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Wednesday, February 6, 2019


Last year, my Bawal Pangit (BP) Family was not able to have a Christmas getogether because our schedules got so hectic. When we finally agreed on a date, something came up that plans got cancelled to the disappointment of everyone.

Fast forward to 2018. Because we didn't want to have a "take two" of that fateful night, we started planning for our Christmas getogether as early as September (I think). We didn't have a venue yet but we already blocked the weekend  (just because we felt that one day wouldn't suffice). At first we were thinking of Baguio, then Tagaytay, and then Okada (notice how the venue is getting nearer??). Finally, we all decided that we didn't need to look for anywhere else because the favorite hotel of the BP Group was just nearby and waiting for us.... 


And we're here!!!!!!!

After checking in, we had some welcome drinks and nuts first in their Gilarmi lounge.

Ahhh so refreshing.

He he he he he! The picture may look good but it is SO Monical Geller wrong. He he he he he he!

Could you figure out why?

The little lords didn't mind waiting in Gilarmi Lounge because the drinks were good, the nuts were good, and the wifi WAS AWESOME!!!!!

After finishing our drinks, we went up to our room.

The Primea Suite with a City View!!!!

(Before you exclaim ANG SHOSHAL NAMAAAAAAN, please know that we are sharing the room with our good friends Team Virrey.)

Yup! #ProudlyKuripot !!!!

Yohoo! Staycation officially starts now!!!!

We really love the Primea Suite because there are just loads of room to tango!

They have complete facilities pa for a family who will be cooking (or washing clothes). 

No 3-in-1 instant coffee here!!!!

(Not that I mind TOO much. Kopiko rocks!!!)

Our bathroom...


And our room!!!

Yeah, my guys got so comfy agad that they're all working around on their bare baho (he he he he) feet!!!!

The great thing about DISCOVERY PRIMEA is their extra effort in making their guests feel welcomed. For this weekend, we got some of their delicious brownies, strawberries dipped in choco, and....

A birthday cake!!!!!!!!

We were also celebrating the birthdays of our December celebrants and DISCOVERY PRIMEA gifted my bunsoy with this fudgy chocolate cake with strawberry cream dressing. Sooo good!!!!!

More on Andrei's birthday celebrations on a blog coming soon!!!!!!!!!

The strawberries dipped in chocolate were just awesome!

Wohoo! Our weekend was sure on a primea start!

After unpacking we all went down to do some serious swimming.

Yep! The boys loved swimming that's why the Yub and I always get wet for them!

We always enjoyed swimming in DISCOVERY PRIMEA's pool because it's heated and you have the Makati buildings as backdrop.

We've stayed in PRIMEA before and the pool is always almost empty except for us. I guess the people who go here don't go for the pool talaga.

Well, yehey for us!

Later on, Team Virrey and Team Campo arrived.


As always, we ordered some fries with loads of mayo and ketchup for my baby bunsoy's pool snack. My guys always get hungry when swimming!

I only take pictures while my hair is still dry (since my forehead is so... ahem.... XL). Pero I can't resist this time. 

Everybody's just having a great time. The kiddies have their own special corner.

Same thing for Master Mati and best bud Johans.

As well as me and Yub.


We were supposed to go out for dinner but then since it's the Christmas season, we're sure that most restaurants would be full. We thought that it's just better to stay in the hotel and make reservations in TAPENADE. Usually they don't take reservations but since we're cute (lalo na si Ann he he he he) they agreed to book all 20 of us!

Of course, the kids came too!


Food was deeeelicious!

After our delicious dinner, it was pictorial galore.

The girls...

And the boys!!!!

Me with Mareng Gail and the super photobomber Gem!

He he he he he! MANY times she was unaware that we're taking pictures and would slowly walk by. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! As in it happened like 3 or 4 times that in the end we're like "Huy Gem!!!!!" Ha ha ha ha ha! It was sooooo funny.

Ayan! We finally got a picture without Gem in the background. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

The Christmas tree in PRIMEA was tall and breath-taking that we had our group picture there.

Of course, I saved the best picture for last.

Look at us all so formal and behaved.


We all met up in our room for our BP Family Christmas party!

Dear Gem made some games for the kiddies and adults.

 That was so fun!!! As in tawanan kami ng tawanan!

Afterwards, we had the kris kringle. The kiddies had their own.

Tobey picked Andrei then he picked Sasha.

As for Master Mati, he was picked by Johans...

And he got Tiana.

The happy boys!!!!

Now it's time for the seniors.... Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Abel got me...

Then I got Jonas!!!

The Yub was sooo sure that he got Gem but then, Aning said she got Gem also!!! Hala! The only person there without a gift was mareng Gail!!!

Buti na lang hindi personalized yung gift.


As for Chel, she forgot who her baby was and the only ones left were Gail and the Yub. The mystery was solved and it was Yub pala. He he he he he he he!!!!


When that super noisy Christmas exchange gift finished, we all played this board game at the balcony.

Aning bought MISMO and woah. That game got us howling with laughter.

After everyone had left, Aning and I had cake and coffee at the kitchen. We did a lot of kwentuhan and noticed that it was already 3:30am!!! Hala! When I entered our room, my guys were all sound asleep na.



Next morning, Andrei cooked us breakfast!!!!!!!

Kidding! We asked for room service but we also brought some extra grub to share.


We're going to have breakfast in the balcony.

Ahhhh... The PRIMEA life!

Now this is what I call a real GOOD morning!

I usually have a bath first before eating breakfast but this spread was tooooooo good to wait!

The kiddies were also in a mighty good mood this morning.

Let's eat and prosper! He he he he he he!

After our breakfast we all dressed up to do some more swimming.

While walking in the PRIMEA hall, I saw our favorite mini-apples  by the elevator. Yup! Guests could get from the bowl for this fruity snack. We always loved these apples because they're always fresh and sweet.

And we're back!!!!

The family that swims together, stays wet together. 

He he he he he he!

Team Navarro is here na!

The bunsoy focused on the jacuzzi first.

Master Mati said he'll just stay in the room and fix his things. So it's just me and the bunsoy baby!

Adults swimming.

Later on, Jelo went down!

After swimming for hours, we all washed up and packed. 

Of course, we cannot leave without doing our usual "PICTURES AROUND THE ROOM" tradition!

Drunk shot!

Hall shot!

Door shot!!!!!!!

Boys pic!

Also, we cannot leave without singing a Happy Birthday to our baby bunsoy celebrants!!!

More on Andrei's birthday celebrations blog post SOON!

And then it's time to say good bye.

Bye room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Huy Hampie! Tama na yan!!!!!!

Our PRIMEA staycation was fun but it was doubly awesome with Team Virrey! Thanks Aning for fixing this up!

Checking out!


We were supposed to have a late lunch but we all wanna go home to see my Mommyyy!


Personally, it's one of the most fun Christmas celebrations that we've had as a BP Family!! The memories of that weekend always gives a smile on my big face.

Looking forward to more and more getogethers BPs!!!


pwedeng pwede sa DISCOVERY PRIMEA again!



6749 Ayala Ave,
 Makati, 1226 Metro Manila
(02) 955 8888



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