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Tuesday, September 6, 2016


My officemates from TAPE Inc. and I are in DAKAK PARK AND BEACH RESORT for the weekend and I am so excited! Last night, even if we arrived after a 3-hour delay in our flight, we were still in high spirits in exploring the place. Of course, we were not going to waste any time in checking out the area that has been advertised in EAT BULAGA for so long. He he he he he he he!

For today, we have such a packed day ahead! Tita Josie, the leader of our group, has been there many times and knew what activities we should be doing to have a worthwhile stay. Just hearing her plans for that Saturday already got me tired but at the same time, my heart skipped many beats because I know we will be all having a blast.

And yup, we ALL did!


Starting our day with a buffet breakfast!

Check out our blogpost on BAMBOO CAFE for BREAKFAST!

We were supposed to have a quick swim after breakfast (hence my outfit), but our eating and chatter took an extended turn that it was just scheduled the next day.

It's a good thing because this day was PACKED.

After breakfast, we went to DAKAK'S ADVENTURE ZONE!

Horseback riding!

My horse was BI-IG!

I wonder if they gave me that horse because I look like somebody who needed to be carried by something VERY strong????

I also did a bit of ATV!!!!

And... would you believe...

I also did ZIPLINE????

Yup! Anyone who knows me would attest how I'm such a scaredy cat of heights. I can't stand roller coasters and ferris wheels!!!! But I have always dreamed of flying ever since I was a kid so this was (sort of) a dream come true for me. So before my mind would realize how this could be a terrifying experience, we immediately went for it!!!!! Wala nang isip isip!

While the others did the sitting position, I really asked that Tita Josie and I to do it ala Superman!!!! And wohoo! We were so happy with the experience AND the pictures!!!!!

After our DAKAK ADVENTURE ZONE, I plopped myself down at one of the cabanas in front of the beach.

Actually, this is just for Instagram or Facebook.

This is what I really looked like!

Our Casitas was just in front of the beach.

But instead of resting, Tita Josie, Tita Florie, and I thought of going around the place.

And take pictures of our beautiful selves!

Woah!!! This seems like our private beach resort!

Clean shores and the soothing sound of the waters. The sight is almost therapeutic!

But not for long! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I love being crazy with my Tita's of TAPE Inc!

This was around 1:00pm and we were so thankful that the sun was behind the clouds.

We're really loving the weather here in DAKAK! In Manila, it was raining day and night. Good thing that there was no sign of rain even if it was cloudy.

Of course, a wonderful view warranted picture taking from us.

The sand may not be as powdery like what they have in Boracay but it was cool and soft.

Guess whose???

When we got back to our Casitas, our Ripe Mango Shakes were waiting for us.

This was such a welcome drink during the hot weather!

After a short rest, we went to RIZAL SHRINE!

What I love about Dapitan is that is has many historical landmarks that I want my little lords to see someday.

Check out my HISTORICAL TOUR blog post!

When we were done with the RIZAL SHRINE, we proceeded to the DAPITAN RIVER CRUISE for some afternoon snacks!

Woah! They have a weird concept of "snacks" because we were served with seafoods and grilled meats! Oh no!!! My poor diet!!!!!!

AND, we were the only passengers of the boat!

While eating, we enjoyed the wonderful scenery of our hour long ride!!!!

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When we finished with our boat cruise, we passed by St. James Parish Church. This was actually the second church in Dapitan and was constructed between the years 1631-1767. Our tour guide Norman said the original structure of the church used wood but in the 1800's, it was renovated. And the exterior is the same as it is today.

St. James Parish Church was also where Dr. Jose Rizal heard mass every Sunday during his exile.

Cool huh?

We really wanted to go inside to pray but a mass was ongoing. Too bad because we cannot stay long.

We just visited a shrine for St. James.

St. James the Great!

Since we cannot go inside and disturb the mass, Ate Dalden and I prayed outside and made an offering for the group.

Our tour guide Norman said that the small park in front of the church, or the Dapitan City Plaza, was developed by Dr. Jose Rizal during his exile. He had help from  Gov. Ricardo Carnicero.

It was dark when we finished with St. James Parish so we went straight ahead to GLORIA'S FANTASY LAND!

Like Kuya Jose and Wally said in the ad, "ANG SAYA SAYA DITO!"

Of course,  you know what I'm going to say next.

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Even if we were still full from the buffet at River cruise, we stopped by SUGBA, SUGBA, ATBP since it was strongly recommended by our travel guide.

And you know what? He was right! The food was AWESOME! Even if I still had a full tummy, I really ate! These bilao meals were something to really try out if you're there!

When we got back to DAKAK PARK AND BEACH RESORT, we were surprised that they gave us treats for their turndown service!

We got cakes!

Again, my stomach was about to burst from all the food at SUGBA, SUGBA, ATBP, but I cannot go to bed without coffee....

.... and when you have coffee, it is best enjoyed with cakes. He he he he he he he!

I brewed some coffee and went outside to have my midnight snack so as not to wake up my senior friends (:P... ha ha ha ha ha!). 

I tried to take a picture of myself but my darn camera got foggy. Air-conditioning was in full blast kasi inside!

That cake was so nice. Moist with a peanut butter cream topping. I cannot stop getting forkfuls of it. So perfect with the coffee!

Could you guys even see me???

Oh well. Now you don't.

When I got inside it was a snoozefest...

Well except for Tita Flory. She was still watching her koreanovelas even if you can't see her behind our big bed.

He he he he he he he he!

Tomorrow I'm sure will be ANOTHER great day!

Check out THAT blogpost soon!

Barangay Taguilon, Dapitan City, 7101 Zamboanga del Norte
(065) 213 6813


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