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Tuesday, March 18, 2014


For last Saturday, we had a lot of things going on for TEAM YAP. First off, it was the birthday weekend of the other half of this silly little foodie blog so that meant a celebration was in order. Next, it was the last day of Mati's exams (Andrei had it the day before) and THAT was something the whole family was more ecstatic about (sorry Yub ha ha ha ha!). And last, well it was the WEEKEND and if you think that THAT was not a valid reason to celebrate then I'll be blocking you off in FB or Friendster instantly (ha! Take that!).

No more classes! No more books! No more teacher's dirty looks!!!
Yohooo! It's time to PARTEEEY!

We were supposed to celebrate lunch with family but something came up that it did not push through. So I just thought of treating Yub to his chosen restaurant for the day. My Chinese Adonis, who does not abuse MY generosity (ahem ahem) and values in fact the more simpler things in life (AHEM) chose a nearby restaurant for us to pig out in.... 


I wonder if the panda is named "CHARLIE"?

CHARLIE WANTON SPECIAL seems to be a residential house converted into a restaurant which may explain the cramped environment. 

We didn't mind though because it was reminiscent of our favorite restaurants in Binondo where  you get food that is value for your money rather than AMBIYENZZZ (sorry for the jejemon but I just love to exaggerate that word. ha ha ha ha!).

CHARLIE WANTON SPECIAL is known for their Wanton noodles hence the mouth watering picture of their soup dish plastered right in front for customers to see. 

Hmmmm... I'm tempted to try these other specialties in CHARLIE WANTON SPECIAL as well!

All that looking just made us hungry. Time to ORDER up!


So many to choose from in CHARLIE WANTON SPECIAL!!

Every time we're in a Chinese restaurant, Andrei always volunteer to prepare our dip of calamansi, soy sauce, and LOTS of chili garlic oil. 

I don't know if he does it on purpose but yes, he always puts in MORE chili than we could handle. 

My Mati was hungry and he was so excited for his Chili Squid!

First on our table was CHARLIE WANTON SPECIAL's Siomai (P75.00). We did get 3 huge pieces of the dimsum but personally I found this to have a lot of extenders. This was the dish we liked least from what we ordered. 

We got for Andrei, the ever loving siopao boy, a big mound of Asado pao (P50.00). 

As we predicted, he loved the CHARLIE WANTON SPECIAL siopao and filled it up with lots of sweet sauce!

As much as my husband loved me enough to accompany me to all the Ramen restaurants that I desired, he got fed up and demanded to have his usual Wanton Noodles as part of his birthday celebration. So it's not question that he ordered the food armor of CHARLIE WANTON SPECIAL (medium P155.00 / large P175.00).

Don't let the small bowl fool you. This CHARLIE WANTON SPECIAL is enough for 2 people! The flavorful noodles are all bunched up under that beef and wantons that when you poke it with your fork, BOOIING!!!! The noodles will just spring out of nowhere!!!    

I was in the mood for some more carbs and the server recommended the CHARLIE WANTON SPECIAL topped rice (P170.00). It was more like my favorite Chopsuey topped rice with seafood, a lot of livers, and fried egg. A complete meal with everything that is good for you!

Well that's how I feel about it. Ha ha ha ha!

Food! Our glorious CHARLIE WANTON SPECIAL food! Now what else is missing? 

Mati's Squid in Spicy Sauce (P218.00)! It was basically Squid in Oyster sauce with chili garlic oil mixed into it. This saucy dish definitely demanded rice and Mati was able to finish his extra cupful!


My plate! My wonder CHARLIE WANTON SPECIAL plate!

Can't talk... eating!

THERE'S the noodles I was telling you about. It just magically filled up the whole bowl! To think my husband and I have already scooped some noodles for ourselves. 

Our table filled with CHARLIE WANTON SPECIAL food! YUMMMM!

And just because my CHARLIE RICE was not enough, I slurped on some Wanton Noodles laced with a lot of chili garlic oil! Woooah!


For dessert, Andrei ordered a tall glass of Mango Shake (P60.00) !!!


My husband was quite happy with his birthday lunch and immediately wished to go back to CHARLIE WANTON SPECIAL the next week. The noodles definitely made an impact as I heard him promise himself that he will get another bowlful plus siopao without sharing.



Charlie Wanton Special
265 Haig St
Daang Bakal, Mandaluyong
(02) 718-1880


  1. Naku! Type ni Kap ang mga ganyang churva! And in furr, malaki ang serving pati na si siopao. Madala nga siya jan minsan! \m/

    1. Tara lets bagets dear Jane and Kap!!! Tell me when kayo punta ni Pogi Kap! Treat namin kayo!! :)


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