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Friday, August 16, 2019


To be honest, I'm not really sure of what to do in Korea. When planning the trip, the Yub and I just decided to go there because it's one of the must-see Asian countries that we haven't been to. I'm not into Koreanovelas so going to some of their popular TV attractions might not interest me. What I do know however is that I absolutely LOOOOOOOOVED Korean food, and it's something that I was SUPER looking forward to for our trip.

HOW-EVER, we were joining a group tour (with Aning's family) and while chatting up with my mareng Gail (who recently had a Korean tour via a travel agent), we figured out that the establishments we'll go to might likely be the same. She said she didn't enjoy the food and that (mostly) everything was blech (probably because they went to the commercialized touristy places). So yeah, my excitement (foodwise) sorta went down the drain after that. What only lifted me up was the thought that we'll sneak a bite or two from Mcdonald's (since we'd usually try one in every country) or feast in 7-11 (like what Strictly Dumpling did). Yun lang, hope we could do it with our travel group tour schedule!

What happened? Let's just say we were all pleasantly surprised.

Read on and enjoy!!


And we're HUNGRY for some authentic Korean food!

After settling in the tour bus (naks tour bus daw o), our guide gave us the option of having our lunch near the airport or going for her recommended grilled fish that was an hour away.

Since we just ate in the plane, we're game for some good ol' Grilled Fish!

After an hour's ride, we got to Seoul and walked to this restaurant at the side streets. 

There was nobody in the restaurant (probably because it's already 1:00pm) and we were all led into this area.

Let's eat!!!!

Set up was fast that upon taking our seats the restaurant attendants laid down all the food. 

I think that's how Korean restaurant set up goes: customers are seated, out comes the ban chan, out comes the main grub, then customers are left to enjoy the food. 

Whatever you need is available nearby (water, utensils, etc). So really, it's going to be a fast meal.


The Yub, bunsoy Andrei, Jelo, Mike, Dani, Aning, Jonahs, Master Mati, and MEEEEEEEEEH!

Tito Tom, Anings Dad, was also in our table. 

Anings relatives, Tita Mina, Tita Lilian, Kuya Larry, and Ghela!

Sorry that I wasn't able to take close up pictures of our food because everything went by so fast (I wasn't ready... he he eh he), but here's what we had:

Kimchi Soup, Spicy Squid with Onions, and Grilled Fish!

Man! Everything was SOOOO good especially that Grilled Fish. It had that smokey, meaty, and slightly salty taste that was so perfect with their sticky multi-grain rice. Saraaaaap!!! I also enjoyed all the banchan that came with it!!!

Our first taste of authentic Korean food was off to a very good (pun intended) start!! Wohoo!!!!

Afterwards we went to Gyeongbokgung Palace for an educational yet entertaining stroll!

We also went to Nam Seoul Tower for that breath-taking view. 

For our first dinner in Korea, we were brought here!!

Yep! The place that said we were too early by 5 minutes so we can't stay there... He he he.... 

Table A....

Table B.... 

When we got to the table, banchan and rice were already waiting for us.

Korean restaurants are mostly semi-self service. If you need anything just check your table!

Dinner is served!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We each got a pot of (almost) boiling Beef Soup with Enoki Mushrooms and other veggies. This was great for cold nights.

To be honest, I found this a bit bland at first. But after a few spoonfuls of soy sauce, it was quite good. I ate it too with loads of Kimchi!

Table mates!!!!

The Yub liked it because he's very fond of soups. 

Same goes for my Master Mati who also savored the banchan with his  soup!

The hot soup was okay with Andrei because he's fine with Korean food as long as it's not super spicy. He finished all of the fish cake too!


Tee hee.. I had a lot of leftovers.... It was good naman but I focused more on the kimchi and other banchan.  He he he he he!


BYE Namsan!

The next day, we spent our morning at Le Petit France!

Outside Le Petit France we saw this stall selling fruits that we rarely see in the Philippines.

They gave us a VERY good price pa and OMG these big and fat strawberries were the BEST I've ever had!!! 

So juicy and veryyyyyy sweet!!! 

I was originally planning to have noodles for my midnight snack later but these strawberries were just too good for tomorrow. I bit on each one with so much love and gusto.

Haaaaaay.... Hope I could have some again.

For lunch, we went to this Chicken Barbecue place near a market.

The restaurant was jampacked with mostly tourist groups I think.

And once again, the Androse sat with Anings family! Grrrrrrrrrrr!

We got Johans naman in his place. He he he he he!

As soon as we sat down a lady attendant quickly served banchan, and rice. She then turned on the grill.

Lunch for that day was eat all you can Barbecued Chicken!!!

Oh wow... This was soooo good! We didn't stop at one plate. I think we got 4 more!

If we wanted more Banchan or Chicken we could just help ourselves to this nearby table.

Sorry about the tissue he he he he he!

Since the boys were seated at the outer part of the table, they were the ones tasked with getting the additional Banchan and Chicken that we needed.

BWA HA HA HA HA! Child labor rules!

I think this was our 3rd or 4th helping of the chicken! It was sooooo good even with just the usual Korean seasonings.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords having Chicken Barbecue!

There's the other little lord....


Auuughhh! Those grilled mushrooms were extra good too!!!!!!

After our delicious Chicken Barbecue lunch, we all went to Nami Island!

There were some food stalls there and while the kids were playing around, the Yub and I had some ice cream.

The boys got their ice cream too!

While walking, we also saw this mini-hut selling these mouth watering buns.


Monggo paste in a soft bun. It was good because the buns were sold straight from the oven.

We also had some corndogs which were mighty good!!!!

After our very bitin stay in Nami Island, we went to the district for some shopping.

We shopped for loads! Ha ha ha ha ha! That's why we got late for dinner.

This time, we'll be having Shredded Pork in Veggie soup!

Again, loads of tourists were herded onto this resto. I don't mind really because at least we all have available tables and fast service since it's all pre-arranged.

Le grub!

Sorry but out of all the food in our tour this is the one I liked the LEAST because it tasted SOOOO  bland! No amount of spicy paste or soy sauce could make me like it. 

Our guide helped us cook our pot.

He he he he! Maybe we didn't eat it right? I don't know. He he he he he! I even put the spicy  paste on my rice bowl so that I could eat it.

What made us enjoy our dinner here was the company.

Even if we were somewhat full from this dinner, we still craved for something else. 


When we got back to the hotel, we all marched to the nearest convenience store to get our fill of Korean instant grub.

Jelo didn't eat anything in the restaurant and was happy to get some spicy noodles.

There was a microwave to heat up the meat on sticks!

Plus this hot water station for the noodles!

Our late night snacks for that night!

Sorry tour guide Judy but we had more fun here than dinner. He he he he!

Thank you so much H24 for making us happy tonight! He he he he!!!!

The next day after making our rounds in the cosmetics and other shops, we went to EVERLAND!!! Yayyyy!!!!!!

We were given meal stubs which were good for specific dishes in various restaurants around the site. Since we all wanted to start on our EVERLAND adventure (plus the boys wanted pizza), we went to the first restaurant that we saw.

There was a LOOOOOOONG line inside the jampacked place. 

They wouldn't let us order too unless we had a seat.

Finally we had a table!!!!!!!!

The Yub ordered and learned that our pizzas would be out at around 30-45 minutes.

HALA! And we only have 4 hours here in EVERLAND!

ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!!

The Yub and the Androse!

Master Mati and MEEEEEEE!

We all looked so fresh here. He he he he he he he!

Even if it's a pizza place, the restaurant served these addicting pickles similar to what you find in burgers. I loved these and asked the Yub to get some more.

OUR PIZZAAAAAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We each got a pizza and a can of soda. 

The pizza may look confusing (especially with the combination of Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, then CORN) but it was actually quite good!

Loved how gooey and cheesy it was! Winner!

It may look small but the pizzas were very heavy on the tummy! I had a hard time finishing the last piece!

We were only able to get on ONE ride in EVERLAND because there were a lot of people (imagine the 2 hour wait). That's why after that one crummy ride, it's back to the waiting area for us.

The Matster and I decided to try out this meaty and juicy sausage plus ice cold drinks.

Jumbo Hotdog kaya mo ba to?!

Aysus! Kayang Kaya!!!!!!

Abangan mo sa right corner pocket, SUMAKAY KA PA!!!

He he he he he he he he!

More to come in the part two!!!!!!

I'm sure I don't need to tell you what's coming up next!!!

MYEONGDONG baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







  1. Masarap food sa Everland! Walang sinabi food sa Disneyland ��

    Sayang! Hindi kayo nakatry ng Korean Fried Chicken? Wait ko part 2!


    1. Huloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Erika!!!!!!!!

      Really??? Sayang wasn't able to eat much in EVERLAND huhuhu at limited our time!!!! Would really love to come back even just for the food!

      HINDEEEEEH!!! Hay! Hindi kasi kasama sa ITINERARY. Oh well... Something to come back for... Huhuhuhu!

      Thanks always! mwah mwah mwah!!!!


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