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Monday, March 11, 2019


SAMGYUPSALAMAT UNLIMITED KOREAN BBQ had been in my must-try radar for a long time now because I've heard from my friends how they served delicious meats at such an affordable price. However, as much as we wanted to try out SAMGYUPSALAMAT, the scary stories of the horrendous lines kept us away. So we just controlled our deep craving to try out this popular restaurant and just waited until the time was right.

Last January, when Master Mati's was having his birthday celebrations, my big guy said he really wanted to have some Korean barbecue.

This is it, I thought. This is our signal that we have waited long enough -- it is now time to go to SAMGYUPSALAMAT and just endure whatever lines they're having.

After all, aren't birthday celebrations reason enough to make sacrifices? Add to that the promise of delicious hot meats in the end.




We decided to try out the SAMGYUPSALAMAT branch in P. Guevarra, San Juan.

There was a waiting area for those listed but I was not able to take a picture of them. We were about the 10th group in the wait list but it's okay. We had snacks naman. 

AND something tells me that my guys are SOOOO busy anyway.

(Sarap agawan ng mga celphone!!!)




Yihiii! It's the KTG!!!!!

Yep! The restaurant was packed that night!

But they didn't jam a lot of tables in their space so you still had that comfortable feeling while dining.

After about a 30 minute wait, we were seated!!!



Kuya Jon Jonsss and birthday boy Mati!

MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH, bunsoy Andrei, and the Yub hub.

The great thing about SAMGYUPSALAMAT was that everything was fast and prompt! When we got to our table, all was ready. 

What also contributed to their fast service was that their meats were all cut up, plated, and ready on their counters. After you order, they'll give it to you in less than a minute!

Don't worry. The plates of SAMGYUPSALAMAT meats run out fast so the ones on the counter were just recently cut!

This was a far cry from this Korean restaurant we recently ate in where service took soooooooo long!!!!! 

In SAMGYUPSALAMAT, they used charcoal to fire up the grill. They also placed the gravy and cheese in metal pots so that it will be hot for the meats later. 

Refillable ban chan and sauces!

Now, what meats should we get?

We decided to try out the SAMGYUPSALAMAT Unlimited 2 (P499.00) because we looooved beef!!! He he he heh e!

What I liked about SAMGYUPSALAMAT is that when you get the unlimited beef and pork, you're not pressured to get both kinds of meat per serving. If you only wanted some beef that night, they'll just give you beef.

For our first plate we got the B2 Yangnum Beef.

Woah! this was our favorite! the meat was sooooo tender and flavorful! Even my picky eater loved it instantly. 

We also tried out the B3 Boolgogi! This was good too but our hearts were stolen by B2!

As Walter White would say...


I was the designated photographer that night (he he he I designated myself...) that Kuya Jon Jonssssssssss and the Yub took care of the grilling.

That's a man's job anyway! YEAAAAAAAAAH!

Wohooo! Our full and happy table!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and Kuya Jon for Mati's birthday celebrations!!!!!!!!!

Our very full table.

Even if it was rice all you can in SAMGYUPSALAMAT, I opted to just have my meats wrapped in lettuce. Oh kay sarap.

I added a lot of the pickled greens and sweetened onions.

As for baby Andrei, he went all crazy for the cheese. Even if he's a normally shy kiddie, he asked for some more himself!!

We also got some steamed eggs!!!!

For our next plates, we got the B2 again and this time the P1, Dae Pae!

These thin strips of pork will be crispy like bacon later on.

For our next plates, we got again the B2 then the P4 and B4 (Spicy Pork and Beef!)!

They were not super spicy. It just had a bit of a kick.

Then we got the B5, Sarsa Beef!

This was just okay. 


Don't think that we're being wasteful gluttons by ordering meats that we can't finish. The plates were cute in size that even Andrei could eat all of it just by himself.

And we're done.

EGAD. Here come the meat sweats.

So we got about 7 plates. Not bad. But if you want to be reaaaallllly sulit, you should get 2 plates per person. He he he he he he!

My master Mati don't like birthday songs in public but SAMGYUPSALAMAT got him in such a full and happy mood that he was game for one.

(Belated) Happy Birthday my dearest!!!!!! Hope you had a great Korean night!

Le bill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


When Mommy and the siblings returned from their London trip, we had Sunday lunch out with them to have Master Mati's last birthday celebration for 2019.

Perfect timing too that for the last day of his celebrations, it was the feast day of Santo Nino that the priest blessed all of the children in church that morning.

When I asked Master Mati where he wanted to treat his Lola and Tita, he said that we should go back to SAMGYUPSALAMAT because he really enjoyed his meal there 2 weeks ago.

Yep! We may have had a loooong celebration period for Master Mati but it's because he cannot have a birthday without having a food trip with his Lola. And for today, he chose SAMGYUPSALAMAT again!


Master Mati and Kuya Jon Jonnnnssssssssssssss!

Me and Mommy!

Tables in SAMGYUPSALAMAT were limited to 4 pax only (they don't have long tables) that our group was separated. I suggested to the Yub that if the 4 of us sat together, then it's just like we had a family meal by ourselves. So me and Master Mati sat with my Mom and Kuya Jon so there'll be extra bonding bonding.

That's why Yub and the bunsoy were at the next table. Ate Jit and Anthony were late as usual! Tsk... tsk... tsk!!!!


Ay dumating din!!!!!

In fairness, I'm sure the bunsoy Andrei would like to sit with his Tita more than me. 



The Yub and the Anthony!!!!

Now this is making me hungry again!

For that meal, our table was able to finish 7 plates of meat!!!!

Hay! We should eat more!


Yup! The hype is real! We LOOOOOVE SAMGYUPSALAMAT!!!!

My Mom said that she enjoyed her experience more in SAMGYUPSALAMAT compared to some of the restaurants she visited in Korea. She found the meats here to be more flavorful especially with the marinades. Yum!!!! I'm glad that she also had a great time here because that means we'll all be back!

He he he he he he!!!!

For my birthday naman???


Thanks SAMGYUPSALAMAT for having delicious food and fast service. You played a tasty role in Master Mati's birthday celebrations. We will return fosho!!!!!!!!

(Belated) HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



1500 Metro Manila, San Juan, 2nd floor Metro Pointe Center 
P Guevarra Street Corner N Averilla Street
+63 9560374513




  1. Namimiss ko tuloy Samgyupsalamat!For me pinakamasarap sya at sulit yung price! I love the cheese! And yung baby potatoes OMG!nagkicrave ako!

    1. Hiya dear Erika!!!!!!

      Ako din! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Halaaaa I'm on a diet pa naman.

      Yup I agree! For the service, the quality of the meats, the ban chan, AND the price, it's so sulit. I think it's the cheapest from the popular Korean barbecue restaurants out there that's why it's my favorite!!!!

      I HAVEN'T TRIED THAT!! Halaaaaaaaa! I want to go back for that tuloy!!!!!!

      mwah mwah tsup tsup

    2. OMG! Kailangan mong bumalik! Super sarap nung baby potatoes nila!! Nakakamiss gusto ko tuloy umuwi para kumain dyan😂

    3. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Your advise is my command. Yes makabalik nga! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Tara leeeeeeeeeets!!!! mwah mwah!

  2. Replies
    1. Hulooooooooooo Goryo!!

      Not that I know of. But it's still best to call and check because sometimes they change resto rules. Enjoy!


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