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Wednesday, February 27, 2019


THE YAPPY BUNCH and Team Mina went to STAR CITY to fulfill one of Andrei's birthday wishes and we all had an awesome time!

I know what you (may) be thinking: How could we have fun in STAR CITY when there were other more fashionable options around???

First off, the admission tickets were very affordable (let me put that right out there) compared to Enchanted Kingdom or that Dessert Museum. Second, it had an indoor airconditioned area that served us well when it rained later in the afternoon. Third, the place was spacious but it was not ginormously big that at least we could comfortably find each other. Fourth, there were many snack kiosks around. Fifth, there were clean restrooms at many points. Sixth, we were with our best friends Team Mina.

And SEVENTH, STAR CITY was Andrei's wish. Since it's my bunsoy's loving request to go there, we are sure to have fun no matter what!!!!!


We made it a point to go there very early (the time it opened) so that it won't be too crowded.


It was our second time in STAR CITY while it's Team Mina's first time. Manong Fred said he will take videos for DOCUMENTATION purposes. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Going in!!!

Let's.... volt... TOGETHER!!!!

Yihiii! Thanks talaga for joining us BGP Marian!!!!!!

My best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and thank God that as of this year, she's cancer-free. Still, when she goes out she has to be careful because her oral chemo in a way weakened her immunity. That's why she shouldn't walk so much and tire herself. Also she had to wear a mask especially in crowds because she might catch something. I told her before that it's okay if it's just going to be Manong Fred and PaoPao with us but she said that she really wanted to celebrate with Andrei.

Awwwww... Thank you sooo much BGP!!!! 

The first ride for our group was the Dragon Express, a kiddie roller coaster ride.

Lining up!

I wasn't really going to ride but I wanted to join for the pictures. He he he he he he!

Don't mind Fred. CHE!

Wohoo! Lesgow!

Hala... Nagmukha ako matanda!

It was not so high but I still don't want to go on it.

For me it's scary pa din. CHE!

But since I cannot resist Andrei's request, I rode with him and the Yub on their second round.

Up next is the BUMP CAR!!!

Since we were early, we were almost always first in line!

Go Androse!!!!!!

I had a bad case of vertigo before this weekend that while in STAR CITY, I find myself getting woozy. Good thing that while in the bump car I focused more on the steering wheel and not jerk my head from one direction to the other. At least my vertigo didn't attack me so much then.

That was an extra fun ride!

Up next was the Bump Boats!

Yup! Since it's early, we only had a very short wait for the rides.

Go Andrei!

The ride official expressed concern if the Yub and I will fit one boat.


And so we squeezed ourselves in. CHURA!

(I think the Yub wasn't breathing anymore... He he he he he!)

Fred and Pao Pao!


I told Fred that when we rode the Bump Boats in ENCHANTED KINGDOM, the life jackets and the the boats were so stinky (as in amoy putok). Good thing that it's cleaner and odor-free in STAR CITY.



Andrei giving PaoPao's angel, Ate Rose, a bump! He he he he he!

Pao Pao too!


After the Bump Boat, Manong Fred treated us to some ice cream!!!!!

While the others finished their ice cream, Andrei went to the Bubble Ball!

Paolo didn't feel like trying it so we went right ahead.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The struggle is real!

After Andrei's Bubble Ball, we went back to BGP Marian and Manong Fred who were shooting some targets.

As for the Yub, he bought a big bag of popcorn!

Wow! Go BGP!

The bunsoy also did some Gun Ball!

The next ride was Wacky Worm!

Lining up!

Andrei really wanted to go on this one.

Hala... Hala....


This was actually similar to the first Dragon ride.

The next one was the RODEO!

Too bad that only super kiddies were allowed in this one.

It's okay. Andrei just supported his best guy pal from the sides.

He then went to try out Happy Swing with his Ninong Fred.

Andrei didn't like this one because he felt like he was going to fall out.

While the Yub, Manong Fred, and BGP Marian were resting, I went out with the Best Guy Pals!

We checked out THE TIME TUNNEL!

This walk-in attraction takes you into different portals in time!



Time to go back into the future!

STAR CITY also had this 3D museum.

You have to pay extra for it though.

Good thing they have some displays out front that the kiddies posed with.


Paolo went back to his Mommy so it's just Andrei and the Yub in this plane ride.

He he he he he! The yub got a bit dizzy here. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

One of the walk-in attractions that we really liked was the Toy Chest!

It featured many replicas of popular toys from the past up to the present.

Afterwards the boys wanted to ride some horsies!


The 2 raced around and were so fast!

A runaway!!!!!!

BGP Marian and I chatted as we waited for the boys.

Then the guys tried out this UFO ride called Telecombat!

Sorry Yub! I know this got you extra dizzy. He he he he he he!

While Team Mina were in the carousel, Andrei pointed out The Magic Forest!

Andrei sat in front to drive for us. As for me and the Yub, we stayed in the back.

Here we go!

It was a short ride featuring an enchanted forest.

It had on display colorful flowers and playful elves.

It was a cute ride. But if it has an extra long line, I suggest you skip it. He he he he he he he!

The last ride for us was the STAR CITY CAROUSEL!

One of the reasons why the Androse wanted to go to STAR CITY was to ride the Ferris Wheel. However, since it rained hard that afternoon, they suspended its run. I explained to my bunsoy that even if it resumed admission for the Ferris Wheel, I was still worried because I'm sure the nuts and bolts would still be wet. He understood naman and said he was fine with the other rides.

I guess based on his smile here, he has forgotten about the Ferris Wheel. He he he he he he!


My poor horsie. He he he he he!

BGP Mariane rode again!

Same goes for manong Fred and Paolo!

YAYYY! That was super fun!!!!

And then it's time to go!

While walking towards the exit, a magician caught the attention of the boys.

He made some pretty good magic tricks!

Pao Pao got curious too!!!

In the end, BGP Marian bought the magic toys for Andrei and Paolo!


Thanks soo much BGP!!!!

As we were nearing the exit, we saw the crowds coming in. He he he he he!

Good thing talaga we're early.

Super great thing too that Team Mina joined us today!

I'm thankful that we have made my birthday bunsoy extra happy by fulfilling his 2 wishes: 
1) By going to STAR CITY.
2) He got to spend the day in STAR CITY with his Best Guy Pal Paolo!

Hay Andrei! If you only knew, you don't have to do anything for your Mommy and Daddy to be extra happy and thankful. You are already our ONE MILLION BILLION TRILLION OR GAZILLION wishes that came true!!!! Add to that, we are also blessed with having great best friends, Team Mina, who has always proven to be there for us when we need them.

So yes. This was an extra awesome day in STAR CITY because we are all reminded of our blessings.

Yun lang nalimutan namin si Mati.


(Since my Mom and other sibs were in London, he stayed with my Kuya Jon at home.)




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1300 Pasay City, Philippines
(02) 832 3249



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