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Thursday, June 27, 2019


Breakfast was thankfully included in our OKADA HOTEL staycation and we got more excited especially when dear Ivy showed me the dishes served. You see for hotel breakfasts we're so used to the ever present eggs, bacon, garlic fried rice, salad bar, soup bar, etc (I'm not complaining there because I just LOOOOVE breakfast food). But in OKADA MANILA, they also included sushi, sashimi, plus many more items that you would expect for a lunch or dinner buffet!

Woah! That is surely bang for your buck!!!

So we all got up early (yep 9:00am is early) for our OKADA HOTEL breakfast, and we were all wowed with what we saw. Check out how many plates we finished because as I would always say during staycations, "Hanggang dinner na yan!"


Or am I?


Yep! Breakfast is the best meal of the day!

I'm the King of the World!!!!!!!!

Breakfast in OKADA MANILA was in MEDLEY!!!

A buffet line as far as the eye can see.

Sorry for this short rant....

We got to MEDLEY around 9:00am and though it is usually the breakfast peak hours, there were still many available tables. 

I don't know if this was the trend in OKADA but again, we were seated at this undesirable table. Could you see the glass windows where the sun comes in? You might not see the section but it's between the glass windows and the green hedges. It just doesn't seem so obvious at my picture's perspective but rectangular tables were right beside the window while round booths were by the hedges. Yep. We were supposed to be seated there. Now even if that was morning sun, the last thing I want is to eat breakfast with the sunlight beaming at my face. Take note, there were many available tables but we were seated there. Dahil ba mukha kaming mabait masyado that you guys think we'll agree to this?

Of course I spoke up na (in a nice way) and requested for another table (at least somewhere where there is no sun). The maitre d' didn't agree and said this was the only available table or section that time. As much as I wanted to let it go, the thought of eating tapsilog with "amoy araw" on the side doesn't appeal to me.

With that I requested for the manager and aired my grievances to him (promise I was nice). I pointed that there were also many available tables further down at a section with other diners having their breakfast. I got a bit peeved though when the Manager said they were trying to fill up the "sunny" section first before having other guests add to the section I'm referring to.

Aahhh now this is where I put my foot down. Why are they subjecting us to a VERY uncomfortable area when there are many tables available at sections that are open? (If there was a closed sign, syempre I would not point to it but there were just many unoccupied tables at different parts.) I didn't want to have to say it but I did -- "We are also paying guests. I think it's very unfair that you are putting us somewhere nobody wants to eat in (because of the sun) when there are many available tables."

(Enter kawawa music) Mukha ba kaming mga dukha at yagit para nyo ilagay sa mesa kung saan sumasayaw ang mainit na araw??? Wala ba kaming karapatan na magkaroon ng masayang saluhan ngayong umaga??? Wala ba????

Kidding. He he he he he he! 

With that the Manager realized what I meant and began apologizing and took us to a different table. I mean come on, I don't normally make a fuss in restaurants (because I don't bite the hand that feeds me... he he he remember the movie WAITING??) pero as in nakatapat ang araw sa mga mukha namin sa table na gusto nila for us. AS IN. They're doing this when there were many empty tables. I really don't get it.

Afterwards naman everything was perfect. The Manager and servers were so friendly and attentive. They were all so nice afterwards that we forgot about our mini-scuffufle earlier.

All was well. At least the OKADA Manager recognized his error and was so nice afterwards. As in he really gave us whatever we needed and assigned one of his super efficient servers to our table.  I gave my huge thanks after our meal. 

And no I didn't even utter that I have a blog. EXCUSE ME. This is just a hobby anyway and not a job. I find people who use their blog to get freebies or whatever so pathetic. 

Fast forward picture after our breakfast
NOW ON TO BREAKFAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MEDLEY Appetizer Station!

Woah Assorted Cold Cuts!

Smoked Salmon!

Now I got a LOT of that. I paired it too with their dill cream sauce.

MEDLEY Egg Station!

Of course, breakfast is not complete without eggs. 

Just request for it, they'll do it!

Hala! I should've requested for Poached Eggs!!! Oh well next time. 

MEDLEY Cereal Station!

I hope Andrei would stay away from this station. He he he he he!!! Because come on, a variety of special food available and you'll just have a bowl of cereal??? Huy!!!!!

MEDLEY Bread station!

I love pancakes and waffles but I love garlic rice more!

Yoghurt galore!

Ooooh.... They don't have ordinary dispensers for their juices!

Or how about some freshly squeezed orange juice?

MEDLEY Filipino Station!

See the Coconuts at the side? You could request for fresh buko juice!

MEDLEY Chinese Station!

I am suddenly drawn to dimsum!!!!!!!!!!!

MEDLEY Noodle Station!

So pretty naman ni Ivy!

It's a make-your-own noodle bowl here.

MEDLEY Indian Station!!!

Indian appetizers for breakfast? Why not peklat?

Korean Station!

Ooooh rice cakes!


And my favorite... THE JAPANESE STATION!!!!


Sushi and Sashimi galore!

I think I'll stay in this station a loooong time!

Their Japanese Station also included our favorites like Tempura, Terikayi, Teppanyaki, and Fried Rice!!!

MEDLEY Fresh Fruit station!

MEDLEY Native Pastry Dessert Station!

Dessert of course is not complete without ice cream.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and Yub's family!!!


Allan and dear Ivy!

Yub's Mom, Master Mati, and the bunsoy baby Andrei!

Me and the Yub!

Excited to eat!

LET'S EAT!!!!!!!!

Andrei's plates!

Master Mati attacked the sushi and korean appetizers too!

Crispy bacon anyone???

My OKADA MANILA breakfast!


I also ordered a bowl of Laksa... Yummmm... So creamy and spicy!

My second plate of breakfast food.

Yep! Let's forget any idea of a diet.

After he finished eating, the Master Mati was smiling while texting. HUY SINO KATEXT  MO HA???

As for the bunsoy he hid under my shawl. We attempted to pull a prank on him by leaving him alone in the table kaso he heard us. H ah aha ha ha h aha!

Super delicious and great service (after the misunderstanding) in MEDLEY of OKADA HOTEL!!! This is by far one of our favorite breakfasts to date!

New Seaside Dr, Parañaque, 
1701 Metro Manila
(02) 555 5799




  1. Hi again Ms. Jaz..ayan inabangan ko talaga ang Medley Okada blog mo hehehe :) for me din I would request for another table noh...I already saw the medley area when we went to Okada and it is really spacious kaya why not offer another table to you hmmpp...hihihi :D

    Anyways, the food looks soooo good and sashimi and sushi in the morning is super like <3 when we were there last time, we ate at Kiapo then had coffee afterwards at their super pink lobby lounge hehehe:)

    take care always ms jaz..mwah mwah

    1. Huloooooooooooooo Tinemon!!!!

      Whew! Ayan so I'm not so mean naman? He he he he he! I have a point? He he he he! Yay!!!

      Korek! Food was super good and the sashimi and sushi will already make the price worth it. Sulit na sulit na. Would love to eat there again. We had fun!!!!

      Mwah mwah mwah take cares cos I caresssss... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  2. At dahil dyan blacklisted na ang OKADA sa akin.

    1. Uuuuuuy Bap2! Wag naman!!! They had very good service after this snafu. Hala!!!! Takot lang nila if you even think of blacklisting them.

      I know you're joking but you could never be TOO sure. He he he he he he!


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