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Monday, February 11, 2019


KANTO FREESTYLE is a popular breakfast hub that is like your favorite street tapsilogan but with loads of style. One of their earliest branches was in the kalyes of Mandaluyong where you wouldn't mind eating as tricycles roar by and pusakals meow needily around your legs -- yup, the food was THAT good! The great thing too was that besides serving "gourmet" silog plates that were very affordable, KANTO FREESTYLE was open 24 hours! Now THAT was perfect after a night of "tugs! tugs!" He he he he!

KANTO has many branches but their newest one recently opened in San Juan near the Greenhills area. It is a bit different from the gourmet-carinderia style that we have been lovingly used to, but they still serve the same delicious plates of hot and affordable food that we love.

And for us, THAT'S what matters. He he he he!

KANTO FREESTYLE BREAKFAST recently invited us to try out their dishes plus more in their cozy new branch. It's cool that their latest spot is near the Greenhills shopping area that if you're craving for some cheap, Filipino comfort food before (or after) a day of shopping, KANTO FREESTYLE BREAKFAST will be there for you.

Check out our wonderful morning that stretched all the way till afternoon. He he he he he he he!

Yep! Good food does that to us!

The Kain Tulog Gang is in KANTO FREESTYLE BREAKFAST 65!!!!

The new KANTO FREESTYLE BREAKFAST branch is located in Annapolis street in the continental court building.

The first floor is like your homey coffee shop that you could hang out in with your hot drink and sweets. Tables may be limited but the area is airconditioned so YAY on that!!! 

On your way to the second floor, you'll see this mural that, according to KANTO FREESTYLE, is the cartoon drawings of the owners. If you're able to identity who's who, you get something free daw.

The second floor is the same KANTO set up that you may be familiar with -- place is al fresco with that eatery type setting. 

They do have a function room that is airconditioned for those who have their special events. He he he he he he!

ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!!!!


Don't worry pareng FOOD ALPHABET, you were so well represented! He he he!

And of course, ERICJAZ FOODIES!!!!

There was a set meal ready for us but we still checked out the menu. He he he he he he!

(It's just like when you're in a plane and keep on looking at the flight menu -- it gets you more excited for the meal to come!!!)


KANTO FREESTYLE breakfast menu 2!!!!

NOW IT'S TIME TO EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now which one should I dig into, pronto????

Officially first on the table is KANTO FREESTYLE Pandesal with Liver Pate, Pesto, and Garlic Confit (P95.00)!

Bread was baked right in their kitchens and was served toasty warm. So yum with the 3 spreads! My favorite was the liver pate and garlic mushed together. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

KANTO Chocnut Champurado (P135.00)!

I'm not really fond of Champurado so I didn't try this (ha ha ha ha ha!) but the others who ate it liked the thick chocolatey bowl naman. 

KANTO BREAKFAST Hashbrown with Sitaw and Kangkong (P160.00)!

Don't knock it till you've tried it!!!!!!!

KANTO House Made Baked Beans (P140.00)!

I normally shy away from beans (because it makes me toot.... ha ha ha ha) but I liked the smokey flavors of this one. The spiciness too was complemented by the creamy and cheesy topping. Yummers.

Time for the silogs!!!!!!!

KANTO Roast Beef Pares (P180.00)!

This is a top favorite among my companions (who have already eaten here before) and it is pretty obvious why.

Now you may be wondering why this KANTO branch has that BREAKFAST 65 in its name. No, it doesn't mean they already have their 65th branch (soon maybe???). But unlike their other KANTO branches, they serve the 65c egg that is similar to a poached egg.

It's actually very difficult to do this sous vide way of cooking the eggs where you have to get that perfect temperature for it to hold under boiling water. BUT, KANTO is able to do it everytime per order. He he he he he!

The 65c egg has a nice creamy texture that is extra tasty when you  mix that gold goo into your garlic rice. HOWEVER, if you feel like having your eggs the ordinary meh way, just inform your server!

KANTO FREESTYLE Pulled Adobo Flakes with Red Rice (P175.00)!

I was surprised when the Yub liked this because based on experience, he stays away from anything that looked strange (HELLO RED RICE!!!).

But he loved this one and finished one whole plate. When I confirmed if he ate the red rice, he gave a happy yes!

Aba! Big boy na si Utoy ko talaga!!!!!!!!

KANTO Freestyle New Zealand Angus Beef Tapa (P170.00)!

Extra rice please!

KANTO FREESTYLE Pusit, Danggit, at Espada silog (P160.00)!!!

All that crunchy seafood goodness in one plate!

KANTO Honey Garlic Chicken (P150.00)!

AUUUGHHH! I wasn't able to try this but I heard the raves from my friends.

Oh well! Something to come back for!!!!!!

Of course, save room for dessert!!!! 

FYI, all their pastries are cooked right in their kitchens. So what you get are freshly baked sweets to enjoy after all your silogs!!!!!

We tried out the Brownies, the Mango Creme Brulee, Salted Caramel Overload, Chocolate Mousse, and Berry Tarts!!!!!!

From the menu, we got the KANTO Fried Suman with Mango Panna Cotta (P150.00)!

KANTO Mix Berry Pancake (P150.00)!

AUGGGGGH!!! Wasn't able to try this too!!!

(Bangs noo on the wall)

Of course, all of the above (makes wild hand gestures) are so perfect with their coffee!!!! Don't forget to order one to match your plates of KANTO goodness.


May I just say that we all look SOOOOO good here but that the smile of mareng FRANNYWANNY is just soooooo cute! I swear while making this blog, her happy face captured on my pictures just got me smiling too!!!

Happy vibes indeed!!!!!

My plate!!! My messy BUT SUPER DELICIOUS plate!

Aaahhh... The beautiful view in front of me....

We all ate and chatted that it was already past 2:00pm na!!!

Hala!!! The Yub and I were supposed to check in for a staycation at that time!!! The boys were waiting for us at home!!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! Oh well.... Time flies so fast talaga when you're having fun.

Love yew all KTG!!!!!!!


Thank you soooo much KANTO FREESTYLE BREAKFAST 65 for having us. It was truly a fun and sarap brunch in your place. I swear, THE YAPPY BUNCH will be back and with loads of reinforcements!!!! I have many more dishes to come back for. He he he he he he!



Unit 102 Continental Court Condominium,
47 Annapolis, San Juan, 1504 Metro Manila




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