Wednesday, November 2, 2016


There are many celebrations in a year but one event stands out because it caters to the macabre in me -- HALLOWEEN!!!

Yep! I just love watching horror stories, thriller movies, ghost stories, and tales of the beyond and afterlife. I cannot tell you how long I would spend time on youtube watching "GHOSTS CAUGHT ON TAPE". I also make it a point to stay at home on some weekends to watch halloween specials of "Magandang Gabi Bayan" and "Martin After Dark".

I'm glad that I'm not the only lone sheep who enjoys all the weirdness -- the Chinese Dimpol loves watching scary movies as well. One time when we were still dating, we saw "THE HAUNTING" in the moviehouse. At one point, he (obnoxiously) said "Hindi naman nakakatakot!!!" a little bit too loudly. Then as if on cue, the next scene gave out a shocking scare. With that, I swear to you, he screamed like a girl. LIKE. A. LITTLE. SCHOOLGIRL. Tipong falsetto pa na nanginginig!!! Everyone in the theatre really laughed out loud. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Instead of being embarrassed or pikon, both of us laughed along with the crowd as well. It was really a funny memory. Something I would love to act out for anyone who'll ask. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


With my addiction to watching and reading about the supernatural, comes my excitement in doing Halloween activities as well.  And of course, besides going to the cemetery on November 1, THE YAPPY BUNCH would not miss one of our favorite things to do during the scary season.... 


Since 2010, my High School and College friend mareng Heidi has been inviting THE YAPPY BUNCH for TRICK OR TREATING in Valle Verde. And since we loved doing the traditional way rather than going around malls or hotels to scout for candies, we would gladly (and thankfully) accept her invitation!

Check out our other TRICK OR TREATING sessions HERE!

Awwww.... The little lords when they were actually "little"!

Our silly family would always have loads of fun whenever we run around for TRICK OR TREATING. I didn't know that the time was not forever.  Every year, the little lords would look forward for Halloween and their laughs/giggles would signify the awesomeness of the day. 

TRICK OR TREATING is always one of the things we plan for early especially with the costumes! It didn't occur to me that a day would come when they wouldn't have to dress up anymore for Halloween. SERIOUSLY! I sincerely thought that I will always be looking for a costume for the kiddies. But as it turns out, when they grow up, they wouldn't have the same eagerness for Halloween anymore. That's what happened to Master Mati. Before, he would ask us to order his favorite costume online 3 or 4 months in advance (especially if it's a special one). Now, he told us that he's not going to dress up anymore because TRICK OR TREATING is for kiddies.


I told him that even if he's an adult, he could still wear a costume come Halloween but he still didn't want to. My son is so excited to grow up that he staying away from anything that's "kid's stuff". To add insult to injury, he would even say how he's going to be a teenager in few months.


He originally didn't want to join us but I told him this is a family event so Master Mati had no choice but to go. Aughhh! He's already acting like a surly teenager!!!!!



While we were in the mall one time, I asked Andrei what he wanted to go as this year. I held my breath a bit because I knew how some costumes could be so expensive.

Good thing that my bunsoy wanted to go as a ZOMBIE! Yeyyy! At least we only needed to buy the special make up for it! Thanks Andrei!!!!

I applied his make-up the best way I know how and my bunsoy was happy with the results. We got a shirt with a hole on it and made it appear that his character "died" by taking a bullet. He he he he he he he!


He immediately scared our angel, Cacai!

Andrei would do moaning noises and only show the whites of his eyeballs.

He also surprised my brother. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

THE YAPPY BUNCH's very own walker!

It was a sunny Saturday! Perfect to go TRICK OR TREATING!

I won't be joining in the TRICK OR TREAT but I dressed up as my favorite filter in Snapchat! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Egad! The Chinese Dimpol was so obsessed with his yoyo.

First house!

Awww! The little Superman behind Andrei is so cute!

Now it's time to walk to the next house.

I saw other kiddies go from house to house in a car. But where's the fun in that????

Kiddies should learn to sweat for their candy!


Besides, zombies don't ride no cars!!!


Next house!

And another!

Whenever we're at a house, Andrei would always say, sometimes shyly, "Trick or Treat!"

When he does so, it always puts a smile on the person giving the treats!

Hmmmm..... I wonder what trick we could do???


Andrei loved this house because it posted 3D images that change when you look from another angle.


Near the clubhouse, they gave out taho and ice cream!

Yummm!!! Everyone got from this station. Ha ha ha ha ha! The taho was still warm and yum!

This friendly lady gave out a laugh when Andrei sweetly said "Twick or Tweat!"

And we're walking again....

Somebody got so busy with his yo yo that he didn't see the ravenous walker behind them!!!


THE WALKING DEAD FANS would know that. He he he he he he!


Another house gave out gelatin! Andrei's favorite!

Andrei saw his twin brother!!!!

And their long lost sister!!!!

Tee heee!

Even if Master Mati didn't join in the TRICK OR TREAT, he was a sport while walking with us. I think he was secretly enjoying the day because he didn't noticed ZOMBIE CORALLLL creeping up behind him.

Why so snobby Zombie Coralll???

It's great that the subdivision is not crowded with TRICK OR TREATERS that Andrei was still able to get loads of candy even if we were all taking our sweet time walking.

Ooh! A marching band!

ANOTHER house offered taho! Yey!!!!

THE YAPPY BUNCH got another helping of taho. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! We just love it!

I told the Chinese Dimpol to take pictures of me since I'm nowhere in the album.

Of course, he took a picture of my BIG behind.



Zombie Coralll made the house resident laugh when he did his zombie pose again.

He got a lot of kicks "scaring" the TRICK OR TREAT hosts. He he he he he!

And finally, we got to our favorite house in the subdivision!

We love passing by here because really dress up the whole house!

Woah! They even have motion sensors for some of the ghosts and ghoulies!

Here's Mati and Andrei at the exact spot 4 years ago!

Time passed by so fast talaga!

Noiiiice right????

EGAD Yub! You're obsessed with the yo yo! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Every year, we always have a picture by this halloween happy house.

While I was taking a picture of the boys, I heard a witch from the other side commenting loud enough for the house owners to hear, "Tara na ang boring ng bahay na yan."

WELL DUH. What's more boring is your rudeness and obvious display of jealousy!

Ayan tuloy I didn't notice that Mati was doing a naughty pose. Grrrr!

Bye house!!! Till next year!


What I only noticed this year is that not a lot of people made an effort to wear costumes. But here are the ones we liked the best!


Baby Black Spiderman!

Two Wednesday Addams!

Good and Evil!

(The girls fussed and chatted with Andrei so much that he told me later, "Mommy, I think the girls there are so nice because they know that I'm famous from my newspaper article.")

AWWWWWWWWW!!!! So cute and innocent!

Cutie baby Anna from FROZEN!

She was smiling at Andrei and laughing at me because I sang to her "DO YOU WANT TO BUILD A SNOWMAN?" Ha ha ha ha ha !

Zombie Corral was able to fill up his pumpkin head with treats!!!! Wohooo! Up to now we still have some candy at home.

(My boy was wearing gloves because he was also playing with his yoyo while walking.)

Later on we went to my mareng Heidi's house! She and Coco we're already done going house to house.

Andrei and Coco!!!

ZOMBIE CORRALLLL and Maleficent!

Yihiii! Thank you soooo much for inviting us every year mareng Heids! I really appreciate your kindness and generosity always!

Yep! Even if I got hit by that cleaver on your head. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

While mareng Heids and I were chatting, the kiddies were playing and eating their candies.

Yohoooooooo! So fun talaga!

We finished another fun TRICK OR TREATING session this year!!!! I asked the kiddies if they wanted to try out other Halloween parties but they were already happy with today. Even if there ARE other Trick or Treat activities in malls or other subdivisions, we won't force the boys anymore. After all, our family activities are really for building loving memories FOR THEM. :)

We all had fun (Yep! Even Master Mati) that we're so looking forward to raiding Valle Verde again on 2017!!!

Thanks so muchos Mareng Heids!!! Mmmmwaaaaaaaaaah!!!!


  1. uy Chinese Dimpol and Andrei are playing Yoyo! My husband plays Yoyo. Yung mga tricks na mahirap (I dont know how to play yoyo haha!). My brother in law is a professional Yoyo player. Asia Champion sya nung 2014 and last year lumaban sya sa Worlds Yoyo Contest sa Japan. (ang haba ng intro ko hihi)

    natawa ko sa part na kinantahan mo yung Little Anna ang cute ng smile!! hahaha! Buti si Andrei pumapayag pa din mag costume no? baby pa din talaga hehe

    1. Hiya Erika!!!

      Yes they do!!! Nakahiligan ngayon. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! As in while walking they kept on doing the yoyo. They even wanted to include it sa picture taking ha ha ha ha! Wow really? My husband and Andrei could only do the walking the dog, babies' cradle, and one more. Nakakatuwa that my bunsoy is busy with it rather than playing gadgets. Naks!!! Ang galing naman your hub and lalo na the brother in law!! Would've loved to see their tricks. Upload mo in Youtube!!!

      Ha ha ha ha! I always do that whenever I see a FROZEN kid. Their faces talaga are so cute when they recognize the song. Hay naku buti talaga si Andrei is game pa with Trick or Treating. I'm not sure if he's really a baby because zombie ang gusto niya. Ha ha ha ha! Monster talaga!

      Thanks for checking this out! Mmmmwahhhh!

  2. Hi Jaz! I always read your blog pa din no! every night hehe hindi lang makapag comment minsan. If magkita tayo, willing husband ko turuan si Andrei ng basic techniques for Yoyo. sayang sana malapit lang kami sa inyo.

    1. Yihiiiii!!!! Talaga??? I thought you forgot about me na. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Yeyyyyy!!!!! Thanks soooo much! Uy promise yan ha? Andrei and Eric will be so happy!!! From my blogs you'll know where we live. He he he he he he he!!!!Sige nga???


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