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Friday, February 15, 2019


One Sunday, THE YAPPY BUNCH went to our favorite mall in the metro for dinner. The Yub and I were not really craving for anything. So we asked the little lords:

"Where do you guys want to eat?" (It's really a standard question because we always go for what they wanted. Ha ha ha ha!)

The first one to speak up was Master Mati (since he's our resident foodie) and he hurriedly said KOREAN!!!!!!! (Just in case we changed our minds).  So the Yub and I decided KAYA may be a good choice for us that night because we haven't eaten there since it opened. 

And KAYA it is!!!!

KAYA was closed for several months because they added built-in grills and exhaust in the indoor tables.

We're not really planning on grilling anything so we're just happy to stay "outside".

ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Master Mati and the bunsoy Andrei!


The Korean appetizers immediately arrived after we placed our orders.

Ito pa lang sulit na kami ni Mati!


Brace yourselves... FOOD IS HERE!

First on the table is their sizzling plate of Spicy Pork of KAYA Dweaji Bulgogi (P330.00)!

Before, only the Yub ate this because the kiddies found it spicy. Now they all loved it that they fight over the last piece. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Since the guys might be bitin with the pork, we also had some Spicy Chicken or KAYA Dak Bulgogi (P290.00)!

The kiddies found the pork more exciting but at least this would be the more healthy option for the Yub. So he let the kiddies have all of the Spicy Pork.

Master Mati had his staple Korean order, the KAYA Bibimbap (P300.00)!

One order was HUUUUGE!!! 

Even Master Mati was suprised at how bondat the silver bowl was.

He added some spicy sauce for more of that Korean kick.

As for me, I had the KAYA Kimchi Soup (P290.00)! My new favorite in Korean restaurants!

This spicy soup is usually served boiling hot (as in bubbling!!!) and it's so perfect with steamed rice!

Yummmmmmmm.... Me craving now.

For extra munchies, we also ordered the KAYA Goon Mandoo (P330.00)!

The taste is VERY similar to Japanese Gyoza but for some reason, the Yub didn't like it.

Oh well. MORE FOR ME!!!!!!!!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords for our Korean Sundate!



Well almost. Master Mati wasn't able to finish his ginormous Bibimbap (which was actually meant for 2 pax) and I also lost to the Goon Mandoo!

It's okay. My big guy was able to eat it all for breakfast the next day. He he he he he!

LE BILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good times with the THE YAPPY BUNCH in KAYA!!!! Even if we don't watch K-pop or Koreanovelas, we surely love their food!



(I guess they zoinked their tissue holders from their Jupiter St, branch)

Lower Ground Floor, Power Plant Mall, 
Rockwell, Makati City
02 8980935




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