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Saturday, January 13, 2018


THE YAPPY BUNCH were in HONG KONG having an awesome time, but as much as we were fulfilling our kiddie wishes with DISNEYLAND we were somehow failing in the "food trip department". Don't get us wrong, we're loving the restaurants that we went to (ICHIRAN, MCDONALDS, DISNEYLAND, etc) but these were not the hole-in-the-wall hubs that we were craving for -- Foreign franchises pa sila!!!!

We had our last chance to redeem ourselves with the day of our departure. We were hoping that with our city tour, we could eat somewhere that was not a franchise and was exclusive only in Hong Kong.

With that, we ended up with DIN TAI FUNG!!!!

Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!


DIN TAI FUNG was not really what I had in mind especially that it was a popular franchise from Taiwan and all. But the Chinese Dimpol remembered how much I raved over it (from my HK trip with officemates) and how I would always claim it was much better than the Philippine counterpart, that when I asked him where we should have our late lunch, he didn't give any choice but DIN TAI FUNG.

HAY! Even if napaaaaaagod ako sa layo ng lakad, DIN TAI FUNG daw!!!!!

So we had our last official HONG KONG meal in DIN TAI FUNG and I'm sure, the "foodie gods" were laughing at us. But honestly, after our very delicious and super sulit meal, I didn't care. Sure we didn't try out local restaurants and went "full commercialized" but after our lunch at DIN TAI FUNG, I realized that this trip was after all more about enjoyment, fun, and happiness -- and we certainly made not just the Yub but everyone smile with their full tummies.



Operating hours.

DIN TAI FUNG already has branches in Australia, Mainland China, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, the United States, Thailand and UAE. But it is their Hong Kong branch that was awarded with a Michelin star!

DIN TAI FUNG is famous for their soup dumplings or "xiao long baos". Some even consider it the best there is!

The last time I went to DIN TAI FUNG with my officemates, we waited a bit because there was a line.

But since this was in the afternoon, they had many available tables.


Yihii! My very happy husband!

Sabagay, in this trip we followed everyones wishes -- Mati and Andrei for DISNEYLAND and me with ICHIRAN. So with the Yubhub it's just right that we go for DIN TAI FUNG!

Also, could resist such a handsome face???

Hi hi hi


We had some choices already in DIN TAI FUNG but we will never forget having their world-famous XIAO LONG BAOS!

When you order in DIN TAI FUNG, you cross out the items you want and indicate how many plates you like.

It had english translation so we had no trouble in places our orders.

Service in DIN TAI FUNG was very fast and friendly. One server even gave me this cover for my VERY EXPENSIVE OMAYGAD SOBRA bag (tee hee) so that it wouldn't get any food in it.

Awwww so nice.


Drogon and Rhaegar!

The King in the North and the Mother of Dragons.

Sorry. I STILL can't get over GAME OF THRONES.



Tee hee!

On the table you'll find condiments ready.

Plus step by step instructions on how to eat their Xiao Long Baos.

Now even if I have already been to HONG KONG I just discovered how cold water was not popular with the locals.

In DIN TAI FUNG, you have to really specify that you wanted cold water (and they'll put an indication on your teapot). Otherwise, they'll just give you tea.

And malamig lang ata sa kanila are their sodas!

Here, each person is charged 9HKD each for refillable tea and water. So for our group, we shelled out 36HKD (or P235.00) for the four of us!

Okay lah!

Our first dish on the table was DIN TAI FUNG String Bean with Minced Pork (50HKD / P326.00).

Plate was small and this could probably feed only 2 persons max but I would always order this in DIN TAI FUNG.

The string beans are crunchy and had the right pork flavorings and spice. It's so addicting to eat on its own or with rice!

Everytime a dish gets served, the efficient (and pugi) servers would cross out an item from this receipt. This is to monitor if our ordered dishes already arrived.

Up next is the DIN TAI FUNG Shrimp and Pork Fried Rice (89HKD / P580.00)!

This may look small but they really packed in all the pork, shrimp, and fried rice goodness that when you get a scoopful, BOINNNGGGGGG, it would all sprout out!

And check out the big pieces of shrimps!!! 

He he he he! We're you all hiding from me???

DIN TAI FUNG Spicy Shrimp Wonton (62HKD / P400.00)!

Plump shrimps wrapped in silky steamed wonton wrappers.

The spicy garlic and oils were DA BOWMB!!! It just made the dish more exciting and "rice-worthy".


DIN TAI FUNG Pork Chop Fried Rice (89HKD / P580.00)!!

The Pork Chops were uber tender and had that nice crispy breading that's coated with 5-spice seasoning.

It matched so well with the eggy fried rice that also had sesame oils. 

And last but not the least, ALWAYS as in ALWAYS order the very popular DIN TAI FUNG Xiao Long Bao (60HKD / P390.00)!

Their soupy pork dumplings I feel deserve all the hype because unlike in other restaurants, the soup was really steamed from within and not injected or spooned over. You will be able to tell this was so because they don't have a hole on top of the dumpling. ALSO, their steamed wonton wrapper had a nice firmness into it that it wouldn't break nor tear up when you get 1 piece via a chopstick. Let me add too that the soup and the meat have the right savory flavors.


ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in DIN TAI FUNG!!!!


The little lords LOVED the Xiao Long Bao and fought over who will get more pieces.


A moment of silence... Yup. Andrei is savoring his food and eating A LOT.

My plate! My super neat plate!

The little lords requested another order of the Xiao Long Bao!

Something tells me that we'll make a trip to DIN TAI FUNG Philippines pretty soon! He he he he he!

To add more excitement in my bowl of rice, I added generous spoonfuls of chili. And woah!!!! This really got me smoking.


The DIN TAI FUNG bill!


At first we went to DIN TAI FUNG as per my Yubhub's wishes because he wanted to try it. In the end, we were all so happy that EVERYONE in the family enjoyed our sumptuous soupy dumpling lunch that we will surely make a return to its Philippine counterpart very soon!


We were all DIN TAI FUNG-ED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miramar Shopping Centre
Nathan Rd, Tshim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
+852 2898 2499 
Hours -- 11:30am to 10:30pm



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