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Thursday, August 8, 2019


It's "SOOO EXCIIITEDDD KOREA" day 4 and since we will be leaving the next day for home, we plan on giving our all in our last full day of fun!!

We joined Aning's family for the tour so as to experience the convenience of being in a group and though there were many snafus in the travel arrangements, it was still all awesome because we were in the company of great friends. You might say that THAT made the trip extra enjoyable! Great too that Aning took charge and we were all just relaxed and enjoyed the ride. Yehessssss...

When we woke up that morning, we were still all drunk from all the fun in the past 3 days. With that, we all got up because we wanted to start our day, fast. 

Syempre we had to get energized and start our day with breakfast. We all went down so hyper and happy!

Only to be greeted with THIS!


I don't know what happened but when we got to our usual restaurant for brekky, the manager told us that we should go upstairs. When we went up, there was a sorry buffet table with the usual sorry food. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Yep, it's scambled eggs again and pork!

EGAD. I remember my first trip to Hong Kong where we were just given stubs to go to a restaurant to have hotdogs or ham and eggs, SIGH... I really miss that.

Okay so let's do again....


It was a chilly morning before boarding our bus.

Again, before starting with the official tour, we had to go through the usual shops. First one, they offered us these capsules to lower our cholesterol.

I got to hand it to them, they are so good with their sales talk. 

There was one part where they offered to check our cholesterol using a microscope on our fingers. Onscreen it was very clear for me. When I pointed it out the lady said it was just one area but it was obvious that my cholesterol is high on other parts.


Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Next up is the amethyst store!

This is actually my birth stone but I didn't plan to do some any shopping that day.

Still, they were all nice until we said that we're not buying. Bwa ha ha ha ha ah ha!



Now off we gooooo!

The first real agenda for the day was wearing Korea costumes.

Sayang I was looking for the one they were wore at The Kingdom but these looked cute pa din.

Since we're (feeling) royalty, we're sporting the serious look.


There were different corners of the building for you to "relive" your Korean fantasy. Would love it to be outside but I think that's for another rate.


The emperor and his feast!

The serious soldiers....

The serious parents of the soldiers!

Tee Heee!!!

If you look closely, the costumes were a bit dirty. I still found the whole get-up beautiful though.

Hay!!! Why wasn't I born in this period???

Our little (feeling) Korean family!

Cutesy poo boys!

If only these were real... Ha ha ha ha ha!

My bunsoy eyed this yoghurt shop just right outside the doors of the costume place. He got himself a White Rabbit Yoghurt which was ultra yummy nummy!

At the lowest part of the building we went to a Nori Making museum where we also learned some of history behind this popular snack/condiment.


Then our favorite time... LUNCH!!!

We were made to choose between the Pork Bone soup...

And the Bibimbap!

Both were SOOOOO good!

Next up, we went to Gangnam!!!!

We were given a chance to do a bit of shopping and Master Mati said that he'd like to look at some toys.

While walking to a store we saw on the map, we bumped into Team Quitoriano! They were also in Korea and was going to meet with Team Virrey upstairs. Their girls were going for the K-pop museum.

Yup! We're staying away from that. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

As for us? We'll just go where our feet would take us. He he he he!

Everything talaga happens for a reason.

What we thought was a toystore was actually a candy store but near it, we saw THIS! It was not in the directory!!!!!

Master Mati was ecstatic!


His Lola gave him money and he was eager to use it here. I just sat and waited for him.

As for the Yub and Andrei they went around the mall.



Soo happy for my big guy!

We went back to the waiting place all happy and accomplished (my boys don't really shop but when they do, it's for something that they really, really, really, like!)

Since the others were not yet here, we went around for pictures!

Everywhere it was wet because there a light drizzle every now and then.

Wohoo! Doing the Gang nam style in Gang nam!!!!!

I've got to hand it to Korea, they surely know how to honor somebody who brought pride to their country. 

And I agree, because if it weren't for Psy, most people wouldn't know about the city of Gang Nam (me included). So yeah, he really deserves it.

After Gang Nam our tour guide brought us to Duty Free shop. We really didn't want to go anymore (because we'd rather do touristy things) but she said that it was officially part of the itinerary and she would be reprimanded if she doesn't go.


So here we all were. Mga wawa. Just waiting till it's time to go.

We saw our tour guide later on buying something. ABA! ABA! Kaya pala!!!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Oh well.... At least we were able to see THE SHILLA -- the oldest luxury hotel in Seoul (owned by Samsung).

We waited for the bus outside and egad, the rain was pouring!

And FINALLY we were at the place we've been looking forward to the whole day...


It was raining that afternoon...

But it didn't stop dear Andrei from letting it all out at the Myeongdong cam! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Look at him here doing the gangnam style!!!!

Later on lots of people joined him!

Me and Aning included! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Could you tell that we're doing the Daniel Gulapa dance? He he he he...

The others surrendered but Andrei still waited for him to be shown on the Myeongdong camera (they're shown every 15 minutes he he he he he). I stayed with him na din.

In between waiting, he would play with the pigeons and eat the streetfood. So cute!

Yup! He knows to entertain himself without any need for gadgets or his phone. He he he he he he!

For our last dinner in Korea, we tried out something that my brother loved ordering here in Manila....

Chicken in Ginseng soup!!!

When we went back to the hotel, we said goodbye to our very cute and nice driver for the whole 4 days. Somebody else will be driving us tomorrow.

HUHUHU!!! We'll miss you pogi driver!

That night, we had a mini-cake and coffee party with Team Virrey to celebrate our last night in Korea this year. We missed home of course but we were all just having loads of fun.

Huhuhu.... Our SOOOO EXCIIITED KOREA trip is coming to an end!

Too bad that I can't share here all the conversations, the jokes, and the laughs shared during this last day.  That also made our adventure more unforgettable.

May mga kanta pa kami!!! He he he he!

Last one of the series coming soon!!!!






  1. I was laughing at your "Daniel Gulapa" dance! Haha~ hope there's a video though. I'm waiting for your post on what you ate in Korea.

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha! Hiya dear Auggie!!!!

      Believe me, kami din we were SO laughing while doing it. Yep there's a video but I'm not yet ready to share it at nakakahiya talaga kami. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Mga anak namin kinahiya na din kami ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

      Yeyyy! Yes! Coming soon! Thankssssssssss!!!!!!!!!! Mwah mwah!


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