURA!!!! Till next year!

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KIMPURA (Greenhills)
Greenhills Shopping Center, Unimart Stores, 
Ortigas Avenue, San Juan City, 1502, Metro Manila
(02) 721 8816

KIMPURA (Trinoma) 
Level 3, TriNoma Park, EDSA 
cor., North Ave., Quezon City
(02) 901-0813 • (02) 901-0692

KIMPURA (Greenbelt 5)
Level 4, Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center
Legaspi Village, Makati City 
(02) 621-6791 to 93

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  1. Happy happy birthday again, Jaz!! <3 It was so nice meeting you & Eric. Hope to see more of you. Mwah!! :-*


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