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Monday, May 6, 2019


It's that time of year again where we all pack up and go to Daddy's hometown to participate in its annual Holy Week procession.

Of course, it may not be as fun as before (because our Daddy is not with us), still, HOLY WEEK in CAVITE is something we always look forward to because not only does it give us the opportunity to fulfill our religious duties/sacrifices but it also serves as an enjoyable reunion for my family.

To think that we have been doing this since 1980!!! Di pa ako pinapanganak non!! He he he he he!

But yeah, based on many things like this religious tradition, the laughs that we had, the delicious food that we ate, the several hours of non-stop chatting, the family togetherness that gave us a great time even if we're just in Cavite, and many, many, more, I think you could see why we're still so willing to do it for millions more of years to come!!!!


Sharing with you our 39th year of going to Cavite for the Lenten season. It will indeed be one of our family traditions that will go on forever.

Now pa lang Andrei declared that he will take over when he grows up!

Awwwww! Your Lolo would be so proud! 

Our karo since 1980!!

We set out Thursday morning for Cavite!

Wow! Empty roads!!!

We were supposed to go there Wednesday night but for many years we would get stuck in traffic. We decided that this time we'll just travel early.

We're here!!!

Hi church!!!

We're Filipino Catholics and my Lolo used to be the Bishop in the town's parish. So convenient that our house was just in front of the church.

My brother and other staff were already in Cavite Tuesday night to fix and clean up the place. They also got a headstart in setting up our karo.

Opening flowers!

My Mom buys additional flowers every year in Divisoria. Yep! She still goes there even at her age. 

Who goes there???????!!!

The guys helped too!

It was super hot and we're thankful that the bunsoy Andrei took out cold water for us all.

Awww! Thank you Andrei!

He also gave a separate glass of coke for his kuya!

It's coming together!

I really don't have a talent for putting up flowers.

And then it's time to eat!!


We just had a buffet set up for everyone's easy access to the food.

Grilled Grub!!! Yummm! My favorite!

Grilled Pork!

Grilled Fish!

This is the Chicken which tasted so close to the one that Fried Chicken built. Ha ha ha ha ha! It's so popular too.

Fresh Lumpia!

You know I've always loved vegetables but this was the ONLY time that I didn't touch the dish because I got too engrossed with the next dish....



You may roll your eyes at me but it's so rare to have fresh (and safe) kilos of mussels in Manila. That's why I really love it when we go to Cavite and have pots of these!


My tita let the staff and the kids start na. They've been working hard the whole morning.

Next is our turn!!!

Yummm... My first serving of food!

The guys stayed by the set. He he he he!

He he he he! While this is my first of many platters of empty mussel shells.

While eating, the guys were watching Rambo.

I told them "HELOOOOO IT'S HOLY WEEK! You should be watching something that's not so violent!!"

Me after 10 minutes...

"Hey let's watch HELLBOY!!!!!!"


After a nap (courtesy of me only... he he he I don't know what the others did), we all dressed up for the procession.

The bunsoy baby was so eager and waited by the gates to see when it would start.

My Mom, Ninang Saling, Ate Jojit, Tito George, and Master Mati!

They also had a good view of the church and waited for the procession to start.

My brother took our karo at the next street and waited at the spot marked with 11.

My eldest brother and his family arrived and they were all hanging out in the living room.

He he he he.... I saw this picture of my Dad and Mom by the mantle. His smile just feels so alive!

Maybe he's extra happy that we're all here and still continuing our family tradition? :) 

When we heard the church bells ring, we all went outside.

The procession is starting!

I love how my baby bunsoy is still in awe of the different karos passing by.

He he he he... This is so trivial I know but the Yub and I saw this doggie who desperately wanted to cross the street but can't because of the walking people.


Was planning to let him cross when our turn comes but after several attempts, he was finally successful.

Mommy and Ate Jit!

We see our karo na!

Our karo is always behind the parade band. We're thankful for this because it really makes our procession more alive. 


I  know we do the same thing yearly but I'm still astounded every time I see our karo. Much like how a groom first sees his bride all dressed up in church.

We all went at the back with our lighted candles.

For the first night, Master Mati and Anthony pulled the karo.

Before, it was the Yub who'd do this as representative of our Yap family. When the boys grew older, we gave them this honorable duty. 

My Dad (RIP) and Kuya Jon were fine with pushing at the side. While our eldest will do the pulling of the karo tomorrow. 

The family stayed behind. Everyone (except me) prayed the rosary.

I know we should! He he he! Maybe next year. Sorry we love taking pictures kasi.

Daddy's town was very organized and they had specific spots where the public could watch the procession so as not to cause traffic and for safety purposes.

That's why some roads were light and some were tight.

The 2 in front did a good job in steering.

For 39 years, the karo behind us has always been St. Veronica.

He he he! Check out the Yub taking pictures.


Mommy and Ate Jit (again)!

Miguel, Karen, and Cio!

The bunsoy baby! He loved the procession and really did his duties seriously.

Me and the Yub!

It was soooooooooooooo hot that night.

I remember that it was the night of this beautiful full moon. Too bad my phone doesn't do justice to it. 

It may be a long walk but we didn't mind because it's our sacrifice for the Lenten season.

And we're done!!!

Don't worry Daddy. We promise to continue this religious tradition for the family.

After the procession, the karo "rested" in the garage.We will had another go for Good Friday.

That night, dinner consisted of sopas and puto. Sorry I wasn't able to take a picture of it. H ah ah ah ah ha ha!

Every year, we would always go "explorins" after the procession. We would walk around the streets of Maragondon and end up having snacks somewhere as our "reward".

It's always a nice walk because the streets are clear and we are doing so under the stars and full moon.

Hmmmm...Where to now???

After a lot of walking, we ended up in this new Minute Burger stall that just opened after the Holy Week last year.

We all settled on our seats and enjoyed the wonderful aroma of frying burgers.

I don't care if it's cheap. This mighty smelled good!!!!

Andrei and I got cheeseburgers!!!!

It was buy one take one! HUWATADEALLLLL!


The staffpeople in white were very nice. The lady in the tank top however was a bit sungit at first. But we all gave her smiles and made chika and said a lot of thank yous. Afterwards, she's so kind pala and laughed with us.

See? The wonders of good courtesy, respect, and smiles would do to everyone. When you illicit good vibes, the people around you will get infected as well.

After our snack, we passed by the Roman Catholic church in Maragondon.

There, we offered some prayers.

Promise, I was seriously praying here. He he he he he!

We had a long walk going home and the bunsoy baby complained that he was tired.

I teased him to ask Ate Cio to carry him who immediately said no.

He then looked at his Kuya Miguel, Cio's cousin, and asked if he could carry him.  Without saying a word, Miguel went behind Andrei and started to lift him up. Afterwards, Rocio followed and held his legs.

Andrei was laughing and so embarrassed at the same time. I guess, like me, he was surprised that his Kuya Miguel would carry him without any sign of objection (he's used to getting a violent "no" from his Kuya Mati... ha ha ha ha! Of course, Mati is a good kuya naman. But as usual with brothers, they would try their best to be the other one's enemy. Haaaaaay!!!!!!)

That's nice. We really appreciated the kindness of Miguel!

I wonder if he'll still be as kind if Andrei does to him what he would usually do to his Kuya Mati?

He he he he he he he!

When we got home, I had some coffee and dessert while my sister and boys played cards.

It was indeed a great day!!

A tiring yet awesome day!!!

We went up late but immediately snoozed. Ha ha ha ha ha! Ready for tomorrow!

Besides fulfilling our religious obligations and duties for Holy Week, going to Cavite and participating in the procession is also to honor the tradition that my Dad has started. He was really about family and I'm sure that being all together in his hometown would still mean a lot to him even if he's already in heaven.

Well it certainly makes me so happy too!

More on the part two coming soon!!!!!!






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