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Tuesday, February 26, 2019


My dearest Master Mati recently turned 15 years old and THAT of course required our full attention with regards to his celebrations.


My big guy is getting bigger and when I asked him what he wanted to do, he just listed the following: the restaurants he wanted to go with us, an outing with his friends, and a meet-up with Mommy's friends too!


No more staycations.
No more getaway trips.
No more over the top OMG-IT'S-YOUR-BIRTHDAY-MY DEAREST-I-LOOOOVE-YOU-SOOOOO-MUCH type of gimmicks!


My big guy Mati is really growing up that when it comes to his birthdays, he wants everything simple. As long as he gets to eat at his food cravings, he's fine. Don't get me wrong though. There was a time where plans didn't push through but he was still SUPER mighty fine.

So that meant he's really maturing now and I would have to say good-bye to that chubby cheeked baby boy with the pouty red lips who'll say "Awwwww... Why Mommy??!!!" when things don't go his way.


Kidding aside, I'm really proud of how he's growing up into this tall and handsome gentleman who loves movies and going on foodtrips as much as we do. Of course, he's still not perfect but when I receive compliments as to how he's become so well-mannered and courteous just makes my heart explode in millions of pieces.

So really my dear Master Mati, if I could have it my way, i'd still have a staycation, getaway trips, and over the top OMG-IT'S-YOUR-BIRTHDAY-MY-DEAREST gimmicks because I love you. But since you're growing up into a nice young man who like things simple, I have to let go and let you do the things that YOU really want, because I LOVE YOU din.

Happy Birthday my dearest!!!!!

(Haaaaayyyyy.... Why didn't they tell us that having a son is difficult? You'll love them soooo much then they'll break your heart by growing up then he'll leave me for some hussy. BOO EFFIN HOO!!!!)

Hay naku! Here are his birthday celebrations (aka birthday foodtrips) na nga!!!


(Belated) HAPPY 15TH MY DEAREST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I told my big guy that we could have a pre-celebration of his birthday. When I asked him what he felt like, he said he wanted to have some Chinese food.

With that, we went to NORTH PARK!

The Yub and Master Mati!

The bunsoy Andrei and MEEEEEEH!!!!

Andrei cam!

Our grub!

I never realized how vain I was until I forgot my vanity purse containing my face powder and lipstick. As in no joke, every minute I was like "Egad... I need my face powder!!!" The thought of being oily with a bare skin was already giving me the horrors. Parang di ko talaga kaya!

Good thing the Yub decided to go to the 7-11 store nearby (I guess to shut me up) to get me face powder and a lip tint. These are not the normal brands that I would get but it was cheap and available so YAY!

Thanks talaga Yub! He he he he he he!

After NORTH PARK, we were supposed to have dessert in Manila Peninsula. However, they were requiring a consummable fee of P1,500.00 for EACH pax that night!!! If we were going to have dinner, okay sana but we're just planning to have some ice cream and coffee!

Hay naku! I guess it was a good thing because the road led us to Makati Shangrila. We settled by the lounge and just had some drinks.

As usual, Andrei got excited with the live performance and started to write his requests. Unfortunately he wrote down Queen's songs and I doubt if the lounge singer could do that. 

Instead of the mocktails they had last time, my macho guys decided to have some Oreo Milkshakes.

The Yub ordered a pint of ice cream. As for me, I just had a cup of coffee!!!!

ERICJAZ FOODIES birthday salubong for my Matster!!!!!

While we were enjoying our drinks and dessert, the singer sang a sweet "Happy Birthday" song to my Mati.

While she was singing, the bunsoy gave his Kuya the ice cream (which he sequestered from his Daddy) and put a candle on it.

Awwwww... So sweet!

Get ready for LOADS of celebrations dear Mati!!!!

The best is yet to come!

Yub's bill that night.

Seeeee??? So far from the P6,000.00 consummable!

The Yub and I were enjoying the music and just hanging out in the lobby. As for the kiddies, they were so happy with the fast wifi that they didn't complain when we asked if we could stay longer.


Our 2019 is off to a really great start especially with the birthday of dear Master Mati!

At 12:00am, the Yub and I did our usual tradition for birthday celebrants...

Lighting it up!!!!

We surprised Master Mati (who was playing videos with Andrei) with our "salubong" song.

Look at Andrei checking if the fan will hit the candles of his kuya.

Then I see this pic where Mati is shoving Andrei away. Ha ha ha ha ha! Mean!!!!

In fairness though, Andrei is known for stealing the show by blowing out his Kuya's birthday candles. 

Good thing with this one he obediently stayed at the side. He he he he he!

Then we sang again to him properly!

Master Mati was sad that his Lola and our other family members were not with us (they spent the holidays in London).

It's going to be okay Master Mati.

We'll still give you unforgettable birthday celebrations!!!!

The next morning, Master Mati woke up to our gifts!

I gave him pants from Uniqlo.

While his Ninang Mariane gave him this Iron Man toy.

The bunsoy Andrei also gave him a Pop toy using his own money. Awwwww...

(Wasn't able to take a picture of it because I was in work when he gave it.)

We then went to church to pray for Master Mati and thank for blessing us with him.

This was also the church where the Yub and I got married in.

We used to regularly hear mass here with my Gatdula family but Powerplant Mall had a chapel, we only go here for special occasions. 

We're glad that they still have their Christmas display up.

Andrei asked me to take a picture of him beside Baby Jesus.

I asked Master Mati where he wanted to have his birthday breakfast (we would usually have dimsum and congee in GLORIA MARIS) and he answered that he wanted to eat in Mcdonalds.

"Really??? We could go anywhwere you want!!!!!" I said.

It's okay Mommy.... I just want a simple birthday breakfast.


With that, I told the Yub that I'll have what Master Mati's having.

I forgot that I already have a teenager with a big appetite!


So we're both eating pancakes, hash browns, and Sausage Mcmuffins!!!!

Inangku my poor diet!

Hay naku!!!!

Buti na lang I love Mcdonald's food kaya I didn't mind eating all of that. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The Yub and I had to go to work that day (bawal mag leave sa first workday of the year... ha ha ha ha ha) but Mati still had a celebration at home.

And when I said "celebration" it meant having the food that he was craving for that day!!!!

Pancit Canton from Best Friends!

Chicken Tinola!

Fried Chicken!

My Dad believed in "pamalit buhay" so we would always buy live chickens to be cooked on birthdays. From the freshly cut up chicken, we would always fry it up and cook Tinola with the other meaty parts.

For some reason though, the master Mati was craving for Chooks to Go. Yes. Chooks to go!!! Ha ha ha ha! I asked him if he wanted some KFC or Jollibee but he was fine daw getting Chooked.

Chocolate Cake!!!!!

We love you Mati!!!

Thanks to our guys at home for the feast!

Hay naku! Somebody wants to blow Mati's candle again.

Afterwards, Mati was allowed to play videogames as much as he wanted because it's his BOITHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That night, we had dinner at Mati's favorite HEALTHY SHABU SHABU!

Kuya Jon and the birthday celebrant!!!

The Yub, bunsoy Andrei, and MEEEEEEEEEEEEH!

We got our favorite Beef with Seafood sets, Ebi Tempura, and Pork Seafood set.


Missing the others.

My big guy doesn't like birthday songs but he'll make an exception for his actual birthday. He he he he he he he!

One of Master Mati's wishes for his birthday was to have a getogether with his friends WITHOUT the Yub and I far behind (ha ha ha ha). 

So the next day, he invited his best friends from school (since grade 1!!) Lance and Josh and treated them to lunch at 8 CUTS.

By the way, just in case you're wondering, the reason why Josh is wearing a mask is because he has a big pimple daw and was very conscious with it. He would always put the mask on when taking pictures. Ha ha ha ha ha! 

I remember when these guys were just chubby little kids. Now, conscious na sa pimples!!!!!

After going around Powerplant Mall they asked to go home na.

Guess what they did? Video games of course!

Yup! Nakigulo din si Andrei. Ha ha ha!

For merienda, our angel Cacai cooked up some Spaghetti. Yummmmm!!!!!!

Master Mati also had a sleepover at Team Virrey's house.

There, he was able to play videos, board games, and watch movies with his best bud Johans!

Jelo and baby Mateo joined in on the fun too. He he he he he he!


That Friday, I treated the family to some Japanese food because Master Mati was craving for it!


When I asked Master Mati what he wanted to do that Saturday, he asked for some Korean food.

We thought that since it's his birthday, it's time to brave the crowds of SAMGYUPSALAMAT!!

Great thing that the food gods were celebrating with us that night that we were able to get seats pronto. 

After dinner Master Mati asked if he could play some more video games with Andrei when we get home. 

Of course!!! It's your birthday week!!!!

Look at the fun they're having.

Patigilin ko kaya??? He he he he he he he!

For our Sunday family lunch, Mati's cravings filled our table.

We got some Pork Sisig, Grilled Liempo, Grilled Fish, and (Mati's favorite) KARE KARE!!!!


Missing my Mom and the others.

Of course, we cannot have Mati's birthday celebrations without his favorite GENKI SUSHI!

We barely sat down when we already won something.


We got free Tekka Maki!


Let's eat!

Happy 15th my dearest Mati!!!!

Here are the number of plates we consumed.

After eating, we all fooled around using Andrei's camera.

Sige closed eyes kayo kunwari ah!!!!


He he he he he!

Andrei, the selfie boy. He he he....

For dessert, we had Mati's favorite, Serenitea!!!!!

Of course, when they asked what name should we put in the cup I said "Happy Birthday Pogi Mati!"

He he he he he he he!

That week, my Bawal Panget Group got together to celebrate Master Mati's birthday in TORCH!!!

My growing guy ditched his usual order and tried out the baked Salmon!

Of course, it's not going to complete birthday celebration without a song. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Thanks soooo much BP Group for making my Master Mati extra happy tonight!

That week, my Mom and the others came back.


Life is complete once again!

As much as we wanted to stay with them during the weekend, Yub's sister is going somewhere far far away so we had to go to Quezon province to visit his family.

It's okay. It's one of Mati's wishes to have ALL OF THIS anyway!

Too bad for Isha and Andrei. They really wanted to eat in a balsa but since we're celebrating Mati's bday, he gets his wish of just having lunch in their function halls. 

He claims the balsa makes him woozy.

Yeah right. Ha ha ha ha! You just don't want to see the kiddies happy.

That night, Master Mati craved for his favorite chami in Cafe Antiqua!

We then had dessert in Starbucks!

Yep! You'll always be MATI THE POGI in Starbucks for me! Ha ha ha ha ha!

It was suuuuuuuuuuuuuuper cold in Starbucks that night. Good thing the coffee (and my chatter) warmed us all up. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

For Sunday lunch, we had Master Mati's wish....

When we got home, we sang to Master Mati and his cousin Isha who were both celebrating their birthdays on January.

Yep! Mati's 15 years old now while Isha is 10!!!!

The baby bunsoy lighted up the candles!

Thar she blows!

Little Isha was a bit scared of the "roman candle". He he he he he!

Afterwards, she was still excited to blow on the remaining candles. He he he he he he!

Happy Birthday kiddies!

The following weekend, we had to be in Quezon City. When we asked Master Mati where he wanted to have dinner, he requested for his favorite... 

I'm happy that my normally suplado binata agreed to a birthday song. The servers at Chili's made it extra loud at our request. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

FINALLY that sweet smile. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

By this time, my family was like "Birthday celebration pa din???"


That Sunday was the feast day of the Santo Nino. And Master Mati, along with Andrei, was blessed by the priest.

Afterwards, we treated my family to SAMGYUPSALAMAT, Mati's new favorite.

YEP! The reason why we cannot end Mati's birthday celebrations yet was because we haven't had one with his Lola. He has waited for his Lola for sooooooo long that he really requested to eat in SAMGYUPSALAMAT with them.

I'm sure it's because my big guy wants to share all this deliciousness with his Lola. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

And THAT officially ends Mati's birthday celebrations for 2019!!!!!!!

Ending his 2019 birthday season with a blessing from God and a delicious lunch with my family is truly a perfect last day for Mati's celebrations.

I think we all gained several pounds from eating a lot of Mati's cravings during his birthday celebrations. But really, I feel that is nothing compared to the fullness in our hearts with the joy and happiness that he gives us everyday.

Of course, my big guy is not perfect (well nobody is) but he is indeed growing up to be a kind and loving son, a bodyguard of a brother, a sweet grandchild and nephew, and a true gentleman. Whenever I receive compliments from friends/family/acquaintances at how my big guy is so well-behaved, smart, refined, AND pogi, my insides almost burst with joy.

Come to think of it, we don't need positive words from anyone -- we are always so proud of you. Yun lang it's just extra nice that many agree with us. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Hay! If your Lolo Pogi could see you now!!!! (Maybe he can!!!)

Dearest Mati... OKAY FINE, MATTHEW!

How could you be 15 already??? You we’re just my chubby cheeked little Mati whose lips were so pink and could already sing the Our Father plus all Blues Clues songs at 3 years old!!!

Haaaay! Oh well. Time flies talaga when you’re having fun. Happy 15th birthday my dearest. You’re growing up to be sooo pogi! I’m thankful hindi mo nakuha ilong at noo ko. Your Lolo Pogi (my Dad) would be extra proud at how you’re growing up to be a gentleman (with a dash of naughty pa din). 

O, ako na date mo sa prom ha??? 🙂 We love you!!!





  1. Happy birthday binatang Master Mati! Teka waiiit lang, diba 13 ka lang, tas 10 si Andrei? Bakit ambilis ng panahon 😲😲😲

    Buti na lang tayo Ms. Jaz, tumigil na aging natin ten years ago 😋

    Also huhu nagcrave tuloy ako ng pansit canton from Best Friends 😭😭

    1. Hulooooooooooooooooooo Yanna!!!

      YES!!! HUHUHU! Ang bibilis! Binata na sila agad!!! I still have clear memories when they were babies. Now wala, mga binata na! Pero naku, I still cannot get enough hugs and kisses from them (especially Andrei). Pagsasamantalahan ko na because I'm sure when they're adults already, bawal na.

      KOREK!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! We look 10 years younger!!!!

      Ang sarap niya!!! Super malasa that you would eat it with rice. Mejo ma MSG lang talaga. HA HA HA HA HA HA!!



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