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Tuesday, March 26, 2019


THE YAPPY BUNCH were in Yub's hometown in Quezon Province and while we're there, we would usually eat in his favorite restaurants.


Chicken Crispers could wait.
Fat burgers should just chill.
Dimsums could keep on steaming.
Ramen should simmer for awhile.

We were in Quezon province and we will be eating what they DON'T have in Manila!!!!!

For that weekend however, we were still having Master Mati's birthday celebrations for 2019 that Yub was at the "mercy" of our first born. Lucky for the Yub, our sons have good taste (took after the Mom) that when I asked Master Mati where he wanted to eat that Sunday, he answered with so much conviction you'd think he was the defense team of OJ Simpson: "Let's eat at BUBBLES Mommy. After all, that's where the best crispy pata is!!!!"

I'm sure the Yub was doing the happy dance secretly that I almost wanted to curse him with lbm (tee hee). But that Sunday was about Master Mati and how we wanted to make him happy with our food trips (our weekend plans did not push through because we had to go to Quezon province). So BUBBLES CRISPY PATA AND RESTAURANT it is! Anything to make my big guy happy.

LINGID sa kaniyang kaalaman, BUBBLES made us all happy too. Especially the Yub (he he he he he).

(I still hope kumulo tyan niya because, meh, I get my kicks bullying my husband. Har de har har!!!!)


BUBBLES was a very popular restaurant in the area that it's always full during lunch and dinner hours. Good thing that my Yub was pogi that while he was talking to the owner on the phone, she agreed to take our reservations.

Did you see the weirdness in my last sentence? He he he he he he!


Maan and hub!

Maan is the Yub's sister and she was due back to the US next week that this was the only weekend left for us to see her. Thus, our sudden trip!

The Chinese Panget, Aaren (Maan's son), my bunsoy Andrei, and Master Mati!

Syoti, Mati's ninong!

Pretty Ivy and Allan!

My Master Mati (the birthday guy) and MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH!!!

I love this pose. Feeling ko cute ako. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

(And for those who are already responding "FEELING MO LANG YUN", here's one big CHE for you!!!)

Ordering up!


Yup! They only have one page.

But the dishes above are the only ones you'll need. Trust me.

First on the table is a claypot of hot BUBBLES Sinigang na Sugpo (P480.00)!

The prawns are soooo fat and big that one piece is already more than enough. We also love the broth because they used crushed kamias that it was sour but with a fruity taste. 

BUBBLES Crispy Pusit (P225.00)!

Nice to munch on in between slurps of the sinigang then spoonfuls of white rice!

BUBBLES Shrimp Camaron (P255.00)!

Because we could never have enough fried and crunchy seafood. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

BUBBLES Pancit Canton (P225.00)!

For the price, you get a big platter of super saucy and slurp-worthy pancit canton!

I don't know about you but carbs on carbs is THE SHIZNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

BUBBLES Liver Steak (P230.00)!

Don't knock this till you've tried it!

We loved the big bites of pork liver stewed in soy sauce with fried onions. There was no strong porky odors but rather morsels of meaty and earthy liver that is soooo flavorful and perfect with rice!

And the piece de resistance.... BUBBLES CRISPY PATA!!!!

This is our favorite Crispy Pata EVER because the meat is always tender and flavorful while the skin is super crunchy!! Yummmm!!!!!!!!!

One order is not enough. You should get 2 or 3 then take home some of the frozen ones to fry up later for your midnight snack! He he he he he he!

Don't forget the rice!

Mama finally arrives! Ha ha ha ha!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and Yub's family in Quezon province!

Missing dear pretty Hennie (Syoti's wife) and the girls....



In between shovels of food in my mouth, I slurp on the hot sinigang broth.


Oh CRISPY PATA of BUBBLES!!! Why can't we quit you??

Thanks Master Mati for craving this too!

For dessert, we had small platters of BUBBLES Leche Flan (P140.00).

Yep! One platter is NOT enough. It was SOOOOO good.



Wawa ignored prawn.

Le bill!!!!

(Belated) Happy Birthday my dearest Mati!!!

And like always Mati, you don't just make your decisions for yourself -- you also consider your family and what we craved for as well.

And because of that, it was truly a happy Sunday for everyone!!!

Thanks so much my dearest!!! (Belated) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!



228 Quezon Ave. Brgy. 8, 
4301 Lucena City, Philippines
(042) 373 4455




  1. Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jaz & 2 ur sons Mati/Andrei!!! I like da 2 weeks pero prang 2 months celebration haha walang katapusan sa pagkain. Ang saya saya lang.

    It is one of my favorites among all the things you blog about kasama na dyan yung out of da country trips, Christmas/New Year, & Holy Week posts. Pero all time na gusto ko yung hotel staycations kc I do that regularly too Ive already lost count as to how many hotels Ive stayed at.

    Very pricey pero Its what I like. Hindi naman na sa sacrifice savings & investments ko monthly so I dont feel guilty in spending that much.

    Wishing you & ur family da BESTEST of This World has to offer.

    PS: Medyo stress me at work so I decided 2 visit ur blog after months of not being able to do so dhil sa sked. Right now Im in Edsa Shangrila Hotel for a night 2 clear my head haha & relax. Thanks Jaz for all da posts that Im backreading =)


    1. Huloooooo dear Kyle!!!!

      Wow!!! Sosy wosy!!! We haven't stayed in Edsa Shang!!! Is it nice??? :)

      Thank you for the greetings! He he he he! Sorry ang haba talaga ng celebrations and I do always blog about it. Feeling ko kasi they are memories (kahit na paulit ulit) that I want to record. And for me naman, I want to make the kiddies feel so special that ayun, they are always excited for their birthdays.

      Yayyyy thank you!! Pero yeah medyo costly lang si staycations. STILL, bakit ba, you need to spoil yourself too!!! Don't be guilty! Its your money and you still care of matters that need your attention. Some people also say that about my food trips. Hay naku!!! Go lang! Do what makes you happy! I'm happy for you too! Ang sayaaaaa!!!!!!

      You also! I wish you the BESTEST and HAPPIESTEST that the universe will gve you!!!! Yayyy!!!!!

      PS... BOOOOOO kinalimutan mo na kami! Grrrrr.... Ha ha ha ha! Kidding. I'm glad my blog is here to help you sleep.

      Wait a minute...

      HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! Thanks pa din dear Kyle! Missed you!!! Mwah mwah!

  2. Hey Jaz,

    Shang's lobby is 2 die for not 2 mention they have several pools. It doesnt belong in my my top 5 hotels but its near my place plus service is impeccable. For me 2 come back here means they are doing something right. Ang haba ng sagot in short I really like it here haha.

    Some will say "You're wasting your money" referring 2 my hotel staycations. Meron tlaga mga tao na Mema... Memasabi lang. Ang hilig mag criticize ng iba & to butt in when they dont have a say in the matter. Sabi ko nga MY LIFE MY RULES hahaha.

    I can say da same thing 2 you. As long as you're happy & not hurting anyone continue ur very awesome fudtrips dont mind the bashers LOL. Sayo nga ako nkaka kuha ng places to go on dates eh so Im very thankful.

    You're blog is one of the few that I regularly visit when I have time 2 chill. If I want 2 smile I go 2 ur blog. Most of da time I read about business & stock investing online some very stuff. Ur family adventures its a good break in between.

    Thank you Ms. Jaz seriously salamat.

    Hopefully I can see you in person someday...Treat kita kahit saan =)


    1. Huloooooo Kyle!!!!!

      Oo nga! I've heard about many raves on Edsa Shangrila how it had many pools and we haven't stayed there yet! Hala nagtandaan na our kids! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! Naks! It's a high-starred hotel pero it's not in your top 5. What's in your top 5 again?? H aha ha ha! I appreciate the long answer because naenganyo tuloy ako ha ha ha ha ha! Will save up for that.

      Exactly!!! Some people may masabi lang. For me talaga, as long as you are using your hard-earned money (not stealing or using your kids' college funds) and you're not depriving your family, then GO FOR IT!!! Do what makes you happy!!!! We all need a break once in a while and thse are still experiences. For me it's much better than buying this P10,000 shirt just to show off!!!

      Alam mo ba why I post the receipts in my blog? I get many comments how ang swerte daw namin and we get to eat and have staycations for free with my blogging. WELL EXCUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSE MEEEEEEEE! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! When the blog is sponsored naman I mention it. I actually post more blogs where we use our own money. Naku, as in we don't spend so much on shopping because we would rather go out on dates or have gimiks with the kiddies. Some talaga will put you down any way they can and console themselves by thinking that we get to go out because of the blogging. Kaya I get pissed off din. That's why I started posting the receipts to prove that hey we paid for this. I don't go to events na nga so much these days because I would rather post about our own gimiks. And I didn't blog for that purpose. I just wanted to have an online diary.

      Awwwww thank you sooo much!!!! I'm happy that you appreciate my silly little foodie blog. Walang iwanan ah!!!!!

      Oo nga!!! If you bump into us, please please please pakilala ka and then picture picture tayo!! Then libre mo kami sa SPIRAL... bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

      kidding!!! Pero yeah! Hope to meet you!!!!!

      Thanks again dear Kyle!!!!

      Haba ng sagot ko no???


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