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Thursday, February 21, 2019


We were having Andrei's 2018 birthday celebrations and one of his wishes was to go to Star City with his best guy pal, Paolo. We invited my BGP Mariane to join us and as expected, she agreed to come because she loved us (he he he he he).

As much as we loved the indoor setting of Star City, we wanted to be there super early because the crowds come in as the hours go by. So since the opening that day was at 2:00pm, we wanted to be right there as soon as they start letting ticket-holders in. With that, we decided that it's best to meet somewhere earlier and have lunch at the same time.

Now where to go???

There were A LOT of restaurants near Star City around the CCP Complex or along Roxas Boulevard that would be perfect for a birthday getogether. In fact, if we were feeling adventurous and extra celebratory, we would go somewhere that we haven't eaten before.

BUT, we were with our best friends. And I know that with them, we don't need to go anywhere flashy, expensive, or earth-shattering to have a great time. Truth be told, we could all just stay at home, order chicken, then chat away (with all our feet up) and still have an awesome day.

I guess, they were feeling the same because when I asked where we should go, BGP Mariane and Manong Fred suggested to have lunch in the restaurant that felt like home for them -- ARISTOCRAT. Don't get me wrong, these two could eat ANYWHERE that they wanted to, BUT like the people who could go everywhere, they chose their real favorites for special occasions.

And I super agree with them.

So ARISTOCRAT it is. And as expected, we had a super fun and delicious lunch to celebrate my bunsoys birthday.

Just the way we wanted.



ARISTOCRAT had the usual large crowd that day so it's a good thing that our group was able to get a table agad.

Good thing we were seated by the door so at least we had a bit of privacy in our little side. 


BGP Mariane and Manong Fred!!!!

Me and the birthday boy!!!!

My Best Gal Pal Mariane and Andrei's Best Guy Pal Paolo!

BGP's pilot and angel!

The Yub, my inaanak Paolo, and scary me!!!

Ordering up!!

YOHOO! Food is here!

ARISTOCRAT Side Salad (P75.00)!

Because I should always have my veggies.

ARISTOCRAT Calamares (P285.00)!

The Calamares had a light and crunchy breading. The kiddies munched on this while waiting for their order. 

ARISTOCRAT Chicken Fillet Barbecue (P190.00)!

For those who want it meaty, get the fillet. Chicken was soooo flavorful and tender too.

ARISTOCRAT Barbecue Chicken (P210.00)!!

3 pieces of the famous Aristocrat Barbecue served with their super appetizing Java rice. This was also so perfect with the barbecue sauce.

ARISTOCRAT Sisig (P210.00).

Because I always have to have sisig when I see it on the menu. Ha ha ha ha ha!

My plate! My very full ARISTOCRAT plate!!!!

Bummer lang that with ARISTOCRAT, their java sauce are served in packets na. We could ask for extra but you're at the mercy of your server if he feels like charging you or not. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

LET'S EAT!!!!!

The kiddies were the first to finish eating. While they were waiting for us, Best Guy Pals Andrei and Paolo took selfies...

Took turns with an app game.

And just fooled around!

He also sang to Andrei a happy birthday!

I ordered the ARISTOCRAT dessert best seller, the Torta Delos Reyes (P190.00) for Andrei's birthday song. After we sang his birthday song, he put out the candle with a VERY loud blow.

1 order of the small Torta Delos Reyes was actually more than enough for us (because it's soooo rich). However since it was sooooo good, we were still able to finish it even with Andrei's "blessings".

The ARISTOCRAT bill!!!!

Really enjoyed our early lunch in ARISTOCRAT (as if there's a possibility that we won't). There's really something about being with great friends whom you know will always be there for you in a place where the food is always comforting.

Thanks again BGP Mariane and Manong Fred for joining us!!

Now off to STAR CITY!!! He he he he he he!!!!



432 San Andres Street Corner Roxas Boulevard, 
Malate, Manila
02 5247671 / 02 5247680




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