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Thursday, January 28, 2016


Whenever the Chinese Adonis and I are in SM Megamall, the only restaurant for us would always be IPPUDO RAMEN. But for one date night, we decided to snap out of our addiction and try out something new.

Now what restaurant is worthy enough to get our ramen obsession out of our system???


It will be the Chinese Adonis' first time to eat at DIN TAI FUNG in the fashion mall of SM Mega. As for me, I was able to pig out here during a company trip in Hong Kong and loved it. I'm sure the yub will enjoy his meal here as well. 

DIN TAI FUNG just opened when we dropped by for dinner and I was expecting the lines to be horrendous (as I've so in many instagram posts). Good thing that there were not as many people as I thought it would be but we were still told to wait for a table to be available.

When you get to DIN TAI FUNG, get your numbers from the maitre' d!

At the reception area we were asked how many we were. When I answered we needed a table for two, they classified under that group on the list.

We were given a number and order stub while waiting the advised to hold on to this until our number was called.

If I may add, the Chinese Adonis looked so constipated here while trying his best to make his dimples appear.

We waited for about 20 minutes before our number came up! I guess finding tables for parties of 2 is more manageable!

We didn't mind waiting though because we busied ourselves with the creation of their famous Xiao Long Baos at their open kitchen.

Homer drools!

We were finally notified that our table was really. When we walked inside, we were surprised at how spacious DIN TAI FUNG was.

Really! There WAS indeed enough room to tango!

While waiting, we were supposed to cross out the dishes that we wanted from the order sheet.  But since I was already cross eyed from hunger (aka "duling na sa gutom"), I asked help from the pretty server.

Look at how stressed I am. That's just because I was hungry. H aha ha ha ha ha!

Even if DIN TAI FUNG could be considered a casual restaurant, the interiors had a certain class to it especially with the soft lights and warm colors.

And may I add again, space! Space! Space!

It's great that even if the place was packed, I didn't feel cramped at all! Even we were somehow at close quarters, I didn't overhear what the pair next to us was talking about.

Or maybe they really talked in hush tones because it was obvious I was eavesdropping???

The Chinese Adonis and I were so hungry and very much looking forward to dinner!

There were so many items on the menu that we liked to try that we suddenly got all cute and confused!

Yes! CUTE and CONFUSED. Tee hee! 

Our simple plate setting.

Our condiments ready and waiting at the table!

First order served to us in DIN TAI FUNG was a plate of String Beans (P175.00). Tasty, crunchy, and healthy! I cannot stop munching on these!

Of course, when you're in DIN TAI FUNG, don't EVER forget to order their famous Xiao Long Bao (P160.00 - 5 pieces).

It arrived steaming and piping hot to us. I took quick pictures and dove right in. Believe me, the Xiao Long Bao waits for now one. It is IMPERATIVE that you eat it ASAP.

Unlike soup dumplings in other restaurants, the ones in DIN TAI FUNG had a thin wrapping that did not break even though it has glorious soup inside.

There are a lot of ways to eat these awesome DIN TAI FUNG dumplings. But I prefer taking  small bite to let the soup out then slurping it till it's dry.


Then, I dunk the whole thing in soy sauce, vinegar and ginger, to eat in one mouthful.

I don't really fancy ginger but I make the exception with DIN TAI FUNG. And I must say, it is HEAVENLY!

We also had DIN TAI FUNG Crispy Shrimp Wantons (P165.00)!

I loved the crunch of the fried wanton wrapper but to be honest, the meat tasted sort of bland. It became much better though after a generous dip in the sauce.Yum! Would still order this next time.

I love Spicy Wantons (P175.00) and would order it everytime I see it on the menu.

The ones they had at DIN TAI FUNG were very good but I would've liked it more if it was REALLY spicy!

Of course, if there's a will, there's always a way. I just asked for extra chili garlic sauce and voila! This was as hot to my liking!

The last (and the longest) served from our orders was the DIN TAI FUNG Pork Chop Fried Rice (P270.00). This was worth the wait though because the meat was tender and the rice so delicious even on its own. 

The Chinese Adonis declared many times that he would order this again... and again... and again!


My only serving of the DIN TAI FUNG fried rice! 

It was all so good but I was really trying to limit my food intake (blech diet). 

The rest was finished by the Chinese Adonis and his ever present dimple.

AUGH so annoying. For the MILLIONTH time, you're not Alden Richards ok???

And, we're done!

Our DIN TAI FUNG bill (which they give you after ordering).

In DIN TAI FUNG, you make the payment before you exit.

Just give the bill to the cashier.

Don't forget to show your dimple!

And voila! You're done! 

So glad that we decided to go for DIN TAI FUNG tonight for our "ramen recession". I'm sure next time, we won't have that much trouble making THIS choice when we're hungry and craving in SM MEGA FASHION HALL!


Ground Floor, Mega Fashion Hall, 
SM Megamall, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City
02 9971935 / 02 9971936


  1. OMG. This made me hungry. diet mode ako sa gabi! Hahaha! Ang mura ng bill nyo pero ang dami ng order nyo! Sana they will open a branch in Makati!

    1. Hiya Erika!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! You know I also TRY to diet at night but I'm always more ganado to eat when it's dinner time! And yes, DIN TAI FUNG is worth breaking that diet for. The Yub and I plan to go back REAL soon with the little lords!!! Oo nga sana magbukas din sa Makati... he he he he he he!!!! Take care always! Mwahness!!!!


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