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Saturday, March 22, 2014


There was a time that I was doing absolutely nothing so I decided to just go on Facebook and stalk at my usual suspects. One FB account I always check on is by Spanky Enriquez (DAILY SPANKS) and for that day, he posted THIS on his wall...

I don't know if he did it on purpose but I'm sure that he made a lot of noodle lovers suffer that day. Just watching the sexy Anthony Bourdain almost making love to his Vietnamese pho noodles was excruciating --- it made me drool even if I was in the company of other people. 

A funny sight I was, I'm sure. 

After that, I was obsessed. I just HAVE to have Pho Noodles and slurp the way Mr. Bourdain did. I was so lucky that when my Chinese Adonis picked me up from work that night he asked my most favorite question -- "Where do you want to have dinner?"

Only 1 answer came to mind -- "DEFINITELY, Pho Hoa!"



PHO HOA is our favorite when it comes to Vietnamese noodles and we have been regular customers of the restaurant ever since we first had a taste of it!

I'm sure that there area other more popular Vietnamese restaurants out there but PHO HOA is like home for us. The flavors of the soup and other food are just right for our taste plus the prices are very reasonable. We will always go back to PHO HOA for our comfort Vietnamese grub!

Yubby is it cold outside? Hmmm??

PHO HOA specialties!

PHO HOA meynuh!

PHO HOA condiments!

PHO HOA necessities -- basil leaves, bean sprouts, and spritzes of lemon! This would just make your PHO noodles perfectly the way it should be!

If you have a lemon wedge left over, you could pull a prank on your special someone by asking him if he could see the image of a sexy lady on it. When he stares hard at the lemon pulp, that's when you give it a STRONG squeeze! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Mean? My favorite cousin used to do that to us when we were kids. Ha ha ha ha!

My PHO HOA Flank and Tendon Pho (regular P250.00)! 

Oh I was so happy while putting all my toppings. I think I was even singing "My FAVORITE THINGS!"

I just dumped in all the bean sprouts and basil leaves then gave the PHO HOA bowl a long squeeze of lemon!

And of course, a good amount of Sriracha sauce would make everything MORE exciting!

My husband got the PHO HOA Chicken Wings (P198.00), his favorite!

We also got some PHO HOA Fried Spring Rolls (P129.00)!

I may not be able to describe the broth erotically as Mr. Bourdain did on his trip to Vietnam, but yes, the soup of Vietnamese Pho is always lip smackingly delicious! See the glistening fat in the piping hot spoonful I have there? PERFECT!


Ooooh... there's my PHO HOA noodle porn right there!

I was talking about FOOD porn Yub... NOT your favorite kind of porn....

KIDDING! ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Oh this was so good I don't care even if the next table was bothered with all the eating noises I made. 


Our PHO HOA bill!

I know that I could never entice other people the way Mr. Bourdain did when having a bowl of PHO HOA but believe me when I say that you will probably enjoy it the same way on that food porn link!

He he he he!


See here!

Pho Hoa Vietnamese Noodle House
San Juan
204 C Wilson St
Addition Hills, San Juan
(02) 726-4066


  1. I find their noodles (broth) bland. Pero winner na rin kasi enjoy ka naman to the max! ;) Pati si Yub na "giniginaw" (bad ka talaga!) hahaha!!!

    1. Hi dear Jane!!! What is your favorite Vietnamese Restaurant that serves Pho? Would love to try something more flavorful than Pho Hoa's! He he he eh! Bigyan ko siya ng nipple tape on his next birthday! ha ha ha ha ha!


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