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Thursday, August 1, 2019


We're on day TWO of our "SO EXCIIITED Korea trip" and even if we all got to bed so tired and late the previous night, we woke up early and like I said, SOOO EXCIIITEEED!!!!!

We had a very full day ahead and though my usual self would already be so tired just hearing about the day's activities, I'm still raring to see what's in store for us.

So take THAT my lazy a$$ (he he he he he), we're going around Korea!!!!!!!!

Let's get this day started!!!!!!!

I'm so proud of my little guys -- we slept in separate rooms and while I was initially apprehensive, I saw there was no need to worry about their "independence." I'll just tell them the night before what time we need to go and they'll set their alarms to get up, take baths, and get their things ready. Yup! No need for me to make kulit! I just called them once to make sure what they were doing and they're always like "(blank) is taking a bath na Mommy while I'm done na and just watching youtube."

AWWWWWWWWW! They really don't need me anymore.... :(

More sleep time for me!!!!!!


The hotel may be nice and everything looked sosy wosy but breakfast really bombed.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

On time at our meeting place!

Upon riding the bus, our tour guide Judy read out todays activities.

We were a bit bummed that they changed the schedule from what was indicated in our travel tour itinerary. I'm sure though that it'll still be fun because, after all, we're in KOREAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

SOOO EXCIIIIITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our first stop was, as predicted with travel tours, is a super excited trip to the Korean Ginseng store!!!!


They gave us free samples but we didn't get anything.


We had an ultra-long ride going to our second stop....

PETITE FRANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Petite France is inspired by the popular novel of  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince).

We were only given about 1 and half hour to go around this mini-version of France so we had to really be quick with the sight seeing and picture taking (tee hee).

Tee heee... This NEVER gets old! 

As much as I wanted this to be a family galore thingy, I also wanted my little guys to have a good time. So right after this picture was taken, Master Mati ran off with his buddy Johans while Andrei asked if we could watch the puppet show.

Me and the Yub: PUPPET SHOW? No way!!!! We only have an hour and a half for this and we shouldn't waste it on a puppet show that we could see somewhere.

Andrei looked sad and agreed. Syempre, you know me: violent reactions first THEN the voice of reason.

I figured that this trip was my treat for Andrei's graduation and I'm sure that in time, he wouldn't want to watch any sort of puppet show anymore.

So the Yub and I agreed to forego walking around and just watch the show with our little bunsoy. He he he he he he!!!

We went to PETIT FRANCE's ampitheatre and was just right on time!

Too bad though that the puppet show was scheduled at another time. But we did saw this guy impersonating Charlie Chaplin's "The Tramp" character. 

My bunsoy loved it and would point at the funniest parts.

After seeing this face, I know that the Yub and I made the right decision. We could ALWAYS go back to Petit France but I know that we won't get this moment with my baby bunsoy again. He he he he he!


Afterwards he was so game for pictures. Yay me!

While we were walking, I heard somebody calling my name. Looking up I saw Master Mati and Johans up the wooden walkway by the mountains. Aba ang saya saya pa!!!!

I could see you!!!!!!!!!!!

When we go on tours while they were younger, the kiddies often wanted to go on rides and see places that is different from each other. With that, the Yub and I would always split up (one per each kid) because we wanted to do as much activities as we can rather than spend it all on queuing up!

Now, since Master Mati is a young man already, he would rather go somewhere either by his own or with a friend. Ayan, Andrei got us all to himself (poor Andrei... ha ha ha ha).

He's still a good sport and took our pictures. He he he he he!

He asked to visit some houses though and with our limited time, we tried to make the best we can.

In PETIT FRANCE they had model houses based on the interiors of homes in France.

It was really fun checking out how they lived there. 

Awwwww.... What a cute display!!! I'm glad Andrei was very obliging in my requests for a picture. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

In turn, I accompanied him to this house that he wanted to check out.

It's not really a house though it was like a mini-museum featuring old games. 

When he got his PETIT houses fill, Andrei ran over to the boys.

Ayan na!

Sige mga hijo, maglaro lang kayo. He he he he.... 

Time to gozers!!!!!!!!!!


We'd love to go back here again and for sure it's going to be longer than 2 hours! He he he he he he!!!

For lunch we had all you can eat Chicken Barbecue! It was SOOOO good!

Afterwards, we're off to NAMI ISLAND!!!!

Aba, ang sasaya ng mga bunso!

The same goes for the adults as we were so happy to buy super sweet Cherries and Strawberries outside PETIT FRANCE at such a low price!!! This was our dessert!

Woohoo! We're here!

We got some last minute tips on Judy on how to fully enjoy our 1 hour stay in NAMI ISLAND. Hope we could do it all. He he he he he!!!!

Going to the boat that will transport us to the island.

Travel groups have their own special line.

Our ride is here!

Everybody went inside but my bunsoy wanted to see the waters so the Yub and I stayed with him by the railings.

Aba... Mala-Titanic ba??? :)

Somebody told me that during the winter, the boat will have to navigate through ice waters.

The boys requested to have a picture with the captain.

Wait. Who's steering the ship???

He he he he he he!

We're near!!! That's NAMI island at the back!


Not without having a group picture first!


NAMI ISLAND is actually man-made and was a result of water flooding from the nearby Hans River (while they were constructing the dam).

Do you guys know that there are no telephone poles in NAMI ISLAND? That is because they built all wires underground for that authentic look of the landscape.

I don't know what has gotten into my big guy but he asked to have his pictures taken. H aha ha ha h ah ah ha!

Aba aba! I guess this is for his IG account. 

As for bunsoy Andrei asked if he could bike in NAMI ISLAND. Again, at first I said no kasi GRRRR that's 30 minutes wasted again for us!

Nung mahimasmasan na ako I realized that THAT is not 30 minutes wasted. It's actually a good way of going around NAMI ISLAND, and with the measly 1 hour given to us, I'm sure we won't be able to go around much anyway. 

So we let the kiddies have their fun!

Seeing them happy makes us happy anyway!

If you're looking for the master Mati, he's with his buddy Johans!

Time to go-zers!!!!

We tried our best to get a picturesque picture by the trees kaso, there were a lot of people that day. The Yub and I were like "Bakit ganon? Pag picture ng iba, ang ganda ganda???" He he he he he he!

On our way out, we saw this peacock just hanging out. Yup, no cage or chains. We waited for it to display its feathers in its full glory but as expected, it was cocky as a peacock!!!!!

After NAMI ISLAND, we went to Seoul for some shopping.

We told Team Virrey to go ahead because we planned to do some serious picture taking. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I love how even this is a shopping district, the streets were almost empty!!!

He he he he! Feeling models!!!!!


Of course, boys will be boys. Andrei asked to have a picture with the big butt.

Don't judge us with our lack of appreciation for arts but c'mown... we have little curious boys here. 

The sight of that big butt certainly gave them a good mood for pictures. 

Yep! They even took a nice picture of us!!!


We did a bit of shopping in one of the malls (for pasalubongs). We were running late so we made a mad dash to the meeting point. 

Our Shabu Shabu Pork dinner!

While going to our bus, we made fun of Andrei. He bought these round rimmed shades (similar to what John Lennon wore) and wore it even if it was night time already. We teased him that he's like a beggar. 

When he saw this police station, he decided to play up the part. 

Bye SEOUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When we got back to the hotel, we stopped by at the nearby convenience store for some snacks.

Somebody was happy with our convenience store experience. He he he he he he!

Our tummies were all happy that we got so energized walking back to our hotel.

So happy that we all did the Gangnam style when crossing the streets. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The little lords went to bed with big smiles on their faces!

I feel the same way too especially with my goodnight snack of strawberries (from PETIT FRANCE) and coffee!!!!!!!!!!

GOOD NIGHTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was an awesome second day in Korea!

Napatalon tuloy kami sa saya! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!

More to come on day 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





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