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Sunday, April 28, 2013


Hello! Hello! Sorry if I have been quiet for a period of time but I was out somewhere food tripping with my EAT BULAGA buddies and seeing the sights of uber wonderful Binondo, este, Hong Kong....

(Oh yeah... 4 days since my last entry is indeed a period of time because... because.... I just miss you.... (aw shuckers)...

AND, we were not really there to food trip... I think I was the lone ranger in that aspect because I was the only woman with a mission to eat at the restaurant I have been fantasizing about since I read it in a blog.

... which brings me to..... (drum roll with an extra ting at the end)...


BUTAO RAMEN is one of the most popular Ramen Houses in Hong Kong. If you check other foodie blogs, you'll see a loooong line of hungry foodies who are all patient enough to have some of the best bowl in town. 

We dropped by the restaurant at about 2:00pm on a Saturday. Thankfully, the line has ceased down... 

Well maybe just for our group because food gods were smiling my way... He he he he he he!

I know! I know! My little silly foodie blog IS entitled ERICJAZ foodies... But try as I might to shove him in my luggage, this was only an all girl trip for the Admin girls of TAPE INC., Don't worry, he's with me in spirit.

BECAUSE even if he does not really fancy ramen... I ate for him since that IS the title of our blog... ERICJAZ FOODIES.

By the way,  having lunch at BUTAO RAMEN was not really part of the itinerary since it was sorta out of the way from our hotel, but I'm really grateful my officemates agreed to go here for lunch. Well maybe because of the following reasons:

a: They found me cute and lovable....
b:  Their ears got tired of me begging every single day... 
c: They will do anything to shut me up (related to B)
d: They got curious of what BUTAO RAMEN has to offer.

So I guess it's ALL OF THE ABOVE????

Wait a minute..... ... moving on.... ha ha ha ha ha!

The meynuh (could anyone translate for me word per word??)

Welcome to BUTAO! 

You would be assured of the good food of a restaurant when they confidently offer only a few dishes to their menu but still manage to fill up the whole space. So BUTAO RAMEN only has 4 choices for you... the BUTAO KING... BLACK KING... RED KING... and GREEN KING.

If some of you wise guys suggest WHITE KING, I'm walking outta here. 

Everything is so simple in BUTAO RAMEN. While waiting, they give you a piece of pad paper for your order. 

By the way, if you're questioning the neatness and legibility of the penmanship here, I let a 5 year old kid do the writing for me. Yup that's what I did for sure because... because... I was busy taking pictures... (yeah riiiight).

If you're wondering why I did not have Chasiu pork on my ramen it is because I am on a diet. But I truly recommend you to add that protein in your bowl since it was very tender and tasty! So worth the extra fat!

See their small space? I still found it homey....

The young chefs of BUTAO RAMEN very busy with their noodles! It was nice of them to let me click away. That guy with the bandana is was also cute. TEE HEE!

The Chasiu Pork all tender and ready to be dipped into their boiling tonkatsu soup!


Yup! BUTAO RAMEN is multi-awarded and everything! They proudly displayed this on their window.

Yey! We're finally seated. The waitress took note of where I sat for easy matching my ramen.

After settling what was needed to be settled, I checked their plate of condiments....

I think this is spicy pickled pechay while the other one was bean sprouts. It really depends on you if you want to add these extras in your ramen but I loved my bowl as it is!

Of course, all of it are worth a try though....

He he he he! We got seats and you don't!

Like I said, BUTAO RAMEN's place was kinda small compared to the number of hungry foodies who want to eat their noodles.  But what is an hour wait to get the best ramen in Hong Kong? If there is a line the next time I'm there, I would suck it out!

But still, all I can say is...

Har de har har! We got seats and you dont! ha ha ha ha ha!

Me with Mam Josie and Ate Yogie! We are all excited to eat our Ramens!!!! I'm so grateful to them that they understood my obsession to having a meal in BUTAO RAMEN that they agreed to having our late lunch there.

Even this little kid was gobbling up her noodles.... after this pic was taken! He he he he!

First bowl on our table was the BUTAO KING ($80)! I was able to take a sip of the soup and found it so milky and flavorful! It was obvious that the pork bones was indeed boiled for about millions of hours to get the ultra taste!!! If I was not curious with my Squid Ramen, I would have ordered this too!!!

When will the other bowls come??? When???

It was nice of my officemate Tonette to let me a taste. It would have been nicer if she gave the whole bowl to me afterwards.


Chris and Sheryl said they loved their BUTAO KING ramen too. But, they did not let me take a taste.

Yup! One should take a sip from every bowl to ensure the quality of ALL of their ramens. It is just my duty to do so.

The GREEN KING ramen (hkd 90) is rich soup consisting of basil, cheese, and everything creamy. If I was not curious of my BLACK KING ramen, I would have this too!

It's great that Ate Yogie ordered this and kindly let me have a spoonful. She did offer to give me more of her ramen when I was salivating and drooling like crazy after a taste. But I tried to be a lady and declined. 

(I'll just hope she has leftovers... Then, I'll just swipe it when she's not looking)

Unfortunately that did not happen. She said she loved her ramen and finished everything. Boohoo me.

Nobody ordered the RED KING ramen because our waitress (see below) warned that it was very spicy! If you have tried this hot bowl, how did you find it?

I said it once and I'll say it again... If I was not curious of my Black King Ramen I would have tried that Red King as well... tee hee!

BUTAO RAMEN has a filipina waitress named Mabel who loved having her picture taken with us. Here she is with Larlene and Sunshine.

..... then with the whole group (clockwise - Mam Josie, Waitress Mabel, ME, Ate Yogie, Ate Dalden, Chris, Sheryl, Larlene, Sunshine, and Tonette). Maybe she wants to join Pinoy Henyo, I don't know. Ha ha ha ha ha! Still, she gave us exceptional service and our meal was more enjoyable with her caring and fussing! 

Oh please where's MY order BUTAO RAMEN???? Save a hungry lady here please!!!

... and finally my BLACK KING RAMEN (hkd 90)! Oh it was as beautiful as I dreamed it would be!

As soon as it was laid down in front of me, I took a looooong  and nasal free whiff of all that BLACK KING goodness! Everything just smelled so glorious and wonderful that I can't WAIT to slurp my way to BLACK KING ramen heaven!

Happy... happy me! Finally! One of my foodie wishes came true!!!!!!!!!!

I specified on my order paper that I wanted my noodles to be thick and super hard. I loved getting a chewy bite from my ramen and if you want the same firmness that you have probably enjoyed in other ramen houses, then request for SUPER HARD noodles in BUTAO RAMEN as well!

Oh yeah I will slurp you to kingdom come!

With my first slurp and bite of their ramen noodles, I was deliriously happy! The soup was so tasty and divine that I wanted wolf down everything in one bite!

But like I said, I was trying to act like a lady here... so I controlled myself.

Yup... the lady DID get black "tinga' in her teeth afterwards but I DON'T CARE!

This big spoon? Yup, I put it all inside my mouth!

He he he he! I wanted to do the same thing but I was not yet finished with my own bowl....

As much as I wanted to slurp everything away, we were going shopping afterwards in Granville and my tummy somehow has an aversion to squid ink and tenga ng daga.

... Yup Squid Ink... and that's what I ordered. Anything for food. I hope I won't suffer later. Ha ha ha ha ha! 

My tummy DID grumble like crazy while we were buying I LOVE HONG KONG magnets but I just daydreamed of happy thoughts....

Like me eating there again... he he he he!

In the meantime... I was savoring the goodness of my BLACK KING ramen and Larlene's leftover soup.

I don't care if I will get black squiddy or greeny things lodged between my teeth. It is my duty to take these all down. Like all Mom's would say... "Dami kaya nagugutom sa (insert country)!!!"

When we stepped out there was indeed a LOOOOONG LINE of foodies hungry for some BUTAO RAMEN! If only I had wide lenses, you would see the line almost at the edge of your monitors! And I don't blame them...Because...

Even if I got United of Colors "thingies" between my teeth...

Even if there will be a long wait the next time I go there...

Even if my tummy will grumble and diss me like crazy after the meal because of the squid ink...

Even if I encounter another waitress who would like to take pictures with us since we are popular (tee hee)...


Even if from 130lbs my weight shot up to 142lbs after our Hong Kong trip.

I WILL STILL GO BACK HERE by hook or by crook!!!  Yes it is THAT good! Believe it or not, a meal in BUTAO RAMEN is an item out of my bucket list.

I hope I will be able to cross out item number 24: "EAT AT BUTAO RAMEN 10 TIMES".


Butao Ramen
G/F, Kam Wing Commercial Building, 28 Minden Ave, Tsim Sha Tsui

G/F, 40 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay

G/F, Wo On Building, 8-13 On Lane Street, Lan Kwai Fong, Central
telephone: 2530-0600


  1. Ramen Nagi Butao Manila =)

    1. Hallelujah!!! Thanks Mr. Anonymous!!! I heard about the rumors before but this confirms it all!!! :) Thanks again !!


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