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Monday, April 1, 2019


I have been inviting my Mom to have a museum day for soooooo long but she had many things to attend to in the family business that it never pushed through.

Finally for our VALENTIMES SEASON, I declared that we will have our family date in my much-awaited "Museum Day": We will go to the National Museum of Fine Arts in the morning then have a seafood feast for lunch. I was so happy that my Mommers agreed (I guess she knew that I would NEVER stop bugging her) and so we planned that super fun Saturday.

In fact, I got two invites from friends to go out that day, but no can do -- we have a date with my number one lady!!!!

And as expected my Mom had a lot of fun. I was so aching to say "I told you so" with pointy pointy finger but I loved her too much (ha ha ha ha ha ha!)

Hopefully we'll get to plan more Museum outings with her because it's something I know that my "culture-loving" Mom would enjoy. Of course, we also had loads of fun too because it's a refreshing change of our family gimik instead of the usual mall and parks.

So here's our VALENTIMES date with my Mommers when we became all fartsy tartsy and ended with us getting bondat from seafood.

Now THAT is my kind of date!!!!!!


THE YAPPY BUNCH have been to the NATIONAL MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS many times (especially during our Manila days) but this was our first time with Mommy.

The kids were beyond excited!!! They were so eager to take their lola around. 

The first stop for us would be the OLD HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES SESSION HALL where this lovely angel resided.

Because it's also where you'll see this award winning masterpiece by Juan Luna!!!


I am no art expert but the SPOLIARIUM has such a commanding presence that you'll find yourself staring and taking in all of the emotions that came with every brush stroke. 

There was a lot of people crowding the SPOLIARIUM that we took my Mom to the next room, the  Gallery 1 (Luis I. Ablaza Hall) - Religious Art from the 17th to 19th centuries.

Here, we saw the different church artifacts.

We then visited GALLERY III which featured the Academic and Romantic Art.

Our lovely lady looking at Mother Mary!

We then went to a room featuring portraits of Filipinos in the olden times.

My Mom appreciated art and was able to catch something that I wasn't able to take notice.

She pointed out how almost all of the portraits showed the ladies holding a rosary. Maybe it was their formal pose before or because they were wearing their Sunday's best dress.

She also admired how the artist put attention to detail the callouses in this woman's hand portraying her as a hard worker.

And they almost always had handkerchiefs in their other hand.

Was that the in thing before?

My Mom shared with the Yub her observations. I was surprised that he suddenly got so interested with the portraits.

Another example was this gentleman...

So THIS was how they wore their barongs during this century: instead of cufflinks or buttons, they folded it!

You won't see that now.

GALLERY V is a Homage to Dr. José Rizal.

The Filipiniana room...

(Sorry I didn't get the names... ha ha ha ha ha!)

Up next, the GALLERY X (MFP Hall) -- The Progress of Medicine in the Philippines by Carlos V. Francisco.

My Mom's a doctor and took time to enjoy these paintings.

We then went up to get a good view of the original session hall of the Philippine Senate.

We then went down to see the paintings.

This is what it looked like before.

As much as I found the paintings colorful, a part of me wished they just maintained the look of the room. It just felt so majestic!

Oh well!! The paintings do add more life in this big hall and it also give the museum guests more reasons to stay.

When we went outside, we saw a statue that looked like Andrei.



As much as we wanted to stay with you longer, we're hungry.

So now it's time to eat!!!!!

We took my mom to SHYLIN!!!

We remembered our first lunch before and the food was just mind-blowing.

The restaurant may be full but it didn't feel cramped nor stuffy for us. There was still that relaxed and lazy dazy atmosphere.

This time though, the Yub and I decided to do our own marketing. If you ask the restaurant to do it for you, they'll add so much extra pesos for profit!!!

First stop -- fish!!!

I love haggling! It gives me an extra thrill to cut off the price and make tawad.

See how serious I am...

I got a very good deal here.

It's great meeting individuals who go the extra mile and make your purchase more sulit. Sabagay, if you're friendly and respectful to them, they'll give it back to you.


Nope! I got a better price (AND weight) of clams here!!!!


This was how much we got the raw goods for. I included how we'll have it cooked for basis next time.

I think we did pretty good haggling right?

Time to go back!!!

We gave our raw goods to the SHYLIN guy for weighing. We also indicated how we wanted it cooked.

Mommy and the boys were hungry!!! They almost kissed us all when we returned. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Me and Mommers!

The little lords!


OH YES. GAME OF THRONES IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SHYLIN menu 1...

SHYLIN menu 2!!!!

WOHIOOO!!! Food is finally here!!!

We were SOOOO hungry!!!!

SHYLIN Sinigang na Salmon with Miso!

The veggies were still crunchy and the soup had that nice and appetizing sourness. 

Ha ha ha ha! Somebody was VERY hungry.

SHYLIN Clams in Oyster Sauce!!!!

This is SOOOO addictive!!! Even if you ran out of rice already, you'll find yourself scooping on each clam with sauce.

SHYLIN Baked Shrimps with Cheese!!!!

A top favorite of the boys!!! We'll always have this in SHYLIN!!!

It's funny though because when we went to the market today, some of the tinderas would insist that only the jumbo prawns could be baked with cheese. I told them that in our last visit, we also had the medium shrimps and hello, I know how to cook, so I am aware what size is fine for baking!!!

Don't buy from these stalls because they'll just dupe you! Basta go with your gut!

SHYLIN Grilled Squid!!!!

We told them that we didn't like it stuffed but I guess they got confused and cooked it ala "relleno" pa din. 

In the end, my Mom and I were fine with the tomatoes and onions because it was an extra condiment for our rice and perfect to match the richness of our main dishes. 

And the piece de resistance, SHYLIN Crabs in Butter Garlic Sauce!!!!

The crabs were so fresh and perfect with the awesome sauce!!!!

My bunsoy loved the Crab sauce so much that he ate so much more than his usual serving. 

SHYLIN service is great! They provided these bowls for our shells.

For a more enjoyable lunch feast, we had garlic rice!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with our little lords and Mom in SHYLIN for Valentimes!!!!!


Gobble! Gobble! Galit galit muna!


We purposely controlled ourselves not to leave some food to take home to Kuya Jon.

Ay naku! We he better eat this because we were soooo in pain not to wipe off everything!

The great thing with how they cooked the dishes in SHYLIN is that it was flavorful without being over salty or cloying. So you could still enjoy their saucy and soupy dishes even without rice!!!!

Kahit pakpakations lang, okay na!


SHYLIN bill!!!!

(the breakdown of the paluto).

All in all the Yub and I spend P2,860.00 for this super delicious seafood lunch!!!! It was soooo worth it!

We all had a great time eating and getting bondat. My Mom enjoyed the food so much that she joked how we should have her birthday lunch here! He he he he he he he he!!!!


Happy that we finally pushed through with our museum visit for our VALENTIMES date with Mommy!!! Hope we'll have several more (even if it's not during Valentimes) because there is indeed loads to explore in Manila!


Padre Burgos Ave, Ermita, 
Manila, 1000 Metro Manila

Seaside Macapagal, Libertad, 
Pasay City
02 5562026



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